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Barry Fails Friendship 101


January 27, 2010


A friend. A term that gets tossed around quite a bit. But the most appropriate synonyms for the term are: comrade, chum, crony, confidant and advocate.


Axiomatic terms, that is...unless you happen to be Barack 'Barry' Obama friend...


From the campaign trail to the Oval office, Mr. Obama has left a trail of road kill, formerly known as 'friends'. Here's a partial list of the multitude of casualties Barry is culpable for:

And the list goes on and on ad infinitum. 


More recently, and since he has been in office, on behalf of America--but certainly NOT with the agreement of the citizens--Barry flipped the bird to our friends and fellow democracies of Poland and the Czech Republic, when HE went back on OUR word concerning missile defense systems....plunge, now twist...


But his biggest target has been our faithful friends, and the ONLY democracy in the Middle East: The tiny State of Israel.


From his alliance with a 'church' and reverend who honored Hamas, to Jew-hating Loopy Louie Farrakhan who said of Obama, "When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah is absolutely speaking," to his dissing of Israeli PM Bibi, when he came to town last year...all the way to demands that Israel cease building Jewish homes on Jewish land, and surrender Jerusalem as the capital of a 'Palestinian' state. 


This is not friendship, but fiendship. Something, the smiling dandy seems to be well acquainted with...ostensibly from a plethora of practice. 


And if he keeps this up...the only change that will occur is allies and friends that mistrust us, as much as our enemies do.


Lesson: Having a friend like Barry, makes your enemies look more appealing.


Shalom through strength...





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Act Of Pure Evil


January 28, 2010


Operation Iron Balls is of the uncompromising belief that the abrogation of enhanced interrogations (which indisputably produced lifesaving information) was an act of pure evil. Thus, any and all individuals responsible for such nefariousness have the blood of innocents on their hands.

Blood, by the way--that cannot be washed away.




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Plunge And Flush


January 27, 2010


Barack Hussein Obama's imminent plunge into the crapper of feckless presidents (think Jimmy Carter) will be greatly accelerated if (G-d forbid) New York City suffers a terrorist attack during the KSM trial. If the Big Apple is hit--in a violent and dramatic attempt by al Qaeda to free the terror kingpin--Obama will indeed become the most inept (not to mention reviled) leader in US history.

And then all that will be left to do is flush.




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Our Freaky Friday With France


January 26, 2010


Many of us are familiar with the film Freaky Friday...a mom and daughter, through surreal circumstances, switch bodies...well, before our very eyes, we are seeing a Freaky Friday occur between France...and America...


At one time, America...among other virtues...was known for it's common sense. We knew the difference between right and wrong, good and evil...and we stood on the side of what was right and what was good. But a creeping cowardice made it's way into the recesses of our government and was made manifest with the advent of the 9/11 terror attacks. 


And since then, we have become more and more craven in our attempt to avoid 'offending' anyone of the Muslim faith...and avoid being viewed by the gutless EU as mean and unfair. We give Muslim terrorists Miranda Rights, install foot baths in airports for Muslim cabbies and designate prayer rooms for Muslim students in public schools...ad infinitum...


But that was Thursday, and this is Friday...


Now, a country who has been known for it's weakness in the past (i.e. WWII) has now found the spine, we have lost. A conversation begun by French President Sarkozy in June of 2009, in which he told both houses of parliament that veils were "not welcome" in France...that the full veil was "contrary to our values and to the ideals we have of women's dignity" (hey...shouldn't that be heard on every street corner in America?), has now moved forward to a French MPs call for a ban on Afghan-style burqas and other garments that cover a woman's face. AND it has popular support! An opinion poll by Ipsos for the magazine Le Point revealed that 57% of French voters favor a ban. Did you get that? 57% of the French say NO to veils...




The country we were so enamored to imitate...with their brie and broadmindedness...has gained common sense, just as ours took flight...


Perhaps we'll get it as things come back around...that is, of course, if we're still here to 'get it'.


Shalom through strength...




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Not Skin Hue


January 25, 2010


So, before the race-baiters, racial-demagogues and other assorted leftist nut-jobs (think the Congressional Black Caucus) start spewing their poison--let us remember one thing: President Obama is being stridently rejected, by a vast majority of the citizenry, because of his liberal policies--not because of the color of his skin.

It's all about substance--not skin hue.



