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Israel Provides A 'Virtual View'


April 30, 2007


Thanks to an Israeli-based company, the fighter pilots job will soon become easier...


The fighter pilot has a very difficult job. In addition to keeping their eyes on the target, they also have to monitor a number of complicated flight instruments, which causes them to occasionally glance away from the target. But that is about to change. According to Israel 21st Century, Israel's Elbit Systems has developed helmet technology that incorporates and exhibits all vital flight data allowing the pilot to focus on the target consistently. 


With the Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS), employing a 'virtual heads-up display', vital data is revealed on the visor of the helmet. And the HMDS will also supply flight gear, including the oxygen mask and guard the pilot against both chemical and biological risks. It also offers the pilot video with imagery day and night.


The HMDS will be a standard element on all F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft. It will play a major role in the US army, navy, and air force operations once it's operational in 2011. Elbit's HMDS utilizes the most advanced features only available in the F-35. Early this month, it was used successfully for the first time on an F-35.


Lockheed Martin, who produces the F-35, has placed a $156 million order for the helmet to all of the F-35's customers.


Militaries from freedom-loving democracies will be better able to protect liberty (granted by G-d) and save innocent lives by more easily zeroing-in on the enemy.


The promise to Abraham is continually being fulfilled...and one must merely open one's eyes, and heart, to see the evidence.



*In Genesis 12:2-3, G-d promises Abraham, "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."




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Agreeing With Duncan Hunter 


April 27, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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PA Council Speaker: "America Will Be Annihilated"


April 26, 2007


In a Friday sermon in the Sudan, the Acting 'Palestinian' Legislative Council Speaker, Sheikh Ahmad Bahr, said, "U.S., Israel Will Be Annihilated; Oh Allah, Kill the Jews and Americans 'To The Very Last One'...America will be annihilated, while Islam will remain."


Hmmm...sounds like peace-partners to me, how about you?


What exactly must happen for our gov't to realize that the very people they consider potential partners for peace are nothing but bloodthirsty, barbaric monsters just waiting for the opportunity to whack us so bad that all that's left of us can be wiped off their sandals on the curb of a US city street...in the name of Allah.


Here's more from the council speaker of our 'friends':


"The Palestinian woman bids her son farewell, and says to him: 'Son, go and don't be a coward. Go, and fight the Jews.' He bids her farewell and carries out a martyrdom operation. What did this Palestinian woman say when she was asked for her opinion, after the martyrdom of her son? She said: 'My son is my own flesh and blood. I love my son, but my love for Allah and His Messenger is greater than my love for my son.' Yes, this is the message of the Palestinian woman, who was over 70 years old - Fatima Al-Najjar. She was over 70 years old, but she blew herself up for the sake of Allah, bringing down many criminal Zionists."


Need to hear more? It's time to know who the enemy is...and their words speak for themselves.




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Harry 'Red-Hands' Reid


April 25, 2007


So, what will be the final outcome concerning Senator Harry Reid's Declaration of Defeatism ("the Iraq war is lost")? More dead Americans.


And just why is that? Well I think the answer is chillingly clear: His feckless pronouncement will only serve to fuel the al Quaeda terror-machine that is killing our troops in Iraq.


And, as a result, more flagged-draped coffins

will be headed this way.


Memo from the American people to Senator Reid: You have the blood of U.S. servicemen on your hands.


And for that, senator-we greatly disdain you.






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Sadly Spineless


April 24, 2007


It's a shame that most senate Republicans 

lack a spine. Because (if they didn't) they would fervently demand that Harry Reid resign as Majority Leader. 


Why? Well it was the ever supercilious Reid's treasonous words ( "the Iraq war is lost") that

has given every al Quaeda operative the will to fight on. 


After all, these weren't the words of some obscure backbencher--but the U.S. Senate Majority Leader. A position of great substance and gravitas. 


Again, Reid's words have not only provided aid

and comfort to a bloodthirsty and barbaric enemy, but have also given it the will to fight on. 


Which, by the way, means more dead Americans.


What a spineless shame.





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Shameful No Show


April 23, 2007


On April 20th, in the Israeli town of Raanana, a 77 year old world-class professor of aeronautic engineering and Holocaust survivor was laid to rest.


Romanian-born, Israeli citizen Prof. Liviu Librescu exemplified true heroism...placing himself as a human shield between a crazed killer and his students at Virginia Tech. A man who knew what terror was all about, having survived the Holocaust...he chose to lay down his life for others. Anyone would have taken the opportunity to honor him. 


And many did...members of a NYC Orthodox Jewish community offered to arrange a funeral and prepare the body for burial according to Jewish law...and they did. His body was then flown back to Israel where a funeral was conducted...hundreds attended, a representative of the US embassy was there and an envoy of the Romanian president, who presented Librescu's widow and two sons the Star of Romania medal, in recognition of his valor and his contribution to science.


