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The Un-American Factor


September 30, 2008


In yet another drivel loaded diatribe (this time over the bailout)--Bill O'Reilly spewed the following about conservative talk radio hosts: “These idiots.  I mean, they’re misleading you. They’re lying to you. They’re rich, these guys.  Big cigars. All of that. ‘Yeah, oh yeah, my private jet!’ And they’re saying, ‘Oh, no! No bail out!’ Uh, uh, no way!


What a heaping serving of bull@#**!


If anyone is "lying" (and an idiot)--it's O'Reilly.


For the past year O'Reilly has been playing one of the most polarizing, treacherous and damaging games in America: Class warfare.


By constantly squawking that oil companies (and their wealthy executives) are rapaciously engaging in price gouging against the "folks" --Blowhole Bill has dangerously turned one group of Americans against another.


And he has been able to accomplish this dirty deed without proffering a single shred of evidence to support his accusation.


There's only one way to describe such treachery: The Un-American Factor.




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Israel: Respected By A Former Fab Four


September 29, 2008


I was never a fan of the Beatles...but one of the former Fab Four did something recently that deserves praise...


These days...with the rise of anti-Semitism here and abroad...it is more than refreshing to see courage in the face of hate. Former Beatle Paul McCartney was asked to participate in one of Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations. His concert was scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008. 


But some Muslim encroachers weren't thrilled at all...Omar Bakri, an Islamic preacher, stated that McCartney's decision to perform as part of Israel's 60th anniversary celebrations made him the enemy of Muslims everywhere. 


Bakri was quoted as saying, "If he values his life, Mr. McCartney must not come to Israel...He will not be safe there. The sacrifice operatives will be waiting for him."


Sir Paul answered the encroachers with a royal kick in the *arse.


Lighting up Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park, Paul McCartney sang his heart out to 50,000 fans. What a great way to say to the terrorists, 'your threats mean bupkiss'.

McCartney deserves praise for refusing to cower in fear to these Islamic murderers. His actions reveal a venerable strength of character.


Sir Paul, you've done a **mitzvah...the blessing of Genesis come to you: 


"And I will bless them that bless thee..." 

Genesis 12:3





*arse - British slang for buttocks.

**mitzvah - a good deed done with the intention of honoring G-d.



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"The Neutered"


September 26, 2008


Will Iran go nuclear? Yes.


Why? Because Western Civilization (particularly America and Israel) has been castrated by liberal

intellects and ideologues that preach the War on Terror is nothing more than a machination to exterminate Muslims.


This castration has created a profound paralysis (soft diplomacy over military action) that has allowed the Islamic Republic to grow ever closer to becoming a nuclear power.


And the end result will be catastrophic: A modern day Hitler (Ahmadinejad) with a nuclear bomb. 


Decades from now (after the mushroom cloud settles) history will most certainly refer to this time period as "The Neutered." 




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Got Facts? The Educated Voter Series: Homeland Security


September 25, 2008


Note: This series is to help keep American voters 'in the know' on where the candidates stand on vital issues.



Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, our government has acknowledge that securing the homeland cannot simply rely on defensive approaches, well-planned responses and recovery measures.  Our efforts must also involve offensive measures at home and abroad.


Homeland Security must include:

  1. Preventing and disrupting terrorist attacks.

  2. Responding to and recovering from incidents that do occur. 

  3. Continuing to strengthen the foundation to ensure our long-term success, including:

  1. Military action (i.e. war in Iraq) globally must also be on the table to deal with an enemy that considers diplomacy weakness to be conquered. 

Without a strong and vigilant Homeland Security program, we are as vulnerable as we were on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.


Obama, in his own words:

"I think the problems of terrorism and groups that are resisting modernity, whether because of their ethnic identities or religious identities, and the fact that they can be driven into extremist ideologies, is one of the severe threats that we face. I don't think it's the only threat that we face."