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Liberals: A Truly Twisted Species


January 22, 2010


It's astonishing how liberals enthusiastically applaud the deployment (for humanitarian reasons) of US Marines--such as the one in earthquake ravaged Haiti--but exhibit utter disdain and hostility when they are deployed to kill Islamic terrorists.

Liberals: A truly twisted species!




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Getting The Bends From A Benz


January 21, 2010


Here's a Holocaust historian that can give you Di Nit Fardayung (indigestion)...


Earlier this month, Wolfgang Benz ( who is the director of the Center for Anti-Semitism Research at the Technical University of Berlin) published an article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung equating Jew-hatred with Islamophobia. His critics see Benz as disregarding anti-Semitism in the Islamic world and inside the EU, at a time of increasing abhorrence of Jews and Israel.


Julius H. Schoeps, a German Jewish historian who heads the Moses Mendelssohn Center in Potsdam, is at odds with Benz...and understandably so. Schoeps considers Benz's comments "unfounded, dubious, if not even dangerous...anti-Semitism is thriving, from Ahmadinejad's constant tirades to the Turkish blockbuster Valley of the Wolves (TV series that portrays Mossad agents as baby-snatchers), preferably with a radical Islamic faith, but that is not a topic for the Süddeutsche newspaper."


A columnist for Der Spiegel, Reinhard Mohr, agrees...Mohr wrote a piece in Der Spiegel titled, "Debate about Islamophobia," in which he criticized Benz and his ilk, as failing to defend Western values and instead called the critics of Islam fundamentalists and "preachers of hate."


"Preachers of hate?" Amazing...they must have spiked the 'useful idiots' Kool-Aid...


Now, it's not as if we were unaware of the undercurrent of anti-Semitism that has remained in the Fatherland since Adolph went to his reward...but it casts aspersions upon Germany at large...despite the fact that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a tremendous effort to reach out to the Jewish State.


At a time when the tide of world opinion is erroneously moving against the State of Israel, it's tragic that out of the country that was responsible for the death of more that 6 million Jews...the voice of academia in Berlin, continues Nazi spewage.


Shalom through strength...





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Prosecuting Navy SEALs


January 20, 2010

"Prosecuting three Navy SEALs (for issuing a hyper-violent, Islamic terrorist a fat lip) is, without question--a despicable, if not treasonous course of action. Unfortunately, this is endemic of an administration that toils endlessly to make sure enemy combatants are afforded constitutional rights--while treating our heroes like fecal matter."               ---Burgess Redding---



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Extorting Israel


January 19, 2010


It all started with Jimmy 'Dhimmi' Carter...and has been maintained by the presidents succeeding him...to broker peace between Israel and her Arab 'neighbors', by pressuring Israel to give up her land in exchange for peace. A formula that has proven disastrous for the tiny Jewish State.


And yet, it continues...but this time, the pressure has been taken up a notch...


The Obama administration, through its envoy (and prominent Arab-American) George Mitchell...are now employing the threat of withholding loan guarantees to Israel and intensifying the demands on Israel to hasten the calendar of concessions, to exclude the Jordan Valley from Israel's map of defensible borders, to release more Palestinian terrorists, to make more concessions to Mahmoud Abbas, and to refrain from construction even in Jerusalem.


The pressure has been ratcheted up by none other than Obama's attack dog, the self-hating Jew, Rahm Emanuel. Who recently puffed up his weenie chest when Israel showed a rare bit of weakness in June and September of 2009. Liberals, not unlike jihadists, look for weakness to compromise upon. But O and his ilk are only as powerful as you make them...


In 1992, then Senator George Mitchell said: "Doesn't Israel know that the US is not a monarchy, that the president is not omnipotent and that the Legislature is equal in power to the Executive?!" 


He was correct...our government is 'we the people' and the majority of the American people are with Israel...and so are their representatives. It bodes better for Israel to appeal to the people, and not to the Palterer-In-Chief and his legion. Perhaps further proof of that will be evident in this November's election. 


But in the meanwhile, according to Merriam-Webster, extortion is defined as: the crime of obtaining money or some other thing of value by the abuse of one's office or authority.


Um, I believe Obama's actions toward Israel fall right in there very neatly.


'We the people' can no longer dither but must put a stop to this obscene behavior by the president, and his minions. This is no way for America to be represented in the world. This is no way to treat our friends. 


Shalom through strength...





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A Wave Of Hope And Change


January 18, 2010


Despite what the president's sycophants, toadies and spin-doctors are saying about tomorrow's special election in Massachusetts: it is clearly a referendum on their savior's socialistic agenda. Truth is--if this most sacrosanct of Democrat thrones (Ted Kennedy's senate seat) is swiped by the Republicans--Obama will certainly be a one term blunder.

