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Here's A First: Follow Germany's Lead


September 30, 2009


The current occupant of the White House has not disappointed concerning his Middle East policy. Those of us who knew that he was on the wrong side of the security fence in the region...also knew he would betray our only friend in the region (Israel)...but certainly not to the degree that he has. Obama has repeatedly said that the US would be a leader in the world...but with his GPS...I believe we should follow Germany's lead...


Shocked by that? Don't be...the US has always been the country Israel could count on no-matter-what. Administration after administration...even Carter's disgraceful term...we were forever stalwart supporters of the Jewish State. That is, until the last presidential election. O's is the first vehemently pro-Arab administration to 'grace' 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., to Israel's dismay. At every turn, so far...O has been in opposition to Israel. This unprecedented behavior has caused the enemies of freedom in the region (which are many) to rejoice. The only democracy, once a fascist state, to show unwavering support for the Jews? None other that the former Third Reich's stomping ground...led by Angela Merkel.


German Chancellor Merkel, daughter of a Lutheran Pastor, worked and studied at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof from 1978 to 1990. She was awarded a doctorate for her thesis on quantum chemistry and worked as a researcher. 


The lady is certainly no slouch...and on Sunday, September 27th, the conservative won a 2nd term in Germany. That would mean...the German people knew how she stood on many issues...including Israel...and wanted her to remain in leadership.


And where exactly does she stand, as opposed to Obama?


Merkel: In her first term, she made her position unequivocal, "Germany will never abandon Israel but will remain a true friend and partner." 


Obama: No such statement of support for the Jewish State.


Merkel: Demanded that Hamas "immediately and permanently" stop its rocket attacks on Israeli territory, and terms these attacks "criminal activity."


Obama: "We continue to call on Palestinians to end incitement against Israel." (Incitement?)


On Monday, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, "Israel congratulates Angela Merkel on her victory in the general elections...During her first tenure she showed deep friendship to Israel, impressive sensitivity to the past, and devotion to the special relationship between the two people and two states." 


Israel knows a friend when they see one...and hear one. 


The Jewish State is the one and ONLY true democracy in the region. And, they are the only free state in the vanguard of the War on Terror. If we are to be true to our values, we will abandon Obama's dangerous direction of ditching our allies...and instead follow the lead of a true lover of liberty: Chancellor Merkel and Germany. We would again be viewed as a loyal friend to our allies (which is not the current perception under O) and surely cause tsuris in terrorist grottos globally. 


Finally...something to bring *auszeichnungen to the Fatherland...


Shalom through strength...



*auszeichnungen - German for awards; accolades.





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September 29, 2009

Endless diplomacy is the opiate of cowards, chumps and those that reside in the deadly recesses of denial. While Iran races towards nuclear capability--Western leaders continue to use failed diplomatic stratagems in an attempt to mollify a ruthlessly barbaric regime.

In the real world, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not be deterred from their anti-Semitic machination (mushroom cloud over Jerusalem) by mere olive branches and lofty overtures. The Tyrants of Tehran must be read the riot act: Either comply--or face the wrath of military action.

What is needed today--in the face of such ominousness--is not another "peace in our time" diplomatic moment, but rather clear and decisive action that will (once and for all) eradicate this looming threat.





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Time To Let Israel


September 28, 2009


With an interminable rant of the Mullah's lapdog Mahmoud, long-range missile tests and the innumerable lies told concerning their (Iran) nuclear activities...the time has come to put an end to this dangling danger to the free world...


No nation, aside from Israel, is willing to thwart the Mullah's machination...and stupefyingly, Obama and his ilk keep playing goalie...against their own side. (Schmuck's never cease to be efficacious for the enemy...) 


But can the Israelis be successful in setting Iran's nuclear dreams back years? I believe so...


