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No-Brainer: Syrian-Israel Talks = Al Qaeda-US Talks


July 31, 2009


As the slow-learner, O, begins pulling back all his stringent rhetoric toward the Jewish State, he is fecklessly sending his minions to prove to the world...he still doesn't get it...


Special Middle East envoy, George Mitchell, stopped off in Damascus prior to joining O's emissaries in Israel this week. Why, you ask? Well, he was exploring the possible resumption of Syrian-Israel talks. 


Imagine that...talks with Syria, a country that has been on the U.S. State Department's list of terror-sponsoring countries since 1979. Now whatever O is sucking into his anterior orifice is apparently causing a wee bit of a psychotic break... 


Just a few facts about Syria...they harbor, give financial aid, political support, artillery and military training to terrorist organizations, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hezbollah and other extremist groups whose objective is to annihilate Israel and terrorize innocent Israeli citizens. 


And, may I stress further that, Hezbollah is the group that was responsible for, among several attacks on US citizens: Killing 241 Marines, as they slept, in 1983. They were in Beirut as peace keepers.


So, what has possessed this administration? Are they so cold-hearted that they would even consider any talks whatsoever, with a country that loathes us, and our friends, so fiercely? (Oh how I wish Patton were still alive because someone ought to slap O's face for dishonoring our fallen heroes by desiring talks with these murderous goons.)


Should we talk with Al Qaeda? (OK, O would say, of course...but it's a rhetorical question.) Talking with, or worse, asking Israel to talk with these sand rodents makes about as much sense. 


It really IS a no-brainer...


Shalom through strength...




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The Draconian Fist Of Islam Comes Down In Gaza


July 30, 2009


It is commonly known to all (all, that is, except feminist groups), that Islam uses its misogynistic dictates to crush and enslave women's will. And its draconian fist has come out swinging in Gaza...


The freely elected majority of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the terrorist group Hamas, have established a new law requiring all women to cover their hair with the Muslim hijab. Last weekend, "modesty patrols" were patrolling the streets of the Gaza Strip enforcing the new edict. (They are even patrolling the beaches! What kind of beach attire do they allow...400 count Egyptian cotton sheets, on your bed at night, at the shore by day?)


I think here we need a little background on this 'custom' of covering a women's hair...


Muslim women are required to cover their hair because it seduces men. And Muslim men are told that Allah has given them a higher libido than infidel men. (They have also been told that Muhammed had the libido of 30 men...that's why he had to be satisfied whenever he desired.) They are taught that when men are aroused, they are expected to be satisfied immediately (which is one reason why men are not considered guilty in the case of rape). If a woman's hair is uncovered, and a Muslim man is aroused and decides to rape her...SHE is responsible, not the man.


Based solely upon this, Islam is not a religion...it's a misogynist's paradise.


The PA, and their ilk, just can't stop subjugating women. They cover them. They beat them (and that's where the covering comes in handy...covers the bruises). They treat them like chattel. 


And this is who we insist be permanent neighbors of Israel, where women are free? Okee Dokee...


If O really cares about the Middle East situation, as he purports, then he should be outraged by the digits extending out from the savage fist of Islam, to again crush women. That is a much more critical issue.


Shalom through strength...




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Hail To The Arrogant One!!!


July 29, 2009


By injecting himself into the Cambridge situation, Barack Obama displayed a hyper--arrogance befitting of a king who derives immense and intellectual pleasure from lecturing his subjects. He felt it was his duty to (condescendingly) inform the serfs (that would be you and me) that this situation presents a "teachable" moment.

Yes, it does present a "teachable" moment. But, unfortunately--Obama (due to stratospheric hubris) is unteachable. It is impossible to teach a Me Monster like Obama that meddling in local issues is in direct contravention of the tenets, principles and charter of the POTUS.

Hail to the Arrogant One!!!


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They'll Blame Us Anyway, So Let's Say Mazel Tov


July 28, 2009


Obama, and his crew, didn't "meddle" with Iran during the protests that followed the sham election because they had trepidation that Iran would blame the US for the protests. O said nothing to support those who longed for freedom and...the Mullahs blamed us anyway...


