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UK: The Central Front On The War On Terror?


February 29, 2008


Think the UK's experiment in diversity and multiculturalism has been a grand success?


Well, think again.


According to MI5 (Britain's domestic intelligence service) there are approximately 200 terror cells in operation and over 4,000 al Qaeda operatives

in the UK.


And these numbers will only continue to burgeon as long as the UK maintains its feckless policy of

Muslim immigration and appeasement. 


If our cousins across the pond don't soon reject multiculturalism, and once again embrace their Christian roots: The UK will one day replace Iraq as the central front in the War on Terror. 




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February 28, 2008


Imagine...what it would be like to have a President B Hussein Obama...

Aaaaahhhh...imagine...sounds like hope to me!



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Time To Cry Out Against The Monsters


February 27, 2008


When we were children, we were all afraid of the monsters in the closet, under the bed or their shadow on the wall at night. They seemed so real, but they were imaginary, of course. But not so for the children of Sderot...


Sderot is an Israeli city of about 22,000 residents. Since the second intifada (Sept. 2000), this little town has been brutally attacked by 'Palestinian' terrorists daily. Close to 7,000 rockets have crashed down upon innocent Israelis, and among these residents are terrified children. The children of Sderot live in fear day and night of the monsters in Gaza. 


And these monsters are not imaginary.


Yossi Haimov, 10-year-old Sderot boy, sustained serious injuries when a Qassam fired by 'Palestinian' monsters in north Gaza, landed near a school in Sderot. As the children awaited the Magen David, Yossi's 8-year-old sister, Maria, caressed the face of her brother, while he lay wounded on the ground. 


Are these the kind of people anyone would want for neighbors? Well, if Israel gives into pressures for a 'peace' agreement, they will be giving into these monsters...and the nightmare for Israel's children will never end.


It's time for all good Jews and Christians to cry out against the 'Palestinian' terror perpetrated upon the most innocent...and stand in the gap for the children of Sderot. 


Relegate the monsters back into the shadows...where monsters belong.







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Start Laughing


February 26, 2008


Is Islam compatible with democracy? Not according to a recent study conducted by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy.


The study--based on a surreptitious inspection

of more than 100 US mosques and Islamic centers--reveals pervasive and disturbing,

anti-American sermonizing.


Sermonizing that includes the following: 

The study also reveals that these mosques

are engaged in the solicitation of funds for the

sole purpose of jihad.


So, the next time an unctuous, boot-licking politician tells you that Islam and democracy are compatible: Start laughing. 




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Wake-Up America


February 25, 2008


When you strip away the towering oratory and  slick slogans, Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than a smooth-talking, radical-liberal. 


His psychotic desire to raise taxes, implement 

socialized medicine and develop a host of new 

tax-payer funded initiatives has placed him to the left of Teddy Kennedy. 


More disturbingly is Obama's acquiescent attitude concerning terrorist regimes. On more than one occasion the senator from Illinois has waxed eloquent about his willingness to dialogue with the leaders of Iran and Syria.


Truth is, an Obama-nation would be a socialist utopia that pays unwavering homage to Tehran and Damascus.  


Wake-up America! 




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'Old Gray Lady': Boo-Boo Woos The Base? 


February 22, 2008


The utmost authority on purity and righteous, the New York Slimes, made a foolish gamble...their desire to damage, or eliminate John McCain from the presidential race by implying he had an "inappropriate" relationship with a lobbyist won't result in their longed-for outcome. It may very well backfire...


How? Well, there are many conservatives who are not happy with McCain for several reasons (i.e. Campaign Finance Reform, no waterboarding for enemy combatants, closing Gitmo, etc.), but they just happen to disdain the NY Times far more than they dislike McCain. 


And this unequivocal fact could collect conservatives right into the McCain camp.


Thanks to the 'Old Gray Lady'...McCain's work to woo the base may have just been accomplished.




