Terrorism And Our Canadian Border

Where are our good neighbors?



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Known terrorist operatives are finding a welcome mat at the door of our northern neighbor, Canada. 

When asked why Canada is knowingly allowing terrorist suspects to live there by FOX News today one expert said, "Because Canadians think they (Canadians) are nice people and that everyone who comes here is nice"! Another said, "They didn't bomb Canada on 9/ll, they bombed the United States." That is why the Canadians feel safe housing them. 

Now, there are several adjectives we can use for this 'worldview', the least of which is stupid! It would be like allowing a suspected member of a gang which broke into your neighbor's house and raped their young daughters to rent a room from you. What is the matter with our world? Why don't we learn from history, even as recent as... last week in London? Or how about 9/11?

Of course, we know Canada is liberal and, as we've heard, some liberals think that all terrorists really need is a little therapy. But who really thinks therapy will cure evil? Not me. Is being a safe haven for terrorists, safe? Of course not!

Considering the most recent news today about Canada being a 'safe haven' for terrorists...very close to our border, my interview with Chuck Morse, author of “Barney Frank and the Law of Unintended Consequences: How the Frank Amendment Helped Terrorists Get Legal Visas, ” was very timely. 

America's attention and efforts have been on our southern border, yet we still have many points of easy entry for illegals, such as reported today by Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily that terrorists and bombs were smuggled across Mexico's border by MS-13 gangsters. That being so, where does this leave us when little or no attention is given to our northern border? The answer is obvious.

It's disturbing enough to hear from Dr. James F. Linzey of Operation Freedom that well informed sources informed him that thousands of Chinese soldiers have been invited by Mexico's Vicente Fox to train their military for subversive activity in the U.S. Southwest, but to learn of Canada's attitude about allowing known terrorist operatives to live next to our border, should set an alert signal off in all of us. Will we do anything about these things? Not unless we decide to learn from history.

One of the people we can thank for America's handicap in effectively dealing with these issues, as Chuck Morse points out in his book, is Congressman Barney Frank who authored the Frank Amendment which hinders our ability to sanely deal with those who enter our country illegally and pose a danger to the American people. 

The only thing it seems we are learning from history, is that we are failing to learn from history!

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