The bottom line is...the Muslim world will always blame us no matter what...so, O, 86 the concerns and do what is RIGHT, for a 'change'...


Why? Here are a few reasons...

The Islamic world sees Israel as the 'Little Satan' and the US as the 'Great Satan'. They believe we are in control and dictate or concur with Israel's movements. They will blame us anyway....so...let's stop this moronic game and give Israel our blessing...


If Israel deems it necessary to take out Iran's nuclear facilities, then so be it. Because be sure of this...they START with the 'Little' one...and end with the 'Great' one. 


The feeblest of minds can follow the dots...now I know O is so proud of his GPA at Harvard, that he's barred his academic records from being released...but I believe even a 'genius' like O can follow this one...


It's time to say "Mazel Tov" to our faithful friends...and put an end to the blather of this keffiyeh-clad nuclear gadfly.


Shalom through strength...and Mazel Tov, Israel...Libi holech imcha (my heart is with you)!




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Obamacare: A Solid Gig For Dr. Death


July 27, 2009


There is no doubt, that if the government runs our healthcare that would mean severely limiting our treatment options in order to reduce the costs related to treating some of our illnesses. Especially for seniors...


I think an apropos response would be, 'uh oh'...


Some facts...seniors would be forced to accept the realities of aging and surrendering certain advanced and life-saving treatments because of their advanced years. The Feds would play God and decide who still has worth to the society at large, and who is expendable. Or, as Rod Serling's Twighlight Zone's episode, 'The Obsolete Man' so aptly put it...they could decide: "You are obsolete."


Nothing like feeling valuable when you retire...or should I say, IF you retire...


I believe Betsy McCaughey put it succinctly in her article in the Washington Times, Obamacare “will reduce access to care, pressure the elderly to end their lives prematurely, and doom baby boomers to painful later years.”


How can we be sure this is the path that the elderly will be led down (and that's all of us, eventually)...Ms. McCaughey told former Sen. Fred Thompson in a radio interview, "One of the most shocking things is page 425, where the Congress would make it mandatory absolutely that every five years people in Medicare have a required counseling session...they will tell [them] how to end their life sooner."


With whom will these sessions be? Dr. Kevorkian?


I believe the only one that will benefit from Obamacare is Dr. Death (and his ilk), who clearly has the potential to get a permanent gig. When costs are too high, you get the hook...the older you get, the more your government market value plummets...enter the 'good' doctor of doom for a counseling session...


"Right this way, the cadaver counselor has been waiting for you..." (Chopin Piano Sonata Funeral March Op.35 plays in the background).  


Obama has said repeatedly that if you like your plan, you can keep it...well, that's a LIE...page 15 of the 1,018 page Healthcare proposal states you will be forced to give up that plan for a managed care-style plan, which will limit your access to specialists and tests. 


If you like choice? As we say in NY, FAGETABOUTIT...THERE IS NONE...like it or not!


If you're like me, you like a bargain or a sale...but this is neither...and when it comes to your health, without which all else is moot...who wants a deal? We want the best care, most innovative procedures and pharmaceutical breakthroughs...not a 'blue light special'! 


'Doctors' like Kevorkian should be unemployed, not given a permanent gig as the taxpayers pallbearer.


Something to consider: Depends are better than da-grave...so, tell your representatives NO to O...while you still can.




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Barack H. Obama: Master of Mendacity


July 24, 2009

While campaigning to be Commander-in-Chief, Barack H. Obama explicitly stated that he would not allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon. Was he telling the truth?

Well, according to a recent statement issued by Secretary of State Clinton--Obama was telling anything but the truth. While speaking on Thai television, Clinton said the following: "If the U.S. extends a defense umbrella over the region, if we do even more to support the military capacity of those in the Gulf, it's unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer because they won't be able to intimidate and dominate as they apparently believe they can once they have a nuclear weapon."

Manifestly the Administration has already ceded to the fact that the Islamic Republic will eventually have a nuclear weapon. By doing so, Obama has openly flouted the trust of the American people. He promised safety and security, but instead--has delivered danger and retreat.

