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December 31, 2010 - January 1, 2011





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Jewish Mothers: Don't Marry Muslim Men


December 29, 2010


Jewish Mother Disease:

Q: What is the most common disease transmitted by Jewish Mothers?

A: Guilt.


A cute adage...and yes, Jewish moms do transmit guilt, but they (and moms in general) often have much wisdom to share, as well. And a recent letter from rabbis' wives in Israel, to warn and discourage Jewish women not to date, and ultimately marry, Arab (Muslim) men exhibits that. 


Wisdom prompted 27 eminent rabbis' wives signed a letter circulated by the 'Lehava' organization calling on Jewish women not to date Arabs. They state it's for religious reasons. 


But I say it's due to MORE than just religion. Islam is a religious/political ideology. And it is completely demeaning to women. 


I believe this caveat and plea should go out to ALL 'infidel' women...especially those in the US. 


There is a plethora of evidence (true stories) that proves that most non-Muslim women, who marry Muslim men...are treated as Islam has instructed men to treat them: As chattel. Like animals...beaten if they disobey...and murdered if they bring shame upon the family (honor killing). Barred from freedoms of every kind...and then told it's done to 'protect' them...a lie to keep them captive.


But are you learning this from any media sources? Not likely. The media...and some law enforcement...have actually covered up honor killings, right here in our nation. Why? Perhaps it's sheer ignorance or denial. But the bottom line is: Women are not being warned of this reality.


Muslim men woo non-Muslim women with flowers, expensive gifts and all the attention they desire. But when they marry...and it's done in Arabic...they unknowingly convert to Islam and are now the property of the man.


And EVERYTHING changes.


So...whether or not you had a Jewish mother...listen to these Jewish mothers: Don't date Muslim men...they will woo you into a life of slavery...of which few escape alive.


Shalom through strength...




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Turkey: As Dumb As The Bird


December 28, 2010


Here we are...past Turkey season and there are still gobblers roaming around. But these are of the dumbest variety...


In June of this year, the Turkish PM Erdogan called the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) "pirates"...quite risible considering the history of Mohammedans and their violent conquests pirating the high seas. 


It was well established that the flotilla incident was organized by terrorist organizations and entities...and it was planned to provoke the Israelis. But now, Erdogan...despite the empirical evidence via video, of the flotilla occupant's violence upon the IDF...wants an apology for the flotilla incident AND compensation for the 'victim's' families. But wait there's more...Turkey will not normalize relations with Israel unless these demands are met. (Is that a threat or a promise?)


Oh, my bad...it must be Open Mic Night at the Improv...


But, no worries...Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu is not down with that. No apology. No Turk Lirasi (Turkish currency) filling the 'victim's' families' pockets. AND he added this: Israel demands that Ankara (Turkey's capital) annul all legal proceedings and lawsuits against the IDF launched after the raid on the Turkish flotilla.


Sorry, Erdogan...your Turkish tukis will have to go elsewhere for your stuffing.


Shalom through strength...




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December 27, 2010


It is a moral imperative that (in 2011) a bold and dynamic change takes place. And what exactly is that change? That we the people no longer except (whether from our government, CAIR, intellects, educrats, talking-heads, etc.) that Islam is a religion of "peace" and "tolerance."

This disingenuous mantra belies the glaring historical fact that Islam (since its birth) has been nothing short of a mind numbing virulence. From mass murder in Medina (carried out by Muhammad himself) to the genocidal propensities of the Ottoman Empire to the eradication of innocents on 9/11--the acolytes of Allah have proven to be a barbaric lot.

It's time to rise up and reject the "peace" and "tolerance" mantra that's being rammed down our throats and declare 2011: The year of the infidel!





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December 24-25, 2010



Please enjoy our 2 little gifts to you:


1. Read 'The Christmas Story' (print-friendly version) by clicking here.


2. Listen to a streaming broadcast of Armed Forces Radio, December 25, 1943, on the player below:


Armed Forces Radio Service 

Christmas Package 

December 25, 1943





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Shove Said Metaphor Up Its...!


