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Promise To Abraham: Still In Effect, Part 2


February 28, 2007


Most who make the major media their daily fare are often deceived and cheated. Yes, cheated of the news that could bless their lives or the lives of their loved ones.


Aside from the medical miracles consistently happening in the Holy Land that we looked at in part 1, other areas are feeling the affect of the promise...


Did you know who has the highest concentration of high tech start up companies outside the Silicone Valley? You got...Israel. And these Jewish techies are gangbusters. And here's a bisl* of the technology innovations changing the way we work and live:


Israeli pulmonary imaging technology Helps Asthma To Emphysema

'This is the first completely novel medical technology in the world in the last 30 years,' says the CEO of Deep Breeze Medical, which has developed a breakthrough non-invasive pulmonary imaging technology that helps clinicians diagnose, assess and treat various respiratory conditions ranging from asthma to emphysema. See video here.


Israelis Creating "No-Hijack" Plane Of The Future

Athena GS3 Security Implementations works behind the scenes with governments and corporations to create proactive security solutions to combat crime or terrorism. Now the Israeli company, set up by a former head of the Mossad security forces, is an integral element in a four-year project with the European Commission and industry giants, Airbus, BAE Systems, Thales and Siemens, to develop an ambitious new security system that will combat on-board threats and prevent airline hijackings like those carried out on September 11th.


Israeli Lightweight Combat Helmet

Front-line US troops will reap the benefits of advanced Israeli technology when next year they begin sporting protective lightweight helmets developed by Rabintex Industries. The Herzliya-based company recently announced that it received the authorization to supply the US Army with the anti-fragment R-ACH model of ballistic helmets which provides a higher level of protection at a weight that won't give soldiers a headache. 'We're very proud and excited that we - as Israelis - have this kind of opportunity to support our friends in the US.'


As I said, just a bisl, but enough to help you ponder the next time you hear disparaging remarks about Israel and the Jewish people.


The promise to Abraham in the Torah is still in effect...and one must merely open one's heart to see its fulfillment.


*a bisl - a little bit




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Was The Far-Left Responsible?


February 27, 2007


There appears to be a stunning (if not dangerous) ignorance among several leading conservative intellects regarding the 9/11 attacks.


Directed by Dinesh D'Souza, these luminaries are of the belief that the far-left (Hollywood, etc.) is culpable for the Islamo-savagery that claimed 3,000 lives nearly six years ago.


This belief, of course, is farcical.


We were attacked on 9/11--not due to the far-left and their cultural liberalism--but due to ancient Islamic dogmas and traditions.


Why? Because Islam clearly teaches world domination (Islamic hegemony). And in order to achieve this sadistic goal, all infidels (non-Muslims) must be eradicated.


And, according to history--this eradication process (the senseless slaughter of innocents) started centuries before the far-left ever uttered a word.


Although I have profound disagreements with the far-left, the truth is--they are not responsible for 9/11. And it's time for D'Souza (and his fellow intellects) to stop wallowing in ignorance, and

admit the same.




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Promise To Abraham: Still In Effect, Part 1


February 26, 2007


Most who make the major media their daily fare are often deceived and cheated. Yes, cheated of the news that could bless their lives or the lives of their loved ones. 


Yearly, medical discovery after medical discovery takes place in the Holy Land, emanating from the Jewish community. I believe this is a clear, ongoing  fulfillment of the promise to Abraham in Genesis. 


Quite often, this promise made by G-d to Abraham, the Father of our faith, is overlooked. In Genesis 12:2-3, G-d promises, "And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."


In the last part of that verse, "and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed," indicates that all people would be blessed by Abraham's descendents...and within the borders of the Jewish State, and under the major media's radar, this fulfillment becomes a reality daily. 


In this two part series (with the help of Israel21c), I will touch on just a few of the advancements that the Jewish people have brought to the world as a fulfillment of that promise.


The progress in the area of health is astounding and has already blessed millions of the earth's population. Here's just a bisl*:


Cystic Fibrosis Drug Developed

Israeli and American scientists have joined forces in developing and testing a promising new drug to contain cystic fibrosis - a devastating disease which afflicts 30,000 adults and children in the US. World-renowned CF experts at the Hadassah Medical Center have tested orally administered PTC124 - developed by American company PTC Therapeutics - on 24 Jewish and Arab Israeli CF patients. The positive results have been encouraging for both the patients and the researchers.