Thank G-d!

If the GOP is victorious--it will lend the final surge to an already intense and rising grassroots tsunami that will wash away the haughty king in 2012 and restore the land to its rightful owner: we the people.

A wave of hope and change is on the way.




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To Hell With The Bastards!


January 15, 2010


Once again America's grit, determination, selflessness and (above all) unyielding magnanimity will be on display for all the world to see as it leads the humanitarian effort in earthquake ravaged Haiti.

And, as usual--such a Herculean effort will do little to assuage the maniacal and slaughterous tyrants of the world who cling to their acerbic death-to-American dogma.

Well, there's only one thing to say about that: to hell with the bastards!



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No, No, No, And No: How Does That Grab You?


January 14, 2010


Question: How many times does Israeli PM 'Bibi' Netanyahu have to say No, before he is heard? 


Answer: Interminably.


This past Tuesday, Bibi again had to say, unequivocally, NO to inequitable Arab demands upon his tiny nation. The PM stated that Israel would never surrender any part of Jerusalem to the 'Palestinians', nor would it return to the pre-1967 borders. He was compelled to respond to statements made by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, in which he informed various Mediterranean foreign ministers that the Israeli PM had eased his positions.


Interesting...the Arabs are somewhat like liberals...when confronted with truth, they only hear what they want to hear...which never amounts to truth...


Allow me to restate what Bibi has said, on many occasions...just in case it needs reiteration:

So, to Ahmed, Mahmoud and their ignominious ilk...the answer to all your questions and demands is: No, No, No, and No...how does that grab you?


Well, in the words of that great philosopher, Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want."


Shalom through strength...





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Not Mentally Fit


January 15, 2010


"Any president who feverishly advocates the closing of Gitmo--an irrefutable font of information that has been highly instrumental in thwarting cataclysmic terror plots is--not mentally fit to be Commander in Chief." 

                                 --Burgess Redding



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Hey Ahmadinejad: Reparate This


January 12, 2010


The Iranian government are busy little bees...for those nuclear ambitions take an awful lot of work. But that's not all those little Persian devils are up to...they want to accomplish something more lucrative first...


Ahmadinejad has ordered the assembly of a team to study the damages Iran suffered from the 1941 Allied invasion in order to demand reimbursement. Iran claims they suffered enormously after it was invaded by Britain and the Soviets during WW II, despite its stated neutrality...and they were never remunerated.


No, my tongue is NOT in my cheek...this is legit. And if you hear a cackle, that's me laughing all the way over here in NYC... 


What's the matter, Khomeini...running a little low on dough?


This is too idiotic to take seriously. Iran also intends to seek remuneration for the destruction it suffered during WW I, the West's support for the previous Pahlavi Dynasty and its resentment towards Iran since the 1979 Islamic revolution.


So the Mullahs are doing stand-up now, eh?


Nice try, Mahmoud...but we know what your venal digits are doing...and they're not on a calculator, but a button...attached to a mushroom (and you don't need 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' to see that one).


Shalom through strength...




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January 11, 2010

President Obama's recent bravado "...we will do whatever it takes to defeat them [al Qaeda]” is a total--not to mention blatant fabrication. Why? Because our commander in chief is still psychotically fixated on appeasing the global Islamic community. And the provable evidence to support this claim can be seen in his inept decision to not only close Gitmo--but to also bring 9/11 mastermind KSM to New York City for a show trial.

These acts of feckless appeasement are designed to present a softer and more conciliatory America to Muslims worldwide. But the chilling reality is--al Qaeda (and those that espouse bin Ladenism) not only views this as a sign of profound weakness--but also as a glaring lack of resolve.

And in the end--America will once again be seen as a paper tiger.

Mr. President: All the bravado in the world will never cover-up the tangible (not to mention troublesome) fact that you'd rather kiss a terrorist's tukis than blow it up.

And (unfortunately for us) al Qaeda knows it!




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Failed Overture!


January 8, 2010


What seems to have gone unnoticed by the major media is the following: President Obama's endless overtures to the Islamic World have failed! From his YouTube suck-up to the Iranian regime to his apology laced speech in front of the Turkish Parliament to announcing the closing of Gitmo to moving KSM's trial to New York City--jihadist are still on a slay-the-infidel quest.

