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I'm Descended From Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob, Top That!


Israeli Independence and Happy Nakba Day!


Kick More Jews Out, No Referendum In Israel 


And There Was No Referendum In Israel...


Israel Asks: Has Ahmed Tibi Become A Racist?


It's Time To Think Big And Take Power in Israel!


A Brutal Police Riot In Israel


Hamas Is Worse Than The Nazis


"Retiring" To Israel 

Like Abraham


Israel, Tell The World The Truth!


Israel To America: I Warned You


Thank You Ariel Sharon


Kinder-Transport of Israel, 2005


Israel: The Jewish Affirmative Action State


Israel, Tell America The Hard Tough Truth


Pope Dead, Give Israel And The Jews Back Their Property


The Peace madness Syndrome In Israel Again


East and West Palestine, and Israel?


To Hell With Auschwitz, Give Me Israel


Jewish Green Day in Israel: Hebron, Samaria, and Gaza


Happy New Year To The Land Of Israel!


Today, Ariel Sharon Is Irrelevant!


Israel Has Already Held A Referendum Long Ago


Stop The Discrimination Now Against American Jews In Israel!


Creating A Palestinian Apartheid State?


Former Israeli Environment Minister Commits Cigarette Pollution Suicide


The Jewish Struggle Against Arabs In Israel


To Bush & Blair: We Don't Want Peace, We Want Our Homeland, Israel


Arafat Was Dead A Long, Long Time Ago


Israeli Settlers: You Will Be Prosecuted


Russian FM To Israel: Chechnya No, Palestine And Iranian Nukes Yes


Arik Or Achav: Sharon's Gone Dictatorial


The Two-State Solution: Israel & Judea


Palestinian Leaders Trick Their People Again


Liberating The Israeli Economy From Occupation


Jewish Settler, Jesus, Crucified By Arafat


Israeli Witch-Hunt, This Time From Likud


There They Go Again, Those Arab Racists


Islam Vs. Judaism And Christianity: Some Observations


The Time Of Truth For The Temple Mount


The Islamic Barbarians Are At The Gates Of Jerusalem


The Cultural Elites In Israel Are Sick


Israeli Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, Good Taste Is Not


Thank You Ariel Sharon, Et Al


Arafat Plays Victim Again


Israel, Ban The Bomb: Updated


Don't Worry America, Hamas Is At War With Israel Too


Israel, Don't Listen To The Chirping Hypocrites


Happy Yassin Day, Or, Don't Kick Arafat Out, Kick Him Upstairs Too


Israel Should Support The Kurds Against Syria


Transfer Vs. Separation: Kahanist In Reverse


Jewish Terror On The March


Baruch Goldstein And Hebron Ten Years Later


The Holy City Of Jerusalem


The Kinder-Transport Of Israel


Unionized Hostage Taking In Israel


Israel To Syria: Get Out Of Lebanon


American-Born Rabbi On Trial In Israel


End Israeli Settlement Activity?


Reforming Israel's Culture Of Corruption


Sharon, Tell The World The Truth!


Hang Saddam, Then Arafat


Israel Or Palestine?


Playing Israeli Politician


Israel, Build The Temple Now!


Who Is A , "Palestinian Refugee?"


The Pope Is Dying: It's Time To Come Clean


Egyptian Tunnels To Heaven


Israeli Capitalism With A Human Face


Israeli Left: Love Your Enemy, Hate Your Brother


Poor Marwan!


The Call Of The Israeli Apache


Don't Expel Arafat 2: The Rerun


There Is Only A Military Solution


Gee, I'm Scared Now!


Israeli Fool's Gold


Israel, Hit Syria Not Hizbollah!


The Wall In My Heart


Prisoner Releases From Hell


Don't Expel Arafat 2: The Rerun


Israel, Stay Out Of "Entangling Alliances"


Treat Israel Like South Africa


Jerusalemizing Hebron


Yes This War Is For Us!


Put Arafat On Trial Like Eichmann







(with Sharon Hughes)


Stupak Caves


December - Where Is The Hope?


A Thanksgiving Legacy


Palin "Out-Smarts" Biden


Ahmadinejad 'Honored' By Religious Coalition In NY This Week


9/11 - Still United in Memory?