Diabetes Remedy

An Israeli company, Nufar Natural Products, has created a tea that it claims can reduce blood sugar levels of diabetics by reducing sugar and breaking down carbohydrates and fats, which rise to dangerous levels in diabetics after they eat a meal. Nufar, which began selling Glucodan tea in Israel three years ago, has carried out successful clinical trials on the herbal tea. Patients who have used the tea, drinking between two to three cups a day, claim that their blood sugar levels have fallen dramatically.


Israeli AMD Discovery

With over 15 million Americans over the age of 50 suffering from the sight-threatening disease age-related macular degeneration (AMD), pharmaceutical companies are pulling out all the stops in search of an effective drug. After eight years of research, Israel's Quark Biotech Inc. has identified a novel human gene RTP-801 that could form the basis of an effective treatment. Now US pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer has licensed this gene and together, the two companies hope to turn Quark's research into a new drug that will help turn darkness into light.


These, and hundreds of other medical discoveries, have never been associated with Israel. Instead, major media outlets have daily disparaged Israelis, in the eyes of the world, as cruel 'occupiers', rather than what they clearly are: True aids to humanity. 


The promise to Abraham is still in effect...and one must merely open one's heart to see its fulfillment.



*a bisl - a little bit



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Unpatriotic? You Bet


February 23, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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What Will It Take?


February 22, 2007


What will it take for us to believe that Abbas is not a man of peace? His background has not convinced us. His current associations have not convinced us. His lack of condemnation for the murder of innocent Jews has not convinced us. Will we believe when he straps a bomb belt on himself? 


Sadly, no. Our chosen foolishness has blinded us.


We should categorize our behavior of pressuring Israel to proceed with negotiations as insanity. Consider the following (according to Arutz Sheva):


Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the PLO:

With all this available for all to see, what do the 'palestinian' people believe? Well, according to a recent poll, two-thirds of 'palestinians' maintain that violence against Israel is a justified act of "resistance". And that's why they support Abbas.


So, what will it take for us to believe Abbas is no peace partner? Even if Abbas himself strapped one on (an 'honor' he has reserved for innocent 'palestinian' children), we would rationalize it away as him mistaking it for an extra-long olive branch.


What will it take? G-d only knows...



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An Ugly Day


February 21, 2007


Time to tell the truth: The Democrat Party has clearly demonstrated (with its seditious anti- surge declaration) that it is not only a vigorous fifth column, but also al Qaeda's best friend.


Yes, Osama bin Laden has now found a loyal and steadfast comrade in his quest for Islamo- hegemony. And with the Dem party firmly on board--there is nothing the architect of 9/11 can't accomplish. 


It is certainly an ugly (and dangerous) day in America when the party of Roosevelt and Truman gives aid and comfort to the enemy. 


An ugly day, indeed.




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Highly Unpatriotic?


February 20, 2007


Can a politician make the claim that she supports the troops and at the same time harshly denounce the surge?




Here's why: For a member of congress to honestly claim that she supports the troops not only means she wants them to succeed, but also means she's willing to embrace the very strategy it takes to help them succeed.  


And according General Petraus (the architect of the surge)--in order to succeed in Iraq--more troops must be added.


So to claim one supports the troops--and at the same time stridently denounces the strategy they need to succeed--is highly disingenuous.


And, perhaps--highly unpatriotic?





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Taking A Foothold On The Mount


February 19, 2007


OK...let's put aside the fact that Judaism began over 2,800 years before Mohammad concocted Islam. There is and, continues to be, irrefutable material evidence that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Temple Mount belonged to the Jews...and still does. 


Does this dissuade those that believe a lie? Not at all. We now have an Islamist leader, Sheik Raed Salah, claiming that the Western Wall "is part of Al-Aqsa's western tower, which the Israeli establishment fallaciously and sneakily calls the 'Wailing Wall'. The wall is part of the holy al-Aqsa Mosque." 


Attaboy...when confronted with incontrovertible truth, there's always room for the philosophy of Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.”


Well I hate to break this to gullible Muslims out there, but the G-d of the Bible promised in Isaiah 2:2-3, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will once again be controlled by the Jewish people...so don't bother permanently installing those reed mats.


Why is this so important? Because the 'palestinians' are conniving their way to stealing the holiest site in Judaism. And they are buttressing their lies two ways. First, Sheik Raed Salah is positioning himself as a known Muslim leader struggling for the al-Aqsa Mosque, now known as the 'Sheikh of al-Aqsa'. Second, stirring even the tiniest pebble in the Temple Mount area will provoke violent reactions, (and that includes minor repair work to the visitor's site at the Western Wall). Their false claims being, "Israel is harming the Temple Mount and desecrating a place holy to Muslims."