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UN: Israel's Forever Foe


February 21, 2008


Last week, upon a visit of the rocket-battered southern Israeli town of Sderot, Senator John Kyl (R-Arizona) and Congressman Elton Gallegly (R-California) condemned the relentless 'Palestinian' attacks on the town and the neighboring communities, and promised to take the message of the Sderot residents' troubles back to America. But another official visitor viewed things through UN-colored glasses...


The UN Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Sir John Holmes, visited Sderot as well, but strangely enough condemned the "indiscriminate" targeting of Israeli civilians. 


"Indiscriminate?" As opposed to what exactly? Purposeful targeting of Israeli civilians? 


But Holmes didn't stop there. He warned, in true UN form, Israel against taking retaliatory military action. You know the kind that is necessary to the national security of the Jewish State. The targeting of terrorists plotting or carrying out the rocket (and other terror) attacks, as opposed to targeting innocent civilians as the 'Palestinians' do.




No demands upon the 'Palestinians' of their heinous attacks, but rather...as in the hundreds of UN resolutions concerning the Middle East conflict in the past...condemnation of Israel. 


And if that wasn't egregious enough, Holmes insisted that diplomacy was the only way to solve the problem. Apparently, Mr. Holmes is unfamiliar with the failure of diplomacy since the re-birth of the Jewish State, where Israel surrenders its land, and receives maimed and murdered innocent civilians (due to 'palestinian' terrorism) in return.


But are we really surprised by this behavior from a member of the leadership of the UN? Not really. 


Because there is one thing Israel can count on: The UN is Israel's forever foe.





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Suicide Is Wrong: Long Live Suicide Bombers?


February 20, 2008


There's a lot of doublespeak in Islam. One version for the brethren and one for the infidels (that's us). And there's nothing more convoluted than the Muslim messages about suicide bombers...


Islam supposedly forbids suicide (Quran 5:32), but when it comes to the suicide bombers entering Israel and killing innocent Jews, it's not only OK, it's preferred. They are known as shahids or martyrs. They have tournaments, streets and parks named after them. Confections are distributed in the streets, as Muslims dance and celebrate. Mothers long to have many sons to give up as shahids to Allah in order to kill the infidels.


Double message?


According to FrontpageMag.com, 'Palestinian' terrorists have been igniting themselves, as 'suicide bombers' and 'homicide bombers', since April of 1994, at which time 5 Israelis were sadistically murdered on a bus in Hadera, by a 'Palestinian' shahid. And more than 150 'Palestinian' suicide attacks have since occurred. 


The Quran states:


 "If anyone killed a person, unless it was for murder or spreading mischief on earth, it would be as if he killed all of mankind." (Qur'an 5:32) 


Notice the Quran says, "unless for murder or spreading mischief on earth," Muslims consider the Jews and Christians in particular, and all other infidels in general to be guilty of murder of Muslims and 'spreading mischief on earth' therefore they have a right to murder us. They are clever enough to know that telling us this would prevent them from carrying out there deeds, so they have the paltering version for the infidels and the truthful version for the Muslim brethren (just check out the many sermons, preached in the Muslim world, at MEMRI TV). 


So, is suicide bombing wrong? We know the right answer, but we need to be concerned whether our Muslim neighbors are using the same playbook.





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Stay Tuned...


February 19, 2008


One thing is for certain, John McCain will bring the Iraq war back to center stage during the general election. 


This--of course-- will be to the great dismay of either Obama or Clinton who are both in disturbing denial over the great success of the Surge. 


(Not to mention the fact that this surrender duo have already stated that, if elected, they would call for the rapid withdrawal of all US forces from Iraq.)


Look for McCain, with strident passion and accuracy--to take the Democrat nominee to task over such a disturbing denial.


Stay tuned.