Sarah Palin Shakes Up FOX News Liberal


Russia's Invasion Of Georgia: No Small Thing


Is Abortion Still Important In Campaigns?


Pres. Candidates Quotes On The War


July - It's All About Liberty!


Jihadists In Ohio Convicted Of Plotting To Kill U.S. Soldiers


Make Memorial Day Memorable


SF Mayor Ecstatic Over Gay Marriage Ruling 


Cleric: We Will Conquer...America


Carter Has Failed


Obama's "Typical White Person" -- Ought Oh!


The Muslim Brotherhood In Toledo


Angelina Jolie Wants Troops To Stay In Iraq


Barack Obama's Very Controversial Pastor


Scientists Threatened With Death Over Global Warming


"Darwin Day" Coming To A School Near You


What A Terrorist Government Looks Like


Christmas Dinner Hurts Mother Earth? 


Jews Who Speak Up For Christmas


Saudi Billionaire Sues 'Funding Evil' Author


WRAP & Pornography Awareness Week


Mixing Animal & Human DNA



9-11 Truth


The Last GOP Debate - And It's Huckabee vs. Paul


Good News Out of Iraq - Why Haven't We Heard?


Ramos, Compean And The Zetas - Mexican Drug Commandos 


Failing America's Faithful? 


PBS Bans Moderate Muslims


Pesky Peaceniks & Senate Theatrics


Attack On Conservative Radio


What Do You Get When You Give Arabs The Land? Turmoil


Oakland "A's & Paris Hilton: Playing The "Race Card"


Is It Amnesty Or Not?


Cindy Sheehan Resigns


Get the 'Pork' Out! Of The War-Funding Bill


The Senator Says: Better Check Your Safety Deposit Box


Liberals Not Happy With New Pro-America Pro-Israel French President


May Day Illegal Aliens


School Stages 'Christian Terrorists' 


Middle East's War History Incredible Map Video


Al Gore Going For The Nobel Peace Prize 


Author Gives Americans 

An “F”


Washington Post's William Arkin Against Our Troops


Why Roe vs. Wade Is Losing Ground


Democrats Hire ‘Faith Advisors’ To Win In 2008


Now that Saddam Is Dead…For the Record


Ahmadinejad’s Letter To America - Arrogance or Delusion?


“What Does Hillary Think?” 


The Election: 

A Vote Against Republicans


Raising Pagan Children: Scary


Throw-Away Babies


True Colors of Bigotry Busting Out All Over the Place!


The Devil At The UN: When Heads Of State Cross The Line


Radical Islam's Obsession


9/11 Truth


Ahmadinejad Thinks He's John The Baptist


Politically Correct Terror!


Fashionable Burkas? 

Part 2


Fashionable Burkas? 

Part 1


Photographer Takes ‘Bush Hate’ Out On Kids


Al Gore Evokes Religion To Validate His Claims


Is This WW III?


Does N. Korea Mean Business?


Americans Blamed For Killing Of Saddam's Lawyer   


Terrorist Indoctrination In The U.S.  


Journalists Applaud Al-Zarqawi’s Death


911 At The Movies


Taking Iran's Threats Seriously


Muslim Women Face Terror In Their Own Homes


Bottom-line Responses to President's Speech on Border Control


Minnesota Secretly Screens Preschoolers For

Mental Health


Israel's New Prime Minister Picks Center-Left Government


War In Iraq - Who Is Telling The Truth?


Preschool-For-All Initiative: 

What 'Meathead's' Not Telling You, 

Part I


Gambling: Women's Hottest New Pastime? 


Carter's At it Again 
Hamas Today - What Tomorrow?


Saddam's Secret Tapes


Left-Wing Gives Ammo To Conservatives

A Hamas Win - BAD For Israel 


Gay Marriage - Where Do Teachers Stand?


Changing Worldviews' Best & Worst of 2005


NY Times Accepts The Unacceptable


Jews Speak Up For Christmas


President Bush's New Illegal Immigration Policy - "I Oppose Amnesty"


Red Alert On Code Pink!


Court Gone Mad! 

