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Before November, Grover's Got To Go


March 31, 2010


For lovers of liberty...the current administration and its peeps are the 'gift that keeps on giving'...and the payoff will be this November...but there are a few bumps in the road...and one of them is of the terrorist ilk...


Just like a termite, slithering through the cracks and eating the structural foundation, which will inevitably lead to destruction...the president of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist is not who he appears to be. He has used this position to woo the NRA and American Conservative Union (ACU)...on whose boards he is now a member. 


So why the termite analogy for someone who was at one time, a Reagan conservative? Well, there's much that has been ignored by the mainstream media...AND by conservatives and the GOP...that is pernicious to our republic...and the lives of millions of innocent Americans.


Grover is a board member of the NRA (a reason many are not renewing membership), and a board member of the ACU...and he did speak at this years CPAC convention. BUT, what you may not know is:

And the list goes on an on...carefully researched by such Islam/Terrorism mavens as Frank Gaffney, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson and Pamela Geller.


David Horowitz, of FrontPageMag.com, put it succinctly:  


"Grover Norquist has formed alliances with prominent Islamic radicals who have ties to the Saudis and to Libya and to Palestine Islamic Jihad, and who are now under indictment by U.S. authorities. Equally troubling is that the arrests of these individuals and their exposure as agents of terrorism have not resulted in noticeable second thoughts on Grover’s part or any meaningful effort to dissociate himself from his unsavory friends."


This surreptitious, sinister 'public servant' is slowly eating away at our foundation...bit-by-bit...hoping we fall, in the name of Allah. It's time to jettison him back to his brethren, the Mohammedans...and far away from anything conservative OR Republican. He is a danger to the security of our nation, by his efforts and his alliances. And haven't we had enough of those ruling over us that have had hateful alliances?


So, if the GOP plans to be in the winners column this November...they better begin now by handing Grover his walking papers...along with his Quran...and tell him for the liberty-lovers everywhere: Hope the door hits him in the tukis on the way back to Muhammed! 


Shalom through strength...




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'The Crazies' Live In Gaza


March 24, 2010


You may have heard about "THE CRAZIES," the movie in which a small town, whose water supply is contaminated with a toxin, turns the citizens into deranged killers called “crazies.” 


Israel has to deal with this ilk everyday...


Yes, everyday since its rebirth in 1948, the Jewish State has had to deal with vile, homicidal maniacs attempting to murder innocent Israeli men, women and children. In Israel's case, the "crazies" are their wannabe neighbors the 'palestinians'. But the toxin didn't taint the water supply, it contaminated their hearts and minds with seething hatred for Jews. From the time they leave the womb to the day they commit suicide in an effort to eliminate the target of their hate...'palestinians' are indoctrinated into a war which focuses them on a false enemy (Jews), hostile tactics to employ their hate, and no hope for a future...


The dictionary defines the word 'crazy' as follows: mentally deranged; demented; insane. Extreme hatred often has this affect on the mind. And that reality makes itself manifest with every attack on Israelis by Muslim terrorists. 


This is for the Mohammedan leaders of the crazies: If you REALLY wannabe Israel's new neighbors, try by first accepting their right to exist...because how can you subsist with someone who doesn't exist?!


Shalom through strength...




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A Two-State What?


March 19, 2010


Imagine you live in a neighborhood all your life...your parents, grandparents and your ancestors for a few thousand years also resided there. Now some people, whom you have allowed to live in your midst, have decided to claim your land as their own. They demand that you leave your land and they use violence to pressure your exodus. Though you are not required to, you are willing to share your land with them...but they refuse and want it all...and declare that you do NOT have a right to exist...and in fact, must be destroyed. Your supposed friends from afar insist that you give up your land and they ignore the violence that is being perpetrated against you. And the violence continues...


Back to reality...currently, in East Jerusalem...the 'palestinians' created a new event of violence called the 'Day of Rage'...I thought that was their normal temperament, no? These neighbor-wannabes began a violent riot attacking Israeli police and civilians with rocks (not pebbles) and flaming objects, and in one case, firearms...and hurling lovely greetings at Israelis, such as, “They are donkeys and dwarfs!”


I don't know about you, but I've longed for my neighbors to hurl a boulder at my noggin, while calling me a jackass...how 'bout you?


And this is the milder side of the disciples of the 'religion of peace'...this is what they do on their day off from donning explosive accessories...


So...the next time anyone screams a 'two-state solution'...remember that one of those 'states' comes with a detonator...and ask yourself if YOU would be willing to live with that.


So why should Israel?


Shalom through strength...





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March 16, 2010


Unindicted coconspirators, like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), are engaging in Lawfare. 


Not familiar with the term...well...this is the new battlefield...


According to The Lawfare Project, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the abuse of the law and legal systems, Lawfare signifies the abuse of the law and legal systems for strategic or military ends. Groups like CAIR use our laws against us, as a weapon of war in order to:

  1. Frustrate free speech on issues of national security.

  2. To render illegitimate the sovereignty of democratic nations.

  3. Frustrate the ability of democracies to defend themselves against terrorism.

This war is being engaged 24/7, 365...right beneath our radar under the guise of Islamophobia. And as of present...they have been very successful! 


Many sage individuals have been privy to these fiend's tactics. Now it's time for the rest of the lovers of liberty to engage in not only a defensive action but a preemptive war for the sake of our precious right of free speech, paid for by the precious blood of patriots.


More arrows for your quiver coming soon...


Shalom through strength...




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Fitna: Still Revealing The Truth About Our Threat


March 11, 2010


Few in our day have the courage to put their lives on the line for truth and freedom. Most of those few put on the uniform to defend Old Glory...and the lovers of freedom. But there are other comrades, taking up the mantle of truth in a once great continent...