According to a detailed report compiled by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington--and released this past April--it concludes that the Jewish State has all the necessary resources  for a profitable strike. Despite reports by the US Military, and various intelligence sources, that Israel could do little damage to Iran's capabilities...the CSIS report asserts that the destruction of only 7 to 9 targets would be enough to paralyze the Iranian program, and catalogs the targets this way:


1. Lashkar A'bad - site of secret uranium enrichment plants in the north near the Turkish border.

2. Tehranb - for the central laboratory for developing atomic armaments as well as more uranium enrichment facilities.

3. Arak - in central Iran, where a heavy water plant is under construction to manufacture plutonium for weapons.

4. Isfahan - in central Iran, near which a small research reactor and a cluster of laboratories for uranium enrichment, centrifuges and weapons development, are situated.

5. Natanz - the main center for uranium enrichment.

6. Ardekan - at the southern tip of Iran, where more uranium enrichment facilities are located.

7. Saghand - Iran's main uranium mining region.

8. Bushehr - on the Persian Gulf shore, Iran's biggest nuclear reactor built by Russia.

9. Gachin - near the Strait of Hormuz, the site of more uranium mines and enrichment facilities.


The CSIS think tank believes Israel has the resources AND firepower to accomplish the job. The charts in the report contain a range of technical details illustrating how many PG bombs the Israeli Air Force F16I or F15F bomber-fighter planes can carry, what amount of fuel is required to reach their Iranian targets, and at what stage of their return voyage they would need to refuel. 


A very convincing study...


The major roadblock is Obama's hopelessly, unchanging, evasive blather...along with our 'friends' Russia and China...which has allowed the crazy clerics even MORE time to finalize their cruel cabal. 


Back in April...according to a NYT article, an Israeli official was quoted as saying that Jerusalem would give the Obama administration till late this year to stop Iran's uranium enrichment program...subsequently, Israel will be compelled to act.


That time is approaching with celerity...it's time for O to let go, and let Israel...do the dirty work for us all.


Shalom through strength...





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It's Time To Cancel This Liar's Tour


September 25, 2009


Most Americans have had more than enough of the president's 'America Blows Tour'...where O has demeaned and demoralized, on the world stage, the country that has allowed him to ride atop its coattails of capitalism into the highest office in the free world (although, he wishes it involved a crown and scepter)...


And so O was given another opportunity to rectify his bad behavior toward his country...in front of world leaders (and assorted tyrants) in his first address to the United Nations General Assembly...instead, O proceeded to continue his 'Tour'...


Regarding torture:

"On my first day in office, I prohibited -- without exception or equivocation -- the use of torture by the United States of America. (Applause.) I ordered the prison at Guantanamo Bay closed, and we are doing the hard work of forging a framework to combat extremism within the rule of law. Every nation must know: America will live its values, and we will lead by example."


Nice, the Palterer-In-Chief gave the listeners the unequivocal impression that we habitually implement torture upon prisoners.


Regarding our troops in Iraq

"In Iraq, we are responsibly ending a war. We have removed American combat brigades from Iraqi cities, and set a deadline of next August to remove all our combat brigades from Iraqi territory. And I have made clear that we will help Iraqis transition to full responsibility for their future, and keep our commitment to remove all American troops by the end of 2011."


The Traitor-In-Chief gave our bloodthirsty adversaries a timeline for their machinations.


Regarding the Middle East conflict (this takes the cake for me):

"We continue to call on Palestinians to end incitement against Israel...and we continue to emphasize that America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements."


"Incitement?" Is that what Obama now calls terrorist attacks upon innocent civilians? Well, that goes right along with one of his advisers (Brzezinski) beliefs that Qassam rocket attacks on Sderot were not lethal, just annoying. 


And whoa, O...it is YOU not AMERICA that does not accept "the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements." This is ISRAEL'S land...and if they want to build Lego castles and play tiddlywinks interminably upon it, that's THEIR business...since they are a sovereign nation. 


Whatever subject you choose, O continues to pathologically lie like a rug (I guess that's the consequence of NOT being a stand-up guy)...and he is indeed keeping his campaign promise of changing how the world views America. He is assuring that our allies see us as untrustworthy, and our enemies see us as conquerable. 