9th Circuit Court Rules Against Parents


Anti-Military, Anti-Recruitment & Our Youth
The Propaganda Doesn't Change, 

Just The Players


The Absurdity Of The Washington Post, 

Dana Milbank and Bush's Body Language

Conservatives Divided On Miers Is a 'Heart' Issue


Real Racism 


Katrina Blows Sheehan, Gay Marriage Off the Screen


NY Times Only Tells Half The Story - On Sheehan
What About Her Anti-American Statements?


Yesterday Japan Surrenders. Today Jews Being Forced To...


Just for the Record - "Therapeutically Incorrect"

Why the American Psychiatric Association Removed Homosexuality from their DSM


Terrorism And Our Canadian Borders: Where are our good neighbors?



Absentee Dads: A National Crisis?


Is This the End of the EU?


Make Memorial Day Memorable 


The Effects Of Evolution's Racist Roots On Students 


From Sci-Fi To Sci-Fact


To Spit Or Not To Spit, On Jane Fonda - That Is The Question


April 17th - Tax Freedom Day?


OBITGATE - CBS Announces Terri's Death before She Dies!


Brave New World Re-Visited?

Terri Schiavo case pivotal to our future


Point To Ponder: Living Pluralistically?


These Are The Times (And Tough Questions) That Try Men's Souls


Post-Election Analysis - Who Voted?


Your Choice: Laura Bush Or Teresa Heinz-Kerry?


Point To Ponder: Living With The "Dirt"


Gore Criticizes Bush's Faith


Compulsory Mental Heath Screening Is Coming


Stem Cell Wars & The Presidency


Cloning Cats


The John-John Ticket - Richest In History


Wooing For America's Top Job


Memorial Day - A Time To Remember


'Day Of Silence' - Just A Foot In The Door


The Gay Culture: In Their Own Words


Anti-American Professors: Not So Rare Anymore


Big Brother Is Indeed Watching!


Where Are The Entertainment Police?


Battle Over The "C" Word


A Personal Note On The President's Trip To Baghdad


For The People


Right To Life: Who Decides?


Generation E: Part 2 Alphabet Soup


Illegal Immigrants: America's Guests?


Immigration And The Law: It's Pretty Basic


Corrupt Leaders: A Matter Of The Heart


Language Is Power, And The PC Police Know It






Separating the Sheep from the Goats


Did God Do It?


We're Not Spain!


Steal This Election


The Bumper Sticker Proof


When Truth Doesn't Matter


Blame It On The Balloon Guy


LA Lays The Groundwork For Another Riot


The Fall Of Islam


Why Iraq Is Becoming Vietnam


What Rules The Rule Of Law?


Chopping Down The Kerry Tree


Amnesty: hating The Sin, Loving The Sinner


White America Is Responsible For The Success Of Black Racists


Evil Takes Aim At Its Next Target--You?


I Apologize for Telling the Truth


Calling All "Psychopaths"


The Party Of Death Vs The Party Of Slow Suicide


The Golden State, The Trojan RINO and The Man Who Said “Nigger”


Tolerating Evil Is No Longer Tolerable


Iraq: Are We Better Off Now Than We Were Four Months Ago?


The Great "Gay" Con


Lowlife Rappers Get Some Love


What's Wrong With The Right


Despising Virtue


Fear Of The U.S. Is The Beginning Of Wisdom


The Shock Of Truth Is Blowing Minds


Bush Declares War On White Fear


Defending A King's Dream


To Hell With Consensus


Lott, Race, and Cowardice In America--Slouching Towards Zimbabwe


Is Homeland Security Possible With Open Borders


Black America And The "Religion of Peace"


Sympathy For Farrakhan


I'm With Stupid (Confessions Of A "Smart" Man)


Bush Hits Home Run With New "Strike First" Policy


Finish The Gulf War


Why Send Troops To Iraq And Not Our Borders?


Politicians Plot America's Demise, While The People Fiddle


Will IT Take Another 9-1-1 To Wake Up America?


Smoke Out The Clintons!


Separating The Sheep From The Goats - At Warp Speed


Mr. President, With All Due Respect, What Part of “Illegal” Don’t You Understand? (An Open Letter to President George W. Bush)


Close the Borders – If Not Now, When?

Where's Our Patton?