(Answer to from 2007 debate concerning another attack on America's homeland): "Well, first thing we'd have to do is make sure that we've got an effective emergency response. The second thing is to make sure we've got good intelligence, A, to find out that we don't have other threats and attacks potentially out there, and B, to find out do we have any intelligence on who might have carried it out so that we can take potentially some action to dismantle that network."


McCain, in his own words:

"I agree with the [Bush] doctrine. And I'd also like to give President Bush a little credit. Right after 9/11, every expert in the world said there would be another attack on the US. There hasn't been. We created the Department of Homeland Security, and America is safer." 


"No American will ever forget what happened on the morning of 9/11, the moment when the pendulum of history swung toward a new era. It shook us from our complacency in the belief that the Cold War's end had ushered in a time of global tranquility. The opening chapter was tinged with great sadness and uncertainty. But an absence of complacency should not provoke an absence of confidence. What our enemies have sought to destroy is beyond their reach. It cannot be taken from us, but only be surrendered."


Now you know.



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We Wish Him G-dspeed


September 24, 2008


If John McCain is to be president--he must convincingly defeat Barack Hussein Obama at this Friday night's first of three presidential debates.


Why? Because the issue that will be debated is McCain's strongest: National security.


McCain, without ambiguity--must make the case that on the most pressing national security issue of our time, the Surge--he was right and Obama was profoundly wrong.


And, if the former Navy combat fighter pilot can accomplish this--he will be our nation's next commander-in-chief.


We wish him G-dspeed. 




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It's Time To Exhume The Truth


September 23, 2008


The truth concerning our current financial crisis is being conveniently buried under tons of populist rhetoric [Wall Street is evil] emanating from both political campaigns. 


And just what is the truth? That scores of working-class folks took out mortgages they knew they could not afford.


Sure, the machination to provide those on the lower-rungs of the socioeconomic ladder with the American dream was hatched (for political purposes) by liberal Dems, but the truth is all adults should know whether or not they can afford a house.


Even more egregious is the fact that (according to columnist Michelle Malkin) a majority of those who applied for sub-prime mortgages lied on their applications.  


Although it is much more popular (in today's Marxist milieu) to bash Wall Street, the fact remains that this is a case of the working-class getting screwed by the working-class.


It's time to exhume the truth.



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Love Of Israel Secondary To Democrat Jews


September 22, 2008


Today (Monday, Sept. 22nd), an anti-Iran rally (organized by the National Coalition to Stop Iran Now [NCSIN]) is being held in NYC, across from the UN headquarters. Its purpose is to protest the visit of Iran's President Ahmadinejad. But it appears, by their actions, that some Jews are more concerned with partisan politics than the hatred toward Jews and the Jewish State...


The focus was to protest the presence of an anti-Semitic, Holocaust denier at the UN General Assembly's session. Sen. Hillary Clinton was invited, and so was Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), (a stanch supporter of Israel). But her majesty Hillary didn't know Gov. Palin was invited. So when she found out, she canceled. The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) then demanded that Gov. Palin be disinvited...and she was...


Wah, wah (Dem war-cry)!!! And so, to please this whining participant, the NCSIN complied. 


Shame on the Dems. 


They were unwilling to put aside their partisan hatred for one single moment in order to send a poignant and critical message to a renowned Jew-hater, the anti-Jewish Muslim coalition at the UN, and the ever-growing anti-Semitic world.


It appears that since Sarah Palin has entered the scene, Dems just can't contain themselves. Their hatred is in such abundance that it's spilling over and infecting any reason they had left. The battle against the loathing of the Jewish State is far too important to be hindered by a group of ignorant putzes. On the issue of supporting Israel, the Dems need to keep all the friends they can get (because that group is diminishing by the hour).


To the Democrat Jews, from one of the greater *mishpochah: You are a shandeh un a charpeh (A shame and a disgrace) to Jews everywhere. 


Consider that with the High Holy Days approaching.





*Mishpochah - family



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We Must Defend Character


September 19, 2008


Despite enormous opposition to the Surge (Secretary of Defense, Joint Chiefs of Staff, top US military commanders, political leaders and the Iraq Study Group) President Bush remained determined and resolute.