December 23, 2010


The conflagration over "the wall of separation between church and state" has been nothing short of hyper-divisive. The no Nativity on public property crowd stridently claims that such a display is a flagrant violation of the above mentioned metaphor found in The Constitution.

Yet (strangely enough) when this crowd is confronted with the task of locating this metaphor in the Constitution--it can't.

And just why is that? Because it's simply not there.

So the next time this crowd shows up in your town to remonstrate against a public display of a Christmas tree or Nativity--kindly tell it to shove said metaphor up its...!




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TSA Rules: The Lump Of Coal In Our Economic Stocking


December 22, 2010


It's no secret that I am a huge proponent of profiling...a proven technique that has been a tremendously successful tool in helping Law Enforcement put miscreants behind bars for decades. 


Despite the empirical evidence, the government...due to its ever-pervading infection of political correctness...has decided to go with a more intrusive form of 'security' measures. Limiting carry-on items and forcing people to check bags, which appears to be a brief inconvenience...but in actuality: It's costing US businesses possibly millions of dollars...


Sound loony? It isn't...allow me to elucidate...


During my holiday shopping excursions, I discovered that some people, who were visiting relatives across the country, were restraining themselves from purchasing gifts and goods because they couldn't take them back on their flights home. It soon became clear that these were not isolated incidents. One close relative, who is very generous and a true capitalist...decided against buying anything at 3 gift shops. 


An almost impossible occurrence... 


How many more are making this type of decision in their travels? Many, I believe...and one is one TOO many...


Our new Congress needs to take this issue seriously. We already know the rules now in place, where patriotic Americans can't bring anything on board that a terrorist has utilized to attempt to kill us, are feckless. Jihadists think this is a great sport...they use everything they can get their filthy digits on, and will do so until we are like trained monkeys that will do absolutely anything the government tells us to...if we want to fly...or go by subway...or any other mode of transportation.


And the result of these regulations? Not a lick of evidence that one terrorist's work has been hindered. Just irritated customers and lost revenue...


With our current economy...and predictions for the near future even grimmer...is continuing to employ these idiotic rules sage?


This is just another lump of coal in our economic stocking...and unless you're burning it, it's worthless.






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Killing The King's Children


December 21, 2010


The Islamic World's violent disdain for Christians is on display (for all to see) in Iraq. From church bombings to assassinations--Mesopotamia has morphed into a killing field for those who worship the King of Kings.

So why are Christians being killed? Because (according to the dictates of the Prophet Mohammad) they are inferior, worthless subhumans who must either convert, or be put to death.

(Lest we forget: Iraq's new constitution is based on Sharia Law.)

In fact--due to such violence--the Christian population in Iraq (over the past four years) has been reduced from 1.4 million to six hundred thousand.

But the most egregious aspect of this highly disquieting story is this: President Obama has refused to acknowledge it. Proving (once again) that he has no problem turning a blind eye to the barbarity his Muslim brothers inflict on the innocent.




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Sgt. Tinkerbell (Death From Behind)


December 20, 2010


Those who zealously espouse allowing gays to serve (period) in the military have been seriously impaired by Political Correctness. These mentally diminished individuals lack the capacity to realize that Sgt. Tinkerbell is not an asset--but rather a truculent liability.

Why? Because not only is homosexual sodomy a medically dangerous practice (rectal hemorrhages, colon cancer, prostate perforation, STD's, etc.)--but empirical data also tells us that over 90% of pedophiles hail from the gay community.

These two highly poignant (not to mention hyper-revolting) realities will result in one thing: The erosion of military readiness.

And once that is allowed to happen--our national security will be struck dead from behind.




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Beyond Brain Dead


December 17, 2010


Do the proponents of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell truly believe that allowing men (who engage in the medically dangerous--not to mention highly unnatural act of homosexual sodomy) to serve openly in the Armed Forces will in some way enhance combat readiness?

If so--then these proponents are beyond brain dead.




