The Peace Madness Syndrome In Israel Again





2005/5765 Ariel Natan Pasko

The "peace at any price" bug has returned to Israel. This cyclical moral-decadence disease has reinvaded the Israeli body politic. Once infected, messianic hallucinations of "peace" begin to confound the victim's moral compass, leading to confusion, lack of moral clarity, and a suicidal death wish for the "Peace of the Grave." It also weakens the patient's resistance to falsehood, distorting the infected person's ability to distinguish right from wrong, good from bad, and enemy from brother. This moral-AIDS disease is sweeping through Israel again, on a scale not seen since the "peace drug" induced false euphoria of the Oslo days.

We know what that led to, death and destruction. But that was just a trial run organized by the "forces of darkness" testing this bio-terror weapon. This time, with planned expulsions of Jews from their homes, mass arrests, and the limiting of civil liberties in Israel, it's the real thing.

Helped by their "Uncle Sam," who wants to make the world "safe for democracy," i.e. America; infected "peace" mongers in Israel have reared their "ugly heads" again. No price is too high, no pain is too great, and no fantasy is too deformed, to stop the "bulldozer" from leveling Jewish homes. The Gaza Expulsion Plan is on the way, and those not infected with the "Oslo Madness - Part Two" are being considered a menace to public health.

In the name of "democracy," which is spreading throughout the region - Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine - a people's 2,000 year old dream is being shattered on the alter of false peace. The Jewish People's homeland is being nibbled away at, by the worms of peace, "Peres-cites" that have fantasized about "New Middle Easts" and "worlds without borders". And the "Sharon-istas," those megalomaniacal dictator doctors, to save the body politic, tell us, radical surgery is required, a "Gazan-ectomy" is needed, and fast. But like all good "surgeons," they want to make sure they get all the "sick" tissue out, so if a few extra right-wingers are beaten up by the police, a few "extremists" are jailed, and a few journalists are frightened from reporting the truth, no matter.

But, like the Rabbi Nachman of Breslov story of the poisoned wheat (where everyone who ate it went crazy and the last remaining sane people who hadn't eaten it, had to remind themselves that they're not the crazy ones), we who have not imbibed from the "peace pipe," and have not succumbed to the drugged stupor of "dark fantasies," have a responsibility to ourselves (to remind ourselves and everyone else who will listen), that true peace will not come from the falsification of history, the denial of the Jewish People's G-D given right to the Land of Israel, or expulsion of Jews from their homes.

As healthy souls, it's our job to be town crier and call out loud and clear; "They [the leaders of Israel and the world] have outwardly healed My people [the Jews] by saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace" (Jeremiah 6:11).

We are guaranteed success because, "The Portion of Jacob is not like them [the people who oppose G-D's plan]; for He [G-D] is the creator of all things; and Israel is the tribe of His inheritance [they have been given the mission to promote the true understanding of GOD-liness in the world]..." (Jeremiah 10:16).

Ariel Natan Pasko is an independent analyst & consultant. He has a Master's Degree in International Relations & Policy Analysis.  His articles appear regularly on numerous news/views and think-tank websites, in newspapers, and can be read at: www.geocities.com/ariel_natan_pasko