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Positive? I Think So...


January 31, 2007


I am of the opinion that most Americans believe the killing of over two hundred terrorists in Najaf--by US backed Iraqi forces--was a positive and encouraging event.


Why? Well the answer is very simple: Anytime Islamo-thugs are wiped out--it makes America that much safer. And, after all, wasn't that the central reason we invaded Iraq in the first place--to make America safer?


But, there are those among us who refuse to

acknowledge that what happened in Najaf was 

positive. These are the same folks who give aid

and comfort to the enemy, stridently declare the war "unwinnable" and compare our troops to Nazi



Can anyone say Fonda, Pelosi and Durbin?




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Real Adults


January 30, 2007


It takes real adults to make the tough decisions about Iraq. The surge--though unpopular with anti-war activists, liberals, Dems, Euro-elites and even some Republicans--was the right call.


But let's remember: It was made by a commander-in-chief who hasn't (like so many others) resorted to infantile and fickle behavior about the most substantive issue of our time.  


Indeed, President Bush has admitted making tactical mistakes in Iraq--but he has never backed away, equivocated, nor waffled (i.e. Clinton, Kerry, Edwards and Hagel) from his initial decision to invade Mesopotamia.


And with Iraq being the epicenter of the global conflict against Islamo-militants (you know, those bloodthirsty freaks who love to behead us)--thank G-d we have real adults making the tough decisions. 




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Far Worse Than Hitler? You Bet...


January 29, 2007


There is no doubt that one of recent history's most egregious monsters was Adolf Hitler. The founder and leader of the Nazi Party slaughtered approximately 11 million people (6 million being Jews), his genocidal hatred was lived out in the cruelest ways possible. During his despotic reign, he collaborated with Muslims leaders and was fascinated by Islam specifically because of their mutual goal: The elimination of the Jewish race. But with all his barbaric machinations having almost been accomplished, there is a monster out there today, far more dangerous than Hitler was...


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fueled by his religious fervor to obliterate Israel (and all Jews, for that matter) and the "Great Satan" or the US...is pounding his chest with a war cry that we cannot afford to pooh-pooh as the clamor of a lunatic. Why? Because he is on the verge of possessing nuclear weapons...and we have placed ourselves in a wholly vulnerable position due to kowtowing to world opinion. 


Our government's fearful preoccupation with being identified as a 'bully' to the world has prevented the War in Iraq from being fought with 'shock and awe' (the only warfare respected by the Arab world). And has resulted in our country displaying a facade of weakness in the War on Terror. This fecklessness has emboldened perilous despots like Ahmadinejad, and may be to our own demise...and that of our friend Israel.


We can only pray that at this moment, the US and Israel are involved in furtive strategies to destroy, or do serious damage to, Iranian nuclear facilities.  


Energized by the teachings of Islam, Iran's leadership has become the nightmare's nightmare...and that means: Far worse than Hitler.





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Living In Denial 


January 26, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Olmert Secretly Plots, While Iran Openly Plans


January 25, 2007


With warfare upon Israeli civilians since the Gaza Strip was given to the 'palestinians', we are about to see a perniciously stunning event take place in Israel, at Olmert's command...the expelling of more Israeli innocents from their own land (Judea/Samaria), and the gifting of that land to the very people who have been bombing them.




According to WND, Olmert and the 'palestinians' have been conducting covert deliberations regarding the  handing over of most of the West Bank to PA President Mahmoud Abbas. 


Now remember: The West Bank borders Jerusalem and is within missile range of Tel Aviv and Israel's International Airport. I don't think the Israeli people have bargained for more vulnerability to the enemy. Perhaps this is exactly why Olmert and his cronies are keeping these meetings furtive?! 


Here's a bit of sage advice for Mr. Olmert: When you deal with the Devil, you will always lose...and in this case, the Devil is spelled PA.


Simultaneously, reports have come from a  British paper that North Korea has been helping Iran arrange an underground nuclear test similar to the one Pyongyang conducted last October 9th. 


