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Goldstone: Consider It Moot


October 28, 2009


It's unequivocal, emanating not only from the teachings of the Quran but also from the Arab Street, that anti-Semitism is on the rise globally. No assistance is really necessary in this tide...but, nonetheless, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) endorsed the paltering Goldstone Report with another anti-Semitic resolution...and here's an expected result...


The lower house of the Bahrain parliament had passed legislation banning any dealings with Israelis...that means, "whoever holds any communication or official talks with Israeli officials or travels to Israel will face a fine...and/or a jail sentence of three to five years..." said Jalal Fairooz from the Shiite Al-Wefaq bloc.


Guess it's just more of that 'love' (fools keep trumpeting) springing from Islamic teachings...you know, tolerance and acceptance from the religion of 'peace'...kind of gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside...perhaps warm enough to don a burqa...NOT...


The lies of the Goldstone Report, shockingly chaired by a supposed Zionist (an obvious poser), have fueled the already hyper-hysteria of hate coming out of Arab States...and evidenced since the re-birth of the Jewish State in 1948.  


There was no neutrality nor truth in this evil assessment of Israel's defensive action in Gaza...and it has done nothing but further fueled the venom spewed from those who loathe the Jewish people. 


There's still hope with Bahrain...the legislation passed the lower house of the Bahraini parliament, but must still pass the upper house, whose members are selected by the king. Israel hopes the Bahraini Royal Family will annul this extreme bill...


FYI...Bahrain, a pro-Western country with Sunni rulers and a Shiite majority, is considered an American ally and hosts the US Navy's 5th Fleet. But the influence that caused the passage of this bill thus far, should be of concern to the US.


For the sake of Israel, who is in the vanguard of the War on Terror...and ultimately, for our sake...the Goldstone Report must be considered moot. 


Shalom through strength...





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Critical Mass For The GOP In NY


October 28, 2009


As expected, the 2010 mid-term election is looking grim for Democrats. Expected because all the American people needed to see was the Dems feckless policies in action and they'd clamor for the GOP again. But there are too many in the GOP that cease to get it, and time is running out...


In a foolish and myopic manner, forces within the GOP are attempting to lasso the base and drag them from center right, to the left...all with NO empirical evidence that a single election has ever been won acquiescing to the left. 


But does that convince this vocal pseudo-GOP minority not to take this reckless path? Well, if the race in New York’s 23rd congressional district is any example...it doesn't appear so...


The NY GOP has put its full weight behind a liberal candidate, in this Tuesday's special election...one who does NOT represent republicans in the 23rd district NOR in the State itself. Dede Scozzafava, is pro-tax, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage AND she's supported by The Working Families Party and ACORN...(and Newt Gingrich, what's up with that?). 


Somebody's not getting it...


On the other hand...we have Doug Hoffman...a conservative republican (running now as a conservative) who represents true conservative principles. He advocates smaller government, lower taxes, traditional marriage AND he's been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson, Dick Armey, Tim Pawlently, Rick Santorum, Steve Forbes, James Dobson, Michele Bachmann, Dana Rohrabacher AND the Club for Growth and the Family Research Council, to name a few.


This should be a no-brainer for the GOP...but somebody apparently forgot to ask them to engage their grains. 


If this race is an indication of where the GOP intends to go (left) in 2010, the party is in grave danger of becoming obsolete. Voters, as we can see from the Town Hall turn-outs and the Tea Parties nation-wide, do NOT want the choices of either liberal or liberal-lite. They want clear and distinct choices...liberal OR conservative...NOT a blend of the two.


There's an old adage that if my political opponent is committing suicide, there's no reason for me to kill him. Well, the Dems are committing suicide...decision by decision...but it appears that the GOP thinks it's time for a suicide pact...


So, I believe it's time for some intervention...


The GOP must abandon this sinking liberal-lite ship and grab a conservative life-preserver...and take a cue from Reagan, who stood on conservative principles and offered a better way to all...he DIDN'T walk across the isle and abandon his core values to be liked. He got it. And he won. And we can win too, if we follow his course. If we believe our principles will bless all Americans, there is NO reason to compromise.


Reagan knew that...do we?





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IAEA: Haven't We Had Enough Of These Idiots?


October 26, 2009


OK, honestly...does anybody of substance (or active gray matter) take the IAEA seriously? 


