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The Enemies Within Enabling The Enemies Without


June 29, 2010


There are many issues of critical importance in the upcoming election, but the issue that takes precedence over all others: National security. For without a secure nation, all other issues are moot.


No-brainer, right? Close the porous borders, put the military on the border where the drug cartels have infiltrated, in order to aid our brave border patrol agents, and do more invasive surveillance of radical Mosques/Muslims/Imams who preach true Islam (which calls for the destruction of the West). But is that all?


You might assume so, but there is a greater threat that few are willing to confront...


There are unelected individuals who are wielding tremendous power behind the scenes, on intelligence committees and in the State Department, that have set us up to be defeated by those who loathe liberty...and our youthful nation. Three of these people are identified in Bill Gertz's book, The Failure Factory. (But if I revealed their names here, I'd have to kill you...)


But quite seriously, steeped in a vicious liberal ideology, these persons have manipulated and secured their machinations and laid us bare for destruction by nations such as Iran, Russia and China in the future. And there is little 'we the people' can do unless we locate men/women of high moral character...who fear evil against our nation more than the length of their careers.


And honestly...that's one freakin' tough road to hoe...


The search is on...this November...tell all your candidates: The spineless need not apply. And if that sounds like it's bigoted against those lacking a solid row of vertebrae...it is!


Shalom through strength...




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Surrender Is NO Strategy


June 24, 2010


If anyone, in our current culture, knows the consequences of appeasing terrorists...Israel certainly does...


From the inception of the land-for-peace debacle, Israelis have been paying a heavy price for caving to the demands of 'neighbors' that seek their destruction. And a supporting cast of characters globally that gladly turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the vicious, barbaric and seemingly interminable acts of violence aimed at Jews and the Jewish State by its wannabe 'homies'. All the result of arm-twisting by alleged friends like the US and the UK.


Hmm...friends? Are these the kind of friends that place the basket under the guillotine so your head doesn't roll away after impact?


And now...with no end to the promised cessation of violence, by the PA, against innocent Israelis...and under immense pressure by the global community...Israel plans to drastically ease the Gaza blockade. A blockade that was set in place 3 years ago in order to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza, to be used against inculpable civilians. 


All the pressure for this 'easing' is completely absurd. Gazans were NOT barred from receiving food and supplies...humanitarian aid was rerouted to another port (Ashdod), where it was distributed to the necessary parties.  


So why the big whoop over the port? Because it's Israel, that's why. And, in the eyes of the the world...they are ALWAYS to blame (kind of like Bush).


Israel's blockade was for legitimate reasons: National security. Egypt joined it. And the UN and other countries respected it. Until the PA pawns ('palestinians') were again paraded before the world's lens...as the 'big bad Jew' card was again pulled from the deck.


So, to PM Bibi Netanyahu, leader of the Free World: Do what you must for your citizens...no matter what the callous, and often anti-Semitic, world demands. Because, as you well know: Surrender is NO strategy.


Shalom through strength... 





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To Turkey: Sorry, Not Gobbling That Up



June 22, 2010


The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a wee bit too much stuffing...and it all emanating from his posterior orifice...


He announced last week that, "We did not sit silent faced with its (Israel) pirate behavior and wrongdoings and we do no intend on remaining silent." You bet your sweet orifice you didn't sit silent...3 of the 6 ships in the flotilla flew Turkish flags...that's pretty clamorous, I'd say.


Then, as is the custom in the Arab world, he revised history...always ensuring to cut the Muslims out of the bad parts...he referred to the IDF's attempts to protect their citizens as "Israel's pirate conduct." 


Really?? Let's view a little historical truth for a moment...

The Israelis are not, nor have they EVER been pirates. The Jewish State is known for its GIVING...the Muslim pirates, for STEALING. Big difference.


That false analogy was intentional...done in order to plant an image in the mind of the listeners/readers that the Israelis are thieves...which is risible.


The PM added, ""The Turkish government's problem is with the Israeli government, not with Israeli citizens." Sorry...no sale...your Quran says otherwise...


Mr. Erdogan...we can see right under your Kufi (Muslim skull cap)...and your words are just not Kosher.


Shalom through strength...




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Is This Vichy De Ja Vu?


June 16, 2010


Ah Paris...wine, cheese, the Champs Elysee...and bowing toward Mecca? 


As the battle continues for the heart of French culture, it seems the enemies of assimilation are winning. 


In a northern neighborhood of Paris, France, democracy is taking a backseat to oppression. How? Well, the local police said that a community party called "Sausage and Booze," could have been viewed as a provocation in the Goutte-d'Or district. 


Provocation? So choosing to eat sausage and drink alcohol is an incitement? An incitement to what exactly? You mean the violence from the 'religion of peace'?


Well, allow me to explain for those of us foolish infidels...there are many Muslims forced to throw their pray rugs on the streets because there aren't enough mosques nearby. And remember...alcohol and pork are forbidden by the Quran and...the party was scheduled for a Friday night...the night when Muslims have weekly prayers. 


Really? Well, with all due respect (of which I have none)...big FREAKIN' deal!


So, because the Muslims refuse to assimilate into French culture, and reject democracy...ALL freedom comes to a halt? And Allah wins?


My Aunt Fanny...


How odd it is that "le Pays des Droits de l'Homme" (the Country of Human Rights) would not only allow this oppression, BUT participate in it out of fear of violence. (So terrorism works, huh?) This is self-censorship for the sake of Sharia Law...voluntarily helping our enemies to enslave us...


Until the free world understands that appeasement NEVER works for the cause of freedom, we will continue to fall into an interminable pit of bondage...from which there will be no return.


Shalom through strength...




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Allah's Animals


June 14, 2010


To those of us with our eyes wide-open, there seems to be a great antithesis between what is constantly purported about the 'religion of peace' and the actual truth about Mohammedans...and the doctrine they follow verbatim...


