Calling All “Psychopaths”

©2003 Patrick Rooney

U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is picking up more key endorsements this week than Arnold Schwarzenegger, for his solid leadership in the war on terror. The best are coming from America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Consider: Wow—the hat trick! I guess that makes it unanimous—Rummy is the man!

To be attacked in America today is a great badge of honor. Rumsfeld can now be inducted into the Persecution Hall of Fame, joining his boss, President George W. Bush, as well as Justice Clarence Thomas and other great Americans.

The enemies of freedom have encircled us, and it’s time we circle the wagons. It is time to join in common cause with individuals, organizations, and key leaders. The heat is on, and the cry goes out, “Are you ready to RUMBLLLLLLLE?!”

Evil is losing its grip over this world. The current world system is struggling. The empire is shaky. Under President Bush, terrorists and despotic regimes throughout the world are on notice to get on board or get out of the way.

Countries like North Korea, with their peculiar little dictator, are becoming increasingly shrill. Iran is ramping up its nuclear capability, while the “world conference of terrorists” is apparently meeting in Iraq.

In America, the media giants are in trouble. Fox News is beating the snot out of the once-mighty CNN. Meanwhile, the “big three” networks lag. Talk radio continues to dominate. Truth continues to flow over the Internet news services. A regime change is on the horizon.

The Democratic party is in a panic. It’s been exposed as the Seinfeld of politics, the party about nothing. Just vile sniping. Now their great white hope is a military man without honor. You know he couldn’t be real—most Democrats “loathe” the military. The left’s fangs are showing.

Donald Rumsfeld is a throwback. An ex-collegiate wrestler. Long time hawk. A man with a point of view who isn’t afraid to communicate it. One of his favorite phrases is, “If you’re not being criticized, you’re not doing your job.” Rumsfeld is the kind of guy the diversity mongers had hoped they’d cleansed America of. Well they missed one.

Henry Kissinger once said that Donald Rumsfeld was the most ruthless man he ever knew. A “skilled, full time politician-bureaucrat in whom ambition, ability, and substance fuse seamlessly.”

When dealing with the world’s terrorists, I want the toughest S.O.B.’s around in leadership. If being this type of man makes him a “psychopath” in the eyes of our nation’s foreign and domestic enemies, then I say, “Calling all psychopaths! It’s time to step up and introduce yourselves to the footsoldiers of evil.”

And deal me in.