These deficient detectives would be better represented by wearing big red noses and exploding shoes...and for our entertainment...the circus has come to town, again...


After the revelation of the secret Iranian nuclear site in Qom this past September (something that was known to the CIA since 2004), the IAEA wanted to view the site. And the polite little buggers that they are, they waited to make an appointment with Iran to see the site...


Imagine that...


That's like the police allowing a perp to clean up the crime scene, before they investigate the crime.


What the...now either they are the most incredible imbeciles that have ever trod this terra firma, or they are pushing an agenda of feckless and false peace by  aiding and abetting murderous thugs to accomplish their dreams of 'peaceful' nuclear energy...as they usher in a new kind of world. A world where infidels are kept in their place by the rulers of a global Ummah (collective Arab world). 


And that makes you and me...well, let's just say, not sitting first class...but no-frills...with the possibility of lots of chills and thrills (but not up our legs). A kind of luminous phantasm careening toward our front door.


And even an idiot knows, this is never good...


Shalom through strength...





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The Meshugana Messiah


October 23, 2009


Among the erroneous and fatuous beliefs attributed to Obama prior to his 'coronation', were such absurdities as O making car and mortgage payments, giving out free healthcare, eliminating the national debt and--magically becoming a 'peace-time' President--bringing peace between terrorists and the West (oh, THAT'S what the Nobel was for...guess Ahmadinejad is the next 'winner'...).


And having 'accomplished' sprinkling that stardust on the minds of his minions...he's now handling the Middle East conflict with the same surreal acumen...


Obama has demanded that Israel commit to a significant expulsion of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria, PRIOR to a revival of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA).


PRIOR...That would be prior to the PA ceasing their daily vicious rocket attacks upon the Israeli civilian population. And prior to the daily attempts of suicide bombers sneaking past Israeli security to murder innocent Israelis. And prior to ceasing and desisting the indoctrination of their children with Jew-hatred. AND prior to doing ANYTHING they have EVER promised, as a result of former negotiations...including agreeing that the Jewish State has a right to exist.


Not very perspicacious, for a Prez...


Now if O is a savior of sorts...he's either incompetent, ignorant, impotent...or just plain Meshugana (crazy)...


I'm going with Meshugana (and I'm being kind). And I think O should go with it too...it works well with his MO of claiming plausible deniability on everything that goes awry (which has become quite a menu). 


Because only a schmuck would claim sanity with such a record of 'accomplishments'.


Shalom through strength...





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The Swiss: Their Cheese Is Not The Only Thing With Holes In It


October 19, 2009


When you hear the name of Switzerland...what comes to mind? Cheese? Chocolate? Watches? Clandestine bank accounts? 


How about minarets? You know, the tall, slender tower most often found attached to a mosque, used in the traditional call to prayer for Muslims (Muslim criers)...5 times a day. 


For your information...there are 90 mosques in Switzerland. Two (in Zurich and Geneva) have minarets, with three more planned. Muslims comprise 350,000 of a total population of 7.5 million Swiss (the majority come from Turkey and the Balkans). Christians comprise 77% of the total population. 


Now, minarets didn't appear until 80 years after Mohammed's death. Many believe it was created to show the infidel world the superiority of Islam over other religions...precisely what the Quran teaches.


So, it's no wonder, that even in 'neutral' Switzerland...there has begun a movement to ban the building of minarets...


A bi-partisan, anti-minaret campaign, which began in Switzerland more than a year ago, and has increased in number...have been accused of corroding free expression with their poster, which shows a veiled woman in front of a Swiss flag pierced by several minarets. But they now accuse their critics of doing the same thing by banning the poster promoting the campaign ahead of a referendum next month.


According to CNSNews.com, the chairman of the anti-minaret campaign, Walter Wobmann, told a major Swiss news organization that it planned legal action against the cities and towns that have banned the poster, most likely on the basis of an infringement of free speech. 


On November 29, thanks to the Swiss People's Party's (SVP) collection of signatures...the Swiss people will be able to vote on a referendum to the Swiss constitution that will be amended to add the line, “the construction of minarets is prohibited.”


Democracy still ROCKS...


But, apparently the Swiss government...in their downward moral spiral and their fear of ending up on the bloody end of an Islamic sword...has no problem squashing the free speech of it's native-born citizens...and acquiescing to Muslim superiority.