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May Come Down To This: Profile Or Die


December 16, 2010


In our recent election (as in all), most of the electorate caste their votes based upon issues of importance...such as fiscal. But the freedom to do so is only available to us because of our superb Military and Law Enforcement who ensure our national security. For without national security...all other issues are moot.


The greatest threat to our security is, and will continue to be, terrorism. But more specifically: Muslim terrorism. Terrorist acts, worldwide, are committed by Muslims founded upon their ideology. They base their behavior upon the Quran, which is why most 'moderate' Muslims cease to condemn them. Since 9-11, Islamic terrorists have carried out over 16, 500 deadly terror attacks in the name of their god.


The worst perpetrated so far occurring on 9-11-01. 


But attempts to do more harm to our Republic and our citizenry have not ceased. Which should give us even more pause concerning the commonalities between those committing these heinous and barbaric acts.


So how can we protect ourselves and our loved ones from another barbaric terrorist assault? The successful technique Law Enforcement has been utilizing to keep us safe for decades: Profiling.


It's OK...you can say it...it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth...PROFILING...


If authorities didn't profile, many more miscreants would still be slithering around our communities. Here's an example of how it works: A white male, with long red hair wearing a blue baseball cap, black t-shirt , jeans and white sneakers, robs a convenience store. The police are given the description. In order to bring the perp in, they must find individuals that fit the description. So, they will NOT detain grey-haired grannies or pregnant Asian women. Nor will they seek black or Hispanic males with short dark hair wearing business suits and glasses. 


Why? Because they DON'T fit the description of the perpetrators. 


But sadly, those who have the responsibility of protecting us are refusing to profile in order to look good in the eyes of the world...which will guarantee we will be hit again. And so the jihadists continue to attempt to attack us. 


And remember this: When it comes to terror attacks, we have to be right every time (stopping them). They only have to be right once...


The passive compliance of the American people at airports, concerning the new intrusive TSA measures, is enabling the fecklessness of our 'protectors' and further endangering our nation and our freedoms. Law enforcement STILL profiles, with great success...why won't the Feds?


It's coming down to this. Either we begin to profile based upon the facts we have on those who are actually attempting to obliterate us (Muslim radicals)...or we will surely bite the dust they leave behind.


Shalom through strength...





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Give That Man A Klondike Bar!


December 15, 2010


Just when you thought America was about to be ruled by an oligarchy of dogmatic thugs in black robes--along comes judge Henry Hudson.

On Monday Hudson ruled that ObamaCare was an egregious attempt to expand (via the Commerce Clause) the size, scope and power of the federal government. The judge said the clause has never been extended by the judicial branch "to compel an individual to involuntarily enter the stream of commerce by purchasing a commodity in the private market."

Such an extension (the jurist added) "exceeds the Commerce Clause powers vested in Congress under Article I.”

Imagine: A judge that has actually read the Constitution.

Give that man a Klondike Bar!



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The Judgment Of Solomon Would Apply Here


December 14, 2010


Most will be familiar with the story of Solomon's judgment in the Tanakh (Old Testament), I Kings 3:16-28...


A little refresher...two women claimed to be the mother of the same son (the paltering mother accidentally smothered her own son to death). In his wisdom, Solomon called for a sword and said the only fair thing to do would be to cut the live child in half so each mother would have half a child. As soon as the terrible verdict was announced, the boy's real mother cried out, "Please, My Lord, give her the child—do not kill him!" Yet, the liar, in her embittered envy, bellowed, "It shall be neither mine nor yours—divide it!" Solomon immediately gave the baby to the real mother, recognizing that the real mother's instincts were to protect her child.


We see a similar analogy with many who do not own property. Better care is taken by those who are the owners than the squatters...which brings me to the Middle East issue...


With the recent devastating fire in Carmel (Israel), the Bethlehem-based Ma'an news agency took a survey in which 50,000 'palestinians' participated concerning the fact that their President Abbas sent firefighters to Carmel to help Israel put out the tragic blaze. More than half those polled said overwhelmingly, that it was a disgrace for the PA (Palestinian Authority) to help Israel save the land.