But guess who was not in attendance? Anyone from the Olmert government. 




If not at least out of gratitude to this great man for all he did and the honor he brought Israel, Olmert should have sent a representative because of the bad PR this omission would give him. Aren't his poll numbers low enough, or is 3% still too high for this leader?


For this inaction on the part of the PM, there can be no excuse. The nicest thing I can say about Mr. Olmert's behavior (which shows a profound lack of character) is...A shandeh un a charpeh*. 


It's time for him to go.



*Note: A shandeh un a charpeh - A shame and a disgrace.




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Al Qaeda's Lap Dog 


April 20, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Bibi To Ehud: "You've Failed--Go Home"


April 19, 2007


In a rally earlier this week, at the Likud headquarters in Tel Aviv, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu told his supporters "this government has to go home and we need to start acting to make this happen."


I believe Olmert's days are numbered.


Weekly protests are planned for Fridays in busy crossroads throughout Israel, which includes street demonstrations. The slogan for the rallies? "You've Failed--Go Home'."


Bibi has carefully planned his move to take down the Olmert gov't...and there's no better time than the present. Because the protests will be fueled by the results of the Winograd Commission report. A Commission appointed to investigate failures in the conduct of the Second Lebanon War last summer. The report is expected to have severe criticism for the government and its leaders. PM Olmert's poll numbers have had record-breaking lows. A recent poll showed an astounding 3% support level, which is below the margin of error.


Here's hoping he [Ehud] does "go home"...and is thankful that the next PM [Bibi] does not have the same plans for Olmert's home as Olmert had for the inhabitants of Judea/Samaria.  



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Yes, Virginia: 

Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People


April 18, 2007


They're out en masse, even before the precious bodies of the victims in Monday's Virginia Tech (Tech) shootings are laid to rest...gun-control nuts are screaming for more stringent gun laws, using the tragic event as evidence.


There's only one problem: Guns didn't kill these innocent people...a man did.


Truth be told, the victims were all sitting ducks to any crazed gunman who might come upon them. Why? Because despite the fact that Virginia has a right-to-carry law on the books, the Tech board forbad anyone to legally bear arms on campus. 


Back in 2005, Tech spokesman Larry Hincker said, after campus police detained a student found to be carrying a concealed handgun to class..."I think it's fair to say that we believe guns don't belong in the classroom. In an academic environment, we believe you should be free from fear."


Really? In light of the horrific consequences of students and teachers being restrained from defending themselves, as other Virginians were able to do...Mr. Hincker's comments have proved to be foolish and deadly. Now all Tech students, and I dare say many on campuses across the nation, now live in fear because they are unable to defend themselves from the next disturbed individual. If at least one professor possessed a firearm on Monday, perhaps some of the precious lives taken needlessly would still be with us.


So, here's some food for thought...As we all mourn with the families of the victims, let us also look ahead with a modicum of wisdom concerning our protection. The Founder's were brilliant men who knew that a society that was unable to protect itself from tyranny, was doomed. The Second Amendment was established to insure the citizen's protection from a tyrannical gov't, or any entity that attempted to rob life and liberty. 


But the funny thing about guns are...you have to pick them up and use them, just like any other weapon...they can't shoot themselves. 


So, we can clearly say, "Yes, Virginia...guns don't kill people, people kill people." And tragically, Tech's nightmare proves it. 





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He's King Of Rhetorical Bling


April 17, 2007


In the world of thugs, hoods and extortionists, 

the Rev. Al Sharpton is king. 


Let's remember it was Rev. Rhetoric who stoked the flames of racial acrimony that led to the deaths of eight innocent people at Freddy's in Harlem 12 years ago. 


From the Tawana Brawley affair, to Freddy's and beyond--Sharpton has made a career of demonizing and slandering the innocent for financial gain.


All of this makes his promise to push misogynists

from the Hip-Hop industry risible. He will push just hard enough until industry executives fork over enough cash to satisfy his greediness.


It's pathetic that so many believe that Al Sharpton belongs in the Pantheon of great civil rights leaders. When, truth be told: He belongs in jail.




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Rev. Ayatollah's America?


April 16, 2007


Welcome to the new America, where a Peter Potamus look-a-like by the name of Al Sharpton

is now grand Ayatollah.


And, now that the grand Ayatollah (with his hyperbolic and toxic brand of racial demagoguery) has driven Don Imus into exile, who's next?


Perhaps any white, male radio talk show host who fervently disagrees with the Ayatollah's positions on reparations, affirmative action, race based subsidies or racial quotas. 


Dare disagree with the Ayatollah on any, or all of these issues, and you now run the risk of being jettisoned from the airwaves.


Yes, thanks to spineless CBS executives (paralyzed by white guilt), we now have a new America that bows at the first blast of the Hippo-Hurricane-Holler.