I guess their cheese is not the only thing with holes in it...I'm thinking there's one big cavern in between their leaders ears.


Shalom through strength...





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O's Kisses To Our Enemies, Like Spitting Into The Wind


October 15, 2009


The idol of O, Saul Alinsky, believed in using any means to a desired end. That included going back on your word...as Obama did with our allies in Eastern Europe (missile defense)...in order to garner favor with the Kremlin...


But alas...as with the 2016 Olympics debacle...he failed yet again. (Hmm...I see a pattern here...)


Only this time, his failure has done much more damage than merely losing the Olympics to Brazil. He reneged on promises made to our friends...a radar system in the Czech Republic and a missile interceptor base in Poland...he took the word of the United States, that allies have always been able to depend upon...and made it mud. (Well, he kept a campaign promise of changing how the world views the US...Before O: Faithful. After O: Deceitful.)


But wait...he's done much more...he's been busy blowing kisses to our enemies...like Putin...in hopes that the Bear would show some support for tightening sanctions against Iran. 


Yeah...Удачи! (Good luck!) Blowing kisses to the Kremlin is like spitting into the wind...here's why:

We will get NO help from Putin, on Iran or anything else. We are his nemesis...and all the unctuous rhetoric O's teleprompter can scroll out, won't change the Bear's growl: It's against the US and Israel. And let me interpret this for O...that means NO HELP WITH IRAN.


Feel your own spittle yet, O? We do...


Shalom through strength... 




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Nobel Becomes A Booby


October 13, 2009


At first learning of Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Price, most people chuckled, assuming it was a joke. Those attending the announcement audibly gasped...and with good reason...this formerly prestigious prize was usually given for accomplishments...something the nine month old president is, well...without.


So, how, on God's green earth, did this vacuous dandy achieve the unachievable?


I believe there were two reasons for this bizarre occurrence... 


First, those that voted for and presented the award to O (five Norwegian socialist politicians/academics) are no fans of America...and after being treated to the 'America Blows Tour' by our lying luminary, they realized the 'one' has come: An honest-to-goodness self-hating American. 


The stuff dreams are made of in the Land of the Midnight Sun...


Now, second...The War in Afghanistan is crucial in the War on Terror. Candidate Obama repeatedly told Americans that Afghanistan would be his main focus and he would provide our military leaders there with everything they need to succeed. Our military leaders have made it abundantly clear that they need reinforcements. Obama has been sitting on his hands (while they're over his mouth). Why? Perhaps it's the pressure of the Prize that has become the obstacle now. It was given erroneously...for 'intention' rather than accomplishment. And his intention is 'peace'...so how can he justify sending more troops into Afghanistan to fight? 


He can't. And as he dithers, American fighting men die.


It was clear, when Arafat was given this award, that it had lost its credibility. But this recent recipient has helped demote the once most coveted Prize to Booby.


Well what do you know...he finally accomplished something...




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UNfair, UNending Campaign 


October 9, 2009  


In their interminable efforts to demonize the Jewish State, on October 18th, the UN Human Rights Council (HRC)--which is made up of some of the world’s biggest human rights violators, including China, Cuba, Russia, and Saudi Arabia--will vote to advance the Goldstone Report concerning the recent Gaza war, and consider its strong suggestion to indict Israeli political and military leaders. 


What a freakin' surprise...


And by the way...the disgraced HRC has approved a minimum of 26 resolutions condemning Israel since the council's founding in 2006.


So this is just par for their anti-Semitic course...


The less-than-balanced Goldstone Committee apparently dismissed the Israeli report of July 30, 2009, which provided the facts and legal motive for the Gaza operation (Cast Lead). As I mentioned earlier this week, the Goldstone Report unjustly portrayed Israel's defense of its citizens as "war crimes," while disregarding the premeditated plot of Hamas to operate from within  their civilian populace (using women and children as human shields).


I'm getting tired of the UN's cadence concerning Israel...why don't they stop the charade and just goosestep already...


Here's a first...I will give the State Dept. (who has a pro-Arab propensity) credit for declaring Goldstone's findings unfair toward Israel. State Department spokesman, Ian Kelly, said, "While the report makes overly sweeping conclusions of fact and law with respect to Israel, its conclusions regarding Hamas' deplorable conduct and its failure to comply with international humanitarian law during the conflict are more general and tentative."


