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Pornography: It Doesn't Get Scarier Than That


October 31, 2007


Today is a day when many think of candy corn, costumes, pumpkins and things that go bump in the night. But there's a thriving industry in America that causes more fear in women and children than anything in a B movie...and it's scaring hundreds of thousands as you read this.


The pornography industry is the greatest criminal act perpetrated on the American family. It has exploited women, children and diseased the minds of men...all under the protection of the 1st Amendment (thanks to the late Chief Justice Burger).


This week is White Ribbon Week. It began in 1987 to increase public awareness of the destruction done by exposure to pornography. 


If we truly love our families...and our country...we will stand up for decency. Join the effort to stop the hate toward the most vulnerable in society.


Because decency isn't a dirty word.




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Darling Of Islamofascism


October 30, 2007


Hillary Clinton's acquiescent attitude toward terrorism (cut and run from Iraq, soft treatment

of terror detainees, etc.) has made her the Darling of Islamofascism.


In his new book "Schmoozing with Terrorists"

Aaron Kline interviews over 30 Islamo-terrorists,

and the overwhelming majority of these jihadists concur that Senator Clinton should be president.


“I hope Hillary is elected in order to have the occasion to carry out all the promises she is giving regarding Iraq,” stated Ala Senakreh, West Bank chief of the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.

Palestinian terrorist Nasser Abu Aziz, considers “voices like Hillary and others who are now attacking the Iraq invasion,” to be "very good".

Kline furnishes other chilling quotes and examples, and they leave us (without a scintilla of doubt) that Hillary Clinton is the Darling of Islamofascism.



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Seeking Advice From Dumb & Dumber


October 29, 2007


If you desire to fail at something, always seek advice from those who have failed before. That's exactly what our Sec. of State has done prior to the peace powwow  planned for Annapolis in November/December.


Sec. Rice has sought the advice of former US presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton in preparation for the Middle East peace confab. But didn't they fail miserably at this task (among others)? Isn't that lowering the bar, rather than raising it?


Uh, yup!


State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said, "[Secretary of State] Rice is trying to learn from others what can be done and how their experience can be adapted to today's situation," and added that Rice placed great emphasis on "learning from the past."


Really? What they did was strong-arm Israel into giving away more of their land in exchange for peace...and I think that...let me see...FAILED!! If Sec. Rice wants to learn from their "experience" then that would mean NOT forcing Israel to give what little land they possess to murderers, liars and cheats, right?


But wait, Sec. Rice has also conferred with James Baker, Henry Kissinger, and Madeline Albright...all 'friends' of the Jewish State. 


Wow, talk about unbiased wisdom!


Sec. Rice's brilliance can never shine through this motley crew of advisors. Let's hope, for Israel's sake, she seeks additional counsel from other sources that at least like the tiny Jewish democracy.





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Peace Partners? My Aunt Fanny!


October 26, 2007


Words mean nothing if they are not followed by actions. That is exactly what we get from the PA and their ilk. They say they want peace, but have never done one iota to stop the violence toward innocent Israelis. But worse than that, they are (in many cases) responsible for a good deal of the violence...


Case in point...according to Jerusalem Newswire, Muslim Arab members of PLO/PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah organization opened fired on innocent, unarmed Israelis on a highway near the Samarian town of Ariel this past Wednesday. A 20 year old man was shot in the stomach and is in serious condition. And another man was slightly wounded. Witnesses said the terrorists continued firing at other Israeli cars as their vehicle flew down a busy road.


Partners for peace? My Aunt Fanny!


Question...does the the President and Sec. Rice have a TV, radio or access to the internet? Well, if they do...when it concerns the daily events in Israel...they're not making use of them.


For two parties to have peace, they must BOTH desire peace. That is not the case with the PA (or those who voted them into office). Their peace is not our peace. Their words are contrary to their actions. The PA's kind of 'peace' is to either convert to Islam by the sword, subjugate rejecters into slavery or dhimmitude, or put rejecters to death. 


That's not exactly what the civilized world means by peace. 


When we get this straight, we will finally cease forcing the Jewish State to negotiate with terrorists like the PA. Coddling terrorists will bring the West to ruin. 


That's not the kind of 'peace' I want...how about you?





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Alive And Well In America


October 25, 2007


Is the twisted notion of a global Islamic hegemony limited to al Qaeda and Tehran?




The MSA (Muslim Student Association)-- which has campuses across our west coast-- shares this same view.