Barack H. Obama: Master of Mendacity.



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Putin: Czar Of The High Seas? 


July 23, 2009


As the old axiom goes, 'He who controls the seas, controls the world'...and this is indeed true. A country is not sovereign if it cannot protect its shoreline from foreign invaders. Additionally, and economically...90% of world trade is made by ocean transportation. 


I'm telling you this because a new development, concerning Russia, should give us great pause...it has done so for Israel...


In September 2008, Moscow announced renovation had commenced on the Syrian port of Tartus to provide Russia with its first lasting naval presence on the Mediterranean. Then anchored 10 warships in the port. Yesterday, the Russians announced that the naval base will be expanded and modernized to become "fully operational."




So, the Russians are tight with Syria's Assad, and have built the nuclear facility near Bushehr, the puppet regime of Iran ( the country that has promised to eliminate Israel...and then to deal with the US). And now they are getting their party hats ready for when the nuclear dust settles...


Something to consider, ya think?


Russia has also sold 85 tons of nuclear fuel to the Iranians for the Bushehr plant (a gift we can live without). Fifty Russian  naval personnel and 3 berthing floats are currently deployed at Tartus with space for up to a dozen warships will be reinforced with a new berthing float supplied by 2 tugboats from their Black Sea Fleet.


What many may not have considered is that Russia is using Iran as a useful idiot. Putin is not willing to win at the cost of dying, but Iran, on the other hand, is willing, for its gutter god Allah, to die killing their perceived enemies. So Russia will gladly sell Iran what they need to do Russia's dirty deeds...vicariously, of course. 


Now Russia has military access to 4 seas: Atlantic and Indian Oceans and the Mediterranean and Red Seas. 


Putin is fast becoming Czar of the High Seas...a Czar O apparently hasn't thought of for his list yet...but one that will happily become our worst, post-Cold War nightmare...


I'm guessing that this makes O's foreign policy look as though it was formulated by one who is 'four sheets to the wind' and blinded as a result...


Um, I feel safe...how about you? 





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Who Are, 'Have-A-Little, Want Mores'?


July 22, 2009


Some believe that Obama's enemies are Republicans or Conservatives...but this isn't true. Although many of his opposition may indeed identify themselves as such, O's enemies encompass a much broader category...


He believes that "mankind is and has been divided into three parts: The Haves, the Have-Nots, and the Have -a-Little, Want Mores." The latter "seek the safe way, where they can profit by change and yet not risk losing the little they have."


Oh, by the way, the 'He' at the beginning of the last paragraph, is not Obama...it's Saul Alinsky, from his book, 'Rules For Radicals'. But it sure sounded like something O would say...


And oh yeah..."The Have-a-Little, Want Mores" are "--the Middle Class." Aka, as I like to put it...O's Infidels...


You know...we're those "social, economic, and political schizoids"...holding those desiring the "greater good" back. According to Alinsky (and his conduit Obama), they (Middle Class) are "torn between upholding the status quo to protect the little they have, yet wanting change so they can get more, they become split personalities." 


Nice assessment. 


What an appalling view of the hardworking in our society. A bunch of egotistical, myopic, hedonists whose only concern are material things. And that's exactly how O has approached everything from his campaign (Saul Alinsky's son agrees) to his disastrous healthcare bill...demonizing the "Haves" who actually create the free market opportunities, and appealing to O's Infidels as animals caring only of themselves and their greeds.


There's much more to say on this, but for now...let me leave you with a quote from O's 'Bible'...page 10 of 'Rules For Radicals'...so you can comprehend what path O is leading us down:


"A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage -- the political paradise of communism." 


When a man cannot even depart from the language of his mentors...we have one brainwashed, sick puppy...who will perniciously piddle on us all... 





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MAD? I Don't Think So...


July 21, 2009

With the military option considered anathema--the Obama Administration obviously believes that MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) will be a viable deterrent against a nuclear Iran.

If true--this thinking is seriously flawed.