So let's get this straight...Olmert is illegally handing Israeli land, vital to Israel's national security, over to a party who has proven (and stated) that they plan to utilize it for Israel's destruction. And on top of that, the strategic relations forged between Hamas (which holds a majority of seats in the 'palestinian' gov't) and  Iran make this land transfer as deadly as it gets.


It has never been a more poignant time to pray for Israel...for if Israel's enemies, within and without, have their way...the Jewish State will sadly be a sandy memory.




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Finally: The Truth About Enviro-Maniacs


January 24, 2007


There's a new feature out that finally tells the cold hard truth about the environmental movement in a provocative way...


"Mine Your Own Business," was the documentary screened in NYC at the Director's Guild Theatre on January 19th to a packed audience. An audience that included luminaries such as Roy and Niger Inus of CORE, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and president of The Polling Company, Kelly Ann Conway. 


All present were treated to the brilliance of producers/directors Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, both fellows at the Moving Picture Institute


Finally...the dark side of environmentalism plainly on the widescreen for all to see (or at least those who have ears to hear and eyes to see). It annihilates the warm & fuzzy perception that environmentalists are good intentioned, dogma-free activists, and demonstrates them to be anti-development tyrants who think the poor are happy being downtrodden and don't desire the progress that we, in the west, fail to appreciate.


We highly recommend this film to any and everyone who truly desires to know the truth about this noxious movement...which affects and influences us all. 


View the trailer here. Grab a copy here.



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January 23, 2007


Imagine, our nation is engaged in a global war 

on terrorism for its very survival and the first issue the Democrats raise (immediately upon taking power) is the need to increase the minimum wage. 




This, once again, demonstrates their abject 

immaturity. And, as a result of such infantile behavior, they have yet to understand the gravity of the deadly threat that faces us. 


That's why (even when they attempt to discuss the threat) they're completely incapable of offering adult solutions, and instead just spit-up invective.


Maybe, instead of passing the gavel to Nancy 

Pelosi, we should have issued her a bib. 




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Carter: Going Down For The Third Time


January 22, 2007


It must be arduous work to create  a legacy...especially when your presidency was the worst in American history. And a record (disastrous economy, a human rights policy that led to human rights disasters in Iran and Nicaragua, etc.) to prove it. But Jimmy Carter is far more than a putrid ex-president, he's an anti-Semite with cognitive dissonance...


Mr. Carter's recent tome, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," simply shows his true colors. A printed record of his bias against the Jewish State that has caused 14 members at the Carter Center to resign their positions in protest. 


In their letter of resignation, the 14, now former members, wrote:


"In the past you would inject yourself into this world to moderate between the two sides in the pursuit of peace and as a result you earned our admiration and support. Now you repeatedly make false claims. You wrote that UN Security Council Resolution 242 says that "Israel must withdraw from territories" (p. 38), but you know the word “must” in fact is not in the resolution. You said that since Mahmoud Abbas has been in office there have been no peace discussions. That is wrong. You wrote that Yassir Arafat told you in 1990 that, "The PLO has never advocated the annihilation of Israel” (p. 62). Given that their Charter, which explicitly calls for Israel's destruction, was not revised until the late 1990s, how could you even write such a claim as if it were credible? 

You denied on Denver radio on December 12 that Palestinian Prime Minister Haniyah said he would never accept or negotiate with Israel. However the BBC monitoring service reported just the opposite. In fact Haniyah said: "We will never recognize the usurper Zionist government and will continue our jihadist movement until Bayt al-Maqdis (Jerusalem) and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are liberated. When presented with this fact you said, "No he didn't say that, no he did not do that, I did not hear that." These are not points of opinion, these are points of fact."


Most people, after being reprimanded by such a respected source, would offer an apology or muster up some sign of compunction. But not the former peanut farmer...he's sticking to his biased and erroneous facts. 


In response to his critics, Carter said, "I have been called an anti-Semite...I have been called a bigot. I have been called a plagiarist. I have been called a coward. Those kind of accusations, they concern me, but they don't detract from the fact the book is accurate and is needed." 