As reported by the Investigative Project on Terrorism, the following was stated by an MSA member at the organization's 2005 conference held at the University of Southern California:

"We want to restore Islam to the leadership of society...We are trying to establish that system

of government, of Islamic governance, and to the helm of life in all walks of life... In short, we want to make the word of Allah supreme in every single aspect of life...The end goal of everything that we're talking about is the reestablishment of the Islamic form of government." 


The member concluded by ominously stating that the only justification for Muslims being in America is to hasten an Islamic state. 


The notion of a global Islamic hegemony: Alive and well in America.




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Liars Hate When The Truth Is Evidenced


October 24, 2007


This past Sunday, the AP reported that the Israel Antiquities Authority declared that it had uncovered fragments of bowl rims, bases and body sherds, the base and handle of a small jug and the rim of a storage jar. dating back to the first Jewish temple (from the 6th to the 10th centuries BC).


And the PA is fuming.


Why the fury? Well, up until this discovery, the PA has had a good propaganda campaign going that Israel had no claim to the Temple Mount...despite accurate historical records. The PA found a niche in the Jew-hating segments of the world (especially the media) and was daily running toward their goal with their paltering pigskin.


The now dead (thanks be to G-d) Yasser Arafat, and his PLO, spent millions to ensure that there would never be any possible evidence revealed of a Jewish claim to the Temple Mount. 


Awwwwe...looks like a bad investment, Yasser.


The Arab claim to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount is false. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Quran. There were no mosques in Jerusalem in 632 AD when Mohammed died... Jerusalem was then a Christian city. The Arabs have no claim to the Holiest of sites in Judaism.


Isn't it funny how liars just hate when their paltering is exposed...especially by cold, hard evidence?


Just chalk up another one for the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The only G-d of truth.




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Gullible Warming

October 23, 2007

A pragmatic question concerning global warming can be very useful. It tends to refocus our thinking and helps cut through all of the hyperbolic babble that clouds the issue.   

So here’s a pragmatic question: Are we going to destroy the world’s greatest economy based on the junk science of a few fear-mongering meteorologists (who can’t even give us an accurate five day forecast) and a shrill, egomaniacal ex-vice president who throws a hissy-fit every time a polar bear dies?

I think it’s time to answer this question.



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If They Continue, They Will Surely Pay


October 22, 2007


It couldn't be any more apparent. Evident for all with eyes to see and ears to hear. The warnings to those who decide to force the surrender of Jerusalem.


And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.
-- Zechariah 12:3


This is a very sober warning. All those (are you listening Madam Sec. and Mr. President) who are involved in attempting to force Israel to give away the land G-d gave them, and especially Jerusalem, will pay dearly. And so will our country. Because this is the promise of a curse.


With all due respect, here's a little history lesson for our leaders...Muslims claim Jerusalem as the third most holy site in Islam. This is recent revisionist history and PLO propaganda. It's a manufactured attempt to seize the land of Israel (and specifically Jerusalem) from Jewish sovereignty. Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Quran. 


And now, the PA is demanding that Israel surrender the very heart and soul of Judaism, Jerusalem, as the admission price to begin discussing peace. Did you get that? Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount in Arab hands and control, before any discussion of peace (like that has a snowball's chance in Sheol). 


Another reminder for our leaders...from the book of Genesis: 


"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee..."

--Genesis 12:3


Also a promise that has been fulfilled, and will continue to be fulfilled. And be sure of this: Taking Jerusalem by force from His Chosen, and giving it to their enemies will bring a curse upon our nation. 


It's not too late for our leaders to rethink their strategy to create a legacy. They can go down in history as judicious people who ensured the blessing of the L-rd upon our nation, or as those foolish enough to force our land to fall into ruin.


The choice is theirs. Let's pray they make the right one.







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A Partisan Punk


October 19, 2007


Allow me to be frank: Democratic Rep. Pete Stark is a partisan punk.


Yesterday, during a failed attempt to override

President Bush's veto of the SCHIP bill--Stark

vented that our troops are being sent to Iraq to get their heads "blown off for the president's amusement."


(And when offered the opportunity by Republicans to denounce the comment, House Democrats vehemently refused.)


This profoundly disdainful and disturbing comment once again demonstrates why the Democrats are the nation's most unpatriotic 





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America: Dangerously Permeated


October 18, 2007


America is dangerously permeated with irresponsible politicians that openly defy the rule of law. Men who have created sanctuary cities (safe havens for illegal aliens) that have become festering sores on our national landscape.


These cities have become breeding grounds for all types of illicit activities, including the most virulent aspects of gang and terrorist turmoil. (Not to mention the appalling financial burden all of this has placed on US taxpayers.)