Lest we forget, the Soviet Union never talked about the total annihilation of America. The communist/atheist regime's main concern was survival, as well as superpower status. Tehran, on he other hand--has blatantly expressed its desire (based on religious doctrine) to exterminate Israel. 

And by acting on such doctrine--the Islamic Republic believes it will hasten the return of the missing Imam.

So, to think that nuclear armed (religious) fanatics can be simply contained--is nothing short of pure MAD(ness)!



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Obama: Still Kissing Arab Booty, While Flipping Israel The Bird


July 20, 2009


He just can't help himself...when he's not kissing his mirror, or swooning over the sound of his voice on his iPod, he's still busy kissing Arab booty. If it's not apologizing to the Muslim world for America's "mistakes," it's declaring Hamas has a legitimate case against Israel, or it's releasing 5 Revolutionary Guard commanders (on US Terror List), members of the elite Quds Force who premeditated dozens of attacks on Americans in Iraq...O just can't resist...


And as he puckers up to the Arab street, he never seems to miss a chance to flip our only friends and true allies in the Middle east, the bird (if not stabbing them in the back).


His latest jab? Well the State Dept. confirmed that as many as 1,350 Iraqi 'Palestinians' will be resettled in the US...Southern CA, to be exact. Although State is categorizing them officially as "Iraqi Refugees" it really is O's way of letting the 'brethren' know he means business, when it comes to their position against Israel.


Oh, that O...he's a card...the death card, that is...


In the past, the US was reluctant to accept 'Palestinian refugees' because it would adversely affect its relationship with Israel...and is the reason that between 2007-2008, only 16 'Palestinian refugees' were accepted into the US. But this planned massive influx makes a clear statement to the Jewish State: "We don't give a flip about our ties with you...and here's our bird to prove it!"


The State Dept. has always been way too pro-Arab for most Americans, but this is the first president who makes them look...pro-Israel.


Shalom through strength...





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Caveat To Congress: Be Careful What You Vote For


July 17, 2009


There's good news, for those who gave up on the notion that any in the congress have integrity...you can add another to the list you can count on one hand (and have fingers left over): Rep. John Fleming, M.D. (La.)...


The congressman/doctor has drafted a resolution, House Resolution 615, which challenges his colleagues that if they vote for the healthcare plan for the rest of America, they should actually use the plan themselves. That's right...if they think it's so perfect for us, it should be just perfect for them.


Kudos, Rep. Fleming, but I say go further: If it's good enough for your constituents, it IS good enough for you. No choice.


Because, truth be told...we will have less of a choice in a plethora of things, including our healthcare, if Obama's healthcare bill is passed...for instance: 

Is this the 'change' you were 'hoping' for? 


And Obama is pushing this 1,000+ page bill through without your representatives having ample time to read it (those, that is, who desire to read it). And there are a lot more 'goodies' in-store for your wallet from cover to cover...


Honestly, I think the idea of, 'if it's good enough for your constituents, it's good enough for you' should be standard...on every bill that involves our wallets. No exemptions. No choice.


Caveat to Congress: Be careful what you vote for...the health plan you vote for, may be your own.





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Solano: It's Time For A C-Section


July 16, 2009


The European Union foreign policy czar, Javier Solana, has spoken for the international community: If Israel and the PA are not prepared to compromise enough to bring about a Palestinian State, the international community should just acknowledge such a state and make its dawning a fait accompli. 


In other words: We're tired of waiting for this birth...it's time for a C-Section!


Can anyone say: Unmitigated gall? 


Every single bit of compromise has been done by the Jewish State (above and beyond reason, since the land belongs to Israel). Promises kept? ONLY by Israel. Concessions made? ONLY by Israel. Offers extended? ONLY by Israel. 


As for the PA...NO concessions have been made by them. Instead...Targeted attacks made on civilians? ONLY by 'Palestinians'. Treaties and agreements broken? ONLY by 'Palestinians'. World monies misappropriated and used for terrorist attacks? ONLY by 'Palestinians'.


The greatest problem existing in this situation is: 'Palestinians' want to kill Israelis, and Israelis don't want to be killed.


I think this is an impasse...


