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December 31, 2009 - January 1, 2010





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Un-TSA-Molested New Year


December 30, 2009


"Should airport security be reviewed, even though we saw the signs? Should airport security now include a scan of your behind? For old TSA guidelines, for old TSA guidelines, if we only stop the pc-poop, we would keep and save more lives." Have a Happy and un-TSA-molested New Year! ♪♫.**.




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Islam, Slavery And A Neutered President


December 29, 2009


As we conservatives battle the corrosive effects of political correctness (including its most notorious manifestation--historical revisionism) let us never forget that America did not invent slavery, but instead was born into a world where this deleterious practice was the norm.

In fact, during our country's nascent stage--it was the Islamic world that owned and operated a majority of the world's slave trade. Muslim regimes were well known for their endless inventory of human cattle to choose from.

Sadly enough--slavery continues to this day in many Muslim nations such as war torn Sudan. Yet the only apologies we seem to hear are from a neutered commander in chief who feels it is his moral obligation and duty to kiss Islamic ass.




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The Goober That Hugged Hamas, The Sequel


December 28, 2009


With all the holiday goodies around this time of year, there's an old rotten peanut that keeps turning up (and turning stomachs, as well)...


It's the GA goober that continues rearing his hideous cracked crust to ooze his idiocy and loathing on innocent listeners. I'm speaking of, none other than Jimmy 'Dhimmi' Carter...the 'I can't believe he ever got elected' former US president...the worst (until now) president in US history.


So, what's the personification of Huckleberry Hound up to now? 


Well, the Hamas-hugging, Arab-loving, anti-Semitic putz is speaking out the other side of his mouth. For the first time in his Jew-hating life, he's apologizing to the Jewish population...funny though...it co-insides with his grandson's probable bid for Georgia's state Senate from the district representing DeKalb County, which has a significant Jewish population. How about that? What a freakin coincidence!


Carter told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) that he wanted to issue a plea for forgiveness during Hanukkah for any stigma he may have caused the Jewish nation. "We must recognize Israel's achievements under difficult circumstances, even as we strive in a positive way to help Israel continue to improve its relations with its Arab populations, but we must not permit criticisms for improvement to stigmatize Israel," Carter claimed.


Um...I'm not sold...


Carter told the JTA that he mistakenly named his book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," stating that 'Palestinians' in the disputed West Bank are not actually suffering under apartheid, but they possibly will if a two-state solution with Israel is not attained.


Yeah...now I'm convinced...


ALL OF A SUDDEN he has a revelation...just when his grandson's chances for victory is in the hands of those Jimmy's always targeted, blamed and just plain hated. 


I guess a steady diet of peanuts causes extreme gullibility, senile dementia or psychotic break...or simply...a Jimmy Dhimmi state-of-mind...


I've always loved peanuts...but this rotten one, that keeps being found, when no one was looking for it...is leaving a bad taste in my mouth...and in the psyche of lovers of truth globally.


Jimmy...please crawl back into your shell...and THEN we'll believe your mea culpa.


Shalom through strength... 





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December 24-25, 2009



Please enjoy our 2 little gifts to you:


1. Read 'The Christmas Story' (print-friendly version) by clicking here.


2. Listen to a streaming broadcast of Armed Forces Radio, December 25, 1943, on the player below:


Armed Forces Radio Service 

Christmas Package 

December 25, 1943





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A Christian Document? Not Buying It


December 23, 2009


Every-so-often, they surface. Just like vermin when the lights go out. And in the case of this 'species', they use the darkness to cloak themselves in a friendly facade. But are they friends?


You decide...


A group of so-called Palestinian Christian leaders released a document now commonly known as the "Kairos Palestine Document." The drafters describe it as "a word of faith, hope and love." But, they insist that 'Palestinians' have reached a brick wall with Israeli occupiers...and that the occupation must end. 


Um... exactly where is the 'faith, hope and love' thing? 


When you review this pact, it appears to be a wee bit one-sided. The entire tone of the document is biased against Israel. No mention that the land belongs to Israel. No mention that those who are actually victimizing 'Palestinians' are their own elected leaders. No mention of the numerous lethal attacks upon innocent Israelis by 'Palestinians'. Just the inferred intractability of the Israeli government as 'occupiers', and Gaza's supposed 'victimized' population.


I personally find those who identify themselves as "Palestinian Christians" a teensy bit dubious. Those who know and love truth, KNOW that there really are no such people as 'Palestinians'. And that it is those who are identifying themselves as 'Palestinians' who are occupying Jewish land. This is the truth. And a real 'Christian' would know that. 