And the carelessness continues to proliferate 

as New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is poised to 

issue an edict allowing illegal aliens the right to obtain drivers' licenses. 


America: Dangerously permeated.




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Disrespecting Jewish Sovereignty


October 17, 2007


It's clear...any time any nation had attempted to tell us what to do with our land and citizenry, we laughed in their face and read them the riot act. Yet we have no problem doing just that to another nation...


On Monday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told 'Palestinian' officials she would pressure Israel against beginning any new Jewish construction in the eastern sections of Jerusalem. But that's not all...Sec. Rice selected Jerusalem neighborhoods as becoming part of a future 'Palestinian' state and told the head of a 'palestinian' negotiating team that she would publicly blame Israel for the failure of November's U.S.-promoted summit, scheduled to be held in Maryland, if Israel didn't consent to evacuate east Jerusalem neighborhoods.


I guess bullying is supposed to be more acceptable when it's done by a woman.


The Jewsih people were given their land, first by the G-d of Israel, and second by the Balfour Declaration of 1917. The Arab nations, who own almost all the land in the middle east...except the the tiny strip owned by the Jews...desire that piece of land more than life itself (in the case of homicide bombers). Not because the land is a gold mine, but because it is owned by Jews.


The only excuse I can make for our governments' pernicious behavior toward our ally is...mass pre-senile dementia.


Perhaps the reason so many are disrespecting our sovereignty at our southern border is that this is the consequence for disrespecting our only friends in the Mideast.


Something to ponder...




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Amen To That


October 16, 2007


There are those among us (certain politicos, pundits, academics and their acolytes) that would rather retreat from the War on Terror than confront the evils of Islamofascism.

They fervently cling to the twisted fantasy that if we simply mollify the jihadist—he will leave us alone. In short, they believe the only viable method that sustains peace is absolute appeasement.

Thankfully our founders knew better. As George Washington once stated: “To be prepared for war, is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.”

Amen to that.



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Dividing Jerusalem: Let The Protests Begin


October 15, 2007


The 'peace conference' planned for November in the Mideast has one major target: Jerusalem, the capital and lifeblood of the Jewish people.


The PA has their arms open and ready to grab it. And the Bush administration, along with Israel's enemies, is ready to toss it on over. 


In 2000, when Ehud Barak was attempting to give Jerusalem away, a force of over 400,000 demonstrators took to the streets from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in protest. 


Well, with this historic push to hand Jerusalem over to Israel's foes, now's the time for all good men and women to take to the streets in demonstration of this pernicious proposal. I would strongly recommend the proposals of Israpundit. But at this point, I say just get out and remonstrate!


It's been out there in the media for some time. We all know what has been proposed and what the PA wants (everything), and what the US and Israel's enemies are willing to take from Israel and give to the PA (everything). 


I pray my brothers and sisters will not surrender to these villains. Ahavat Eretz Yisrael (for the Love of the Land of Israel)...do not give up the capital of the land G-d has given you!






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Simply Because They Were Christian


October 12, 2007


Although I ardently disagree with the timing of a congressional resolution characterizing Turkey's slaughter of Armenians as genocide--it most certainly was.


The facts are irrefutable: From 1896-1923 the Turks eradicated over 2.5 million (including 1.5 million Armenians) innocents simply because they were Christian.


Historically, the Ottoman Empire (which openly glorified jihad) was a rabid, Islamic hegemony which brutally and viciously subjugated its Christian population.


Genocide: Most certainly. 



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Gazan Christian Murdered, Where's The Outrage?


October 11, 2007


This past week, in the microcosm of a 'palestinian' state, an innocent Christian official was murdered in Gaza by Muslims.


My question: Where's the outrage?


Rami Ayyad, 31, director of The Teacher's Bookshop, which is operated by the Palestinian Bible Society, was kidnapped, stabbed and shot to death and his body was tossed in a field, to be discovered the following day. 


The bookshop and the Palestinian Bible Society have been the target of many Muslim threats and attacks, including bombings, for the past 2 years. Since Hamas took control of the area, attacks increased upon the 2,500 Christian population in the Gaza Strip.


The spokesman for the Hamas Interior Ministry, Ihab Ghissin, stated "This despicable crime won't pass without punishment of the perpetrators ...we will pursue all those involved in this case and make sure that they are severely punished."