With all due respect to the office of President...O has just moved from 'useful idiot' to 'efficacious schmuck'...that's the ONLY promotion Obama deserves. 





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Proof That Peanuts Are Not Brain Food


September 24, 2009


We are all familiar with the worst president of our time (so far)...Jimmy 'Dhimmi' Carter. His jugular pumps a shade of anti-Semitism most thought more endemic to Arabs. But Carter's case of anti-Jewitis is not isolated...


Jimmy's former national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski (Zbig), says that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is too powerful and uses the media to shut down criticism and influence the government


But there's more...he has also claimed that Hamas attacks on Sderot were not lethal, just annoying. 


Annoying? Tell that to the families of the 15 people who have been killed by Qassam rockets lobbed upon innocent Israelis since attacks began in 2001...


(Hmm...just wondering if Zbig is sucking on Georgia goobers like his former boss...)


And here's a big 'surprise'...Obama has made Zbig an advisor and has praised him as "someone I have learned an immense amount from", and "one of our most outstanding scholars and thinkers." 


Well, now that further clarifies the origin of O's anti-Semitic mind-set, a long history of O allying himself with anti-Israel buddies (i.e. Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Louis Farrakhan, etc.). 


Are peanuts the new 'jelly belly' in O's office?


For the record...I do not hate peanuts OR peanut farmers...just the roasted Goober whose heart is so filled with disgust for the Jewish nation that he can't help spreading the hate around...through his books, his rhetorical spewage, his former cabinet members...and his terrorist support.


Proof positive that a constant diet of gobbling goobers will only kill your gray matter...


Shalom through strength...





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Time To Pink Slip BofA


September 23, 2009


These days, we're all sick of hearing about banks...many big banks receiving our hard-earned tax dollars, and then refusing to give loans to small businesses, etc. But there is one bank that has finally cut their nose to spite their face...


Bank of America Corp (BofA), the largest U.S. retail bank, used their depositors' money to give credit cards, mortgages, and accounts to illegal aliens. That got them in a heap of trouble with the depositors. Some closed their accounts, and many boycotted the bank. 


Pretty bad, huh? Well you ain't heard nothing yet...


Lance Corporal Chris Fowlkes, 20, of Gaffney, S.C....was a Marine who perished in Afghanistan. His hometown chose to bring honor to him and a neighbor placed small American flags along the route of the funeral procession. 


But one business, the Bank of America...had a problem with the flags...


The branch manager ordered the removal of the flags placed to honor Fowlkes, over fears that people would be 'offended'. AND the manager took the flags and made the citizen go in to get them, if she didnít want them thrown away.


I'm sorry, did you just feel that spittle land on Chris' grave?


The backlash then began...so far, that BofA branch has lost $1.5M in cancelled accounts in Gaffney alone...but now the news is spreading. The Bank of America released a statement apologizing for the incident: "We want to ensure the community knows how deeply proud we are of the men and women who have sacrificed so much in service to our country."


They further said the incident was a "miscommunication in corporate policy." 


Really? What kind of statement was given to this manager that she misunderstood? Either the person responsible for dictating the bank's corporate policy is Rain Man, minus the math skills, and should be fired. Or, if that branch manager is so incapable of comprehending the simple fact that the American flag should be respected and honored for what it represents...then she is incapable of being a manager...or a teller, for that matter. 


My strong suggestion concerning Bank of America: Give them your pink slip. Because a company that cannot respect the country in their name...doesn't deserve a penny of that country's currency.


God Bless America!





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September 22, 2009

Clearly the most pernicious and lethal individual that dwells within our boarders is Nancy Pelosi. By assaulting the CIA with a battery of false accusations, the Speaker has made our nation susceptible to attacks that would make 9/11 look like a fender bender.

Her ballistic binge has cause many experienced agents and operatives to flee the agency, leaving it totally void of the seasoned veterans that have played a key role in keeping us save over the past 8 years. And those that do remain will most certainly ponder the question: Should I risk my live for a turncoat government?