Jesse Jackson Repudiated in Los Angeles, and The Media Covers. . . His Backside


Louis Farrakhan - The Enemy Within




Unveiling The Truth


Pornographers Bring Funds To Republicans


Kinsey Film Lies, Defames World War II Americans

Frank Rich's Plot Against America


A Jaded Look At John Leo's 'A Look At Kinsey'


Liberally Ignorant




The Importance Of The Child Online Protection Act


Congress Should Probe And Defund The Kinseyites


Kinsey's Fraudulent 'Science' Pervades Law and Academia
The Dubious Origins of 'Gay Studies'

Sodomy Decision Based On Fraudulent 'Science'


Kinsey's Kooky Shrinks


Are Campus Pornography Courses Sexual Abuse?


Polanski's Academy Award: Round 3


'Kapo' Polanski's Holocaust Profits


Kinsey: Porn Star


Liberal Hate Speech


How Bad Science Helped Launch the ‘Gay’ Revolution


Strange Bedfellows


Raped In Class


Land Of The Rising Porn


The Hazardous Condom


The Toxic American Public Library: Violating Children With 'Harmful Matter', "A Clear and Present Danger"


The APAs: 'Academic Pedophiles Advocates'


Stimulating Images, Damaged Minds
























































































2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006 Archives available upon request.



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The States Must Rise Again:  The Only Way to Combat Obama’s Socialist Agenda


The Face of Hate


#68—Mother Earth, Meet Big Brother


Obama Mania Will Eventually Collide With Reality


Blagojevich, Fitzgerald, And Real Political Corruption


The Socialist and the Stone


Chambliss Victory Refutes Public Break With Conservatism


America Will Suffer Under The Obama Administration


Counterfeit Marriage And Its Counterfeit Movement


Obama: Fear and the Security Force   


The Grim Significance of the 2008 Elections


The French First Lady: Eye Candy and Air


2008 Election Aftermath: Rethinking The “Big Tent”


Obama Vows Blood For The Bloodthirsty


Obama The Justifier


The Terrorist Attack of 2010


Limiting the Marketplace of Ideas: Silence of the Lamb, Part 1


Obama's Agenda I So "Gay"


Barack Obama’s Campaign Of The Lie


Exploding The Myths of “Predatory Lending”


The Sarah Palin Paradigm: Real Change

Obama, Alpha and Omega  


You're An Angry Feminist? That's So Cute.


The Obama Youth


Bailout Circus Highlights Totality of Democrat Corruption


Does Pro-life Now Mean Pro-libertinism?


Obama’s “Community Organizer” Experience In Perspective


Political Elections, Cultural Elections, And The Votes That Really Matter


Palin Phenomenon Accelerates Downfall Of 

Old Media


Gustav’s “Cat Five” Political Spin


Teen Sex? Please Do! - Planned Parenthood


A New “Cold War” Looms


Is the Presidency above Obama’s Pay Grade?




Defining Good And Evil In 2008 America


Why John Edwards’ Affair Matters  


“New” Energy Reform: Same Old Politics


“Count the Consequences, Where Consequences Count”: Rule of Law, Part 2


Obama Is Europe’s “Vision” For America 


“Count the Consequences, Where Consequences Count”: Rule of Law, Part I 


Barack Obama And Defining Anti-Americanism Downwards


Those McFabulous Rainbow Arches


The “Fairness” Doctrine: America In The Balance


Mentally Impaired Judge Should Get Off Michael Savage's Back  


Apollo 11: American Excellence Remembered


Holding Liberals Accountable For Energy Woes


Barack Obama And Equal Pay For Women   


Children In The "Gay Marriage" Crosshairs


Radical Environmentalism: The “Imperfect Storm”


The War On Boys: Where Feminists And Men's Rights Activists Go Wrong


A Socialist By Any Other Name . . . 


Obama Would Be Clinton Third Term


Only Imagine Tolle’s New Earth, Part 2


Sunset On The Clinton Era


Only Imagine Tolle’s New Earth, Part 1


Taking The Plunge In A Pool With No Water


The Crime Of Being White


Czech President’s “Inconvenient Challenge” to Al Gore


Women in the Fray of Clashing Worldviews, 

Part 4 of 4


GOP Congressional Disasters: The “McCain Effect”


Women in the Fray of Clashing Worldviews, 

Part 3 of 4


Civil Wrongs In The Name Of Civil Rights 


“Operation Chaos” Fueled By Realities Of Liberalism


Read A Book, Get Charged With Racial Harassment


Kids Say, "Enough With The 'Gay' Stuff!"


