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We Just Don't Get It, Do We?


December 17, 2007


Let me ask you a question...if Canada was lobbing an average of 6.3 mortars and rockets a day on our civilian population since January, simply because they wanted our land and would like to see us dead, would we negotiate with them in a peaceful manner? Or would we submit to the pressure of so-called friends to give up more of our land to Canada in order to secure more of the imaginary peace we received the last time we gave our land for peace? 


Then why do we [US] continue our deleterious campaign of pressure on Israel? You got me...


Israel has had to endure daily bombings (6.3 mortars and rockets a day) of their civilian population since this past January (and nary a peep from the media). Since I have been able to obtain this information, surely the US government has access to it. And if they have bothered to at least glance at the facts on the ground, they would realize that the PA is no partner for peace. 


Another clue to the PA's intentions can easily be gained by giving a listen to their daily rhetoric on PA TV or Radio. Their mouths are frothing with hatred toward the Jews...counting the days until they push them into the sea (with the US giving the first shove).


Honestly, what will it take for us to get it? What more evidence is necessary for us to grasp the understanding that there will be no peace with a people ['palestinians'] that are bent on the destruction of a another group of people [Jews] for merely existing (I think we call that genocide)? 


We just don't get it...and our density, whether purposeful or not, will be to the detriment of Israel...as well as ourselves. 





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A Heroes Christmas List


December 13, 2007


We're in the thick of it...the Christmas season (Hanukkah having just passed)...and we're all exhausted grabbing sales, mailing packages and checking those lists...checking them twice...but there a few VIPs we have surely forgotten...


They get little pay, sacrifice their all...and all for you and me. They are the courageous, intrepid and noble protectors of the freedoms we so cherish: The US Military. 


And this Christmas...they deserve to be remembered. 


So...we've made made up a quick list for you to bless this amazing Americans...quick because you can bless them right now, online. Here are three non-profit organizations we highly endorse:


Freedom Alliance

Everyday Freedom Alliance pays tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of the men and women who wear our nation’s uniform and fight for our freedom. We do this through our Support Our Troops program, a year-round outreach which honors members of our Armed Forces – those who have been wounded in combat and are recuperating at military hospitals throughout the United States – as well as those currently serving on the frontlines. We also provide support and comfort to grieving military families, whose loss is immeasurable.

Donate Here.


Returning Heroes Home

The Returning Heroes Home is near Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) on the campus at Ft. Sam Houston and helps Wounded Warriors and their families heal and reconnect their lives.

Donate HERE.


Wounded Warrior Project

To raise the awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of severely injured service men and women, to help severely injured service members aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.

Donate HERE.


It only takes a moment to show these selfless heroes they are loved, in a pragmatic way, by their fellow citizens. 


They've already loved us...let's love them back! 





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Hamas: US Wearing 'Kick Me' Sign 


December 12, 2007


Honestly, you gotta have some freakin' chutzpah to cry for help with a situation that your terrorist activities have created. But that's exactly what terrorist thugs Hamas are doing...


According to The Australian, Hamas is whining and crying for the US to help them with the ghetto's they have produced. And they feel free asking the US to hand over our hard-earned loot because, as they claimed on Dec. 10th, they did not have "any ideological arguments with the West". 


Oh, that explains the Hamas-run protests in the Gaza strip during the Annapolis conference when Hamas had the crowd join together in a rousing chant of, "Death To Israel, Death To America."


Excuse me but US stands for United States, not United Schmucks.


If our leaders cave to their public 'wah, wah', out of concern of how the US will look...we're in serious need of meds. Hamas is a terrorist group, that just happens to be on the US list of foreign terrorist groups. The 'palestinian' people voted them into office knowing full well who they were. Relief is given in the amount of millions by our people, which is quickly turned into weapons to kill innocent Israelis. 


And, not only have they created the problems they now possess...but these vermin are trying to twist it around to blame us. In a letter to Sec. Rice, Hamas spokesman, Ahmed Yousef blamed the predicament on the US for not recognizing their government. (A terrorist-run facade.) 


Yousef said in the letter:


"Our isolation is complete, confining us in a ghetto (worse than the Jewish ghettos of Warsaw) where our sewage, power and water systems have been destroyed, all normal supplies constrained and even humanitarian aid withheld. Many people have not been paid for nearly two years, over 75 per cent are unemployed and now the Israelis are threatening to cut off fuel and power and invade us once again.

"Meaningful steps toward a resolution cannot take place while the legitimacy of the elected government in Palestine continues to be ignored by your administration."


Talk about Matzoh balls...this thug's audacity is astounding.


All I can say is...if we give a penny to these monsters, we are no better than they...and are partakers in their vile deeds. And we have lost our moral high ground...or any moral ground, for that matter.




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'Mr. Palestine': What An Ugly Legacy


December 10, 2007


Ambition is an admirable thing, as long as the goal of that ambition is honorable and fruitful. Neither can be said of the final campaign of the George W. Bush presidency.


This current and most malevolent endeavor began in 2002, when the president repeatedly stated something no other US president, in the history of the United States, had ever done: That he would personally oversee the creation of a Palestinian state that would live side-by-side with Israel.


Most leaders would have been alarmed and apprehensive to continue a crusade for a two-state solution, in the face of a vicious and bloodthirsty campaign of terror by the minions of the late (thank G-d) Yasser Arafat, but instead, this violence on innocent Israelis appeared to fuel the president in his drive for this venal goal.


The reasons that a 'palestinian' state has never been established are many, including:


1. The so-called palestinians have no legitimate or historical claim to the land of Israel.


2. The Arab world has made it abundantly clear that they have no intention of ever recognizing Israel's right to exist (which kind of cancels out the two-state thing).