So, it's time to violate Israel's sovereignty and force them to give their land to a 'neighbor' who wants them dead? 


Here's another example, to add to the myriad examples already out there, that a 'Palestinian' State would be Jew-Free, and therefore bad neighbors...a Palestinian Authority (PA) senior official and head of the 'negotiations department' (is that a joke?), Saeb Erekat, stated in an interview with an Arabic newspaper that Jews will NOT be permitted to stay in a 'Palestinian' State: “[Likewise], nobody should agree to Israeli settlers remaining in the Palestinian [state]."


Jew-Free? I guess that will make a great welcome mat...


Israel has been willing to, and has already compromised to gain even a semblance of peace, which has been nonexistent to date. The PA? Not willing nor have they compromised one iota...and they're proud of it (remember, in their mindset, compromise is a sign of weakness). 


And let's not forget...we have seen a microcosm of a 'Palestinian' State in the form of Gaza: A weapons depot and launch pad for terror attacks against innocents. Why would the EU think Israel wants more of that? Why would ANYONE want more of that?


So, listen...coming from countries with a long history of anti-Semitism, should the EU be playing a political OB GYN? 


No freaking way...so put down the scalpel, Solano, and step away from the table.


Shalom through strength...





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Why Sonia Is 'Yay', But Miguel Was 'Nay'


July 15, 2009


Hey, remember Miguel Estrada? On May 9, 2001, George W. Bush nominated Estrada to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit; the court is very influential, and is considered a stepping stone to the Supreme Court.


Here are Miguel's background and credentials:

Here are Sonia Sotomayor's (current nominee to the Supreme Court) background and credentials:

Comparable credentials, yet the Democrats decided to filibuster Estrada in order to prevent the Senate from voting on his confirmation.




The facts I left out were that Estrada is a strict constructionist concerning the Constitution, similar to the original intent of the Founder's themselves. He is a staunch pro-life advocate. And he doesn't believe in judicial empathy, concerning decisions.


They were successful in their endeavor of preventing the full Senate vote, treating Estrada with utter disrespect, considering him "Hispanic in name only" and that he was nominated merely because he was Hispanic. In light of his impeccable credentials, that was truly egregious. 


But what of Sotomayor? Similar credentials (but not as prestigious as Estrada), and yet she gets a pass from Dems. 


And why?


I failed to mention that Sonia is a judicial activist (by her own statements), does not hold to the Founder's original intent and instead takes a Darwinian approach to the Constitution. She is staunchly pro-choice. And she believes in judicial empathy (by her own statements).


She will get a 'yay' from the Dems, but will the GOP Senators have the righteous chutzpah to vote 'nay', out of principle?


One surely will (Sessions), but the rest? We shall see...




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Fatah Wants Peace, Like An Imam Wants Bacon


July 14, 2009


On several occasions, both the Bush administration and the current occupant of the White House...considered the minority party of the Palestinian Authority (PA) 'moderate', and desirers of peace.


Really? That's news, because if you take a look at their origins and background, you will discover: They're as moderate and peace-loving as my Aunt Fanny...


The facts:

So...considering just these few facts, why does US policy deem the Fatah party to be "moderate?" What exactly are they basing their weighty conclusion upon? The words of Abbas, one of the founders of the terror group, whose charter calls for the eradication of Israel? 


But wait, there's more...Fatah activist Kifah Radaydeh said in a PA TV interview on July 7, 2009, "It has been said that we are negotiating for peace, but our goal has never been peace. Peace is a means; and the goal is Palestine. I do not negotiate in order to achieve peace. I negotiate for Palestine, in order to achieve a state."


Well, well...peace is not even a consideration, according to a spokesperson of this 'moderate' party. So what the heck is the Obama administration doing here? Pushing Israel into annihilation, under the guise of negotiation?


Seems unequivocally so...


Let's get one thing straight before any 'negotiations' restart: Fatah wants peace, like an Imam wants bacon.


How 'moderate' is that? Ask my Aunt Fanny...


Shalom through strength...