Hey...love is in the air, everywhere you look around...


This speaks volumes about the 'palestinians'...and who the TRUE owners of the land are. The majority of 'palestinians' would rather see the land, they falsely contend is theirs, destroyed than help the Israelis save it (and based on their past activities, they were probably hoping innocent Jews were consumed by the flames, as well).


Now, if the land was really 'palestinian', they would be praising the PA for helping to it. Their response not only undergirds the empirical historical and archeological evidence that the Jews are the real owners of the land...but it shows how very venal this population truly is.


If King Solomon were alive today...aside from kicking Arabs off of ALL of Israel's land...there's no doubt he would flick these pernicious paltering pests onto their true homeland, whether King Hussein likes it or not. 


Shalom through strength...





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Anti-Jewish Pyros: Literal Burning Hatred


December 10, 2010


The collective Muslim goal? The elimination of Israel. That's a no-brainer for anyone paying attention to the Middle East (and what comes out of Arab pie-holes) since before the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948. 


The empirical evidence is overwhelming. Whether it be the call for Israel's elimination in terrorist group charters like Hamas or Hezbollah, or the plethora of UN Resolutions condemning Israel (while ignoring Muslim violence), OR the intermittent declarations from various Muslim leaders that Israel will never be recognized as a state and will be annihilated...it all points to seething hatred for the Jewish people and their homeland.


So, what's the Jew-haters new tactic? Negligence and nature gave them the idea: Arson...Muslims' burning hatred toward Jews has gone from snipers, to homicide-bombers, to now pyromaniacs. 


According to Ynetnews, recently numerous arson cases have been noted nationally, stretching from the Galilee all the way through the Jerusalem Mountains and down to the south. Most of these fires were ostensibly started by ideologically motivated Arabs holding Israeli ID cards and acting the role of treacherous hitchhikers on the heels of the current disaster.


Sounds as if it's from the playbook the Alinsky Libs, like Rahm Emmanuel, use: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste..." (Saul...your fans are listening...and these don keffiyehs.)


This interminable attempt by Mohammedans, to destroy Jews, is like watching a perilous version of the Roadrunner cartoon...except in this case, innocents really DO get murdered.


Let's hope those in our government, who have been proponents for Hate Crimes (thought crimes), will actually begin to come out against these infernal crimes against the Jewish people. 


Because not to do so, is a true hate crime.


Shalom through strength...





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Now That's Pragmatism


December 9, 2010


The National Intelligence Director (NID) just reported that at least 25% of those released from Gitmo have once again taken up jihad. That means only one thing: These Koran carrying, Allah praising, Islamo-thugs have returned to the battlefield to kill our troops.

Perhaps it's time for our government to get real?

So here's a suggestion: Instead of releasing those sworn to kill us--we should (you got it) kill them.

Now that's pragmatism.



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Nothing Short Of Pathetic

December 8, 2010

The Obama Administration's reaction to the WikiLeaks saga has been nothing short of pathetic. One would think that after five months AG Eric Holder would have at least charged the web site's founder--Julian Assange (currently in British custody)--with violating the US Espionage Act 0f 1917.

But given the disquieting reality that Assange has not been charged is palpable evidence that the Administration simply does not take the issue seriously.

This is sheer perfidy considering that the classified documents (posted on his site) have greatly jeopardized the safety of our troops.

Once again: Nothing short of pathetic.




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The Illogical Retail Logic Of Offending


December 7, 2010


It's that time of year again...the season that warms our hearts and fills our tummies. The time when naughty children are busy being nice. And visions of sugarplums dance in their heads...and on adults waistlines. A time when capitalism explodes and blessings abound...and the time when some retailers offend in order NOT to offend...


What was that? Offend in order not to offend?


Indeed...allow me to elucidate...


Some retailers have recently made the Switzerland-like decision to be neutral on decorating for Christmas because they don't want to offend anyone.