He continued, "Not one of the critics of my book has contradicted any of the basic premises ... that is the horrible persecution and oppression of the Palestinian people and secondly that the formula for finding peace in the Middle East already exists." 


Yes, the so-called palestinian people have been persecuted and oppressed, but NOT by the Jewish State, but rather by their own leaders and elected officials. Billions of dollars have been poured into the coffers of the 'palestinian' people (mostly by the US) and have been used to keep the late Yasser Arafat, and his ilk, in posh digs in places like Paris...and worse, has been turned into the tools of the barbaric slaughter of innocent Israelis by the PA. 


Those are the facts...the ones the former members of the Carter Center know to be true...facts that Mr. Carter just can't get through his peanut.


Surely, if Mr. Carter continues to insist that his feckless 'facts' are true, he will be yammering them until he goes down for the third time...along with his fictitious legacy.



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January 19, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Giving Our Friends A Knife In The Back 


January 18, 2007


So what is the US doing to help the 'peace' process along in Israel? Besides pressuring Olmert to give up Judea & Samaria, we are lending a monetary hand...to Israel's enemies...


A whopping $86.4 million has been granted, by the Bush administration, to strengthen the Fatah forces (considered to be 'moderate') against Hamas forces. Abbas, also considered 'moderate', is a founding member of Fatah, which began carrying out terrorist raids against Israeli targets in 1965. 


The problem here is that both Hamas and Fatah have a common belief: They deny the right of the Jewish State to exist.


Last week, while on a visit to Israel, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the media that the US will ensure weapons and aid being provided to militias affiliated with the PA and  Abbas' Fatah party will not be used to attack Israel.


Really? How pray tell? Will we be in the Gaza Strip watching and listening to ensure proper use of aid? I think not. Instead, our feckless representatives will likely take the word of Abbas and his cohorts. A paltering lot who are careful to follow the Quran, which allows them to lie to infidels...that would be us. 


So, in other words, our government will be stabbing our friends, Israel, in the back...and with our tax dollars. Not to mention the fact that we will be aiding and abetting terrorism...which we are supposed to be fighting, right?


Hello...it's 2007...I think it's time for a fresh perspective on our part in the 'peace' process. I think we should begin by removing the dagger from our friend's back...and aim at the enemy.



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The Coma Continues


January 17, 2007


Will the State Department ever wake from its

Kumbaya induced coma? I think not.


The 'sages' at State, who never met an Arab they didn't worship, fecklessly continue to tout Mahmoud Abbas as a partner for peace in the 

Palestinian-Israeli conflict. 


They deem Abbas as a man of great strength, nobility and magnanimity. A man who is truly devoted to the peace process, and will do whatever it takes to live in harmony with his Jewish neighbors .


What a load of dung!


On January 11, 2007, in a speech at a Ramallah gathering, Abbas spewed the following anti-

Semitic invective: "The sons of Israel are mentioned [in the Koran] as those who are corrupting humanity on the earth."


Now, does that sound like a partner for peace?


And the coma continues.





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Stop Cowering And Start Killing


January 16, 2007


It's time for Iraqi officials to stop cowering in the corner and act like leaders. Why? Because President Bush's new strategy demands that the Maliki government disarm all militias--including the vicious Madhi Army.


This vast militia, commanded by radical Shia cleric Muqtada al Sadr, is not only fueling the bloody sectarian violence that grips the nascent democracy, it is also a major impediment to the rule of law.


The truth is, the longer the Maliki government allows the Madhi Army to operate with impunity, the longer (if ever) it will take to establish security. And without security--a nation will cease to exist.


So, in order for President Bush's new strategy to be successful, the Maliki government must eliminate the bad guys, and that includes the Madhi Army and its truculent leader.


Message to Maliki and company: Stop cowering and start killing.





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Your Neighbor's Educational TV?


January 15, 2007


When we think of educational TV, several programs come to mind, including: Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers. But the Palestinian Authority has a different idea...