(And we all know the outcome: The Surge was a major success.)


Bush's willingness to stand against the flow (in the face of unbridled invective and disapproval) clearly demonstrated his phenomenal character and leadership.


All Americans need to remember this the next time the 'Community Organizer' and friend to Bill Ayers starts ripping our president a new one.


We must defend character.




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Got Facts? The Educated Voter Series: Education


September 18, 2008


Note: This series is to help keep American voters 'in the know' on where the candidates stand on vital issues.



"If every parent in America knew what was really going on in the public schools, there would be a revolution."
 --Columnist Thomas Sowell 


"A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps both. --James Madison


The education system was designed to enable and encourage children to think. They were to accumulate facts and information and learn to evaluate situations by utilizing critical thinking. 


According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (aka the nation's report card), virtually 60 percent of US high school seniors do not even possess a basic knowledge of US history. Academic subjects have become secondary. 


The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), measures student literacy in science, math, and reading among 15-year-olds, and is an often-cited reference for policymakers sounding the warming bells regarding the state of education in the United States and its implications for the ability of Americans to acquire jobs in a global economy. In a recent study of 57 countries in the area of science, t he US ranked 29th, behind countries like Croatia, the Czech Republic, and Liechtenstein, and ahead of just nine other OECD countries. 


Fifteen-year-olds were tested in 32 of the world's most developed countries as part of the Program for International Student Assessment. The areas assessed were reading, math and science skills. The results showed that 14 countries ranked higher than the United States in overall literacy, with Finland, Canada and New Zealand topping the list. 


Because of the tragic performance of US schools (despite the billions that have been poured into it), a movement has begun by parents desiring vouchers to send their children to the school of their choice. The homeschooling movement has also grown in response to the failing school system.


Obama, in his own words:

"We'll make sure that every child in this country gets a world-class education from the day they're born until the day they graduate from college...We need to fix & improve our public schools, not throw our hands up and walk away from them. We need to uphold the ideal of public education, but we also need reform. That's why I've introduced a comprehensive strategy to recruit an army of new quality teachers to our communities--and to pay them more & give them more support."


(Quote from the Obama Campaign): "Senator Obama has always been a critic of vouchers...Throughout his career, he has voted against voucher proposals and voiced concern for siphoning off resources from our public schools...Mr. Obama's education agenda does not include vouchers, in any shape or form."


(Obama, concerning a Wash. D.C. voucher program): “We don’t have enough slots for every child to go into a parochial school or a private school. And what you would see is a huge drain of resources out of the public schools.”


McCain, in his own words

“Choice and competition is the key to success in education in America. That means charter schools, that means home schooling, it means vouchers, it means rewarding good teachers and finding bad teachers another line of work.”


"Many parents fear their children won't have the same opportunities they had. That is simply unacceptable in a country as great as ours. In many schools, particularly where people are struggling the hardest, the situation is dire, and I believe poses the civil rights challenge of our time. We need to shake up failed school bureaucracies with competition; hold schools accountable for results; strengthen math, science, technology and engineering curriculums; empower parents with choice; remove barriers to qualified instructors, attract and reward superior teachers, and have a fair but sure process to weed out incompetents."


Now you know.




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The New America: It Ain't Pretty


September 17, 2008


Welcome to the new America--where liberal lawmakers (with Marxism embedded in their DNA)

have vitiated the free market system by psychotically demanding that home mortgages be given to those on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder. 


And as a result of such a feckless and deranged  demand--responsible homeowners are now stuck with the bill (witness the $200 billion federal bailout of Freddie and Fannie).


Welcome to the new America: It ain't pretty.



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Supported 4 To 1: No Surprise


September 16, 2008


According to a recent BBC World Service poll--foreigners support Barack Hussein Obama over John McCain by more than 4 to 1.


No surprise here since Obama considers himself a "citizen of the world" (remember the Berlin speech) first and an American citizen second. Not to mention the fact that the senator from Illinois favors the European method of soft power (bootlicking diplomacy) when it comes to combating global terrorism.