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The G8's Gift To Iran: More Time


July 13, 2009


On the first day of their 3-day deliberations at the Italian village of l'Aquila, French president Nicolas Sarkozy said that partner G8 members had decided to give Iran a chance for arbitration until September, that would be the next time the G8 meets (in Pittsburgh), at which time they would assess the progress Iran has taken towards immobilizing its nuclear behavior.


Now, now...it's not polite to laugh at numb nuts...even assorted, domestic or foreign ones...


The absolute greatest gift that can be given to Mahmoud and the Mullahs is time to continue their machination. How thoughtful of the G8 to make Iran's dreams come true, huh?


I must say...I am astounded and mystified that all 'the smartest people in the room' at the G8 conference, are clueless to comprehend that the maniacal Mullahs are determined to build their nuclear arsenal, AND they intend to use that munitions store as they have specified on numerous occasions: To kill the Jews.  


Oh, and by the way...Sarkozy didn't specify how the G8 proposes to bring an unenthusiastic Iran to the bargaining table OR how they will persuade Russia and China (who won't budge) to endorse the additional sanctions he implied would be implemented.


At this point, I believe this is necessary...here's a little primer for 'the smartest people in the room' to consider, prior to Pittsburgh:

So, for the sake of all of us out here orbiting around you G8 geniuses: WAKE UP AND SMELL THE PLUTONIUM-239...before it's OUR last breath. 


Shalom through strength...



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It's Not My Bad, So Stop Apologizing 


July 10, 2009


Personally, I've had it with Obama's mea culpas...because they are not for his behavior (which offends interminably), but for yours and mine...


Ever since he 'oooed' and 'aaahhed' his way into the White House, he has been assigning fault to America for everything from the dubious spike in the planet's temp to Mexican drug lords killing Mexican police chiefs (with guns supposedly made in America...hey, guns don't kill people...people kill people, but that's for another blog). 


He went to Europe and said he's sorry, for us (for what, saving their behinds twice?). He went to the Middle East, and said he's sorry, for us (our soldiers have died saving these ungrateful nomads, who happen to loathe us infidels). He apologized to Mexico for the drug war because Americans smoke the pot Mexicans won’t smoke (take a trip across the border to Matamoras some time and tell me who ISN'T smoking wacky tobacky). And it goes on and on and on...


Hey O...if it's my bad, I'll apologize with my own little mouth...I think you have enough of your own personal mess to give a mea culpa for. 


Since it's apparent, from much of what the 'Dear Leader' has said in the recent past...that he is not well acquainted with American history...allow me:


Without America (partial list):

Are we a perfect nation? No nation is, because nations are comprised of imperfect people (although I'm not sure the 'Dear Leader' would concur concerning himself). But this constant debasing of our country reveals a deep-seated ingratitude that should never reside in someone as fortunate as Obama. 


So, O...do us all a favor: Reserve your regrets for yourself...cause it's not our bad, all the time. 




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An Alarming Acquiescence


July 9, 2009

Modern feminism has once again demonstrated its alarming acquiescence when it comes to the raw misogyny of Islam. World renowned feminist, Dr. Unni Wikan--a professor of social anthropology at the University of Oslo--made the following statement concerning the recent outbreak of Norwegian women being raped by gangs of Muslim immigrants: “Norwegian women must understand that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it.”

Wikan even had the temerity to suggested that all Norwegian women wear veils in order to assuage Muslim males who believe (according to Islamic doctrine) that an uncovered women is a vile affront.

This disquieting episode (once again) underscores the failure of modern feminism to address the misogynistic practices that are so endemic of Islam.

An alarming acquiescence.



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Kudos To The Real King


July 8, 2009

Finally a politician--who not only had the courage to defy the gods of political correctness--but also stomped on their grapes. Rep. Peter King (R-NY)--fed up with the ubiquitous media attention Michael Jackson is receiving said: "This guy was a pervert, a child molester; he was a pedophile. And to be giving this much coverage to him, day in and day out, what does it say about us as a country."

Wow, give this guy a Klondike Bar.

In one honest moment, King eviscerated the hyper-sycophantic rhetoric, accolades and plaudits being bestowed upon the so-called King of Pop. The congressmen waxed truthful about a highly bizarre individual with a depraved and psychotic craving for young boys. 