Unfortunately, the first female Speaker of the House has also turned out to America's most deadly domestic terrorist!




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ACORN: Still Sucking The Lifeblood Out Of The Taxpayers


September 21, 2009


So, you think the Congress took ACORN's grimy digits out of your wallet? Think again...


The big announcement from Congress that they were voting to defund ACORN has a long journey before it is written in stone. Those votes were on amendments to different bills...and they're not seeing a presidential pen for some time...if ever. 


In the meanwhile...ACORN is still eligible for beaucoup bucks...OUR bucks...BILLIONS of our bucks!


And, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-MN, says, "don't think that the Democrats won't try to strip the ACORN language from whatever bill finally makes it to the White House."


She's spot on...ACORN was responsible, in part, for the democrat landslide this past election. The massive voter fraud, which they are still being indicted for in numerous states...contributed to the outcome. So...the Dems owe a wee bit to this cadre of cons...so they will, in all probability, create a wag-the-dog...and quietly rip the language out of the bills, like a pickpocket in a crowd of tourists in Times Square...


So, are citizens powerless? Far from it...there is way Americans can stop any further funding from going to ACORN immediately...and it will take unrelenting pressure upon Barack Obama...


It's called the Suspension and Debarment Program. Bachman explains, "The government debarment and suspension procedures are intended to prevent poor performance, waste, fraud and abuse in federal procurement and nonprocurement actions. Debarment or suspension of an organization, business or individual from doing business with the federal government is not meant to be a punishment, but a procedure to ensure that federally funded business is conducted legally with responsible persons."


(Wow...that could be applied to almost every subvention program the government runs...imagine the savings...!!!)


Halloween is just one month away...so why not be a haunt?! That's right...haunt the President and insist that he implement this program with his former trainees...so they can go back into their caves...and stop sucking the lifeblood out of the taxpayers...


If O does indeed implement this program...I, for one, will be grateful and say 'fangs a lot'! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)





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September 18, 2009

The level of mendacity is towering! Imagine--politicos like Obama, Pelosi and Dodd telling us that illegals will not be entitled to ObamaCare.

Truth be told--irrespective of which bill finally passes: Medical officials will not be allowed to question the legal status of any individual applying for government health care. This, of course--follows the caustic paradigm (federal law) that is now in play concerning emergency room treatment (which is bankrupting hospitals across the country).

Joe Wilson was correct: You lie!




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UNrelenting Jew-Hatred


September 17, 2009


Well, you have to say one thing for the 'Beast on the East River'...they are consistent...


Putting aside the fact that a majority of the hundreds of UN Resolutions concerning the Middle East conflict have been critical of Israel, and have ignored the 'palestinians' acts of terror upon innocent Israelis...a report released Tuesday, Sept 15, containing the results of a UN investigation, led by former South African judge Richard Goldstone...accused Israel of "war crimes and crimes against humanity" in their Gaza Strip campaign (Operation Cast Lead) against the terror group Hamas. The Operation ended in January.


Although the report made a passing reference to the rockets/missiles fired at Jewish civilian targets by the 'Palestinians', the bulk of the 575-page report condemned Israel.


Gee...what a freaking surprise!!!


The IDF (Israel Defense Forces), as a rule, takes painstaking care to avoid civilian casualties...often warning civilians by phone prior to their retaliatory attacks. The majority of collateral damage was caused directly by Hamas' actions of using their frailest citizens, women and children (which they consider chattel) as human shields.


References to these abominable actions in the report? Zilch...


And, the 'equitable' former chief UN war crimes prosecutor, Goldstone, said he planned to pass his findings on to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.


Gee, what a *mensch...a guy like this is hard to find (unless, of course, someone forgets to curb their dog and you discover him on the bottom of your shoe)...


The UN's vile disdain for the Jewish State has been catalogued for years...it appears now, to be an obsessive addiction that requires some rehab...or, perhaps, a disease of the heart, requiring a transplant.


Shalom through strength...



*mensch - Yiddish/German for human being; "a person of integrity and honor."