Furthermore, Obama's outspoken disdain and contempt for the Iraq war has warmed the hearts of every suicide-bomber, al Qaeda operative, Taliban thug, frenzied jihadist and Islamic autocrat the world over.


Supported 4 to 1: No surprise.




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Nov. 4th In US Could Determine Jan. 9th In Israel


September 15, 2008


Our presidential election on November 4th is important for many reasons...among these is the next president will most likely choose 2 Supreme Court Justices, which will change the complexion of the court for many years. But there are situations beyond Iraq and Afghanistan that could speak volumes to us in the War on Terror if the wrong man is placed in office...


The Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas' term in office comes to an end on January 9, and as of yet, Abbas has not scheduled new elections, nor have any candidates offered themselves or begun campaigning. According to the PA constitution, if elections are not held the speaker or deputy speaker of the Palestinian parliament will become the new president.


Both of these men are members of terrorist group Hamas.


So why should this matter to Americans? 

With our courageous soldiers fighting jihadists to keep our citizens, and many worldwide, safe from their reach, the last thing we need is a friend of Muslim fiends calling the shots as commander of our military. 


So remember come November...the friend of my enemies is my enemy. 





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Got Facts? The Educated Voter Series: Tax Reform (Small Business)


September 11, 2008


Note: This series is to help keep American voters 'in the know' on where the candidates stand on vital issues.



In our capitalistic system, those who have worked hard to get ahead, mostly small business owners (SBO), supply the majority of jobs in our country. When taxes are raised on the SBO, in order to continue to turn a profit, they will either be forced to increase the price of their product or service (which hits middle income earners), or cut benefits, or cut jobs (which also hit the middle income earners). Those that earn between $200K-$250K fall into the SBO bracket. 


Obama, in his own words:

"I've ... proposed exempting all startup companies from capital gains taxes."


Obama wants to:

McCain, in his own words:

"We ... need to keep the IRS from taking more of your income and making life harder for small business."


McCain wants to:


Now you Know.



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September 11, 2001: 

Never Again...


September 11, 2008




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John McCain Was Right


September 10, 2008


During a speech he delivered yesterday to the National Defense University in Washington, President Bush said: "While the enemy in Iraq is still dangerous, we have seized the offensive, and Iraqi forces are becoming increasingly capable of leading and winning the fight."


He also added that he would bring over 8,000 troops home by February of 2009.


Of course, all of this good news has been made possible by the great success of the Surge.


Barack Hussein Obama (perhaps blinded by rabid political expediency) has yet to acknowledge-- in a major speech--the Surge's triumph.


I guess John McCain was right: The senator from Illinois would rather lose a war in order to win an election.




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Remember This Come Election Day


September 9, 2008

By the way, it was Nancy Pelosi (in 2006) that promised the following: "Democrats are offering a new direction, putting the common good of all Americans first for a change, and will make health care more affordable, lower gas prices, help working families, cut college costs, ensure dignified retirement--do it all in a fiscally sound way."

As usual, her words are nothing but a rhetorical exercise in mendacity.

The truth is--when the Dems took control of congress in '06--gas was $2.32 a gallon. It is now a crippling $4 a gallon and rising.  

Pelosi, of course--is a pathological liar. The San Francisco liberal never intended to lower the price of gas because she is a devout environmentalist who opposes domestic drilling. In fact--Madam speaker recently stated that she refuses to allow an up or down vote on drilling because she's too busy "saving the planet."

And, as most informed Americans know--domestic drilling (which John McCain favors) is key to lower prices at the pump.

Working families need to remember this come Election Day.



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Silent On Palin Attacks: NOW We Know


September 7, 2008


Pummeled in the press the minute her name was announced, on August 29th, as John McCain's running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin has revealed more about her enemies than her enemies expected...