Sounds promising, but don't bet your bottom dollar on any justice occurring for the Ayyad family. Ghissin's comments are for media consumption...Hamas follows a pure form of Islam, which dictates hatred for Jews and the other 'people of the book' (Christians). And they consider converts apostate. The Haditha says:


Volume 9, Book 83, Number 17: 
Narrated 'Abdullah: 

Allah's Apostle said, "The blood of a Muslim who confesses that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and that I am His Apostle, cannot be shed except in three cases: In Qisas for murder, a married person who commits illegal sexual intercourse and the one who reverts from Islam (apostate) and leaves the Muslims." 


And according to WND, witnesses are now saying that Rami was first publicly beaten and tortured by Islamic gunmen, a few blocks from his store. Abducted by three masked gunmen, Rami was continually beaten with clubs and the butts of their guns as they accused him of attempting to share Christianity in Gaza. The witnesses said that after enduring the brutal beating, Rami was fatally shot by the men.


Where's the condemnation? Where's the outrage for this heinous murder?


The world is silent. The US is silent. Abbas is silent.


The only justice will surely be by the G-d of Israel...the One Rami served...and in Whose presence Rami is, as you read this.


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Bush Calls Jesus A Liar


October 10, 2007


Sound too radical to be true? Sadly, it is true...


This past Friday, in an interview with Al Arabiya television, the President made a stunning repeat of his statement from 2003: "...I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God." And this time he went further with his dangerously erroneous conclusion based on misinformation...


"I believe in an Almighty God, and I believe that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other religion, prays to the same God. That's what I believe. I believe that Islam is a great religion that preaches peace. And I believe people who murder the innocent to achieve political objectives aren't religious people, whether they be a Christian who does that – we had a person blow up our – blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City who professed to be a Christian*, but that's not a Christian act to kill innocent people...And I just simply don't subscribe to the idea that murdering innocent men, women and children – particularly Muslim men, women and children in the Middle East – is an act of somebody who is a religious person."


Aside from the fact that the President's statement is wroth with mis- and disinformation, his initial comment is not what followers of the Christian faith know to be true.


From Jesus the Messiah's own words:


"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6)


"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. ( John 11:25)


"And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?" ( John 11:26)


If what President Bush purports is true, then Jesus was a liar and died in vain. And the President's religion is a farce. 


But, of course, what Jesus said was and is true.


With all due respect, Mr. President, it would bless all the world if you stopped playing theologian, at which you are left greatly wanting, and take some time to learn the foundations of your own faith...which you apparently are unfamiliar.


Please remember, Mr. President: You weren't ordained, you were elected.



*Timothy McVeigh was not, nor did he profess to be a Christian. That was a lie perpetrated by the likes of Minister Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam) and Dan Barker (Freedom From Religion Foundation).




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Where's The Beef?


October 9, 2007


For all the bluster (from fire-breathing Imams to the Arab street) that Islamic jihadists are tough: Where's the beef?


Remember how a few Danish cartoons sent jihadists (the world over) into one huge hissy-fit?


Or, when some of their bloodthirsty comrades are rounded-up for questioning by Western authorities--how they whimper endlessly about racial profiling?


But, what should we expect from a bunch of craven thugs who, instead of facing down our soldiers on the field of battle--use innocent women and children as human shields.


Where's the beef?




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Finally: Al-Dura Lies Revealed


October 8, 2007


Those of us who knew the truth about the staged death of Muhammad al-Dura, were puzzled, since the incident occurred in 2000...


Puzzled why the Israeli government allowed the lies of France 2 television network to spread a blood libel against the Jewish State, uncontested.


The incident: On Sept. 30, 2000...the second day of the intifada...12-year-old Muhammad al-Dura and his father were going to buy a car. They were caught between heavy fire clashes between Israel Defense Forces and 'Palestinian' gunmen. A 'Palestinian' cameraman, Talal Abu Rahma, filmed the skirmish for France 2 television network. The report came through the bureau chief (who was not present at the incident) and accused the IDF soldiers involved, of causing the child's death and the father's injury.


And the anti-Israel world media ate it up.


After 7 years of investigations, the Israeli government concluded that the boy's death was staged by the French network's cameraman, Talal Abu Rahma.


Finally...the lies revealed...


The Israeli Government Press Office director Daniel Seaman stated "Among other things, we plan to petition the High Court of Justice and demand the journalist certificates and other GPO certificates are revoked from all France 2 crew members in Israel – reporters, cameramen, produces, etc – as long as the network does not publicly announce that the al-Dura report was staged and was biased.


"In addition, Shurat HaDin is considering filing a damages claim for the accumulated damage the report has caused, and specifically for the line of attacks and riots it has led to. This modern-day blood libel has led to the death of hundreds of Arabs and Jews and has ignited hatred solely for the purpose of ratings and poor journalism. We will demand that those responsible for this crime pay for their deeds."


