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Obama: And For My Next Magical Trick 


April 30, 2009


Riding on his high personal poll ratings, Obama intends to do his will concerning the PA. His last attempt, through Sec. of State Clinton, didn't fare well when Americans found out...so now O's trying another slight of hand...


O's administration has requested Congress make minor changes in US law that would permit the continued provision of funds to the Palestinian Authority (PA) even if Hamas officials remain part of a 'Palestinian' unity government...which they will since they are the majority party voted in by the 'Palestinian' people. O asked for the changes as part of a $83.4-billion emergency spending bill that also includes funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill would provide $840 million for the PA and for rebuilding Gaza post-Operation Cast Lead...the operation that was necessary to put a stop to the daily barrage of rockets from Gaza into innocent civilian areas in Israel.


It isn't appalling enough that O is determined to fund these terrorists, knowing full well that the funds will be confiscated and used to kill innocent Jews...but the fact that he's requesting the money be attached to funds to support our troops in carrying out their job of protecting us, is egregious. 


US officials assert that O's proposal doesn't amount to recognition of Hamas or assisting the terrorist group. 


Really? How are you going to pull that one out of your hat? 


Hamas and Fatah ARE terrorist groups. They comprise the PA. If you give the PA the money, Hamas (the majority party) gets the money...and they summarily turn that dough into ammo, to kill innocent Jews.


And now for your next magical trick...


The mere fact that Barry is persistent about this proves he is either clueless about the entire situation...which I doubt...or he truly loathes the Jewish State and is getting his digs in under the guise of 'helping' the poor little 'victims'. 


The volunteer for his disappearing act is our tax dollars...and they will never return...along with the innocent Jewish lives lost by Barry's 'generosity'.





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Two Reasons There Will NEVER Be A Palestinian State


April 29, 2009


The talk of a two-state solution in the Middle East has been part of the Arab Street's daily fare for almost 42 years...and it won't be ending any time soon...


In order to comprehend the Israeli-Palestinian situation correctly, the following must be understood: The so-called Palestinians and their Arab/Muslim brethren have no intention of ever seeing a 'Palestinian' State side-by-side with Israel. Why? There are two primary reasons...


First, in order to have two states, living side-by-side...the PA (that would include, Hamas & Fatah, which comprises the PA) and their ilk including Hezbollah (let's save time here and say the Muslim Brotherhood and it's tentacles), Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc....would all have to accept Israel's right to exist. 


Ain't happening...a slab of bacon has a better chance of sliding down an Imams throat...


Second, the establishment of a 'Palestinian' State would remove the 'victimhood' status from so-called Palestinians. Millions, upon millions of dollars are donated by world governments for the poor battered 'refugees' (which is summarily confiscated by Hamas et al to fund their Jihad against the Jews). Israel is loathed and condemned daily for their 'treatment' of the 'innocent' and 'displaced' settlers...a source of Muslim recreation. And the Arab Street's main grievance for a lack of peace in the Holy Land (Israel's existence) would be no more.


What would a terrorist have left to live for?


Hopes and dreams of peace are ideals that will never be realized or manifested in the Holy land...and it will NOT be Israel's fault. It's so-called neighbor-wannabes, and their kin, will ensure it will never happen...as long as they live. 


Shalom through strength.




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Obama: Prince Charming Or Snake Charmer?


April 27, 2009


We've all heard about it...Barry and his 'charm offensive'...Obama believes he can charm just about anyone into seeing things his way. The Iranians, the Europeans, Chavez, the Saudi Prince, etc....(well personally...I find his 'charm' offensive). 


But I believe Barry is no Prince Charming, but rather a Snake Charmer...


Snake charmers use an instrument to apparently hypnotize the snake...Barry just uses his Cheshire Cat Smile...Ooo, how charismatic...


But a snake charmer has to keep his eyes on the snake or he can get bitten, as some have. In the case of Barry...it will be impossible, even if he was willing, to keep his eyes on these snakes...and in that case we are the ones who will get bitten...and a poisonous bite it will be. 


O may think he is charming and is able to sway our enemies, but truly he is nothing but a useful idiot who is only charming himself into the deception that he can bring change by flashing his ivories. What he is actually doing is giving enemies, like Iran, more time to develop nuclear capabilities. And the message to the Arab Street that we are able to be compromised.


Thanks for charming us into peril, Barry...I guess it's a change from getting a bite taken out of our wallets...snakes on the Hill can take care of that.


In fairy tales, Prince Charming brought a happy ending, but this 'charmer' will not be as gracious...