Well, these sad souls may choose to live in the darkness of the lies they cling to, but eventually they will not do it on the Mount, but in the comfort...of their own molehill.




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PC: The Real Enemy 


February 16, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Iran: It's Now Or Poof!


February 15, 2007


Those who value truth and are 'awake at the wheel' know Iran's nuclear facilities must be struck without delay. Why? Because these nut jobs are determined to destroy Israel and do serious damage (in casualties) to the US, no matter what they say to the gullible major media.


Am I suggesting that Ahmadinejad would lie? Well, he's a devout Muslim, and the Quran allows Muslims to lie to infidels...so, the answer is yes.


Will the US strike Iran? Not directly. Israel will have to do the job, with US clandestine aid. 


Meir Amit, a former director of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency, recently suggested that Ahmadinejad "should be made to disappear from the arena...he has said he wants to become a shahid, a martyr, so I think he should get his wish." Although I don't disagree, it would not solve the problem. Iran's clerics have spawned enough murderous thugs to take his place, so the weapons (or nuclear facilities) must be destroyed or at least the program set back in order to protect innocents. 


With Iran, time is of the essence. It's either now...or poof!




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Stay Focused


February 14, 2007


It's time to stop the nonsense. Yes, it's time for 

America to stop its pathetic obsession with Anna Nicole Smith and get back to reality.


And just what is reality? That we are in the midst of a global conflagration against a barbaric

Islamo-adversary bent on destroying us. And we should not allow ourselves to be preoccupied by the demise of a superficial and self-serving floozy.


It is in our best interest to stay focused (and informed) on the most substantive issue of our time--the War on Terror. Because to do anything less will only serve to weaken our national resolve.





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Who The Real Bigots Are...


February 13, 2007


What would you call a group that advocates handouts, endowments and social programs like affirmative action for African-Americans?




Why? Because, when you strip away this cohort's pretentious veneer--you will find nothing but hyper-condescension and an overwhelming sense of superiority. 


The truth is, liberals steadfastly promote handouts, endowments, etc. for African- Americans, not because they profoundly care for the 'downtrodden'--but because they fervently believe African-Americans are intellectually inferior. 


Unlike conservatives (who believe every man,

irrespective of race, creed or color, can be taught how to fish)--liberals believe that African-Americans need copious assistance because they are intellectually incapable of being taught how to fish.


Undeniably--it is this arrogant and supercilious attitude that has brought untold economic pain and suffering to the African-American community.


Again, what would you call this group? Bigots.




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How Do Liars Deal With The Truth?


February 12, 2007


Jerusalem and the Temple Mount belong to the Jews. Of this there is no doubt. No doubt, that is, to people who live in reality and truth...which cancels the 'palestinians' out...


The Antiquities Authority continues excavations at the Western Wall Plaza entrance to the Temple Mount. Their discoveries further establish the ownership of the Temple Mount to be Jewish. These are undeniable facts. The kind of facts that you can touch with your hands and see with your eyes. But if you are of the mindset that truth has no bearing upon reality, then you would cast your lot with the violent protestors daily assaulting Israeli police and archaeologists who are uncovering this evidence. These protestors are Muslims who continue to believe the lies of the late and malevolent grandfather of terrorism, Yasser Arafat, that Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims.


Hard proof and irrefutable evidence does not sway these vicious Muslim fiends from their goal of expelling Israelis from the land the G-d of Abraham gave the Jews. And anyone, including archaeologists and the police who protect them, will not deter these thugs from their mission.  


How do liars deal with the truth? They stone it into submission.




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Does It Really Matter? 


February 9, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Moderate? Really?


February 8, 2007


Despite the recently revealed facts, our government continues the blather, "Fatah is moderate, Abbas is a 'man of peace', blah blah blah,"...but the facts beg to differ...


Hamas-Fatah have agreed upon a draft deal that  reveals the two are in much agreement, despite our government's view of Fatah...PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the 'man of peace', agreed to every principle demanded by Hamas, including:


•The objective of a unity government  will be the creation of an independent Arab nation with Jerusalem as its capital.
• “Opposition to the temporary borders and all other solutions that do not fulfill the national legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”
• Calls for the “right of return” of millions of Arabs living in other countries who claim Israel as home.
• Demands that the separation barrier be removed.
• Demands that “all prisoners in Israel be released unconditionally."


Strangely absent is any reference to recognizing the legitimacy of the State of Israel. 


What a surprise!