How magnanimous of these entrepreneurs, right? O CONTRAIRE! Instead...it is the most feckless and foolish business decision they can make. And in the current Obama-style economy...it's idiocy...


Let's break it down for these misled merchants...

Now, if retailers are profiting off the holiday that the majority of their patrons celebrate, why would they disrespect those very customers by not recognizing those holidays? What's some tinsel and a few ribbons to some...a black eye or a bloody lip? If so...then those peeps need some UNsensitivity training...


What precisely is the reason for their trepidation? Litigation? A boycott? From who, exactly? Those who do not patronize their establishments during that time period? So these merchants choose to diss those who do support them? Does that make any business sense at all?


Sounds like a saleable psychotic break? 


Here's my retort to these confused capitalists...Want money from me? Put up a tree. Want me to consume your fare? Put some garland up there. Want me to spend my dough? Give me a Ho, Ho, Ho! 


And if you do...we'll ALL have a Merry Christmas from now on (or I will, with your competitors). 




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Liberty And The Ginormous Turd


December 6, 2010


I think it's manifest that Julian Assange is one ginormous turd (which needs to be flushed, ASAP). That said--what is the one thing missing from the plethora of dumped documents that have appeared on his venomous site, WikiLeaks? Any evidence to support the convoluted, left-wing notion that America is an imperialist nation.

Where are the cables that reveal our so-called rapacious desire to overthrow (in order to confiscate their black gold) oil rich nations? Where are the cables that reveal our so-called plan to reduce the populations of all non-white countries? And where are the cables that reveal the so-called plot by our government to detonate the World Trade Center and then use it as a provocation for war (suck on that 9/11 Truthers)?

I could go on--but you get the point.

In the end--these documents simply refuse to comport with left-wing notions about our nation.

Once again John Quincy Adams was right when he said: "America's glory is not dominion, but liberty."




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Catastrophe In Chief


December 3, 2010


The New Start Treaty is a glaring abomination. Why? Because it not only reduces our number of nuclear weapons (and the mechanisms used to launch them) --but it also greatly limits our missile defense system.

Sadly, President Obama has squandered valuable time on a dangerously feckless treaty (with a nation whose leaders guzzle from the spigots of subterfuge) while the hegemonic Islamic Republic of Iran moves ever closer to mushroom cloud madness.

Just another reason why Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the Catastrophe in Chief.




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Nukes: It's Not The Button, But Whose Finger Is ON The Button


December 2, 2010


Nukes...some get it, some don't, but most are conveniently confused. Obama and his ilk believe we should all equally have them (those are the ones who don't get it). But those that understand the issue in totality, know that much like firearms: Guns don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people.


So what's the truth about nuclear arms programs, and was Margaret Thatcher correct when she said: "A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us."


Can everyone, as Obama believes, have nuclear weapons? The answer: Unequivocally NO!


Some countries are either theocratic dictatorships (i.e. Iran), others are communist regimes (i.e. North Korea). and view democracies as a threat to their power base. 


Nations that should NOT have nukes and why:

America, on the other hand, should have nuclear weapons because, in order to preserve (for itself and its allies) its founding principle (liberty) it must be able to not only confront despotism...but also be able to defeat it when necessary. Without this great deterrence, tyranny would proliferate. 


John Quincy Adams said "America's glory is not dominion, but liberty." Our intentions are for good. To protect the innocent and preserve freedom for future generations. Rogue States have intent for evil. To terrorize, control and destroy innocents. 


Where the rubber meets the road: It's not The Button...but whose finger is ON The Button.


Shalom through strength...




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On A Long Bloody Leash


December 1, 2010


Despite the hue and cry from politicos and pundits (that China needs to do more to rein in it's belligerent attack dog North Korea)--don't count on it.

Why? Because North Korea is a bulwark against the one thing China fears the most: A unified (democratic) Korean Peninsula.

And it is this fear that motivates Beijing to place its pit bull on a long bloody leash.




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