Caveat to any church who would link themselves to this offensive and egregious agreement: You are in error...because I can guarantee this: As worded, Jesus Himself wouldn't concur.


Shalom through strength...




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Thanks Be To Israel


December 22, 2009


With President Obama exhibiting a disquieting lack of leadership on the issue of Iranian proliferation--look for Israel to boldly take the lead. Faced with only two available options (military action or a nuclear armed Tehran)--the Jewish State will most certainly flex its military muscle by striking the Islamic Republic's nuclear facilities.

And in the end, the world (reluctantly of course) will once again thank Israel for preventing a bloodthirsty, hyper-homicidal Islamic regime from going nuclear.




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Citizenship For 'Palestinians'? Get Real


December 21, 2009


On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel declared itself as an independent nation, and was quickly recognized by the United States, Iran, the Soviet Union, and many other countries. From that very day, the tiny Jewish nation was pummeled by its 'neighbors', who have sworn to eliminate it from the world's maps.


Over the decades, Israel has been pressured to give up its land through duress, threats and violence. And little by little, the haters of the tiny nation have been successful in forcing the surrender of significant amounts of the Jewish homeland...with continued pressure to relinquish the rest.


Recently, a gadfly within the Likud party (Israel's ruling party), by the name of Tzipi Hotovely, has insisted Bibi Netanyahu is wrong to suggest the 'Palestinians' be given their own state out of Israel's land, but instead they should be given Israeli citizenship. How would this be accomplished? Hotovely suggests, "we should consider granting gradual citizenship to Palestinians based on loyalty tests."


Oy vey...this is Meshugana (crazy) for several reasons:


1. It would give so-called Palestinians entry to the land in a way that would be interpreted as a 'right of return'.


2. Mohammedans have a doctrine, allowed by the Quran (16:106; 9:3), known as Taqiyyah, which allows them to lie to infidels (unbelievers), so "loyalty tests" would be futile.


3. The land could be easily flooded, which would change the demographics to an Arab majority and would end Jewish rule.


What MK Hotovely may or may not realize is that Bibi stated unequivocally that all violence toward Israeli civilians must cease, and the PA (Palestinian Authority) must recognize Israel's right to exist...prior to any creation of a 'Palestinian' state. Violence has continued since the rebirth of Israel...and with the collective Arab refusal to recognize the Jewish State's right to exist...makes the idea of a 'Palestinian' state moot. 


MK Hotovely and her ilk: Stop the political infighting at such a critical time in Israel's survival...and for once, as we said in the old West: Support your local Sheriff.


Shalom through strength...






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Cow Farts And Infidels


December 18, 2009


Wouldn't it be grand if Western Civilization displayed the same passion for eradicating Islamo-terrorism as it does for eliminating so-called lethal emissions (such as cow farts) that contribute to global warming?

By the way--the last time I checked--it wasn't a bovine blast that killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11--but rather 19 thugs who followed the ancient Islamic creed: Death to the infidels.




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Precondition? Fagetaboutit...


December 17, 2009


'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas ordered Tuesday that the international community recognize the 1967 borders as the borders of a new 'Palestinian' state. And that's not all...he stated that this was a precondition for the recommencement of peace talks with Israel.


Um...yeah right...


Why not throw in 'and Israelis roll over and play dead' while you're at it. 


Not happening, Mahmoud...this would leave Israel indefensible. It would leave Israel barely 9 miles wide at its frail midsection. Just where the Arab world would love them to be.


The West cannot allow such a compromise...to do so would permit massive casualties of innocent Israeli civilians.


For we would be as Macbeth...with a blood stain that can never be washed out.


Shalom through strength...





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Playing The Role Of Judas


December 16, 2009


The pending prosecution of three Navy SEALs--who apprehended Islamo-thug Ahmed Hashim Abed--is an egregious tragedy. Imagine, US military commanders (not to mention a gaggle of American lawyers) taking the word of a truculent and savage al Qaeda operative over the testimony of men who willingly risk live and limb for our great nation.

Not only has this cataclysm fomented disgust and disbelief among most Americans, but it will most certainly have a chilling, not to mention demoralizing effect on US Special Forces. After all-- how can we expect these intrepid warriors to continue putting their lives on the line when those in command are playing the role of Judas.

It is long overdue for our commander in chief to cast aside his notorious anti-American inclinations--and do what is noble: dismiss all charges against the SEALs.

Now is the time for leadership--not backstabbing (our troops).