It's refreshing to finally hear a politician speak so candidly (and unrehearsed).

Kudos to the real King.


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Warren & The Wahhabists: The Purpose Driven Knife


July 7, 2009


This past July 4th, when most grateful Americans were gathering around BBQs, dipping in the pool and watching parades and fireworks, to celebrate America's birthday...one of America's best-known Pastors was jabbering to jihadists...


On our nation's B-Day, rather than addressing citizens celebrating freedom, Rev. Rick Warren chose to implore about 8,000 Muslim spectators at the ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) with rhetoric such as  "Muslims and Christians can work together for the common good without compromising my convictions or your convictions."


Hmm...now that's fascinating...


Now, before going forward, let's remember that Rick Warren is the same cleric that visited Syria and said, of the terrorist State: "It's a moderate country, and the official government rule and position is to not allow any extremism of any kind."


OK...you can snicker here...


In the age of information, it doesn't take a library degree to find out about such an organization. Especially one that is considered, by your government, as a "unindicted co-conspirator" in the Hamas-support trial of the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF)


Let's go a little further with the background on the ISNA:

It didn't take much to dig this little bit of info up on the terrorist financier...I think Warren, with his vast resources, could have easily discovered their 'activities' and connections. Is this the ilk of individuals with whom we want to 'make nice'? 


What's the empirical evidence that verbally hugging Islamic thugs has brought peace or cooperation? This 'talking to terrorists' mindset is extremely pernicious...as well as making all who indulge in this feckless endeavor...'useful idiots' to our enemies. 


And what's with this statement by Warren, "As the two largest faiths on this planet - more than 1 billion Muslims and 2 billion Christians - as Muslims and Christians, we must believe in this. As more than half the world, we must do something to model what it is to live in peace, to live in harmony."?


Islamic terrorists have committed over 13,535 deadly terror attacks since 9/11...hardly a paradigm for peace. So what in the world is Warren thinking? You don't ignore truth in order to gain 'peace'. That's the kind of 'peace' Islamists want. They murder, subvert and enslave to their gutter religion...in order for Islam to rule...and THAT is their definition of peace.


Additionally, the Quran commands Muslims not to take unbelievers as friends, Jews and Christians, in particular (Quran 5:51; 5:80; 3:28; 3:118; etc.). So on what foundation does Warren base this living "in peace" and "harmony?"


Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm not)...Warren is a pastor of an evangelical church. His calling is to shepherd his flock, not woo Wahhabists to remain in their dirty deeds, while smoking a peace-pipe with misguided Christians. 


Wooing Wahhabists, without telling them the truth about their false doctrines...is like purposefully driving a knife into your brethren and God's Chosen...what Muslims refer to as "the people of the Book"...in order for you to have a legacy of diplomacy (we remember your feckless trip to Syria, sir). 


So, Rev. Warren, with all due respect: Stick to preaching the Word to the faithful...not flipping the faithful the 'bird'!


Shalom through strength...   



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July 6, 2009

The most egregious aspect of President Obama's sugar-loaded overtures (concerning Iran) have to do with the hard fact that the Islamic Republic is directly responsible for  hundreds of US causalities in Iraq. It is beyond disturbing that Obama would even consider dialoguing with a regime that has taken great pleasure in blowing our boys to bits.

As Commander-in-Chief, one would expect him to have nothing but great disdain and scorn for a regime that has American blood on its hands. But, alas--we are talking about a man whose towering ego (and agenda) obscures even the most rigid facts. 

I believe this to be Obama's most intolerable transgression. It not only diminishes America's superpower status--but it also affronts the very sensibilities of every military family who has lost a loved one in Iraq (via Iranian meddling).  





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July 4, 2009


"Whenever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will be America’s heart, her benedictions and her prayers. But she does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." 

                - John Quincy Adams

                 Address, July 4, 1821



O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shinning sea!
- Katherine Lee Bates

                America The Beautiful



G-d Bless America!



See what it's all about...