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BBC Should BBCareful


February 18, 2008


The glorious news that Imad Mugniyah, Hezbollah founder (and the plotter, kidnapper and murderer of hundreds) was killed, brought to lovers of freedom, a sense of satisfaction that justice was finally done. We all knew what a murdering monster Mugniyah was and were thrilled that he finally went to his condign reward. But some in the free world (BBC) are apparently confused as to who this miscreant was...


A BBC correspondent, Humphrey Hawkesley, in a BBC World report following a memorial rally for Rafik Hariri and  Mugniyah's funeral, concluded: "The army is on full alert as Lebanon remembers two war victims with different visions but both regarded as great national leaders." 


Outraged, and rightfully so, Don Mell, The Associated Press's former photographer in Beirut, took umbridge at the parallel drawn by Hawkesley and called it "an outrage" and "beyond belief." In a letter to the BBC Mell wrote:


"For you to refer to former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and Imad Mughniyeh as 'great national leaders' in the same sentence is beyond belief. One was an elected leader who spent years and millions of his own money rebuilding his country. The other was probably the world's second most notorious terrorist, who was responsible for, in addition to running a major criminal enterprise, destroying the US Embassy, the French and US Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983; the hijacking of TWA 847; the bombing of the Israeli cultural center in Buenos Aires, [and] the kidnapping and murder of many Westerners in Lebanon, including Terry Anderson, Terry Waite, John McCarthy."

Mr. Mell's letter prompted the BBC to proffer up a paltry apology, which had traces of ignorance or perhaps an odor of disingenuousness. So, just in case 'the Beeb'* skipped over the history of some of Mugniyah's acts, here's a list to help their research department. 



The BBC's stated mission is "to inform, educate and entertain"...the first two are clearly accomplished in a biased manner flattering to the oppressors of freedom. 


And what's left (entertain) isn't worth a second of our leisure.





*'the Beeb' - BBC's nickname.




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Valentine's Day: Muslim No 


February 15, 2008


A celebration of 'LOVE' is Haram in Islam, or 'forbidden'. Yes, that's right, the religion that is touted by the ignorant as a 'religion of peace and love'...just ain't.


Throughout the Muslim world, including Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jordan and Kuwait...the day celebrated in the West representing love is anathema. Islam dictates that no infidel (that's us) holidays are to be celebrated. Yet Valentine's Day is spreading like wildfire in the Muslim world despite the bans. 


I guess all their hate- filled draconian rules just can't defeat LOVE. And the reason is...LOVE is not found in Muslim ranks and won't obey their laws...it originated with the Judeo-Christian G-d...the G-d of the Bible...the G-d of Israel.


And that's anathema to Islam.



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US: 'Palestinian' Useful Idiots?


February 14, 2008


Most people, when they have failed several times at a losing endeavor, would realize their error and quit...oh, but not our government...they're going for the 'useful idiot' award...


According to Ha'aretz, our US administration is now urging Israel to engage Egypt in instantaneous discussions to find a shared solution to the problem of the breached Gaza-Egypt border. Our government wants Israel to show some flexibility concerning Egypt's demand to add 750 soldiers to its border force, as well as to agree to 'palestinian' PM Salam Fayyad's offer to take over responsibility for the Israel-Gaza border.


Oy vey...are we kidding?


First of all...the only party that has been 'flexible' on any negotiations, is Israel. The Arab 'partners' in this process will not concede a thing (following in their dead leaders footsteps, Yasser 'all-or-nothing' Arafat).


Second of all...we have already forced Israel to hand Gaza over to the 'palestinians', and they have taken millions of US and foreign aid and turned Gaza into a launching pad for daily violent attacks on Israeli civilians.


Third of all...since the Camp David Accords in 1979, the Egyptian gov’t may not have directly attacked Israel, but they have assured the passage of arms to be used against Israelis. The Egyptians have continually allowed weapons to go from Egypt into Gaza, including suicide bombers (as we’ve seen recently), with what I believe is the full complicity of the Egyptian gov’t. 