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Terminal Brain-Damage

April 13, 2007

So, what are we to make of a Party whose leaders stridently believe that “The road to Damascus is the road to peace?”

Obviously it is a party that suffers from severe and perhaps even terminal brain-damage.

Truth be told, the road to Damascus is strewn with the body parts of those obliterated by its proxies, Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Including the 241 US Marines blown to bits by a truck bomb in Beirut in 1983.

Syria, for lack of a better term, is a thug regime that glories in the annihilation of the innocent. It is grotesquely anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, and has a nefarious penchant for exporting terrorism. (Which includes the training, supplying and deploying of Islamo-terrorists to Iraq.)

So, again, what are we to make of a Party whose leaders stridently believe that the road to Damascus is the road to peace?

Can anyone say terminal Brain-damage.


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Terrorist Welfare State, Compliments Of The US 


April 12, 2007


I know what your thinking...Whaaat??? That's right. The US contributes at least a third of the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) budget, and tens of billions of dollars have been spent over the past 50 years subsidizing 'Palestinian refugees'.


I'm not kidding.


And except for Jordan (where they account for more than two-thirds of the population), no Arab country wants them or will help them. As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia recently passed a law permitting all foreign workers in the country to apply for Saudi citizenship next year, that is except 'Palestinians'.


Nearly all of the 'Palestinian refugees' noted by UNWRA (which includes those in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, West Bank and Gaza) don't even live in the refugee camps, but in neighboring towns and villages. All receive free assistance and services...for life!


Sounds like a welfare state to me...


But it gets worse...none of the money is accounted for. The stipulation to accept assistance is...you may not work. Yet there is no one to verify the legitimacy of those receiving benefits from UNRWA. Following a death, documentations of eligibility are simply passed on to others. Bank accounts are not checked, nor are automobile registrations or property deeds.

And it gets even worse...UNRWA openly acknowledges that they do not monitor programs that support terrorism, or the payments to families of terrorists by the PA, Hamas and Hizballah.


Isn't part of the Bush doctrine that we do not negotiate with terrorists or nations that support terrorism? Then what's up with our push for the "roadmap" to peace. Aren't these negotiations with the PA? 


It's time for us to get on the horn with our representatives and demand that the millions that are going to UNWRA cease. If we don't, eventually it will come back to bite us in our national security.





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Squawking Hypocrites At It Again


April 11, 2007


Puleeeez! When is the Don Imus World Mea Culpa Tour going to end? After all, isn't it just a wee bit hypercritical of racial militants like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to excoriate Imus (who used the term "nappy-headed ho's" to describe a group of black female basketball players) when the Hip-Hop culture calls them far worse.


After all, you would be hard-pressed to find just one rap song that doesn't refer to black women as B's, H's, W's, etc. And, as far as I can tell, the most popular rappers are black. 


Yet, these artists (who profoundly influence millions of young black men) frequently spew their misogynistic invective with nary a word of condemnation from Sharpton or Jackson. 


But, then again, what did we expect from these squawking hypocrites, who skillfully play the race

card in order to fatten their own bank accounts.





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Dems & Their Friends, Our Enemies


April 10, 2007


The Democrat Party just keeps winning plaudits 

from the enemy. Khalid Al-Batch, spokesmen for

Islamic Jihad, stated the following concerning Nancy Pelosi's recent jaunt to Syria: "I think Mrs. Pelosi is going in a good route with this policy; that she can achieve in the Middle East."


Well, what more can be said of this perfidious party? From comparing US troops to Nazis, to worshipping at the feet of a despotic regime responsible for killing our soldiers in Iraq--Pelosi and crew have garnered praise from Islamo- terrorists around the world. 


It is a sad day in America when the party of

Harry Truman and Scoop Jackson is being applauded by bloodthirsty savages bent on destroying Western Civilization. 


Sad, indeed. 





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Canadian Anti-Semitism A La France


April 9, 2007


It's not true that insignificant France has no influence at all...they have been able to share their anti-Semitism with their North American kin in French Canada...


B’nai Brith Canada reports that anti-Jewish attacks in Quebec have risen 70 percent, with 935 reported incidents of anti-Semitism in Canada in 2006, causing anti-Semitism to rise to 12.8 percent in all of Canada.


During this Passover observance, a bomb was  detonated at Montreal’s Ben Weider Jewish Community Center. Thankfully it failed to cause any injuries or deaths, though workers were at hand at the time of the explosion.


But amazingly, Montreal police downplayed the incident, claiming that the bomb was “homemade” and that they have not yet determined whether it was a hate crime.


Really? Let's see...a bomb in a Jewish center, during Passover. Gee, no hate connection I guess. But in my book, bombs are not set out of love. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.


And this incident coming just 2 days prior to the third anniversary of the firebomb attack on a Montreal United Talmud Torah elementary school.