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Bringing Down A Nation: Obama Knows How


April 22, 2009


"The most fundamental paradox is that, if we're never to use force, we must be prepared to use it and to use it successfully. We Americans don't want war, and we don't start fights. We don't maintain a strong military force to conquer or coerce others. The purpose of our military is simple and straightforward: we want to prevent war by deterring others from the aggression that causes war. If our efforts are successful, we will have peace and never be forced into battle. There will never be a need to fire a single shot. That's the paradox of deterrence."  --Ronald Wilson Reagan


Without a strong military to protect a nation's sovereignty...a nation is not. Vulnerable to all who desire to pillage, conquer or enslave. And when one is honored enough to take the oath of office for the presidency...in which he vows to protect the US from enemies foreign and domestic...that entails using a military that is strong...


Now let's take Obama...a man who on the campaign trail in Nashua, NH said, concerning Afghanistan "gotta get the job done"...which "requires us to have enough troops that we're not just air raiding villages and killing civilians which is causing enormous problems there"...and is now the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces. One could be baffled as to why this man would want to be the leader of a force he never desired to serve as a foot soldier, and one he accused of callously slaughtering innocents. 


Well wonder no more...O didn't want to be a leader of the military, but a fifth column in it. With his words, he now blows kisses to the troops...but his plan is quite devious. He is surreptitiously using backdoor methods to destroy the strongest military in the world...


Firstly, he is cutting supplemental spending, which is needed to continue combat operations and Special Operations (Spec Ops) like on the Horn of Africa (i.e. Pirates) and the Philippines (Counter Terrorism). 


Secondly, he plans to eliminate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" which would allow Homosexuals to serve openly in the military...which would severely hamstring combat readiness and unit cohesion. (But he wouldn't know that since he never served.) 


Thirdly, he is not allowing enhanced interrogations, which will dramatically reduce the amount of Intel we receive, not only as it pertains to terrorist attacks on US soil, but also attacks against our troops abroad. It was these very techniques, employed by the Bush administration, that have kept us safe for over 7 years. 


A nation is only as strong as its military. Obama knows this. And with that knowledge he will destroy the nation that allowed him to live free and achieve his dreams (which is now everyone else's nightmare). 


Shalom through strength...in this world, it is the only way to peace...




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Israel: It's Time To Lock & Load


April 21, 2009


It's two minutes to midnight for Israel. Unlike the Cold War, where those a part of MAD (mutually assured destruction) did not desire to lose their own lives...the Mullah's, and their puppet (Ahmadinejad), are willing to die for their caustic cause. 


And they have made it abundantly clear that they will indeed wipe Israel off the map...and they will begin as soon as they have the nuclear capability...


But Iran's ghoulish goal is not altruistic in nature, but rather mercenary. Ahmadinejad believes he will usher in his messiah. by creating world chaos...as well as receive his 72 virgins in paradise.


In March of this year, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nancy Soderberg, said the plan for an Israeli strike might be moved up if Israel thought Russia was going to follow through on its promise to supply Iran with a surface-to-air missile system that would greatly perplex an Israeli attack.


In addition, IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi said that his military must ready for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities if diplomatic efforts fail. And they will, because you cannot sit down at the negotiating table with those who are hell-bent on your destruction.


It's 2 minutes to midnight...it's time for Israel to lock and load...they may never get another chance to take this stand...in one piece.


Shalom through strength...




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Shiver Me Timbers, The Pirates Aren't Pirates At All


April 17, 2009


The entertainment industry knows the power they possess. And despite truth, they know they can turn, manipulate and deceive the citizenry with as little as a 15 second spot. 

Such is the case with the recent pirate incidents. Because of movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean and the like, few people if any are making the connection between the Somali Pirates and what they truly are...they are romanticized as seafaring adventurers protecting their coast, which couldn't be further from the truth...


According to the terrorism wonk, Robert Spencer, in the summer of 2008, Somali pirates became active off the Horn of Africa. The head of the East African Seafarers’ Assistance Programme (Andrew Mwangura), confirmed that Al-Shabaab (Somali jihadists), use piracy to fund their jihad: “According to our information, the money they make from piracy and ransoms goes to support al-Shabaab activities onshore.”


Whoa...you mean the pirates aren't really pirates? Well, shiver me timbers...

You see, Al-Shabaab has numerous links to jihadist activity in other areas. Al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (“Jihadist Youth”) is linked to al-Qaeda and promotes the strict application of Islamic law.


Heard about this in the media? Or maybe from the 'agent of change' in the White House? Didn't think so...