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Hamas: Gaza Schmaza, We Want It ALL


December 15, 2009


So, you think the 'Palestinians' just want a little piece of Israel's land? A two-state solution? Think again...


The streets of Gaza City were filled with thousands this past Sunday and Monday of hopeful potential neighbors of Israel. What were they doing? Celebrating 22 years of terror attacks on Israelis by the Hamas terror group (the duly elected majority party of the Palestinian Authority [PA]).


They were partying down with parades and orators...one of which was Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh ( a 'noble' character involved in numerous terror attacks on Israeli civilians and had major roles in the first and second Intifadas). Haniyeh said, "This movement liberated the Gaza Strip with the help of the militant factions...Brothers and sisters, we will not be satisfied with Gaza...Hamas looks toward the whole of Palestine."


I'm sorry...was he referring to the 'hole' of 'Palestine'? I thought Arafat was dead? 


Anyway...Hamas, and it's constituents, have much more to rejoice about. Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, the terror group has augmented weapons trafficking and the digging of tunnels along the Philadelphi Corridor. Military observers say Hamas now possesses Iranian-made rockets which are capable of reaching Tel Aviv, in addition to a hefty new supply of anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.


Just the PA way of saying, 'Howdy neighbor', I guess...


OK...this is a test for our leaders and the Quartet: The PA and the greater Arab World don't merely want Judeo Samaria or the 1967 borders or the Golan Heights...they want ALL of Israel. 


And ALL means ALL.


Israel has warned of this. Israel's supporters have warned of this. HAMAS has PROMISED this. What precisely, don't the 'neutral' mediators understand? 


As the 'Palestinians', and their terrorist leaders, do a victory dance in the Streets of Azzah (Hebrew name for Gaza)...will somebody in the West get a clue? 


Shalom through strength...





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December 14, 2009

For those conservatives who waxed rhapsodic over President Obama's Oslo speech last week--take a pill. One hawkish speech (delivered by a 'we are the world', community organizer-in-chief) does not mean the man is now Winston Churchill.

Lest we forget, Obama had to be dragged (against his leftist ideological will) kicking and screaming like a bit** just to okay a surge in Afghanistan. A surge, mind you--that commanders explicitly and urgently stated was necessary in order to be victorious.

At this great crucible in our nation's history, empty bravado is a dangerous endeavor. If Obama truly desires to be a successful wartime president he must (without telegraphing his punches to the enemy) not only score a decisive win in Afghanistan--but also (unilaterally, if need be) prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Wartime president or big time wuss?




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A Referendum: Now THAT'S Perspicacity!


December 11, 2009


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu is proving himself to be the perspicacious leader many of us in the US believed he was. With a lack of reasonable support from the Obama administration (not making Israeli citizen's security a priority)...Bibi has brilliantly decided to leave it to the people...


Bibi, and his administration, is standing behind a bill obligating a national referendum be held if Israel is faced with surrendering the Golan Heights and/or East Jerusalem. The bill asserts that in the case the government and the Knesset hand down a decision to surrender territory that is under full Israeli sovereignty, such as the Golan Heights and/or East Jerusalem, that the issue be brought to the people via a referendum within 180 days of passage by the Knesset. The only thing that will nullify the need for a referendum? A vote of 80 or more members of the Knesset.


Oh this is a serious ouch! for Obama...


How? O claims, like all Liberals do, that he is a man of the people (don't barf yet)...so if it goes to a referendum, as I believe it will...what can O say? He could attempt to palter as he does concerning what the American people want, but he will not be able to manipulate the media there as he does here. The Israeli media don't get a thrill up their leg when O talks (more like a dry heave). And if the Israeli people have spoken...he will look as if he is going against the collective will of the Israeli population...or 'meddling'...and we all know he doesn't do that, right? 


With the utmost respect for Bibi, I say "you go guy!" The majority of Americans are with you. We respect your sovereignty and the necessity to protect the Jewish State and its people, even if the current occupant of the White House does not. 


The Golan Heights and Jerusalem are NON-negotiable...end of story.


Shalom through strength...




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Will The 'Beast' Take A Bite For Freedom?


December 10, 2009


You've probably heard of the 'Beast of Burden', or perhaps the 'Mark of the Beast', and most likely 'Beauty and the Beast'. But have you ever heard of the 'Beast of Kandahar'?


Well give an ear here...


The RQ-170 Sentinel is a creation of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Program, and was dubbed 'Beast of Kandahar' by veteran aviation expert Bill Sweetman. He describes the wingspan as being about 80 feet, and notes "One important detail: the overwing fairings are not B-2-like inlets, but cover some kind of equipment - satcoms on one side, perhaps, and a sensor on the other."