In fact, December of 2009 was the bloodiest month for US troops since the war in Afghanistan started. Furthermore, over 1/3 of all terrorist attacks--committed by Islamic jihadists worldwide since 9/11--have occurred on Obama's watch.

Apparently, sucking-up to the Islamic World has done nothing to change an ancient and clearly barbaric religion that compels its followers to kill, kill, kill!!!




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Iran's Wagging Its Finger, But It's Not The Index


January 7, 2010


Iran has a New Year's gift for their 'friends' in the West. No, it's not a basket of winter fruit, or even Champagne...but it kind of works well with their ultimatum about our interference with their nuclear program: They're wagging their finger at us...


But it's not their index finger this time...


Iran's government-funded TV reported that Tehran will hold a "large-scale military exercise" in February in order to prep its forces to deter an offensive by the country's enemies (that would be the West). 


Nice job of intimidation, Barry...Ahmadinejad is shaking in his weenie boots, now isn't he...


The empty threats and interminable deadlines, by O and his feckless ilk, have emboldened the grotesque little Persian troll...as well as the cross-dressing clerics...into flipping us the bird (and it ain't the bird of paradise).


Iran's rationale for this: The US and Israel won't take military action off the table...wah, wah, wah...


No poop Poirot...and why the heck would we? That regime should have been toppled long ago. They are a menace far more pernicious than the Nazis for one distinct reason: A mushroom cloud.


So, Barry...if you're going to continue to bow, do it at the doctor's office...it's time that you, rather than the American people, got the finger. 


Shalom through strength...




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The First Hurdle


January 6, 2010


The first issue concerning airline safety should be the following: Flying with an American carrier is a privilege--not a right. Therefore--any individual who hails from a country that sponsors Islamic terrorism (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc.), or even appears on the government's Watch List--should automatically lose this privilege.

The implementation of such a regulation would greatly reduce the probability of an airliner being blown to bits over a major US city. But, unfortunately, the first hurdle to get over (concerning even a debate over the above-mentioned pragmatism) is Political Correctness.

Good luck!




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Saleh Is The Don And We Are The Dupes


January 5, 2010


Lots of talk about Yemen lately, huh? The media is purporting that Yemen is suddenly turning into a terrorist 'hotbed'. 


But is it really a suddenly situation? Well, here's a few facts about Yemen that reveals an opposing view:


1. Yemen is a Muslim country consisting of both Shia and Sunni Muslims. Less than 1% of the population is Christian, Jewish or other...and live as Dhimmis (second-class citizens).

2. Yemen shares a very porous border with Saudi Arabia (home and global financial supporters of Wahhabism, the most virulent form of Islam).

3. Yemeni President Saleh is the Duke-of-Duplicity, taking US money under the guise of fighting al Qaeda, while hanging with the al Qaeda crew.

4. Yemen is Osama bin Laden's ancestral homeland.

5. Gitmo terrorist detainees from Yemen have been released back to their country, whose government has 'misplaced' them. And many return to the battlefield to kill our troops.


Oh, and here's one more tidbit...just last year (2009), the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), gave Yemen $153 million dollars. And what was that for, exactly? Apparently it is an agency for foreign economic assistance. The Yemeni population is 45.2% below the poverty line, YET al Qaeda is thriving there. 




Is this in reality a payoff of some sort? Similar to the $800 million given to the PA (Gaza), the $516 million given to Jordan, the $468 million given to the Sudan, the $435 million given to Egypt, and the $177 million given to Indonesia...all in 2009? 


A sort of protection money so the Islamists, with the approval of their governments, won't whack us? 


If this is true, them Saleh is a Don...taking hard-earned US tax dollars with the understanding that he'll give us the scoop on al Qaeda's activities, and they won't attack us...but instead is turning a blind eye to their activities.


And, I believe, that would make us all dupes.


Shalom through strength...






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Pusillanimous President


January 4, 2010

President Barack Obama's decision (due to al Qaeda threats) to close the US embassy in Yemen is yet another victory for the Wahhabi terror organization. An organization that already views Obama as a weak (if not pusillanimous) commander in chief.

From stridently condemning waterboarding to announcing the closing of Gitmo to moving KSM's trial to New York City--Obama has demonstrated (to those who zealously plot our destruction) that he is far more interested in world opinion than fighting a war on terror.

Tragically, President Obama's feckless decisions are based on the absurd notion that a kinder and gentler America will bring the entire world (including al Qaeda) to a kumbaya moment.

Unfortunately for America--this notion will prove fatal.




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