John McCain’s “Reverend Wright Moment”


Women in the Fray of Clashing Worldviews, 

Part 2 of 4


Liberal “Social Justice” Portends New Dark Age


The Hard Truth About A Soft Science: Why Psychology Does More Harm Than Good


When Will We Admit The Truth About Barack Obama?


Women in the Fray of Clashing Worldviews, 

Part 1 of 4


Hillary Versus Obama: Whose Lies Will Prevail?


"Gay" Sex Kills


Unfair And Unbalanced  


Jimmy Carter’s Alternate Universe


Obama’s Empty Formula For 2008


Darwin's Kool-Aid


Risky Misreading of Democrat Turmoil


What Should Our Reaction Be When Others Pray For Our Conversion?


Stop The Presses! Hillary Lied!


"Gay" Activists Risk Your Life - Tolerate it! 


Cultural Affirmative Action   


Democrat Turmoil Reflects Liberal Dysfunction


Taking A Toll On The People  

The Southern Baptist March Towards Irrelevance


Salvaging The “Stimulus” Package


Progeny of Cosmic Humanism: The Indigo Child


Why Most Voters Shouldn't Vote


Lawrence Eagleburger’s Faux Conservatism Will Backfire


Vice President J.C. Watts?


From Elections to Shootings: America Is Broken


Conservatism Is Dead; Long Live Conservatism?


McCain Supporters Undermine His Candidacy


Unmasking The “Gay” Agenda 


Wishin’ and Hopin’ 2008: A Global Forecast, Part II


Debunking The Myth Of McCain’s “Inevitability”


The Wrath Of John


The Clintons, Race, And The 50-Year-Old Calculation 


McCain, Clintons Reveal Political Parties’ Ugly Undersides


Reagan Is Dead


Election Year Nonsense


Fifty Million Lives After Roe


MRSA Outbreak Among 'Gays' -- Let The Whitewash Begin


Hard-Core Pornography Isn’t “Free Speech” 


Trying To Kill The Immigration Card 


Wishin’ and Hopin’ 2008: A Global Forecast, Part I


The Race For The American Mind


Reflections On America’s Past And Future


Why Evangelicals Need To Stop Huckabee

New Hampshire Primary Assures Continued GOP Bungling


The Plastic Lady 


Who's The Worst Person In The World?


Will The 2008 Elections Deliver More “Non-Solutions”?  


Liberalism Will Lose This “Cold War”


The Church of Huck: Growing Government in the Name of Religion 


A "Gay Man" Trapped In A Woman's Body And Other Nonsense


Conservative Elites To Christians: Remember Your Place 


The Huckabee Hustle 


Grim Reaping — Do You Really Know Roe?


Al Gore Opens Mouth, Increases Carbon Footprint


Hopelessly Clouded Issues: The “Clinton Effect”

How Free Are We Really?  


Mainstream Media’s “Snaffles” and “Curbs” 

Part II


Immigration Issue Reveals Arrogance of the “Ruling Class”


He's Gonna Find Out Who's Naughty or Nice . . . or Stupid


The Chilling Significance Of Obama’s Confessions


Moslem Group Attacks Michael Savage: The Battle Between Taquiya and Talk Radio


Wyoming's Senator Barrasso Leads On Immigration


Because She's A Woman


GOP Pins False Hopes on Hillary Blunders


Stereotyping 101 


The Golden Compass Has No Moral Compass


Jindal Victory: A Strategic GOP Misstep?


Homosexuality: What's All The Fuss?


Confronting Liberalism’s Elusive Causes And Effects


Iraq: The Folly of Deifying Democracy 


Three Cities That Bode Ill for America


Bella The Movie: Next Passion Of The Christ?


Can We Please Define “Racism”? 