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Bibi And The Bear


September 16, 2009


In July of this year, Mossad (Israel's International Intelligence Agency) stopped a Russian freighter on its mission: To bring cruise missiles to Iran.


The ship Arctic Sea was carrying x-55 cruise missiles and S300 anti-aircraft rockets hidden in stealth compartments amid its cargo of timber and sawdust.


Apparently, Putin's bear cubs have switched from Vodka to *wood alcohol...


There were reports that Bibi had disappeared for 14 hours on Sept. 9th. Some reports and confirmation from those in Bibi's administration were that he did indeed go to Russia to meet with Medvedev and Putin. But other reports, from former Mossad agents, were that no such trip occurred. Did he, or didn't he?


Allow me to offer my theory...


I believe Bibi did indeed make a trip to meet with Putin and Medvedev...in order to discuss their influence with the former Persian empire and their nuclear program. Why? For political cover. When the Iranian nuclear facilities are attacked, Israel will legitimately be able to say that they made a diplomatic attempt with Russia to avoid this action, but Putin refused to use his influence.


Brilliant...and de rigueur...


Those who know the only possible solution for the Iranian threat upon the West is an attack upon Iranian nuclear facilities...also know, Israel is in the frontlines for the West...and the least the rest of the West can do is support their courageous efforts to ensure the security of their citizens...and ours.


The bear has been hibernating since the fall of the USSR...but Bibi knows there are former KGB cubs still growling and walking to and fro seeking whom they may devour.


Shalom through strength...



*Methyl alcohol (wood grain alcohol/methanol) is toxic to the human body and is known to cause brain damage.





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September 15, 2009

Let's not mince words: The most appalling aspect of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit to the UN (later this month) is the incontestable fact that he has American blood on his hands.

Iranian made explosive devices, which have maimed and killed scores of US troops in Iraq--were discovered in Mesopotamia several years ago. Not to mention the fact that Iran's proxies Hezbollah and the Revolutionary Guard were deployed to the region to create bloody mayhem.

It is these egregious details that should prompt our Commander in Chief to sternly oppose this rat bastard's feet from ever touching-down on our precious soil. But I suspect that when MA's plane does land--Obama will be there to greet him with butt-ready lips!




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The Fuses Lighting The Mushroom


September 14, 2009


Having just visited the anniversary of the greatest terror attack our nation has ever seen...many citizens have turned their attention to our national security. And one of our greatest foreign threats: Iran.


Israeli Intelligence and Atomic Energy Minister, Dan Meridor, recently said, "The time is now. There is no more time to waste, and that's not only the Israeli perspective, it's much more general."


Indeed, Meridor is correct...evidence has now become clear that Iran is not years away from nuclear capability but rather mere months away. And although Israel is a featured target in the rhetoric coming out of the former Persian empire...the US is considered 'the Great Satan' by Iran...meaning the bull's-eye is much larger...


Now, Meridor clarifies that he was referring to the international community making a concerted effort to hinder Iran's efforts...but is this a potential reality?


Not at all...


Why? It is not merely Iran, who is our problem, but rather 2 other countries, that--if they are not in the chorus of voices against the Mullahs--all efforts are moot.


Those two entities are none other than: China and Russia. Steve Schippert, co-founder of the Center for Threat Awareness and managing editor for ThreatsWatch.org. (in an interview for FrontPageMag.com) said:


"The 11-shipment Russian supply of 80 tons of enriched uranium nuclear fuel for the Russian-built 1,000 megawatt light water reactor is a sweeping Iranian victory and troubling in several respects. From a strategic view flying by at 20,000 feet, it is indicative of Iran and Russia's deepening common alignment against the United States. It's an alignment - an allied partnership beyond nuclear cooperation - that also includes China...I have and will continue to refer to Russia and China as the Iranian Protectorate. No nation at the UN Security Council has been more steadfast or consistent in resistance to US and Western sanctions efforts there than either the bear or the dragon."


Schippert is spot on...and these two roadblocks are giving hope to Iran. Because Iran desires regional dominance (a Muslim Caliphate in the Middle East), and treasures the support of the bear and the dragon. 


