The Party of Death vs. The Party of Slow Suicide

©2003 Patrick Rooney

Once upon a time, there were essentially two political parties in America—the Democrats, the party of the blue-collar man; and the Republicans, the party of the white-collar man. Two parties, two visions, yet both American. Today, there are still two major parties in America—the Democrats, the party of death, and the Republicans, the party of slow suicide. The names may have remained the same, but the times, they have a--changed.

My parents were “New Deal” Democrats—they believed that Franklin Roosevelt and his big government helped get us out of the Great Depression. While that point is certainly debatable, it is certainly true that Franklin Roosevelt wasn’t Howard Dean.

My folks were hard working, bill paying, church-going people. They sacrificed and sent their kids to Catholic school, so we could get a better education than they themselves were able to get. My dad was a combat Vet, and proudly flew the colors at all appropriate holidays. He would not have recognized John Kerry. My mom was a “homemaker” when the word wasn’t considered an insult. Trust me, she wouldn’t have recognized Hillary Clinton.

Viewing today’s Democratic Party is mind numbing. The party’s total degeneration is now complete. And all the old rules of civilized discourse are gone. We have Bill Clinton and his Jim Jones followers to thank for that. His behavior in office hit new lows, and he pulled a whole political party down with him.

Now it’s considered okay to lie, to cheat, to steal in order to “win”. To rip the Commander In Chief while the man is leading a war for our nation’s survival. To blame the man for his “failure” in the war on terror when everyone knows liberal Democrats have been terror’s best friend. The leadership of this party is wicked to the core, and following them leads to certain death.

Unchecked abortion, revolving door immigration, rampant homosexuality, backbreaking taxes, crippling regulation, the rise of the U.N. and N.E.A., the shredding of the Constitution—the list goes on ad nauseam. This is the legacy of the modern Democratic Party.

The main alternative is the Republican Party. A party that accomplished some remarkable things over the years, like freeing the slaves and winning the Cold War. But something has happened to the Grand Old Party.

Many of the GOP’s positions will bring us to the same destination (death) as the Democrats, only slower. Example: immigration. Where the Democrats seek to destroy the United States with open, uncontrolled immigration, the Republicans apply window dressing, yet keep the borders open, in an effort to win votes and not offend Hispanics.

The Republican strategy appears to be to win now and to hell with the succeeding generations. It’s kind of like the late Washington Redskins’ coach George Allen’s “the future is now” strategy.

Republicans who follow such a strategy are ensuring the eventual demise of their own party as the more illegal immigrants they allow in, the worse their chances become of winning office in the future. This ain’t hard to figure out, folks.

On many other issues, the Republicans’ strategy of slow strangulation is evident. Take the growth of government itself, which was once considered a great evil. Ronald Reagan himself said, “Government is the problem.” Now Republican leaders are all too happy to grow the government, thereby increasing its power to enslave the average American.

Republicans are happy to let organizations like the NEA grow in power, as they preside over the brutalizing of our children’s minds, spirits, and sometimes bodies. When will the people realize that they cannot take back their culture while the NEA maintains control over their children? Remember the words of Hitler: “When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already.”

Republicans cannot even muster enough strength to stop the obvious brutality of partial birth abortion, or object when the left removes the Ten Commandments from a state courthouse, or speak up when “apple pie American” groups like the Boy Scouts are preyed upon by homosexual activists and traitorous judges.

The only viable alternative for those of all political persuasions is a strong stand for truth which would bring life and hope to this nation. While the current Democratic Party is by far the larger evil, choosing the big lie or the smaller lie both lead to death at varying speeds.

This is not a call for the abandonment of the classic two-party system. But it is a call, to either choose the speed of this nation’s death, or demand a better set of choices from your party. I recommend the latter.