But we need to do much more than the State's comments...this Jewish-scapegoating has to end...and having been Israel's loyal friend for years--that relationship must continue to stand...unwaveringly. 


And we can start by pushing back, with all our might...against this UNfair, UNending campaign. 


Shalom through strength...




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More Of Moore's Mockery: None Dare Call It True


October 7, 2009


I just came back from viewing the largest enema offered to Americans yet...and it was prepared and administered by the largest hypocrite on the left side of the isle...


According to the Random House Dictionary, a documentary is "A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration."


THAT eliminates Michael Moore's latest offering from this category. This work, as in his other works, is sheer unadulterated propaganda.


Moore has surely missed his calling. He could have used his talents, as few as they may be, on telling the truth in his 'documentary', Capitalism: A Love Story. It was a fable...but not about Capitalism. 


He carefully crafted, not with facts but with an ocean of half-truths--a disinformation piece that used the name of Capitalism, with the imagery that would have better been dressed in horns and holding a trident. 


Weaving into his tale, he brought several 'personal' stories that had less to do with the free market, and more to do with lack of personal responsibility, and examples of what happens when the government sticks its filthy digits into the free market (i.e. Community Reinvestment Act, which was never named, but blamed on the free market in the flick). Add to that a sea of tears from individuals who were used by the fat filmmaker to lie to his audience.


Oh, what a guy that Michelin Man is...


And he did throw a few Libs under the bus (Dodd, Rubin, Geithner) because of their involvement with banking institutions...but it was like a drip from an eyedropper into an ocean of lies. All means to an end: Demonizing something never discussed in the film...capitalism.


He even threw a bone to naive Christians with interviews with Marxist priests who loathe the very system that allows people to freely give to the ministry that supports them. 


Moore is a self-hating Capitalist. He has made millions upon millions under the system he claims is evil. But to fool those in his audience with the IQ of a grape tomato, he dresses his morbidly obese body in blue collar clothes...and laughs all the way to the bank...yes the very institutions he excoriates. 


Bottom line: Moore's movie is proof that even a filthy, fat and grotesque troll, like Michael, can profit in the free market. Too bad it's on the backs of those who were ill- educated in the de-evolving, NEA controlled, American school system...which is exactly why they can be fooled by Moore.


God Bless the free market!




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To Plug Or Hug, That Is The Question


October 4, 2009


"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." --Sun Tzu, The Art Of War 


Since his time on the campaign road, Obama has made statements such as, "We’ve got to get the job done there (Afghan) and that requires us to have enough troops so that we’re not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there."


Besides the obvious 'moral-booster' of lying about our troops, he made it abundantly clear that he planned to do what was necessary for us to win ("get the job done") in Afghanistan. Now, General Stanley McChrystal, leader in Afghanistan, has urgently requested 40,000 more troops to fight the re-energized Taliban forces. So, surely the Commander-In-Chief sent them right?




He apparently had a different priority list which included taking a family junket over to "the City of Spires" to make a pitch for the 2016 Olympics...which he failed to secure (being eliminated in the first round). But of course when he arrived back at the White House, he made the order?




OK, call me ridiculous, but if someone wanted to be Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces, besides serving in the ranks (which he didn't)...you'd think he'd at least prep himself with Sun Tzu's work...but alas alack, he has not...


How can I be sure of this?


Simply...he does not know his own forces, nor the enemy. And as Tzu's war strategy suggests: "If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."


Do our forces know the enemy? Yes. Do they know themselves? Yes. But they are not being permitted to proceed as THEY know best because the 'Commander' has not kept his word to make sure they were supplied with what is required "to get the job done." 


The real problem here is Obama, because of his extreme ignorance on warfare, doesn't know whether he wants our troops to plug the insurgents...or hug them. And that makes for a pernicious milieu for our defenders...and ultimately, for us. 


In warfare...the more we know, the stronger we are...and in conclusion, concerning world powers and insurgents...it's only...


Shalom through strength...