3. Anti-Semitism is like breath to the lungs, in the Muslim world...and continues to be perpetuated as you read this.


4. The land of Israel was given to the Jewish people by its Owner, and there will be great penalties to pay to those who relinquish it as a bargaining tool for peace (including those who pressure that transaction).


If Mr. Bush wants a legacy, he might try focusing on the many domestic victories he's accomplished, such as two brilliant Supreme Court appointments; tax cuts that have benefited the US economy and a his campaign of disrupting al Qaeda's global network.


But being given the moniker of 'Mr. Palestine' by the Israeli press should unequivocally illustrate to the president that this final political push for 'Palestine' will make his name mud. 


What an ugly legacy.




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PA Radio: Singing Adolph's Praises


December 7, 2007


"His golden year was 1940, when his armies invaded Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Holland, and Belgium and defeated France ... By mid 1942, his country controlled the largest land area in Europe… He refused to surrender and continued to fight for two more years, but, his bitter end came in the spring of 1945 when he took his own life…. Who is he?" [The answer, of course, is Adolph Hitler.]
Excerpt from 'Voice of Palestine' radio, 

                       Nov. 27, 2007


It should be no shock that the Palestinian Authority fawns over the memory of the Beast of Berlin...this is a well documented 'love affair'. Hitler consulted with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, to formulate the 'final solution' of the Jews. Their meetings were well documented. 


The amazement is that the Holocaust is never mentioned. That's like mentioning Babe Ruth with nary a peep about baseball. 


Is it because they don't believe the Holocaust occurred, or the fact that in their opinion...it was never finished (which is something the PA has been trying to accomplish since the fall of Nazism)?


Going sidebar...what's more astounding is that all this information about Islam's role in the Holocaust is out there for all to see, yet our leadership is ignoring it like the plague.


These grotesque 'hials' to 'Herr Wolf ' should be an obvious caveat to those pinning their hopes (and legacies) on a two-state solution. But sadly, they're not.


Wake up America...their 'peace' comes with the death of all Jews, servitude and conversion by the sword (for the remainder of 'infidels'). So we'd better change our tune, because theirs is the same old death march.





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Olmert: The Enemy Within


December 5, 2007


Israeli PM Olmert, at a Knesset meeting Monday, said that Israel has no choice but to carve up its ancient native soil for the sake of Middle East peace. Olmert claimed, "There is no other alternative."


This statement (based on no evidence to support it, but rather evidence to the contrary) proves Proverbs 27:6, "...the kisses of an enemy are deceitful," and makes it abundantly clear that the compromised leader is the enemy within his own country.


In Mr. Olmert's delusion, he believes the world will credit Israel for the "courageous" step he took on behalf of his nation by going to Annapolis last week.


Now you know he needs meds...


Opposition Likud Party leader, Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, condemned the 'Palestinian' Arabs who really desire "two states for one people - a Palestinian state, and an Israeli state flooded with Palestinians under what they call the 'right of return' of refugees displaced during the war, along with their descendants." The PA has made no bones about the fact that the Arab world will not recognize Israel's right to exist.


Bibi has it right...so what exactly is clouding the mind of Mr. Olmert? The possibility of World approbation for betraying his own countrymen? He must surely know that no peace can come from this catastrophic proposition. But apparently it's not Israeli welfare he is concerned with.


Now is the time for Israelis to think carefully about their leadership. The current 'batch' is leading them into a death trap, not a bed of olive branches. 


My brethren...make no mistake. Olmert is unequivocally the enemy within. 




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Bush Et Al: Siding With Bigots?


December 3, 2007


This past week, at the so-called peace summit in Annapolis, the Bush administration did an astonishing thing: They clearly took sides with bigots.


In compliance with Saudi demands, the US forbid Israeli representatives from entering the hall through the same door as the Arabs. 


Say what?


But that's not all...Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni called the Arab representatives to task for their bigoted treatment...they refused to shake her hand or to be seen speaking with her. 


Sec. Rice's response to this blatant discrimination? 


Well, even though the Secretary noted that she didn't support the slaughter of Israelis, she made clear that her sympathies lie with the bigoted Arabs. "I know what it is like to hear that you cannot go on a road or through a checkpoint because you are a Palestinian. I understand the feeling of humiliation and powerlessness," stated Rice.


With all due respect to the intelligence of our leaders, let's make a few things abundantly clear:

  1. The Arab representatives are Muslim, and Islam is a misogynistic religion, so courtesy toward woman is non-existent. They will only feign for the camera.

  2. To Muslims, Jews are pigs and apes, so respect for Jews will never be on their agenda.

  3. 'Palestinians' are only barred from certain roads or through certain checkpoints because many of them are donning explosives with the explicit goal of killing innocent Jews.

This foolish camaraderie with these devious Arab bigots will never lead to peace. Siding with their anti-Semitism is egregious and a slap in the face to our constitution. 


Do they (President et al) think allowing this intolerance and hatred toward the leaders of the Jewish nation will bode well concerning their 'roadmap' peace plans?  I think not. Rather, it will make our nation appear like hypocrites and disloyal friends...as other smaller nations take note, for future reference.


Annapolis was a foolish endeavor that most interested parties knew would fail before it began. And its accomplishments were as follows: 1)The failure gave fuel to those drooling for a third intifada; 2)Our friends (Israel) would be justified in being wary of our support following our egregious behavior; 3)The Arab world can now bolster their 'paper tiger' view of us.


Foolish endeavor, but siding with bigots? Come on...




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