I'm going sidebar...ever notice that any time there is an incident, Israel investigates. How about the 'palestinians' (or any Muslim group for that matter), ever see or hear of an investigation on their part? Never. Why? It's to their benefit to be the world's perpetual victims. (But no one with the arsenal that the PA has, is ever a victim.)


Ok, back to the issue...


I agree with Mr. Seaman...these purveyors of perfidy need to pay a heavy price. Their lust for ratings...and their hatred for the Jewish State, need to be dealt with. But will the underlying anti-Semitism in the world allow that justice to occur? 


It's doubtful...but we'll see.




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Serious Food For Thought


October 5, 2007


A nation that forsakes its heritage will find itself 

erecting more than just a few foot-washing facilities for Muslims. It will eventually discover that its profuse desertion of tradition has helped erect the very tools and systems the enemy seeks.


An enemy (mind you) that will not stop until the "Great Satan" is annihilated.


Serious food for thought...




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What's Next? Halal Fare In The Cafeteria?


October 4, 2007


Will kowtowing ever end? Not if you're an American University. This week, NYU decided to join dozens of universities and colleges across the country and made plans to have foot baths for Muslim ritualistic cleansing  installed in their proposed Islamic Center for Muslim students.


Where's the liberal screams of 'separation of church and state' now? If it had been Christians desiring a special room for Bible studies, our ears would be bleeding from the shrieks. 


The Islamic Caliphate is on track...forcing the 'infidels' to accommodate them out of disgust of their use of our sinks for the bottoms of their smelly wheels...and the fear of being called intolerant if we don't.


Institutions like NYU should be more concerned with students getting their money's worth of education, not being the architects of the elements for Islamic rituals. 


What's next? Halal fare in the cafeteria...and no eating in front of Muslims during Ramadan? With this obeisance, it's just a matter of time...




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"Masters Of The World"? Only If That World Is Hell


October 3, 2007


Islamic supremacy is a staple principle among terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, and their ilk. And they get it from their worldview. 


Muslims of Islamic states, and many within the US, have the worldview that divides people into two opposing groups: Dar al-Islam or House of Islam, which is the region where Islam rules, and Dar el Harb or House of War, the territory controlled by non-Muslims. This worldview dictates that war will continue between these two segments of humanity until the supremacy of Islam is completely established upon the earth.


Recently, an article was written by a Palestinian Authority religious leader, Dr. Hamza Dhib Mustafa, who was appointed by Mahmoud Abbas as member of the Supreme Fatwa Council. In the piece he stated:

"The Muslims and their societies are more advanced and more sublime than the West and its societies… are more perfect in value system and humanity. The fact that there are those who believe that these are Western values – it is a delusion and false, since the Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this." 


This excerpt is not a fringe statement. It is characteristic of the ideology that Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood off-shoots (including al Qaeda) believe with all their malevolent hearts. And Mahmoud Abbas is well aware of and agrees with Mustafa's beliefs.


"Masters of the world" becoming 'partners for peace'? It could only be in hell.



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This Would Be Prudent


October 2, 2007


Clearly, Iran should be expelled from the UN for its ominous proclamations (annihilation of Israel and America). After all, these statements are in direct violation of the U.N.'s Genocide Convention.  


UN leaders (armed with copious evidence from the public record) should aggressively make their case against the Islamic Republic—and then move to ban it from the world body.  


This would be prudent: But don't hold you breath.




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It's Now Or Never


October 1, 2007


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Edmund Burke


With a predominantly politically correct government, and Islamic terror cells plotting in our midst, now is the time to use the gift that can only be found in a free society: Free speech.


And that is exactly the weapon that will be employed on campuses across the country during, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week  taking place the week of Oct. 22, 2007. 


The events will include a series of lectures prepared to bring a message to these scholarly communities that contests most of what students are taught about the War on Terror in the classroom. Speakers will include: Senator Rick Santorum, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Dennis Prager, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, Michael Ledeen, Nonie Darwish, Wafa Sultan, Melanie Morgan, Michael Medved, Martha Zoeller, Alan Nathan, Mark Larson, and many more.


The primary theme of the Week will be the oppression of women in Islam. (Hello...where's NOW, now?)


This is the time to throw your support to an event that can quite possibly save thousands of innocent lives. 


The time is now to help defeat the lies that are enabling Islamo-fascists to destroy our liberties and our lives...and if not now, perhaps never.




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