Socialism and the Nanny State: Global Call To Cut The Apron Strings, Part II




A GOP Formula For Victory In 2008

Machiavellian Plot Emerges Among Limbaugh Attackers


Un-American San Francisco Supervisors Condemn Michael Savage


Another Place In Time

Phony Soldiers, Phony Outrage, And Phony Patriotism


Socialism and the Nanny State: Global Call To Cut The Apron Strings, Part I


Groundbreaking Study Affirms "Gays" Can Change


The Only Way To Win The Immigration Battle


Ahmadinejad At Columbia: Merely A Symptom


When Hypocrisy Is A Good Thing  


"Gay" Conquest Spells The ENDA Reason


A Life Of Significance
"We can change the world."


The Significance Of Bin Laden’s Partisan Appeal


Hillary Clinton’s Real “Culture Of Corruption”


Fear’s Furtive Bedfellow: Control, Part II


Gonzales Resignation Exemplifies GOP Travails


Illinois School Pushes Smut On Children


Homo-expect-us: Imposing Values on Christians  


A Pizza For My Country


The “Invisible America” Hillary Never Sees


Race-Baiting Politician Attacks Michael Savage 


Fear’s Furtive Bedfellow: Control, Part I


The Missing Competence Factor Among Democrat Hopefuls


Queer Topic For A Presidential Debate


Can Liberals Reinvent The Christian Paradigm?


You're Not My Mommy!


Losing Conservatism Will Lose America


Left Smears War Hero Judicial Nominee


Foreign Collaborators Of The American “Insurgency”


News flash! Sex In Public Still illegal


What Has Happened To Cal Thomas?


Should Bush’s Surgeon General Pick Make the Cut?


Adolescent America


Political Forces Shaping The ‘08 Elections


How To Treat A Bully


The “Fairness Doctrine” Power Grab


Free Speech From The Mouths Of Babes?  


Fred Thompson’s Greatest Challenge


The Business Of Doing Good


Putting A Glacier On The Melting Pot


"Gay Marriage" - It's Alive


Just Say “NO” To Bush And Amnesty


Virginia’s Revolt, Not A Revolution – Yet


Just When You Think You've Heard It All: V-Day

Part II


Just When You Think You've Heard It All: V-Day

Part I


Left Wants To Amputate Surgeon General Nominee


America’s Insidious Descent Towards The Third World


Planned Protection For Predators


Getting The Government The Third World Deserves Targeted by Disgruntled Lesbian Claiming Discrimination


Border Security: Accept No Substitutes


Immigration: Solutions, Not Excuses  


Goddesses "R" Us Old Product, New Package - Part II


When Free Speech Isn't Free


Why They Won’t Assimilate 


Another Big Budget Blow-Out


“Hillary Youth Corps” In the Making


Left Consumed By Hate, Self-Loathing


Goddesses "R" Us Old Product, New Package - Part I


Rudy Giuliani Has His “Dukakis Moment”


Jerry Falwell, Christian Soldier


Capitalizing On An American Tragedy


Ten Reasons To Read 

Rosetta 6.2


Sarkozy Victory: Timely Reprieve or Dying Gasp?


Bush to Kill Pro-“Gay” Bill?


Liberalism Foments Contempt For America


Fake Anti-"Gay" "Hate Crimes" Keep Piling Up


The Material Girl And America ’s Double Standard


Life Takes A Baby Step In A Culture of Death


Tumultuous Events And Republican Fortunes


Generation “E” For “Entitled”, Part II


Generation “E” For “Entitled”, Part I


The New Lynching: Why I Must Defend Don Imus


Healing The Hokie Nation


Sappy-Headed Schmos


God, Golf And Gratitude


Nifong, Fitzgerald, And American “Justice” Defiled


Cosmic Yuppies in an Age of “Exuberant Religiosity”

Part II


“Gay” Goliath Lobs Dud At CWA; Aims for Clever, Lands On Silly


The Liberal/Islamist War Against America


Does Violence Have To Be Taught? 


Why Fred Thompson’s Day Has Arrived


Real Hate Crimes


Cosmic Yuppies in an Age of “Exuberant Religiosity”

Part I


Pro-‘Gay’ Bullies Pick Up the Pace 


The World According To Gore


What If Homosexuality Is Biological?


Can The Amnesty Juggernaut Be Stopped?


America Needs A Fresh Face


America’s Ominously Diverging Conversations


Religion Baiting: Seducing The Evangelical Right, 

Part II


Are You Really A Liberal? 


