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IDF: Restoring Their Prowess


September 27, 2007


Two weeks ago, the IAF (Israel Air Force) accomplished a well-planned air assault on a North Korean run nuclear facility in Syria. An excellent execution by Defense Minister Ehud Barak (a position for which he is well suited).  

News flash to Israel's enemies: They're bAAAaaak!


Yes, that's right Assad, and your puppet master Ahmadinejad...you were apparently fooled by Olmert's botched attempt at a war last summer...but the real Israeli forces just showed their competency, and could have wiped you all out while your noggins hit the hay, but that's not what the Israelis are about. Their mission was to protect innocents from your venial machinations.


Mission accomplished.


Now, many in the West may not have received the message, but be sure that Israel's enemies got it loud and clear: The Israeli military is as potent as it ever was (by G-d's grace)...so keep your weapons to yourselves, or the next nightmare you have...will be for real.





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It's 6 Years Since 9/11: Do You Know What Your Governor Is Doing?


September 24, 2007


Well, do you? Living in the state where the majority of victims were murdered by Muslim terrorists on 9/11, I know what my governor is doing...and it's despicable...


For most NYers, the stench of what was perpetrated upon us on 9/11 is still in our nostrils. And for those of us who love truth, we are well aware of what precautions need to be taken to ensure that another 9/11 does not occur.


Unfortunately, the governor of NYS, Elliot Spitzer, does not happen to be a lover of truth...


Very soon, illegal aliens will be able to acquire driver's licenses under a disgraceful new policy just announced by Gov. Spitzer. The policy dictates that the DMV will no longer require applicants to supply Social Security numbers or proof that they are eligible for Social Security cards. 


Do I smell 'Sanctuary State'?


This in the face of multiple terror cells planning in our midst. And in light of a recent case in NYC where Pakistani, Saudi Arabian and Afghani illegal thugs robbed and beat a 24 year old man to death with a lead pipe...for simply asking them for directions. Or, who knows...it could have been because he was an 'infidel' asking them for directions?! 


And these Muslim monsters may be out on the street in the blink of an eye...because the DA is having trouble locating witnesses (perhaps because the witnesses value their necks..."Hassan Chop!"). 


But no problem if they are released...the governor will take care of them...he can always escort them over to the DMV for a license.


Spitzer's reprehensible actions should not go forward without a vehement protest from concerned NYers...and Americans. Because this is about the nation's security...not just the Big Apple's. 


'Sanctuary Cities' are an abomination. And any leader, governor or otherwise, that drafts policies in that direction should be shamed, confronted...and made to bend to the will of the people.


It's 6 years since 9/11: Do you know what your Governor is doing? For you and your families' sake...you better.




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'Peace Summit' Spells Death For Israel


September 19, 2007


It can be best described as a brood of vipers. The abhorrent 'peace summit' gathering scheduled for this November, including President Bush and Condoleezza Rice, in partnership with the E.U., U.N., Russia, the Arab League and Saudi Arabia. 


And this lot will take great pleasure in voting Israel's territory over to the Arab Muslims. 


Excuse me, but where do we get off not only taking part in but taking the lead in seizing the land of a democracy and helping hand it over to the enemies of freedom? (Democracy and Islam are incompatible.) 


The land forfeiture would consist of Judea and Samaria, half of Jerusalem as a "capital" for the Fatah/Hamas terrorists, the Golan Heights (handed to Syria) and the Jordan Valley, which is a natural barricade to impede invading armies (and terrorists) from Syria, Iraq or Iran.


Leaving Israel defenseless in this manner is tantamount to marching innocent Israeli men, women & children in front of a Muslim terrorist firing squad. We cannot and must not be a party to this egregious act. 


Although this train has little chance of being derailed at this point, let's hope our representatives/organizers will carefully reflect on their part. 


Strong-arming Israel into a greater land sacrifice when the past forfeitures have led to more violence on Israeli civilians, will ultimately be dangerous for us when the Owner has His way with all parties involved.


And make no mistake...He will have His way.




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US Rabbis Wrong On Clinton


September 17, 2007


A recent survey of US Rabbis, by the Jewish leadership organization called STAR, found that most Rabbis believe, of all the presidential candidates, Senator Hillary Clinton is the US presidential candidate most supportive of Israel.




With all due respect, are these holy men meshuga? 


Hillary Clinton was in, and is still in, full support of her husband's 'achievement', the “Oslo” peace accords between Israel and the 'Palestinians'...which caused more than 1,400 innocent Jewish lives...and counting, concession after concession by Israel and none by the 'Palestinians'...and most of all: No peace. 


And she would surely continue her husband's legacy of unfruitful compromise for Israel...and more innocent Jewish blood shed.


Personally, I would have to be convinced that those who took the survey were not from the liberal bloc of the US Jewish population. The fellow Jews I know would never cast their vote in Hillary's direction...they wouldn't even give her a parking space for her broom.


Before any American Jew casts their vote for the next leader of the free world, they should use the brains G-d gave them and study where the candidates actually stand on Israel...and where they stand on Israel's hateful neighbors. 


Because if we choose the one who pulls their support for Israel, it will lead to the deaths of more brethren...and ultimately to our own demise (Gen. 12:3).






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The Best New Year's Gift


September 13, 2007


Israel is more vulnerable than it has ever been. Not because it is not capable of taking care of itself, but because its top leadership [i.e. Olmert] has not and will not allow it to defend itself in a cogent manner. 


There have been many calls for Olmert to resign, yet all ignored (and with single digit polling numbers, you wonder if he's waiting for a boot in the tuchis). 