How Russia benefits:

How China benefits:

All three have supercilious goals: Iran seeks regional dominance (and the destruction of Israel). Russia seeks to be restored to superpower status (no friend of Israel). China desires to establish itself as the next superpower (also no friend of Israel). The bear and the dragon are the fuses lighting the mushroom.


(And, by the way...you're not paranoid...the three really are taking about us in the huddle...)


We will find it an impenetrable three-fold cord of terror, since Russia and China--in pursuit of their own gluttonous goals--will feed Iran until they vomit their hate, toward the West, in a nuclear projectile...that few will be able to recover from...if any survive.


Shalom through strength...





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Never Again...


September 11, 2009




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48 Minutes of Auditory Offal


September 10, 2009


So, Barry "super-genius, I like the way that sounds" Obama...and keeper of the healthcare keys...laid out one of the largest piles of drek, for the public's consumption, any president has ever done. 


It's for sale...but NO citizen is buying it...and O's inference that most Americans opposing his machinations upon our healthcare system are "confused" is disparaging, to say the least. So, there's no legitimate opposition, in O's eyes...we either agree or we're *famisched? Well, anyone listening to this ** mishegoss could reasonably develop vertigo...


Bottom-line: O is trying to implement the 'public option' which will eventually push out private insurance companies simply because, with a public option, the government becomes player AND referee. And remember...the government doesn't have to make a profit...the private sector has to make a profit to stay in business, and if the government needs to expand the program, they simply raise taxes.


What got us here: The impotence of the Republican Party to confront the lie of the country having a healthcare 'crisis'.


What will get us where we want to be: Courageous citizens who demand that their representatives actually represent them in the real issues concerning healthcare: Tort reform and allowing the a la carte purchase of healthcare across state lines.


O's speeches could be better utilized in poison control units as emetics...but as far as possessing value for our medical dollar? Worthless...


It was the largest load of auditory offal my ears have ever had the misfortune to encounter...48 minutes of auditory offal, to be exact.



*famisched - (fuh -'mished) Yiddish for confused; mixed up.

** mishegoss - (mish-i-gahs) Yiddish for craziness.




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September 9, 2009


Allow me to understand the following: Dare oppose ObamaCare and you will be labeled a racist, bigot and hate-monger.


So, upon being threatened with such virulent and toxic labels--those who oppose are expected to fall silent (capitulate) and just allow Obama to implement socialized medicine? Which--by the way--would make us all serfs in his kingdom of Hope and Change.

Well, just call me a racist.




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September 8, 2009


While the neutered (think Obama and his acolytes) continue to preach the immorality of waterboarding, the left-leaning Washington Post recently ran a story that explicitly detailed how 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed's intractability was eventually shattered by the so-called controversial interrogation technique.

And, as a result--KSM revealed myriad terror plots that were to be executed on US soil--which also included an attack on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Only those that lack a pair would deem it immoral to splash water in the face of a mass murderer in order to save thousands (if not millions) of innocent American lives.

Neutered, indeed!




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BiBi...Ignore...Lock And Load


September 7, 2009


Those of us who are up to snuff on the activities of the former Persian empire know we are now down to the wire...


Neither the EU nor the US (with O at the helm) will do squat about the Persian petards planned for Israel or the 'Great Satan' (us)...so with all Israeli PM Binyamin "BiBi" Netanyahu has on his plate (i.e. being surrounded by seething 'neighbors', etc.), I believe he needs to do two things:

  1. Ignore the delays and blather of the world community, who care nothing for the survival of the Jewish State.

  2. Lock and Load.

BiBi...No world leader will assist you. No world leader will vocally support you. All world leaders will condemn you when your crucial work is done. But freedom-loving souls, globally, will salute you...as they collectively breathe a sigh of relief.


Because in the current milieu of craven narcissists and arrogant autocrats...there will only be...


Shalom through strength...