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Grayson: American Disgrace


October 2, 2009



"The hatred and contempt for men, women and children that was manifested in the Shoah, was a crime against God and against humanity. This should be clear to everyone, especially to those standing in the tradition of the Holy Scriptures, according to which every human being is created in the image and likeness of God (Gen 1:26-27). It is beyond question that any denial or minimization of this terrible crime is intolerable and altogether unacceptable."  Pope Benedict XVI


Recently, on the floor of the Congress...a representative from the State of Florida, Alan Grayson, committed beyond a faux pas and more like an atrocious offense against Jews globally...


In his attempt to garner attention to himself, this is what Grayson said in response to the hyperbole he used against Republicans and healthcare reform, the day prior: 


"I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America (referring to the supposed healthcare crisis)."


In an attempt to acquire 15 minutes of fame for himself, Rep. Grayson minimized the most heinous act committed against mankind, by mankind in our history...and the premeditated extermination of a minority ethnic/religious group. His abominable rhetoric reveals that Rep. Grayson is the sad example of what happens in a society when history has been revised and minimized due to an undetectable stream of disdain. 


This unique black mark left in history by the Shoah should NEVER be used in a hyperbolic moment to make a political point. Rep. Grayson has shown Jews and all those who have been personally touched by the Holocaust, that he is an odious, callous soul who doesn't deserve the time of day...no less Floridians vote when his term is done.  


Rep. Grayson has indeed made himself known, and to those who would never have known he existed...but he did so in an infamous way. Rep. Grayson may try to apologize, but the fact is Grayson is a disgrace to America and American values...and an apology will never remedy that.




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So This Is A Zionist?


October 1, 2009


For those who are a bit unclear on exactly what Zion and Zionism is...allow me (from the jewishvirtuallibrary.org):


Zion, Zionism - (Mount) Zion is an ancient Hebrew designation for Jerusalem, but already in biblical times it began to symbolize the national homeland... attachments to Zion gave rise to Zionist longings and movements since antiquity, culminating in the modern national liberation movement of that name. The Zionist cause helped the Jews return to Palestine in this century and found the state of Israel in 1948. The goal of Zionism is the political and spiritual renewal of the Jewish people in its ancestral homeland.


OK, then...on Sept. 15, 2009, the United Nations Human Rights Council's Gaza Fact Finding Mission published a report that unjustly portrays Israel's defense of its citizens as war crimes, while disregarding the premeditated plan of Hamas to operate from within  their civilian populace (using women and children as human shields). This committee, that prepared this 'glowing' report, was headed by a man who is supposed to be a Zionist.


What's that? Yup, you read that right...


According to his daughter, Judge Richard Goldstone "is a Zionist and loves Israel." She continued, "I know better than anyone else that he thought that however hard it was to accept it, he was doing the best thing for everyone, including Israel."


Really? Well let's take a cursory look at what her father, the Zionist, reported


Myth about Israel:

-Claimed Israel Defense Forces (IDF) targeted civilians, under the guise of defensive actions.


Truth about Israel:

-the IDF drop thousands of warning leaflets, made over 200,000 telephone warnings to 'Palestinian' civilians, aborted missile strikes to prevent civilian casualties, opened a field clinic for 'Palestinians' on the Gaza border, and transferred tons of humanitarian aid during the conflict.


Myth about Hamas:

-The report did not find evidence that Hamas used civilians as human shields.


Truth about Hamas:

-In a video, by PalestinianMediaWatch, Hamas terrorists admit to the use of human shields. 


Myth about Goldstone Report:

-The report claims to be objective and untainted by bias or politicization.


Truth about the Goldstone Report:

-One of the 4 members of the Goldstone Mission, Professor Christine Chinkin, had already made up her mind, having signed a letter prior to the cessation of the conflict, plainly stating that Israel's actions in Gaza amounted to "war crimes" and that 'Palestinian' rocket attacks were not significant enough for Israel to respond in self-defense. (Yeah, tell that to the families of the 15 innocents killed by those 'insignificant' attacks.)


And there's so much more spewed out and aimed at the Jewish State...and the head of this commission was a Zionist? A man who claims Ahavat Eretz Yisrael (Love for the Land of Israel), would not write or agree to such an erroneous report.


All I can say is...in the words of the late Casper Ten Boon, a man who died in the Concentration Camps for hiding Jews from the Nazis: 'Even if a mouse lives in a cookie jar, it doesn't make him a cookie'.


Mr. Goldstone, sadly, is a mouse...not a cookie.


Shalom through strength...





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