You may know him as the courageous Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, who chose to tell the truth about Islam. And his reward for that was persecution and condemnation by so-called democracies, demonization by the Western media...and death threats by the 'religion of peace' or Islam.


Wilders vehicle of choice is the movie 'Fitna'. A must-see documentary that shows the viewer, straight from the Quran, how the 'religion of peace' is anything but...


If you have not yet viewed this critical cinema, you can watch it here. It's 17 minutes of veracity that will change your perspective on this historic fight for freedom. Take a few moments to watch it.


Shalom through strength...  




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Forcing Israel To Beat A Dead Horse, Then Blaming Them For Its Death


March 9, 2010


Peace...that ever elusive intangible that is unachievable in a world filled with bomb-donning jihadists and megalomaniacal martinets. 


Unachievable, yes...but some continue to be asked to produce it...


For the umpteenth time now, the US (with a gun to Israel's temple) has pressured Israel to agree to indirect talks with the PA ('Palestinian' Authority). PM Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu has stated that he hopes it will lead to direct talks resuming.


Does Bibi really believe this will occur and will lead to a peaceful resolution? Recognizing how perspicacious the PM is, I'm sure he already knows the results: More of the same. Continued and increased hatred toward Israel and Jews globally; the unrelenting paltering about the Jewish State; and the interminable violence by the true occupiers (the 'palestinians') toward the true property owners (the Jewish people).


How can I be sure this is how Bibi really feels? 


The Vice Premier and Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Yaalon, made it unequivocal at a Tel Aviv University conference, when he stated that "(such talks) can address the framework for peace talks, but none of the actual issues, especially when the Palestinian leadership continues to negate the Jewish people's connection to the Land of Israel, while simultaneously cultivating hatred and opposition to Israel's existence and trying to discredit us in the global arena."


And these words are analogous to Bibi's in January of this year (http://www.ediblog.com/audjblog.htm#No), and on many other occasions, though rarely covered by the Western media. 


The bottom-line, yet again: If Israel does NOT have the right to exist, it has the right to bupkis (nothing).


And that's just how the PA (and the rest of the Arab world) sees it. Yet, the PA has never kept one promise from peace talks, nor ever ceased violence towards innocent Israeli citizens, nor EVER agreed to Israel's right to exist (nor will they ever).


Oy...Genug iz genug (enough is enough)!!! 


You want to know where Jewish guilt comes from? This kind of meshugass (insanity). Force Israel to beat this dead horse of peace talks with the so-called palestinians, and when those talks fail (due to the disinterest of the PA)...then blame Israel for its death. 


Genug iz genug, indeed...


Shalom through strength...





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How Barry 'Changed' Our Image: Made Our Friends Fear Us And Our Enemies Jeer Us


March 2, 2010


If someone were to ask me why I dislike the current occupant of the White House, I'd have to pause. Not to find a reason...but to peruse the menu...


I have never seen anyone work so arduously, or been so deaf and myopic as Barry Hussein Obama and his crew. Putting aside his idiocy on domestic issues like cramming government-controlled (taxpayer paid) healthcare down citizen's throats...Barry's handling of our image in the world, wins the prize...


Probably one of the most risible 'promises' of Obama on the campaign trail was his oath to 'repair America's image in the World'. 


Um, according to whose perspective, exactly? 


Couldn't be the Europeans...they voted in pro-American leaders like Merkel, Sarkozy and Berlusconi. Nor the Czechs and Poles...they took a grave chance in agreeing to a US Missile defense system being placed in their respective countries. Nor our Cousins across the Pond...who have been our stalwart allies since WWI.


The only entities who growl at the thought of us are our enemies...the enemies of freedom. But O handled that with his Atonement Tour, in which he acted like an Old Testament priest atoning for America's past sins...and to some of the most vile critters and fiefdoms roaming the earth. Only loathers of liberty hate America...and sadly that includes Barry.


So, how indeed did our chief executive 'change' our image in the world in his first year and few months in office?


Why all those allies we HAD...he's carefully, one-by-one, stabbed them in the back. He betrayed our Czech and Polish friends by going back on our word about promised Missile Defense systems. 


Stab #2 went in the back of our British cousins. Obama sent back a bust of Winston Churchill gifted to us during Bush's term of office. But wait...Barry's disdain for the Brits deserved two more insults. First a 'gift' to Gordon Brown of a box set of 25 classic American films ...it was, as Ian Drury of the UK Daily Mail online put it, "a gift about as exciting as a pair of socks." Then gives Queen Elizabeth an iPod with his own speeches. (I didn't know the Royal Lady liked to listen to the grating sound of nails mauling a blackboard?!)


But these stabs were apparently not sufficient enough to hurt our friends, in O's perverse perspective. He has now instructed his minion Hillary 'I still want to be the first female president' Clinton to stay "neutral" on the current Falkland Islands discord.


The Falkland Islands are UK territory...but Argentina has disputed it, erroneously, for years. El Diablo Hugo Chavez is prodding the corrupt Argentine leadership to grab the Islands back...and Barry? Well, he wants to kill two birds with one stone...further injure our UK comrades while licking the socialist-boots of our antagonists.


Nice work, Barry...I'm beginning to think you are an agent of 'change' because you're actually a *changeling (which might explain why no one can locate your original birth documents).


I prefer our original image: Stalwart friend. Defender and supporter of global freedom and democracy. Land of the free and home of the brave. A beacon upon a hill. 


No change necessary.


Shalom through strength...



*A changeling is a creature found in Western European folklore and folk religion. It is typically described as being the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child.




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