Since the worst terrorist attack in human history, the followers of Allah have carried out over 15,500 terror attacks worldwide. 


Hey...what peace pills are these dudes on? I want some of dat...


Below is a still of the lovely greeting Israeli commandos received from some of those marvy Mohammedans when Israel legally reinforced the blockade (aka the Flotilla incident), put in place, to prevent arms smuggling into Gaza...looks like a love-tap to me...



But at least the commandos could eventually defend themselves...unlike the innocents that have been blown-up, decapitated, maimed, stabbed, shot etc., by the peaceful people of Allah, globally. 


Their brutal and venal behavior toward anyone who disagrees with Islam or refuses to convert to Islam, puts them closer to the animal kingdom, than to human beings. 


In other words: Allah's animals.


I don't know about you, but this type of behavior belongs in a cage to protect mankind from it...not given protective consideration to allow it to fester and make more victims.


Shalom through strength...




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If You REALLY Believe It, You Go First


June 10, 2010


Where it would be an axiomatic statement to say that there are many self-hating humans in the world...this one takes the cake...


Peter Singer is Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University and Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne. Sounds impressive until you know what Singer is all about. And it's not pretty...


Where he stands on:



We must treat all "persons" according to moral guidelines. But not all humans are "persons." Singer claims that in order to be "persons" and to deserve moral consideration, beings must be self-aware, and capable of perceiving themselves as individuals through time. 


Those who are NOT "persons":


Singer says that killing a "non-person," even if it is human, does not carry the same moral weight as killing a "person."



It may be all right, according to Singer, to kill infants. Because they are not "persons," they have no interest in staying alive, and it is only superstition that makes us think that killing them is intrinsically wrong.


Singer has other warped views concerning Euthanasia, Academic Honesty and Policies concerning Personhood, but I didn't want to sicken you any further...


In his recent article, "Should this be the last generation?", he quotes from South African philosopher David Benatar, author of the book: “Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.” Benatar says that 'to bring into existence someone who will suffer is to harm that person. But to bring into existence someone who will have a good life is not to benefit him or her'.


OK...who spiked my frappachino?


Are these guys in favor of me-ocide? And if not, why not? Shouldn't they lead the way?


Princeton U. should be embarrassed continuing to employ this elitist monster. They either agree...or are clueless. Whatever the reason...it's reason NOT to send your kids there.


My last word for Singer: If you think the human race is so evil and should be eliminated (and he does), then here's a thought: YOU go first!




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Talking Turkey About Turkey


June 3, 2010


True Democracy and ally? Um, I think it's time to talk Turkey...


In Islam...once a territory is conquered, it belongs to Islam forever. It's true for Mohammedans concerning Andalusia, currently Spain. We see it happening with Ground Zero in NYC, with the effort to place Mosques close to the 'conquered' territory. And it's happening in the former Ottoman Empire...Turkey.


As Islamo-militants continue to populate the Turkish government...Turkey has become more and more anti-Semitic and anti-West. 


The Islamo-militants in the Turkish government had a tentacle in the terror flotilla that intentionally provoked and ambushed the IDF on Monday (3 of the 6 ships flew Turkish flags). Since the factions within Islam are extremely competitive, Turkey may well desire to be the Big Kahuna concerning the Mideast conflict. But regardless, the ultimate joint goal of Islam is the destruction of the Jewish State.


But isn't Turkey a democracy? And isn't the former Ottoman Empire our ally?


Here's a few facts that can answer those questions:

Now with Turkey being complicit in the terror flotilla that ambushed the IDF on Monday, it's clear that the 'democracy' has surrendered to the Islamists, just as the Lebanese have done in the past several decades.


From its inception, Turkey had the beginnings of a viable democracy, being secular. But over time, and with  fecklessness, it has morphed into an Islamo-militant vehicle through which terrorist-funding groups like the IHH are able to launch floating battering-rams for Allah.


We need to take a strong stand against this 'ally'. Beginning with these steps:

Turkey's behavior toward Israel and the US has been egregious. A democracy does not treat fellow democracies as enemies...and that says it all.


Shalom through strength...





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It's The Jewish Vote, Stupid!


June 2, 2010


Silence. Not a sound Americans have become familiar with regarding the Blatherer-In-Chief. But he has become just that on the flotilla incident...


While his buddies in the media and Muslim world have been verbally crucifying Israel erroneously...and even his domestic terrorist peeps like founders of the Weather Underground terrorist organization, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn...O has decided, for the SECOND time in his presidency, NOT to jump to conclusions.


The first time was with the Fort Hood terrorist shooter Hasan. No surprise there. 


BUT, for one who doesn't like the 2nd Amendment, O liked to jump the gun when it came to the cops arresting his longtime lawless professor buddy Gates...with no facts, he called the cops "stupid." And at every opportunity he's afforded, lacking ANY specifics, he accuses Israel of damaging or hindering the peace process. 


Itchy trigger finger there, eh?


Now, with the UN, the world media, the MSM, AND his crew condemning Israel, what does O do? He states that we should wait for an investigation...


Really? Why, pray tell? Well, think about this...


There's an election coming up in November. The Dems are in deep doo-doo and KNOW there is a tsunami headed their way, resulting in losing control of both houses. But there's hope of salvaging some votes...and the possibility of big donations, if he panders to a long-utilized voting bloc: Liberal Jews.


Barry knows that the longer he keeps his lip zipped (a monumental task, indeed), the better chance there will be of getting a few more ballots in November...and a way to minimize his loses.


So, in essence...it's the Jewish vote, stupid!


And if O is successful...he will have proven that my brethren have surrendered their G-d-given ability to reason...for NO reason. 


Shalom through strength...




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