So Israel must allow Egypt to add 750 soldiers to Egypt's border force? And the 'palestinian' PM Salam Fayyad's offer to take over responsibility for the Israel-Gaza border should be welcomed? Is that to insure safer passage, and more precise directions, for suicide bombers?


Are we 'useful idiots' or what?! 


It is long past time for us to exit this egregious 'peace process' we have been shoving down Israel's throat for decades. The best way to help democracy in the Middle East is to support Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East) with logistical and pragmatic assistance.


Israel has G-d on its side. They can handle their own affairs (as history proves).


So let's let them.




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Obama's Audacity 


February 13, 2008


The Obama campaign is, without question--a juggernaut. And that is a chilling reality.




Because the senator from Illinois--who touts himself as an agent of change--truly believes that he can assuage Islamic despots and terrorists (think Ahmadinejad) with his lofty and hope-filled oratory.


And, unfortunately--so do the throngs that are literally mesmerized by his silver tongue.


In a highly dangerous and volatile world (with America facing a psychotic, Islamic enemy): 'The Audacity of Hope' will have devastating consequences. 





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Pack Of Wolves


February 12, 2008


Homosexual activists and their advocates continue to be the most selfish, rabid and unpatriotic pack in America. 


Think I'm kidding?


Remember it was this pack that evicted the

Boy Scouts (last year) from a facility in Philadelphia that they were renting for one dollar a year for nearly a century. The city demanded that the scouts pay market value ($300,000 a year) unless the organization forsakes its policy barring openly gay scoutmasters. 


(And the kicker is--the Boy Scouts built the facility over 80 years ago and donated it to the city of Brotherly Love.)


Imagine--evicting the Boy Scouts: Pack of wolves.




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Too Green For The Job


February 11, 2008

Once we get beyond John McCain’s politically expedient acceptance of the Bush tax cuts, we must ask ourselves the following: Will the senator from Arizona (given his servitude to the gods of global warming) retool (eviscerate) our economy in order to combat ‘catastrophic’ temperature variations?

Remember, the purpose of Kyoto (as stated by President Bush) was to cripple the American economy. And given the undeniable fact that McCain is a committed greenie—we should be very concerned.

John McCain: Too green for the job.  


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Nothing Like A Little Brainwashing


February 8, 2008


Why do a majority of college students believe

that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance?

Perhaps it is because they are too busy being brainwashed by such left-wing professors as John Esposito and Noam Chomsky to realize that (under Islamic law) homosexuality, adultery and

conversion to Christianity are punishable by death in most Muslim countries. 


Nothing like a little brainwashing to make one 

sedated to the virulence of the religion of peace and tolerance.    




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The Dumbing Down Of The UK


February 7, 2008


Our cousins 'across the pond' have finally gone barmy*...their government has officially renamed Islamic terrorism as 'anti-Islamic activity'.


You are now entering the UK...please check your brains at the door.


British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said that extremists were behaving contrary to their faith, rather than acting in the name of Islam. 


Say what?????


With all due respect, Sec. Smith, have you cracked a history book lately? From its inception, Islam, led by its bloody leader Muhammed, has left a path of barbarism and terror upon every bit of sod it has invaded. Terrorism is not only Islamic...Muslims have perfected its techniques to give us the gore we are now terrorized with today. 


Perhaps Ms. Smith is unaware of the news reports (including video) worldwide of Muslim men, women and children rioting when anything is said or written about Muhammed by an infidel (that's us)? Calls for death by beheading and dismemberment can be heard by crowds and seen on signs from the weekly parishioners of local Mosques. Not a scene you'll ever see coming out of Judaism or Christianity.


Is the British public asleep? Where are the descendents of the 'greatest generation', who would never have tolerated this kind of appeasement by their leaders?


It's time for the lovers of freedom in the UK to arise and put a stop to this spineless, dumbing down of the population in order to appease a dangerous enemy. It failed when British PM Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler...and considering Hitler had a great admiration of Islam and conferred with the Mufti of Jerusalem on the 'Final Solution'...this official move will fail as well.