For the majority of Palin's foes are so because of her strong stand against abortion. Oh, there are those who dislike her for being an advocate for the Second Amendment and for shooting, skinning and eating animals (isn't that what they're here for?)...but the chunk of her adversaries find her a bane because of her stance for the unborn. And so the liberal major media has been sniping at her for almost 2 weeks now...and there's been nary a word from woman's groups (in particular feminist groups) in her defense. The only Feminist group standing with her is Feminists For Life, a group that supports the traditional values that the first feminists held dear. But where is the National Organization for Women (NOW)? They claim to speak for all women (which they don't)...but they are undeniably and vehemently silent on behalf of this woman.


For what reason would NOW remain silent when one of their own gender is being persecuted? Because, after all, they are an organization for women, right? 


Not so fast...


The invisible small print on NOW is, they are for woman, as long as those women choose to murder their babies. Period. That's why they are mum on Sarah. And will remain so as they quietly sit and stick pins in their 'hockey mom' dolls...hoping their liberal cohorts in the media will demoralize her and eliminate her positions from ever reaching the ears of Americans...American women, that is.


Sarah is the acid test. NOW is silent on the pejorative way Palin is being treated in the media. NOW is silent on Palin's free speech rights being violated. NOW is silent on the blatant attacks upon a member of the gender they say they defend. NOW is not NOW at all.


And NOW we know.



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Character, At Such A Time As This


September 5, 2008


"I fell in love with my country when I was a prisoner in someone else’s. I loved it not just for the many comforts of life here. I loved it for its decency; for its faith in the wisdom, justice and goodness of its people. I loved it because it was not just a place, but an idea, a cause worth fighting for. I was never the same again. I wasn’t my own man anymore. I was my country’s."

                   ---Sen. John McCain on Love of Country


At a time when our nation is challenged by threats of Islamo-terrorism and a resurgent Russia (that has visions of KGB dancing in its head)...only a man of substance and character is fit to be commander-in-chief of the greatest nation on earth.


That man would have to be courageous, committed, selfless, veracious and filled with wisdom. He would choose a running mate with a similar veracity and the boldness to stand up against corruption and special interest. 


Together they would exemplify positive change that would bolster this free republic, rather than enslave it to self-serving narcissists that appeal to our lowest morals rather than our highest virtues.


In this election...at such a time as this...that man could only be Sen. John McCain.




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Got Facts? The Educated Voter Series: Healthcare


September 4, 2008


Note: This series is to help keep American voters 'in the know' on where the candidates stand on vital issues.



The recent mantra that there are 47 million Americans without healthcare in our nation is false. This number was invented by those desiring a national healthcare system (socialized medicine), and sadly, this fabrication has been reiterated extensively. The number is open to debate, with millions excluded for the following reasons: Those who are illegal residents (@10 mil.); those who can afford their own insurance, but choose not buy it (8.3 mil. making $50G - $74G/yr and 8.7 mil. making $75G+/yr); and those who already qualify for, but have failed to sign up for, existing government coverage. Note: According to the Congressional Budget Office, 45 percent of uninsured people will be uninsured for less than four months.


Many who are able to and desire to purchase insurance find it impossible to do so due to the exorbitant costs created by government restrictions and limitations. Our government prohibits us from purchasing health insurance out-of-state, reducing competition and driving up the price to make insurance inaccessible. 


A Free-Market solution, allowing individuals to purchase the healthcare of their choice (including out-of-state), would dramatically reduce healthcare costs. Government-controlled healthcare problems, as seen in countries already employing socialized medicine, include: (1) the massive costs and tax increases required to fund these healthcare programs, (2) the eventual deterioration of the quality of care, (3) extensive shortages and long waiting lists, (4) morally objectionable practices (i.e. abortions, euthanasia, infanticide, and drug needle programs) funded by these tax-supported structures, (5) still slower approval times than currently exist for beneficial new drugs and therapies, and (6) the accessibility of the finest medical resources to those who are able to circumvent the bureaucracy while inadequate care is sanctioned for everyone else.