2008 Presidential Politics And RINO Pipedreams


Did Ann Coulter Say “Bag it?”


Don’t Count Out Conservatives


Religion Baiting: Seducing The Evangelical Right, 

Part I


America Being Destroyed By Stealth Legislation


Rudolph Giuliani? What Were We Talking About? 


The New York Times: All the News That’s Fit To Slant


Toward A More Savage Nation  


Do We Have A Right To Hate? 


Democrats Still Playing Games With Critical Issues


Global Craziness


Peril Of The Planet, A Moral Mandate


Hate Bloggers, Death Threats And Apologies Abound 


The Temperature Also Rises


The Offensiveness Of Taking Offense


Global Warming: Just Another Liberal Orthodoxy


The Mitt Split – Conservatives Disagree on Romney 


The State Of AIDS In The Union


America After The Next Attack


2007: A Global Forecast, 

Part 2


The Barker And The Shill

The Fraud Of The Fairness Doctrine 


Let’s Talk About The Butterflies And The Bees



...or the WARCHICK and the Peon


Hillary, Democrats Telegraph Their Vulnerabilities


Soft People, Hard People  


Nifong, Fitzgerald, And Earl: American Justice Defiled



Taking Today's Gossip Seriously


Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is About Ideology, 

Not Cures


2007: A Global Forecast


Washington Versus America: Grim “Two Party” Reality


'Gays’ In The Military: A Troop ‘Surge’ Liberals Support


Why Jim Gilmore Can Be President 


Romney Reconstructed


Bush And Congressional Liberals Plot Immigration “Time Bomb”


Pelosi Power



And Still the NYT Doesn’t Get It  


Looking Behind The “Purpose Driven” Sheep’s Clothing


When We Were Cowboys...

We Were Invincible


Extolling The Female Tongue  


Democrats Yearn To Relive “Glory Days”


Posturing “Moderates” Could Sabotage GOP Prospects  In ‘08


Enslaved By Ideology?


Hate Crime To Hate Speech: The Road To Perdition


Giving Up Ground 

In the Terror War


A Painful Lesson


How We Will Lose Our Freedom Of Speech 


America’s “PlayStation” Generation Will Not Endure


Bridging The Racial Divide


“Bankrupt” By David Limbaugh: Understanding The Democrats


Thanksgiving 2006


Importing Socialists


Loyal To A Fault


Election Aftermath: Picking Up The Pieces


A Blueprint For Victory


Times Echoes


It’s Your Party, And You’ll Cry If You Want to?  


Under The Influence Of Liberalism


Cut-and-Run Republican Or Just Conservative?


Colorado Referendum Could Spark National ‘Gay-Marriage’ Wildfire  


A Predictable Epidemic Of “Reagan Democrats”


The Fascists Among Us 


Virginia Votes For Marriage


2006 Elections Are Still About Conservatism


Another Liberal Fairy Tale


Meanwhile, North Korea Was Building A Nuke


Sanctions That Have Worked

A Thorough Analysis


Swift Justice


On Corruption, Partisan Politics, And Hypocrisy


Time For A Hangin'

Wild West Justice Needed In The East


Democrats Are Blindsided By The Truth


Torturing The Truth


Hungary: The Truth Behind The Riots


Liberalism Is Destroying The Geneva Convention


Brokeback Ford


September 11: Still Just A Game To Democrats


Five Years Into The Long, Long War


Beneath The Veil Of Objectivity


America’s Stake In The ‘06 Elections


Call A Spade, A Spade


Carter, Kerry, And Other Embarrassments  


The Political Storm That Will Not Die


The Thought Police Of Minneapolis 


9-11 And Katrina: Disastrous Experiments In Liberalism


Iran’s Strategy Relies On Western Cowardice


Morning After Mania


Who Will Benefit From The Lieberman Debacle?


Western Culture’s Flagging Will To Survive


The Islamic Deception


Barak Obama And The Latest Democrat “Great Awakening”


Giving Parents A Break


Conservatives Who Support Same-Sex Marriage


The Party Of Death's Ploy


Congressional Republicans Mull Immigration Sellout


Losing The Marriage Debate 


The Rule Of Law Is Based On Numbers



Would-a, Could-a, Should-a