Think about it...



*British slang for 'crazy'.



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The Problem Is What They Celebrate


February 6, 2008


Much can be revealed about celebrations. They often commemorate miracles, as in Hanukkah, birthdays, as in Christmas, and even sports victories as in a Super Bowl victory (that was to stick it to the Pats). But some events just should never see merriment...


According to Y Net News, upon word of the suicide bombing in Dimona Monday where an innocent Israeli woman was murdered and 8 others seriously wounded, Gaza residents (palestinians) burst forth in revelry. They were treated to festive wreaths of flowers, as well as confections that were handed to drivers and passers-by, and drivers honked their horns in glee. A Hamas representative thanked Allah that the attacks were successful and called the attacks a glorious sign.


Barbaric is not a strong enough term. 


How do you become friends with people who find their entertainment in innocent civilians being blown to smithereens? Will their welcome wagon include a fuse? 


If their definition of 'good' is humanity's definition of evil...we've got a worldview problem that takes precedence over any peace agreement.


Let's start there.




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A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For Karl


February 5, 2008


Hillary the socialist?


When pressed by ABC's George Stephanopoulos

whether she would garnish the wages of those who could afford health care (but refuse to contribute to her universal health plan) she stated the following "we will have an enforcement mechanism -- whether it's that (wage garnishing) or it's some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments."


Make no mistake: A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Karl Marx.




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February 4, 2008


When the department given the responsibility of protecting our national security (our Armed Forces) is compromised by a politically correct mindset, we should be alarmed...


According to WND.com, a high-level Muslim Pentagon aide, who led an operation to silence a Pentagon intelligence analyst, Maj. Stephen Coughlin, for taking a hard line against Islam, is running an "influence operation" on behalf of US Muslim groups fronting for the Muslim Brotherhood, a global jihadist group based in Egypt.


Hesham H. Islam, a special assistant to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, lodged complaints about briefings Coughlin prepared for the U.S. military warning that major US Muslim groups were fronting for the Muslim Brotherhood. 


Coughlin's facts were correct, but apparently England couldn't be bothered with that...he allowed Islam to forge a campaign against Coughlin, one might say, a hate campaign in as much as he referred to Coughlin as a "Christian zealot with a poison pen." 


Sounds like bigotry to me.


And Islam's close personal relationship with England assured that Coughlin's contract would not be renewed.


Should a Muslim, with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, be advising anyone in our Defense Dept.? (I hope you know that's a rhetorical question.)


WND also reported that a senior US official, who has met with England, says England was not even aware that a convicted terrorist and al-Qaida fund-raiser (Abuhena M. Saifulislam) established the Pentagon's Muslim Chaplains Corps. And an FBI official warned that the Muslim advisers are part of a conspiracy, by Muslim Brotherhood fronts, to run "influence operations" against the US government inside the US government.


Afraid yet?


Having such pernicious characters so close to our military is astounding and terrifying. With all due respect, Mr. England is being a useful idiot for those who are hiding behind our love affair with appeasement in order to destroy every vestige of the freedoms of the West.


Should we be afraid? You bet. Should we remain complacent? Not on your life.


If we do, it will surely lead to our ruin...not to mention the dismembering charm of Sharia in the Halls of Congress. 


Think I'm kidding? Just watch Europe...




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Truly A Sad Day For The GOP


February 1, 2008


True, John McCain was right about the Surge.

But beyond that--he is mired in a mental abyss. 


From McCain-Feingold to amnesty to whining for the closure of Camp Gitmo, the senator from Arizona has more than demonstrated his radical, liberal bent.


His maverick positions--while delighting those on the Left--have incensed members of his own party. Including twice voting against the economically critical Bush tax cuts.


The utter thought that John McCain will, in all likelihood, be the Republican nominee is beyond chilling. 


This, without hesitation--is truly a sad day for the GOP.




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