These Pirate Jihadists are actually a repeat of history...before Thomas Jefferson became President, he was an envoy to Europe. He questioned the ambassador from Tripoli as to why they were attacking American merchant ships. The ambassador responded by saying 'we are Muslim, and you are Christian, therefore it's our duty to attack you'. These were the infamous Barbary Pirates...


So how about some truth for a change? These 'pirates' are terrorists...they don't don an eye patch, a hat with skull-n-crossbones or parrots perched on their shoulders. They are vicious, bloodthirsty Muslim thugs who fuel, by their activities, worldwide terror...the same that killed 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11.


So, are the Somali Pirates looking for buried treasure? Or are they really "Voluntary Coast Guards?" 


You can send those to walk the plank...cause you now know the truth.






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The PA: "Well, Howdy Neighbor!"


April 16, 2009


Did you hear about the 'Palestinian' fishing boat that exploded as it neared the Israeli coast from the area of Gaza. IDF sources said that the booby-trapped boat was triggered by remote control and intended to explode near an Israeli Navy vessel or a civilian coastal community.


Well, Howdy Neighbor! 


Honestly, haven't we had enough of this 'peaceful' neighbor bunk? The empirical evidence speaks vociferously that 'palestinians' do not want to be Israel's neighbor...they want to be their undertaker.

You know, if I were Israeli, I'd be buying my welcome mat right now...


And the international community is riding Israel to make friends with THIS? 


According to John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, "The Obama administration believes that Israel is as much or more of a problem as it is an ally, at least until Israel's disagreements with its neighbors are resolved." 


The 'palestinians' want to kill the Israelis, and the Israelis don't want to be killed. That's a disagreement? What is that, a demonstration of the absence of logic? These so-called peace talks are not a neighborhood initiative...they are a graveyard prospective. 


Time for truth...and the truth is...there will be NO peace in the Middle East as long as Islam is practiced as Muhammed designed it. 


Shalom through strength...in this world...it's the only way.





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Mullah MO: Any Which Way They Can


April 14, 2009


So the crackpot clerics of Iran (and their puppet Ahmadinejad) are on course to fulfill what they believe is their pernicious part (i.e. chaos) in ushering in their 12th Mahdi into the world...and there isn't a dang thing we can or are willing to do about it...


We are not speaking about a people who fear being harmed in pursuit of their cause...like the Russians were in the Cold War, but rather a zealous lot who long to die for their cause to gain greater reward (how mercenary). They have stalled for time in myriad ways:

They have used everything from soup to nuts in the menu (Halal, of course) of preventing the delay of their nuclear dreams. They will do and say just about anything (i.e. Ahmadinejad's Christmas message) and use just about anyone (i.e. the IAEA) to stall as they gain more time for their 'nuclear power' project. 


Luckily for the Mullahs, the world is full of useful idiots.


So, Tehran stop enriching uranium? We've got a better chance of Barry embracing capitalism...which is not in his genes. Nor is it in the genes of the Iranian Imams to cease and desist this quest.


The Mullahs will find any which way they can to reach their goal of decimating as many infidels as possible (beginning with tiny Israel) before their messiah ascends...and the chaos that will usher him in will result in our graveyard...and the cemetery of all freedom-loving people on earth.


...and no one will RIP...





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Islam Helped America: Are You Kidding?


April 8, 2009


"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country."


--Barack Obama to the Turkish Parliament April 6, 2009


So our great nation, which was built upon Judeo-Christian principles that insures freedom for all, was shaped by Islam? Really? 


I don't know, was the President hopped up on Turkish Delight before he gave this speech? Because a sugar-rush would explain the momentary lapse of memory concerning historical facts. 


OK, there's my concession...now to the facts...

And we're just scratching the surface...


I'll give Obama this much...Islam did do a lot to shape our nation: On 9/11. And because of their 'contribution', we'll never be the same again.


Giving them accolades for that is a wee bit morbidly bizarre...to say the least.





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Headed For A Head-On Collision 


April 6, 2009


Here's a history quiz...


Q. Captains and Lieutenants from the terrorist group Hezbollah have been spotted in Iraq. Who sent them there?

A. Iran


Q. "Explosively formed penetrators" or EFPs, which are being used in Iraq to kill our troops, are made in what country?

A. Iran.


Q. Imad Mugniyah , the mastermind leader of Hezbollah who was responsible for the murder of 241 US Marines and other military personnel (as they slept) in 1983 in Beirut, was sent there by what country?

A. Iran.


Q. Hezbollah was responsible for blowing up our embassy in Beirut, and for killing the Marine Corps Commandant in Lebanon, and the head of the CIA in Lebanon in the 1980s. They were also responsible for blowing up the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s. And who sent Hezbollah to those areas?