PA TV saturates it's airwaves with images of suicide bombers and terrorists that have taken innocent lives. And now boldly added to that list is the late 'Grandfather of Terrorism' Yasser Arafat and the 'Butcher of Baghdad' Saddam Hussein. 


Now that's well rounded.


The PA doesn't hide their hatred and desire to kill the Jews. They broadcast it for all to see and hear...especially the children. 


I even believe the PA would have a slightly different definition for the lyrics in the song 'The Greatest Love Of All' (made famous by Whitney Houston):


I believe the children are our future,

Teach them well and let them lead the way.


Their 'greatest love' is hatred. The PA uses their broadcast capabilities not to teach their children to love their neighbor, but rather to blow them up. Indoctrination of bloodthirsty hatred for the Jews, readily lifting up cold-blooded murderers as models, and hoping the kids will lead the way in wiping out what the Quran teaches are 'pigs and apes', is their curriculum and has been for some time...unopposed or condemned.


Would you want people, who feed their children this 'educational' fare, for neighbors? Not likely. So why should Israel?


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Now Is The Time


January 12, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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PA: What They've Always Believed


January 11, 2007


“Let's stop this bloodshed and rivalry. Let's tackle our problems through dialogue, not weapons. These weapons should be directed only against the Israeli enemy.” The very words of the Palestinian Authority's Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas).


And, of course, we know from their past actions he means innocent Israelis.


Any condemnation from world leaders or even the US? Not a word...


Predictably, Abbas ( known by the world as a “moderate”) has not denounced Haniyeh’s suggestion that their people unite to kill Israelis rather than combating each other.


I hate to be redundant, but what is our government doing with this failed "roadmap?" In the face of this stark rhetoric, how can we consider the PA an equal 'peace' partner with Israel. The hatred for Israelis is so deeply rooted that it cannot be simply brushed away with a piece of paper and a promise (especially from the PA who is infamous for breaching every treaty they have agreed to with Israel).


The PA is simply stating what they have always believed: The Jews should be driven into the sea. 


So tell me: How do you negotiate with that?


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Our Biggest National Security Threat


January 10, 2007


Let's get real about the Democrats: They clearly believe we can't win in Iraq. After all, the 'redeployment' gang has been comparing Iraq to Vietnam since the very beginning of the conflict.


Naysayers like Nancy Pelosi have, ad nauseum, waxed negative about our chances of victory in Mesopotamia. Her pessimistic and defeatist oratory has certainly brought comfort (not to mention smiles) to those Islamo-maniacs trying to slaughter our troops.


Look for the Dems, now the majority party in congress, to assiduously thwart any attempts by President Bush (including troop surge) to win the war.


Given their cynical and defeatist attitude: The Democrats have clearly been our biggest national security threat.




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An Act Of Volition?


January 9, 2007


Are the folks, who are currently employed by mega retailer Wal-Mart, nothing more than tragic victims of corporate America?


The answer, to the great dismay of liberals and union bigwigs everywhere--is a resounding no.


Putting aside the fact that Wal-Mart not only saves middle-class families (many of them union households) millions a year on their shopping bills, the retailer also confirmed its largesse by donating over $245 million to charity in 2006. 


Excuse my digression. Now, let's get back to the victims of corporate America issue...


There is not a single individual under the employ of Wal-Mart that is a victim. Why? Simply because they openly accepted the terms of employment.


In other words: Every employee, totally free of coercion, intimidation or bulling, made a conscious decision to work for the retail giant.


An act of volition? You bet.


Tragic victims? Give me a break.




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Are We Abandoning Israel?


January 8, 2006


It was quite sad to see ambassador to the UN John Bolton resign his position. He truly reflected the position of the American people: Support for our ally Israel.


But there will soon be an alarming change in that position. Current US ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad will shortly be the first Muslim US ambassador to the UN. A senior State Department official said, Khalilzad is expected to replace outgoing UN ambassador John Bolton.


Khalilzad is a Sunni Muslim. He was born in Afghanistan and completed a BA and MA at the American University in Beirut.