Now that's a BIG birdie...


The Beast's designation signifies an unarmed drone instead of the armed Predator UAV which has been utilized numerous times to launch missiles at terrorist sites on the AfPak border. But the craft apparently has "a deep, fat center-body" so...you never know what 'goodies' it can carry for our Persian 'friends'...


So here's hoping the Beast has taken (and will continue to take) a bite out of the Islamofascists' clandestine arsenal by taking a peak at the works...for the sake of freedom-loving people everywhere.


Shalom through strength...and HOOAH!! 





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Either The Cowering Ends Or Western Civilization Will


December 8, 2009


From foot baths at US universities to Sharia courts in the UK to cowering at Iran's every threat--Western Civilization (WC) is in hyper-retreat from Islam. And it is this very grim retreat that has served to encourage Islamo-despots (and their malignant proxies) to march towards their ultimate goal of a global Islamic hegemony.

While WC is engaged in pitiful self-flagellation over waterboarding--jihadists are not only mutilating our soldiers and incinerating civilians, they are also working feverishly to impose their draconian doctrine on our culture. (CAIR has openly stated that its modus operandi is to see America become a Sharia state.)

Either the cowering ends or Western Civilization will.




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O's First Accomplishment: Dissing Us Into Danger


December 8, 2009


Putting aside his majesty's 'America Blows Tour', in which Obama apologized globally for everything excluding our respiration. And even ignoring his reversal on our government's agreement with our friends in the Czech Republic and Poland on the missile defense shield...Obama's treatment of our friends in the vanguard of the war on terror, has put us in greater peril...


Recently, PM Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, "In the last year, two things have happened...Iran has advanced its military nuclear program, and the international community has lost its legitimacy." 


Does this include America?


You betcha...Bibi had more to add. He stated that although relations with the US had improved (I'm sure with no help from Obama)..."none of the understandings that were reached with the Bush administration [in return for the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip] have been honored."


Nice, O...not only have you dissed our rep wherever you have gone, but now you are abandoning our steadfast allies, who are the West's face to our jihadist enemies...


You're a genius...


Israel's agreement with the Bush administration, which provoked what is known as the Disengagement Plan, where Israel pulled out of Gaza and parts of the West Bank...was to be matched by the 'Palestinians' by a cessation of hostilities and the recognition of Israel's right to exist.


Did either occur? Guess... 


O has done bupkis to woo his pals in the Gaza Strip into honoring their word. Well, what do you think of that? The PA has NEVER kept their word, and O hasn't yet kept his! Looks like those PA fellers are learning O how to be a palterer. (Like he needed any help.)


Obama must have his feet held to this fire and fast. If our allies second guess our integrity, we will be in grave danger if we find we need their aid in the future. And with Iran bulldozing their way to a nuclear nightmare...we may need them sooner than later.


Shalom through strength...





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A Barghouti Release Will Mean Third Intifada


December 7, 2009


There is much chatter lately that Israel is seriously considering the release of 'palestinian' terrorist and leader Marwan Barghouti, as part of the exchange deal for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Is this a problem?


You have no idea how much of one...


Marwan Barghouti is a convicted terrorist, having murdered 5 Israelis and suspected in the murder of 33 others. He was the leader of both the First and Second Intifadas. He is serving a sentence of five consecutive life terms plus 40 years. But has this conviction provoked remorse in this villain? 


Au contraire... 


Barghouti's extremist and erroneous view concerning Jerusalem was set in stone more than two decades ago when, in an interview with Independent Media Review and Analysis (IMRA), Barghouti stated that not only should the settlements be blown up, BUT there should be no compromise on Jerusalem: ALL of it should belong to the 'Palestinians'.


He has spent the past several years of condign punishment fueling up his Jew-hatred, as his prominence within the PA, and the 'palestinian' community, has grown. NOW, Israel appears to be willing to let this mongrel go...in a feckless exchange...which will surely result in a Third Intifada...and the slaughter of thousands more innocent Israelis.


Of this, there is no doubt...


Here's a novel idea...rather than once again endangering the Israeli civilian population by pressuring Israel to further negotiate with their bloodthirsty neighbors...why doesn't the West tell the 'Palestinians' to give back Shalit and to cease killing civilians?


Oh, what am I saying...that would mean loving truth...and that doesn't appear to be on the agenda of O or the EU any time soon.


Shalom through strength...