A. Iran.


Q. What country is currently, and fervently, developing a nuclear weapon which they have declared they would use to "wipe Israel off the map?"

A. Iran.


Q. What country's leaders believe they have been sent by Allah to prepare the way for their 12th Mahdi (The Hidden Imam) by creating chaos in the world?

A. Iran.



So we all can see, if we were not already aware, what Iran has done...and is capable of doing in the future. 


All of us, that is...except for Obama.


The Obama administration wants Iran as its key military and intelligence partner for resolving America's Afghanistan-Pakistan (aka "Afgpak") quandary. Um, did you get that? Considering the empirical evidence that Iran is a maniacal mass of miscreants chomping at the bit to eliminate Western Civilization...making them a 'military and intelligence partner'? 


I don't know about you, but I'd like to see Obama's grades for Western Civ. and Logic...or if he ever took these courses? But Harvard won't allow us to see what Mr. Transparent's records reveal. 


So...Obama really did mean he wanted to speak with Iran...with no preconditions...and now he's going to help them make Allah's dreams come true...by giving them access to our military intelligence. (Hey, why not just give us the rope and we'll hang ourselves?)


I'm not feeling all too safe right now, are you?


OK, you 52% that put this foreign policy genius in the driver's seat...we're headed for a head-on collision...any ideas?


I didn't think so...thanks a lot for the peril.




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EU To Israel: Do It Or Else...


April 3, 2009


This past week, the current EU President, Karel Schwarzenberg, gave Israel a stern caveat: If the Netanyahu government will not commit itself to establishing a 'Palestinian' state in the heart of the ancient Jewish homeland..."relations [with the EU] would become very difficult indeed."


In other words, they [Israel] would incur the displeasure of the European Union. Really? Don't they already have that? 


Honestly, is that a threat or a promise? What precise benefit is there to having the EU's favor? They allow you to save them from the next tyrannical takeover? 


The EU has some testicular fortitude there (too bad they couldn't locate that during WWII). What stupendous audacity (just like their dream king O), that they would dare attempt to give a sovereign nation an ultimatum, however weak...that if complied with would endanger that country's national security.


Is that diplomacy? How about trying that with Iran? Or are they afraid, perhaps, the end result might be a glowing population?


The EU has no authority to dictate to a sovereign nation what that country should do with their land.


And the EU went further...in an apparent attempt to dangle a carrot over Israel, Luxembourg's FM, Jean Asselborn, said the much discussed and desired upgrading of EU-Israeli commerce and political ties would be contingent upon Israel attaining a peace deal with the 'Palestinians'. 


Okee dokee...so in order to reach a 'peace' deal, there needs to be an end to disagreements, right? Well, the 'palestinians' want to kill the Israelis. And the Israelis don't want to be killed. How do you settle that 'disagreement', Jean 'Solomon' Asselborn? 


Got nothing? Exactly...


So, instead of forcing Israel to allow their enemies to destroy them from within, the EU should focus on cleaning up their ever-growing Muslim problem within their own borders...before Israel pressures them into a two-state solution. 


Shalom through strength...Israel gets it...the EU doesn't...do we?





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Bibi: Send A Surreptitious Salvo


April 2, 2009


Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu is now Prime Minister of Israel (Thank God). So what's on the menu? Oh just  the arduous work of saving Israel from utter destruction...


Small potatoes (or knishes)...right?


Well sure, if you continue to play the game of 'land-for-(nonexistent) peace'. But I believe Bibi is different. Yes, he's a politician...but he's more than that...he has the chutzpah of a soldier to go it alone, if necessary. And with no friend (but rather a fiend) in the White House...he knows that going it alone is more than a prospect...it's a probability. 


Bibi knows the mad mullahs (and their hate-oozing mouthpiece Ahmadinejad) are zealously determined to make Israel disappear from world maps (they're already gone from Arab maps). And if Israel does not act in defense of itself...no one will...certainly not the US, with O in charge. 


No matter what phase the Iranians are in of acquiring a nuclear weapon...they will possess the capability sooner rather than later. And, with our pathetic response by Robert Gates, concerning the North Korean missile launch...we have let Iran (and N. Korea) know that they can freely do business on nuclear matters...and we will do NOTHING to stop it.


Hey, now that's progressive change for ya...thanks, O (punch in the arm)...


Will Israel clandestinely strike Iran's nuclear machinations to set back their atomic clock? They have no other choice. Bibi needs to send a surreptitious salvo into Iran's nuclear facilities. And when they do, the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12:3 again will come to pass...to our (and the world's) benefit. 


Shalom through strength...in this world milieu, there's no other way.




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