And now, with his clandestine meetings with Abbas, and his willingness to give up all of Israel's land (if he could), including the Temple Mount, there are signs Israel might get the best New Year's gift ever...


This past Tuesday morning, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Eli Yishai, promised that his ultra-Orthodox Shas party will leave the Olmert coalition government if Israel surrenders the Temple Mount as part of a peace deal.


A gift in the making...not the Shas party leaving, but the Olmert government falling.


Olmert has been spinning his web with Abbas in secret (not even willing to tell his own Kadima party members)...but, Mr. Olmert..."be sure your sin will find you out" (Numbers 32:23). 


Here's hoping for the best gift Israel could receive right now: The fall of the traitorous Olmert government.


L'Shanah Tova!



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Never Again...


September 11, 2007




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They Will Fall Into Their Own Pit


September 10, 2007


"Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit..."  Proverbs 28: 10 


Yes, it's in full swing. They are working arduously toward the 'peace conference' to take place in November of this year. Busy, they are, making plans to demand that tiny Israel offer up more of their G-d-given land to their 'neighbors'. But these are not mere neighbors. They are the bloodthirsty enemies of Jews and the Jewish State.


Certainly not the New Year's gift Israel was hoping for...


But fear not...the fact that land surrendered to the 'palestinians' in the past has brought nothing but more violence and death to innocent Israelis, will not sway the Bush or Olmert administrations off their desired course.


Because, after all...what's a few dead Jews in exchange for a nod from the world community.


The only thing these 'wise' leaders have overlooked are the promises of the Owner of the land:


"Whoso causeth the righteous to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall himself into his own pit..."  Proverbs 28: 10 


"And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee..." Genesis 12:3


It's a little hard to argue with the Owner. Especially when He has a 100% record on keeping His Word.


It's wise to take heed...for surely this pit you dig for Israel...will be your grave.




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School's Open: Do You Know What Their Kids Are Learning? Part II


September 7, 2007


There are 120 Islamic schools open in the US. Should we be concerned? Well, let's take a look at some facts about these schools (or Madrassahs) and excerpts from some of there textbooks:

And we've only scratched the surface. There's a plethora of blatant evidence that Madrassahs are dangerous to non-Muslims (especially "People of the Book" or Jews and Christians)... and our politicians are so blinded by the desire to be pleasing to the global politically correct milieu, that you can almost see the mushroom cloud on the horizon.


So our first lesson this school year is: We should know what their children are learning. Because what their children learn can perniciously affect ours.


Are you concerned yet? If you're smart, you are. 




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School's Open: Do You Know What Their Kids Are Learning? Part I


September 6, 2007


With the new school year opening everywhere, many parents are concerned about the content of their children's education, and rightfully so. But what parents should be more concerned with is what certain children are learning...


Across the globe, there are Muslim schools (Madrassahs), heavily financed by Saudi dollars, teaching children to hate Jews, Christians and other 'infidels'. And not merely to hate them, but to do whatever is necessary to make Islam the only religion on the planet. 


That goal includes enslaving those who reject Islam (as still can be seen in the Sudan), making dhimmis (second-class citizens) of 'infidels' who refuse conversion, or murdering those who refuse the first two choices. 


Now that's a curriculum to protest.


The word, 'Madrassah' means "center of learning" in Arabic. Traditionally these schools prepare students for life as a cleric (of course, unless you are a woman). But, according to Ariel Cohen, senior policy advisor for the Heritage Foundation, the nature of some madrassahs changed between 1979 and 1989, during the war between the Soviet Union and Afghan rebels.

Madrassahs "provide much more than a religious education. They provide political ideology, and they also, in many cases, train for violence and war," Cohen states. And that war is with the infidels (that's us). 


But this infection of hate is not only outside the US, it's homegrown as well...


See part 2 tomorrow.




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The Mini-Nose: A Terrorists Nightmare Come True


September 3, 2007


At airports worldwide (and other hubs of transportation), the sniffing out of explosive material is priority one. And an Israeli company has just made the task more economical, portable, and reliable...


Herzliya-based Scent Detection Technologies Ltd. (SDT) has created the Mini-Nose...a convenient, hand-held, incredibly acute device which digitally reproduces the mammalian olfactory processes for trace and particle recognition. 


SDT's CEO, Ofer Bengal, states that, "Our novel non-radioactive green technology comprises cutting-edge solutions for transportation security officials who are tasked with daily screening activities in identifying potential threats."


Talk about progress...


According to the company's literature and Israel21c, SDT's "sniffer" digitally recreates the mammalian olfactory process used to detect a wide range of substances with great accuracy and speed. It's based upon a technology known as High-Frequency Quartz Crystal Microbalance (HF-QCM), that according to SDT's VP of Business Development Doron Shalom, is capable of sniffing out trace levels of explosive chemicals at a reduced cost and greater accuracy when compared to existing technologies for explosive remnant detection. 


Mr. Shalom also revealed that the trace detection technology can be used to screen clothing, baggage, ID cards, tickets, cargos and containers for any trace level of explosive chemicals. And it does it swiftly, replacing today's burdensome, sluggish, expensive and radioactive IMS-based products, whilst offering a fast output and cost-effective result.

And this new technology has already won awards for its excellence. 


SDT's Mini-Nose has won the esteemed Frost & Sullivan 2006 Technology Innovation Award and the 2007 Bronze Award in the category of best Portable Analytical Instrument Industrial Design Awards from Instrument Business Outlook (IBO). 


But you can be sure there are those who are not celebrating this invention: The Muslim thugs (Muslim Terrorists) dying to kill the infidels (that's us).


Here's hoping that tonight every terrorist alive will be having visions of SDT's Mini-Noses dance in their heads.






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