We're Not Spain!



©2004 Patrick Rooney

Any state that does not mess with our security has naturally guaranteed its own security. 
                                               --The Coward

Well, Senator Kerry finally got the ultimate endorsement —from the Coward. The endorsement came in the form of the Coward’s eighteen minute poison-tongued tribute to the Bush family. Make no mistake about it—the Coward does intend to sway our elections, and we know in which direction. But I believe the Coward has made a small error in judgment: You see, we’re not Spain! 

We all know that Spain cowered to the Coward. They backed off, and put a Leftist in power, calculating the wolf would eat them last. 

Now the Coward has dropped his October surprise on us—yawn. What else was left? Senator Kerry has had help from every other enemy of America. Why not go to the top? First we had Michael Moore and his masterpiece of Goebbelism. You know when the French are giving you awards; you’re either Jerry Lewis or a traitor. And I’ve never heard Moore say, “Hey pretty la-a-dy!”

Then the media came forward. On top of their daily slants, spins, dodges, and omissions, they decided to step up their game, and just go for the jugular. After all, why not lay it on the line for the Super Bowl of presidential elections? 

CBS created journalistic malpractice with “Memogate, Rathergate”. Then we found out about ABC Political Director Mark Halperin’s memo to his underlings urging them to treat some candidates more equally than others.

Then CBS, undaunted and unashamed, teamed up with the New York Times for its “Almost October Surprise” hit on the Bush administration regarding “missing” munitions. Kerry took off running with it as if the facts were undisputed. Too bad the military had to dispute them—the story failed to detonate.

The entertainers have come on board for Kerry. Many of the big names are has-beens like Bette Midler and Barbara Streisand, but hey, maybe the exposure can boost sagging careers—if not figures. Now Bru-u-u-ce—the Boss is on board. Someone please tell him Woody Guthrie is dead.

Add to that P. Diddy’s silly “Vote or Die” “nonpartisan” campaign and the other phony “Hate Bush” campaigns in the black community. And the preachers selling out their pulpits for a machine that will just as soon spit them out as look at them. 

And who can forget the endorsement made by the first black president, Bill Clinton?

The corrupt unions and their “On the Waterfront”—style thugs intimidating voters.

The shooting up of Bush-Cheney campaign headquarters. 

The university indoctrination of students to vote for Democrats.

Have I mentioned the other terrorists in the tank for Kerry? According to the Washington Times, he has received a ringing endorsement from Iraqi “insurgents” and from none other than ailing Uber-Terrorist Yasser Arafat, among others.

In short, John F. Kerry has piled up a mountain of endorsements—from those who hate America.

In contrast, President Bush has primarily had the endorsement of two groups—our heroic military men and women, and average Americans across this country. You know who they are—the ones who pay the bills and the taxes, remain faithful to their wives and husbands, raise strong kids, fly the American flag, and actually love this country. Yeah, those people.

I do believe that there are enough Americans out there who still have their common sense intact. Most of them don’t agree with the president on every issue nor should they. They don’t need to. Because there’s one overriding issue this time—our survival. 

This could be the election defined by normal, everyday Americans. The last special interest group standing, if you will.

I believe that the President will shortly crush the Fallujah “insurgency” and help give Iraq a real shot at freedom. Then Iran and Korea will have to straighten up or deal with us. The face of the Middle East will change—indeed has already dramatically changed—for the better. And America and Israel will be more secure.

Americans are beginning to see that indeed character does matter. Our President is a man of character, because he fears God, not men. He certainly has no fear of the Coward and his minions. Nor do real Americans.

I believe they will soon send the Coward a message.

Patrick Rooney is the Director of Development at BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family By Rebuilding the Man.”

For more information, please visit www.bondinfo.org, call 1-800-411-BOND (2663), or write to patrick@bondinfo.org.