When Truth Doesn’t Matter


©2004 Patrick Rooney


I’ve always been a trusting person. I’ve always believed that if people were given the truth, they would respond in a positive manner. Talk about naïve!


This notion first started to crack many years ago. I remember the first presidential election of Bill Clinton in 1992. Information came out in credible form that Mr. Clinton had a serious problem with adultery and the truth. The Gennifer Flowers story then threatened his candidacy, but he was bailed out by the great guardian of truth, “60 Minutes.”


At the time, I was baffled that so many people chose to accept Bill and Hillary’s incredible denials.


In 1996 and 2000, Ambassador Allan Keyes joined the Republican primaries. I thought that this guy really had truth on his side and the eloquence to get people to listen. But most chose not to.


So many times, I saw “the next great truth” that would turn America around: talk radio, the Internet, some great leader, a strategic cause, etc. All of these things had some effect, but only a limited effect individually. For the most part, those who already loved truth benefited from the new truth, and those who loved lies were not moved to reconsider.


I saw “Fahrenheit 911” recently (don’t worry, I didn’t pay), and noticed that for maybe two percent of truth, I had to wade through ninety eight percent of garbage. But devotees of the movie latch onto the whole as the Sermon on the Mount.


On the other hand, questions are coming up regarding Senator Kerry’s war record. The allegations by former military contemporaries of Kerry are backed up meticulously, in direct contrast to the sloppy Michael Moore movie, but it just doesn’t matter to the “Kool-Aid committed.”


It finally hit me after all this time—to an ever-growing segment of Americans, truth simply doesn’t matter. Okay, categorize me a slow learner!


We have grown, as John Edwards would say, two Americas . But not in the way he says. The two Americas are the one that believes in God, family, and the Constitution vs. the one that does not believe in God, wants to reengineer the family, and trample the Constitution underfoot.


One America has embraced the core Sixties belief—your parents are worthy of your contempt. This America has become hardened in their lies, and ugly. A far cry from the “peace and love” concept they were sold at the beginning.


Millions have indeed become hardened against truth. I know I was. Turned against my parents and against my country. Some like myself are fortunate to have returned to sanity. I thank God for that. But unfortunately, so many have refused to see.


One of our political parties, the Democrats, has in recent years embodied the proud rejection of truth. Increasingly its candidates are men and women without character who wrap themselves in false garments to advance their ego and power-driven cause.


They fight for voting rights for ex-felons and rush citizenship for illegal aliens. It is known that Osama bin Laden wants their man to be the next president. What does all of this so plainly say about them?


I often wonder what will become of America . Will enough injections of truth finally awaken the patient? Or will those of the lie inject enough willing subjects with their venom to carry the day? God only knows.


In conclusion I can only say this: While truth clearly doesn’t matter to many, it is still the only real weapon we have to turn this country around. It is meant to strengthen those who love it, and being sharper than a two-edged sword, cut those who hate it, giving them a wound to nurse and consider.


We do not know the effect truth is having inside someone, even if they do not outwardly change in that moment. All we know is how it has worked, and continues to work on us.


That is our great hope—that one day the steady accumulation of truth will reach the tipping point—and will prevail in this nation, for the sake of our people. Because thank God there still exists an America … where truth matters.


Patrick Rooney is the Director of Development at BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family By Rebuilding the Man.”

For more information, please visit www.bondinfo.org, call 1-800-411-BOND (2663), or write to patrick@bondinfo.org.