Amnesty: Hating the Sin, Loving the Sinner

©2004 Patrick Rooney

I have written about “The Party of Death (Democrats) vs. The Party of Slow Suicide (Republicans)”. But the GOP seems hell bent on speeding up the process via President Bush’s de facto Amnesty for illegals proposal. The question is, what to do about it?

Let’s face it; the President essentially inherited a security, cultural, and economic mess—millions of illegal aliens floating around in America. His predecessors essentially looked the other way while illegals ran roughshod over our nation.

But George W. Bush’s biggest political problem in this election season is not illegal immigration itself, but rather the question mark being placed after his name by many potential voters. For the inescapable fact, is that the chief law enforcement officer in the land has insulted the lawful, and flattered the lawbreaker. And that goes to the question of character, the president’s assumed ace in the hole.

The American public has always been against legalizing illegals. When polled they’ve also shown solid support for militarizing the borders. The president knows this, and yet is determined to go against the law and the people anyway. Why?

I’m sorry to say our political parties too often do not represent the interests of the average American. The Democrats do the bidding of ethnic/interest groups, the unions and the fringe anti-values groups. But it is becoming increasingly clear that Republicans too often are also doing the bidding of ethnic groups and big business interests.

So what to do about the sellout?

Last week a group of Republican lawmakers signed a letter to the president warning him that he risks an election-year backlash if he continues to push his misguided illegal immigration proposal.

Many Americans are saying they won’t vote for the man if he continues in this direction. No, the vast majority won’t vote for Senator Kerry or some other liberal Democrat, but there’s a real possibility they may sit the election out.

The problem I have with all of this is that I have a lot of respect for President Bush. More importantly, I care about this nation’s future. So we’ve got to look reasonably at the options in front of us, with a clear head and heart.

Do decent Americans really want to stay away from the polls, and on election night watch the triumph of a liberal pro tax, pro abortion, soft-on-terrorism extremist? America cannot afford another liberal in office, it could be fatal. Just think what would happen if we would have had Al Gore leading us against the world’s terrorists after 9-11. No, I still thank God for President Bush.

Yet, I cannot be comfortable either in rubber-stamping the president’s behavior. We must oppose this illegal alien scam with everything we have.

I do not believe that those who would vote third party at this time are thinking clearly. If the president continues to push outrageous proposals like this one, and the Republican Party keeps being “the party of slow (or not-so-slow) suicide”, then one day in the near future a viable third party will come together. But that day does not yet exist.

The real reason we’ve gotten ourselves into this mess is that we’ve given up our rightful dominion over the political system, the same way we’ve given it up in our families and in our communities. I urge particularly men to come back—now—and tend to their obligations.

It takes a little patience, and a little work. But remember, before we fought our war with King George, we spent a great deal of time and energy attempting to get him to redress our grievances. We need to do our due diligence here too with President George.

Let’s not look for shortcuts. Let us take our country—and political system—back the right way! To act out of our resentments instead of our reason would be disastrous.