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Ukraine: Trying To Keep Up With The Jew-Hating Joneses 


December 4, 2009


It's been quite evident, for some time, that anti-Semitism...that never really died in Europe...is on the rise again. And just so they won't be out-of-fashion, the Ukraine has decided to throw their hat in the ring...


It seems several Ukrainian websites assert Israel has brought approximately 25,000 Ukrainian children into the country, in the past two years, in order to harvest their organs.


Hmm...some of the Ukraine's major exports are fuel and petroleum products...think they just might be giving them a whiff before shipping?


The erroneous assertion was made by a Ukrainian philosophy professor and author at a pseudo-academic conference in Kiev last weekend, and reflects the latest wave of anti-Semitism there.


Israel has been alarmed by this wave as well...26 Knesset members wrote a letter condemning anti-Semitic remarks by presidential candidate Sergey Ratushnyak. the letter was sent to Ukrainian leaders and complained that in his mayoral campaign, Ratushnyak blamed the Holocaust on the Jews, claiming they stole German property, and cautioned of the same thing happening in the Ukraine.


I have to say, I am taken aback by the depth of Jew-hatred in the country, whose capital was the birthplace of my paternal grandfather (Kiev). Are these politicians the result of a generation of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome, due to their moms Vodka consumption? 


Because that's the only excuse I can afford such irrational behavior.


Shalom through strength...





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For The Left, Where Does Rifqa's Choice Begin And End?


December 3, 2009


OK, you liberals out there...you supposed 'champions of choice'...when it comes to a 17-year old girl: Where does choice begin and end?


Every American knows when it comes to a supposed woman's right to choose--you are the most vocal and visible bunch on the planet. Especially for a teenager who wants to rid herself of what the Left calls 'the product of pregnancy'...also know as a human baby.


But where oh where are you 'defenders' when it comes to the true constitutional rights of legitimate freedoms like religion, and a young girl, like Rifqa Bary's right to choose hers? Gone fishing, eh?


It appears that your brand of 'freedom' begins and ends with destroying the developing world of a defenseless human being. It's what you live for...and what you worship.


Sorry, Rifqa...you won't have these 'champions' fighting for you...they've already chose THEIR religion.




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Defeated By A Self-Hating American


December 2, 2009


President Obama's anti-Americanism is on display for all the world to see. By punishing the Navy SEALs who captured Iraq's most wanted terrorist, Ahmed Hashim Abed--our commander in chief has (yet again) used the world stage to impugn his fellow citizens, while extending an olive branch to the very bloodthirsty Islamo-thugs who seek to behead them.

This is just one of the many toxic manifestations of Obama's approach to the War on Terror. An approach rooted in a hyper-liberal philosophy that dictates the following: Feel-good rhetoric, mea culpas and anti-American agitprop is the most viable way to bring the enemy to a kumbaya moment.

In the end, history will record the following: America was defeated, not by the enemy--but by a self-hating American.





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Obama's Delay Makes Us Prey


December 1, 2009


In war, there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. Why? Because there is no such thing as a perfect war...


Mr. Obama's protracted delay concerning Afghanistan has not only caused further unnecessary troop casualties, but has weakened us and our military in the world's (and Arab Street's) eyes.


Brilliant job, O...


Some may say that's unfair...but is it really? On the campaign trail, Obama repeatedly said fighting al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan would be his top priority. AND he also said "I Will Consult With Military Commanders On The Ground And Be Open To The Possibility Of Tactical Adjustments." 


Has this been his priority? Let's see...


On August 30th, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, commander of all forces in Afghanistan, told Mr. Obama that he needed 40,000 additional troops to fight the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. But instead of following through on his promised priority, the president was busy with nationalizing healthcare (though Americans are clearly against it), cap and trade (to destroy small business) and his 'America Blows Tour' (in which he has apologized for everything America has done, except breathing...but you never know, that just might be the 2010 tour).


In the Art of War, Sun Tzu said:


"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle."


The president knows neither his military NOR the enemy...therefore his ignorance has imperiled us and made us prey to our enemies in the Middle East and at home. And here's the first fruits of Obama's fecklessness...


Afghan Leader of the Taliban, Mullah Omar, from his new cavernous and clandestine digs, warned Obama:


"Considering the present facts in Afghanistan, you and your allies are facing inevitable defeat which will remain whether by sending more troops or taking a series of illogical strategies...And may you know that the logic of using force today has lost its effect, and you cannot control the Afghani people through monetary force or your satanic trickery."


Forget your 'strategy' announcement, Mr. President...our enemies already have it.


Shalom through strength...




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