Obama, in his own words:

"The problem is not that folks are trying to avoid getting health care; the problem is they can't afford it. My plan emphasizes lowering costs, not only setting up a government plan so that people who don't have health insurance can buy into it and will get subsidized, but also making sure that those who have health insurance but are struggling with rising co-payments, deductibles, premiums."


McCain, in his own words:

"The real question is: How are we going to keep health care costs down, because we have the highest quality of health care in the world in America today? Unlike the Democrats, I'm going to preserve that quality of health care, and at the same time stop the inflation & the skyrocketing costs of health care. And there's a couple of principles:(1)To make the recipient of the health insurance much more responsible in health-care costs.(2)To address wellness & fitness. (3)To give every American family a $5,000 refundable tax credit so they can go anyplace in America to acquire the health insurance policy that best suits their needs. (4) And, if they've got money left over, then invest it in a health savings account....I hope that we will never see the day in which the government tells us which health care plan we may enroll in or who will provide the care. To socialize our health care system, will be to ruin it."


Now you Know.



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More Radical Than Ever


September 3, 2008


According the onenewsnow.com--Bradley LeShawn Fowler of Canton, Michigan, is suing Zondervan and Thomas Nelson Publishers for printing Bibles that communicate G-d's proscription on homosexual conduct.


(And just when you thought the radical homosexual agenda couldn't get more radical.)


Incredibly, Fowler is seeking a total of $60 million from the publishers. An egregious amount when one considers the frivolousness of the suit.


This is yet another glaring example of radical homosexuals attempting to advance their agenda (via the court system) in order to legitimize their nonviable behavior. 


More radical than ever.




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As Patriotic As The Next Guy?


September 2, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama has thundered that he will not allow his patriotism to be questioned. The senator from Illinois clings to the conviction that he is just as patriotic as the next guy. 

(Of course, in order to believe this--we would have to blindly dismiss the following: His 20 year relationship with anti-American cleric Jeremiah Wright, his association with terrorist Weatherman Bill Ayers, and his earlier and strident castigation of American flag lapel pins.)

But I digress.   

What if the next guy happens to be a war hero?

Yes, a guy who in service to his country spent untold hours of torment, agony and despair as a POW in a damp, filthy dungeon. Where his limbs were repeatedly broken by a savage and relentless enemy. Yet, through it all--unselfishly put his nation and fellow comrades needs above his very own.

And,  as a result of such uncommon valor and sacrifice--has had to endure a lifetime of physical and emotional pain.

I think it is risible that Senator Obama (a former cheese-line organizer on the south-side of Chicago) would find his patriotism in anyway comparable to that of a war hero. After all, to don the uniform of your country (particularly during a time of war) is the ultimate act of patriotism.

Obama, in all his stunning narcissism--demands that he is just as patriotic as the next guy. But what if the next guy happens to be John McCain?

Well, then--he can demand all he wants: But no one's listening.



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McCain-Palin Ticket: Good For Israel


September 1, 2008


Presidential candidate and Senator John S. McCain is a friend of Israel. This is not a new position, as the Obama camp is donning...but the real deal...


Just an example: A short while following the Second Lebanon War, in one of his speeches concerning the situation McCain said, "My dear friends, you have probably seen our European friends say, 'Well, the Israelis have got to stop.' But what would we do if somebody came across our borders and killed our soldiers and captured our soldiers? Do you think we would be exercising total restraint?"


Bingo...this man understands the situation on the ground.


Sen. McCain also said recently, "Jerusalem is undivided, Jerusalem is the capital and we should move the embassy to Jerusalem..." Congress overwhelmingly passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, in 1995, firmly recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and obligating the administration to relocate the US Embassy there by 1999. Clinton and George W. Bush have failed to do so. 


This is sure to be accomplished with a President McCain, a man of his word.


McCain's VP pick, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin shares in the senator's position on Israel. She signed a resolution supporting Israel and Alaska's ties to the Jewish state, and has an excellent working relationship with her Alaskan Jewish constituents (@6,000).


This is not only a win-win ticket for America...but a blessed one for the Jewish State.






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