Illegal Immigrants: 

America's Guests?



©2003 Duane Hughes

Few Americans would disagree that America is the greatest country in the world. As well, many if not most of the world, would like to have a shot at the American dream. Of course from our perspective, we would like to take the American dream to the rest of the non-free world, but that’s another subject. 

Now I imagine that there are some who think ill of me because I didn’t say undocumented immigrant. To them I say that any reasonably thinking person would agree that using another word to describe illegal doesn’t change what it is… any more than describing a bank robbery as a financial transaction would.

Illegal immigrants are benefiting from America’s generosity; which some might call stupidity because of a phenomenon in politics called, sell your principles and integrity at the altar of politics for the possibility of future votes to keep you in POWER! Unfortunately, the media plays a major part in winning this battle and it’s the illegals who continue to receive the spoils. 

Now, before you call me mean, keep in mind that I welcome those who can come to America, legally, to be part of this great country. But consider this...allowing illegals to remain in America and provide them benefits would be like allowing a burglar that broke into your home… to stay and you provide him food, shelter and health insurance.

It is estimated that nearly half of the multi-billion dollar shortfall in California’s state budget is the result of costs associated with illegal aliens. And even though we’ve seen the warning signs we continue on with a Titanic mentality. In spite of all the alarms, we keep going full speed ahead with the band playing and the dance floor full. Remember, the vast majority of passengers on the Titanic “knew” that it was an unsinkable ship…and that’s not only tragic, it’s  OUTRAGEOUS!