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September 4, 2009

The very thought that our commander-in-chief would prosecute the intrepid warriors that extracted lifesaving information from 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohamed is beyond insane. In fact, I dare say: It is outright treason!

Most clear minded Americans are of the belief that (if need be) in order to procure vital info from a KSM type--the inch by inch removal of a particular male organ is totally acceptable.

This might not sit well with O and his flock of squeamish pansies, but we the people know that in order to halt the propagation of pure evil--righteous violence is permissible.





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Educating Out The Hate


September 3, 2009


A new school year brings new challenges to both teachers and students. But one startling challenge in the UK, could be our next insurmountable hurdle...


Robin Simcox, Researcher for The Center for Social Cohesion (a non-partisan think-tank in the UK), has spent some time in UK inner city schools this past year promoting discussion and debate on current events, through workshops in secondary schools. Along his journey, he encountered an alarming phenomenon. According to Simcox, "When discussing the day's headlines in class, the pupils assured me that the McDonalds restaurant chain was in the habit of paying the Jews to kill the Arabs. When I attempted to challenge their flippant comments that "America and the Jews try to kill all the Muslims" and ask them why anyone would do such a thing, their reply was 'because they're evil'."


Now, how on earth do you think these teens got that mindset? 


I believe two ingredients created this: 1) An influx of Muslims to the inner city; and 2) The government's acquiescence to the demands of the Muslim community. These two combined have created a milieu that expresses and reflects the same hatred and sheer ignorance found in Muslim-controlled countries. Hatred of the West, including Jews and Americans...and a dismissive denial of the Holocaust. 


Why should we give a hoot about something going on 3,460 miles away from our shores? Because the UK is the economic and democratic powerhouse of Europe. 


They began adding 'inclusive' language in their legislations, we followed suit. They have cowered to the cries for Sharia law, and we are on the precipice of doing the same. 


We must now draw the line with the next generation...by telling the truth. And that includes, the truth about the past. Because acquiescence to hateful values, trepidation to speak out in truth, and the tolerance and acceptance of historical revisionism...will 'educate' our young to 'bite the hand that feeds them'...and then kill it.


Shalom through strength...




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A Sin Of Omission Or Commission? 


September 2, 2009


When an organism is poisonous, it has a habit of, whether intentionally or not--infecting all who come in contact with it. The United nation has become such an organism.


As I had reported earlier this week, on August 28th, the IAEA released their findings that Iran had decreased its expansion of uranium enrichment. The IAEA head, Mohamed El Baradei, was accused of concealing facts in his final report, which spoke contradictions to that conclusion...now those accusations appear to be true...


The UN has been plagued by scandal after scandal. It has long outlived its usefulness and now has become this poisonous mass infecting all it touches. Although created independently of the UN, the IAEA reports to both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council. 


Just enough to contaminate it...


But the providers of the Intel that refuted El Baradei's findings, have ratted the rat out. Six nations, including the US, Israel, Britain, France, Netherlands and Japan--provided El Baradei with recent and detailed info on the achievements made by Iran in its race to develop an A-bomb. The Intel revealed that Iran is running clandestine military nuclear projects laterally to its civilian nuclear energy program.


But Mohamed...whoops...left it out of the report...


You have to ask: Why conceal this Intel? Is El Baradei a sympathizer with the Mullahs' agenda? Was a deal made with the crackpot clerics that would make his November retirement more cushy? 


Was this an act of omission or commission on El Baradei's part? Either way...the results will ultimately have a 'glowing' affect on all.


Shalom through strength...




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September 1, 2009

The egregious treatment of the CIA by President Obama (and his rapid lapdog AG Eric Holder) is demonstrable evidence that he simply does not care about our troops. Remember, our warriors in the theater of battle rely heavily on the crucial Intel that is provided to them by the men and women of this fine organization.

By the administration launching a political investigation against it (concerning so-called torture techniques) will only serve to greatly diminish the amount of Intel made available to our soldiers battling the enemy in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

And the end result, without question--will be truly catastrophic: More dead GI's.

Way to go, O!


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