With the huge Islamic influence in France (8 million strong and counting), coupled with spineless French politicos...and fatherland anti-Semitism left over from the Vichy government...it's no wonder there is a rise in hatred for Jews in Paris...but now it has spilled over onto their former colony. 


Saying, 'Shame on Paris', is a waste of time, their foolish pride blinds them to shame. But our friends to the north shouldn't be Canuck-elheads. They are allowing hatred toward a group that can only bless their country...their former owner doesn't get it, but hopefully they will. 


The problem is not those who worship on Friday night, but those who worship on Thursday night...reed mat and all.  


Wine and cheese is one thing, but we can all do without this French export.



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A National Disgrace


April 6, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Kudos To Merkel


April 5, 2007


A recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Israel drew angry outrage from the PA.


An anonymous Arab (surely sent forth by the PA) griped that Merkel showed "no understanding for the plight of our people [but] appeared to be very biased toward Israel." 


OK, let's take under consideration the first part of that comment, the "plight" of the 'palestinian' people...all self-induced by the leaders they worshipped: The late (thank G-d) Yasser Arafat who used, murdered and robbed the people, all in an effort to destroy the Jewish State. And the leaders they duly elected: Hamas & Fatah, led by Abbas, a co-founder of Fatah with Arafat. 


And now for part 2...Merkel's "biased toward Israel?" You bet. The only democracy in the Middle East, and a country that has the largest remnant of Holocaust survivors...for which her country is responsible. She should be biased toward Israel.


Oh, and poor Mahmoud...he "was hoping to draw parallels between Israel's wall and the Berlin Wall. He wanted to remind Merkel of the days when she lived in East Berlin." But she refused to accommodate him. Good decision. One wall has nothing to do with the other. The Berlin Wall kept people in, imprisoned. The Israel Security Fence is to keep terrorists out, protecting the civilian population from 'palestinian' suicide bombers.


So, Kudos to Merkel for not kowtowing to the PA's propaganda machine. Now if we could only follow suit…




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Left: Too Busy Hating America


April 4, 2007


Those on the left (including Rosie 'Bovine' O'Donnell) continuously remonstrate that our presence in Iraq is creating terrorists.  


Just another mindless protest? You Bet.


Manifestly these self-hating Americans (blinded by their own dogma) missed one vital fact: We didn't have troops in Iraq on 9/11.


Moreover, Islamo-terrorists Abu Musab Zarqawi (the late leader of al Quaeda in Iraq) and Abdul Rahman Yassin (conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing) were given safe-haven in Iraq by Saddam Hussein long before the war started. 


Unfortunately, none of this matters to those on the left. Why? Because they are far too busy hating America. 




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America Has No Greater Enemy


April 3, 2007


Clearly, al Quaeda has no better ally than Nancy Pelosi. Not only has the demagogue from the Peoples Republic of San Francisco led the charge to undermine the war effort here at home, but she also seeks to further destabilize the issue by genuflecting at the filthy feet of the Syrian regime.


Al Quaeda (with great joy) feeds upon such seditious exploits. After all, these Islamo-thugs know one thing: a nation divided cannot stand. (And Madame Speaker has labored eternally to divide our nation over the war in Iraq.)


Yes, al Quaeda has no better ally than Nancy 

Pelosi: And America has no greater enemy. 




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The BBC: Like We Didn't Already Know


April 2, 2007


Here's a shocking revelation (Not)...the BBC has been accused of "shameful hypocrisy" for spending £200,000 ($391,621.49 USD) to prevent an FOI request into their Middle East reporting.


Hmmm...I wonder why...


They've been trying to forestall the release of the Balen Report (a document written by the BBC senior editorial advisor Malcolm Balen in 2004 into alleged anti-Israel bias in the BBC's coverage of the Middle East conflict). The report apparently reveals what everybody already knows (but the BBC doesn't think we do): That the BBC has an anti-Israel bias in its reporting.


WOW...how astonishing...


These actions alone are evidence that they are guilty of what they are accused. Why else would they have spent almost half a million dollars to avert the report from public viewing?


I hate to break this to the BBC, but to their dismay, we can read and have decent reading comprehension, and we live in the age of the internet, so we are able to learn all the facts. Therefore, we know what they've been doing for quite a while. 


We don't need the Balen Report to know that the BBC has become one of the most anti-Israel and anti-Semitic news organizations. Bit by bit, the BBC has attempted to infect its readers with a hatred for the Jewish State, and in turn a hatred for Jews (not to mention a healthy dose of loathing for Israel's strongest supporter: America).


So, this attempt by the BBC to prevent the truth from coming out about its bias, is no surprise. But it should be a wakeup call to all seekers of truth...don't just know the news, know the source of your news.


The BBC: Like we didn't already know.




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