The Iraq Study Group's report, co-chaired by anti-Semite James Baker, appears it is taking the US in a new and detrimental direction...away from supporting Israel. And the coming appointment of Khalilzad at the UN will be another nail in Israel's coffin from their 'friends'. 


We are Israel's strongest ally. Our Founder's knew the scriptures and how important it was to support G-d's Chosen people. There is a penalty to pay, if we abandon our friends, and it is clearly spelled out in Genesis: "I will bless those who bless you and those who curse you, I will curse." Genesis 12:3


We must ask ourselves, in the midst of the War on Terror: Is it wise to step away from our protection into the arms of the enemies of Israel? They will surely be no friends to us (infidels).


Here's the sobering question for 2007: Are we abandoning Israel? 


A question truly worth answering.


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America's Mayor: Did You Know...


January 5, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Admission Of Fatigue Is Fatal


January 4, 2007


Their target is set deeply within their deleterious little hearts. They are speeding toward their means. And now their target admits weakness and fatigue. Death is eminent.


What and who am I referring to? Iran's pernicious heart's desire and life's ambition is to finish Hitler's work: Destroying Israel and the Jewish people.


And fecklessly helping them in their mission is the Olmert government, admitting weakness and fatigue. Exactly what the enemy preys upon. Olmert's own words, "We are tired of fighting. We are tired of being heroes. Tired of winning. Tired of beating our enemies."


Israel's Muslim enemies prey upon weakness and vulnerability. This spells eminent danger for the tiny State. With Ahmadinejad circling over the Holy Land ready to strike...should Israel's leadership wear a 'kick me' sign?


There has never been a more crucial time for Israel. Now, more than ever, they must show themselves to be strong. Fatigue to their Arab enemies is like blood in the water to sharks...and these sharks don't want to take a bite, they want to exterminate.


To our friends Israel: Fight the fatigue and the temptation to voice it...if you don't, it may contribute to your demise.



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Is Preemption Dead?


January 3, 2007


With the world dangerously awash in Islamo- terrorism, WMD and anti-American fervor--is the ideology of preemption dead among Democrats?


Well, given the fact that Dems have vocally re-established themselves as the 'Peace Party',

the notion of a Democrat president striking a belligerent first would seem vastly remote.


If we're to take their public pronouncements seriously, Dems (despite the ominous actions of Iran, Syria, North Korea, Hizballah, al Queda, etc.) would rather curl into a fetal position-- and receive the first blow--than act preemptively. 


This, of course, would cost thousands (if not millions) of  innocent American lives. Not to mention the lethal effect it would have on our economy. 


In such a chaotic world, where anti-American fanaticism runs high--the death of preemption would be the death of America.




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Ceasefire: Let's Not Have One And Say We Did


January 2, 2007


On Monday, August 14, 2006, the terrorist group Hamas and Israel agreed to a ceasefire. 


Israel complied, Hamas did not. 


Yet, with countless Kassams being fired at civilians daily (which, by the way is a war crime currently disregarded by the UN), Hamas insists it is honoring the 'ceasefire'.


Israelis had enough and pressured PM Olmert to defend his citizens. So Olmert ordered the IDF to carry out isolated attacks against Gaza Arabs firing missiles against Israelis. But Mr. Olmert has tempered the instruction by saying that Israel would continue to honor the “ceasefire.” Huh? It sounds like the PA's gibberish.


So, let me get this straight...Olmert has joined the PA in expanding the term 'ceasefire' to mean that same as fire? COME ON!!!


This so-called ceasefire is a farce (as far as Hamas is concerned) and Israel knows it...so instead of doing the right thing and call for condemnation of Hamas' actions, Olmert joins the enemy in it's rhetoric?


It's time to call a spade a spade and a breach a breach. Mr. Olmert needs to stop the rhetorical games in an effort to kowtow to Israel's enemies. The only way to combat an enemy is from a foundation of truth. And when Hamas breached the ceasefire agreement, the IDF should have been allowed to do its duty and defend Israelis.


Ceasefire: Either it is or it isn't...which is it?





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