The Declaration of Independence




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Before He Extends Another Olive Branch

July 3, 2009

The Stoning of Soraya M. is a must-see film for those who naively believe that Sharia law is benign. It courageously flouts Political Correctness, while explicitly depicting the macabre realities of the world's most deadly decree.

All those involved in this historically accurate and poignantly stirring movie are to be applauded. For it unapologetically exposes the brutally, misogynistic treatment of women in Iran (via Islamic based Sharia law). Whether it be stonings, beatings or hangings--the weaker vessel is deemed mere fecal material in the land of Persia. 

Perhaps President Obama should view this film before he decides to (yet again) extend another olive branch to the homicidal thugs of Tehran.

Let us hope so...  



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If It's Barbarous Acts, It Must Be Sharia


July 2, 2009


Well, the Iranian Mullahs weren't kidding around when they said they would not tolerate further protests over the dubious June 12th presidential elections. Because after all...their decrees are holy. And soon after, reports surfaced of the hangings of 6 supporters of defeated presidential candidate Mousavi. 


But hey, this is nothing new...when you've got Sharia Law, you've got it all...


Hangings, beheadings, amputations, stonings, crucifixions and so much more. Harsh and brazen acts of inhumanity and merciless judgments can all be found in Sharia. 


And no more worries about privacy or civil rights...they are moot...because they don't exist under Sharia.


I know, you've probably heard that these are radical laws created by extremists who have 'hijacked' the religion. Not so...it comes right out the Quran and the Hadiths...the 'holy' books of the "religion of peace." 


Here's just a sampling of the fun-filled world of Sharia straight from Muhammed:

I guess Sharia is not as innocuous as you might have been told, huh?


So here's a caveat: It's quite possible that you might be hearing favorable mutterings about Sharia Law, now that Harold Koh is the State Department's legal adviser. Why? Because he's a big supporter...and another useful idiot for the religion of peace. 


Shalom through strength...




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Stoning Soraya M: The Big, Ugly Truth For The West 


July 1, 2009


A mistake many in the West make is they view situations in the Middle East through Western eyes...and this perspective is not only erroneous, but pernicious...


The too oft practice of what is known as Honor Killings, is the misogynist attitude of Muslim men, come to fruition. Honor Killing is the practice of murdering the female member of the family who is perceived to have stained the family honor. It is practiced in many parts of the Muslim world. 


Despite the fact that we have had Honor Killings here on our sod, most Americans haven't the foggiest idea what the heinous practice is...and therefore, neither do they care. 


But there's good news...in the theaters right now, is a depiction of a true story of an Honor Killing committed in Iran...a cold, slap in the face for those of us who refuse to see the truth. 


The film, 'The Stoning of Soraya M.', was 1 hr. 56 minutes that sealed for me, a deep disdain for the religion that dictates and provokes a hatred of women that has become systemic in the Arab world...emanating out of the Quran. This was the true story, about a woman, whose degenerate husband decided he no longer wanted his wife of 20 years (who bore him 4 children) but instead desired a 14 year old girl. Instead of granting her a divorce (where he would be responsible to support her and the children), he developed a machination to accuse her of adultery, when she was helping a recently widowed man and his son. He threatened other men in town to lie as witnesses and they found her guilty...sentencing her to death by stoning. 


Just another gift from Sharia Law...because remember...women are considered chattel in Islam...


The stoning scene was one of the most distressing scenes I have ever encountered in a film. To watch men brutalizing a defenseless woman was nefarious. They placed her in a ditch up to her waist, tied her arms behind her (disabling her defense)...then proceeded to bludgeon her slowly and methodically...all the while screaming "Allah Akbar"...god is great. Her father disavowed her and cast the first stones...and her husband cast several stones, which surely contributed to her demise. They even had her two sons hurl stones at their innocent mother. The scene took 20 minutes...and I'm sure took several years from my life in horror.


If we, in the West, are ever to grasp the threat we are under by those following hard after Islam...we all must see this film. Especially women. 


I, for one, will never be the same. And will expose this insidious, misogynist religion for what it is: A criminal creed against women.



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