The agreement also allows Hamas the ability to maintain control of the PA government, but also allows Abbas to continue negotiations with Israel. 


Additionally, the agreement states that the Hamas-led PA government will officially recognize prior agreements. Which means, Hamas will recognize government determinations without the necessity of altering the terrorist group’s ultimate aim: The destruction of the State of Israel. (Identical to Fatah's stated goals in its constitution.)


And let's also consider that recently terrorist organizations (including Fatah) have dug a system of tunnels from Gaza towards Israeli territory. The intention of the tunnels?  To ignite large detonations under Israeli civilian targets...a war crime.


And with all these facts out there, the US government is sending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to strengthen Abbas and Fatah against Hamas. So the support for Abbas and Fatah has now gone from idiotic to insidious.


Moderate? In an alternate universe, perhaps, but not on this terra firma.


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Their Failure Threatens Us All


February 7, 2007


What are we to make of a political party whose

top 2008 presidential contenders (Clinton, Obama and Edwards) want to cut and run from Iraq? Well, I think it is glaringly obvious: It is a party that simply fails to comprehend the global threat of Islamofascism.


Islamofascism, to be blunt--is a convoluted and brutally evil ideology that seeks to drown us (infidels) in our own blood. After all, it is the very ideology that produced mass murderer Osama bin Laden and his 9/11 henchmen. And, it will not stop propagating carnage and mayhem until it rules the world.


In short, Islamofascism zealously seeks to behead America, literally. 


Iraq, as President Bush has reminded us, is the central front in the war against Islamofascism.
Yet, there is a political party that loudly demands we cut and run from this seminal fight.


In short, the Democrat Party's failure to comprehend this global threat--threatens us all.




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America Is Still Waiting


February 6, 2007


It has been nearly six years since 9/11, and America is still waiting for moderate Muslims to denounce jihad. 


We had been promised, ad nauseum, that from the acrid ashes of Ground Zero would rise a voice of reason from the Muslim community. A voice that would not only stridently condemn jihad, but would also attempt to mollify the fears of a nation traumatized by terrorists whose last words (before incinerating 3,000 innocents) were "Allah Akbar."


But, sadly, this promise has never materialized.


Instead, the only voices we have heard from the Muslim community are from organizations like 
C.I.A.R., who repeatedly carp that American Muslims are being discriminated against.


And, even when given the opportunity by some media outlets to denounce jihad, these organizations use it to issue a stinging rebuke of American foreign policy.


Well, America is still waiting: But I'm starting to believe that the moderate Muslim is a phantom.  





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A 'Towering' Mistake


February 5, 2007


King David established Jerusalem as his capital nearly 3,000 years ago...and ever since, there have been machinations to take it away. 


In 1967, Yasser Arafat articulated a 'Palestinian' claim to Jerusalem. Since that time, Israel has permitted 4 minarets to be built on the Temple Mount (first in 1278, the second in 1297, the third in 1329, and the fourth in 1367). A minaret is a tower typically attached to a mosque from which Muslims are called to Islamic Prayers five times daily. 


In a feckless and covert move, PM Olmert has granted permission to Jordan to build the fifth and largest minaret that will tower over the walls of Jerusalem's Old City. This 130 foot minaret will stand on a site of the Mount that Jewish groups have petitioned to build a synagogue. The minaret will display the symbol of the Jordanian monarchy.


This move has further emboldened Israel's enemies. The revisionist history, that continues to be emanated throughout the 'palestinian' controlled areas, was just kicked up a notch by Mr. Olmert. A top official of the Waqf – the Islamic custodians of the Mount – told WND that Olmert's permission to King Abdullah to build the minaret in the synagogue's place "confirms 100-percent the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount) belongs to Muslims." The Waqf leader continued, "This proves Jewish conspiracies for a synagogue will never succeed and solidifies our presence here. It will make Muslims worldwide more secure that the Jews will never take over the Haram al-Sharif (Temple Mount)."


And there you have it...as if Mr. Olmert's administration has not done enough damage to the country in his tragic management of the Lebanon War, and his stealth negotiations with Israel's enemies to give away more of Israeli-owned land (Judea/Samaria) in the face of non-stop terrorism, but he had to finish the job by further reinforcing the lies of the PA that Jerusalem belongs to the Muslims. 




So I must say that of all Mr. Olmert's faults, there's not doubt...this one is truly towering. 




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The Only Bully I See 


February 2, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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Europe's New Pastime: Hating Jews


February 1, 2007


Global anti-Semitism in Europe has risen to alarming rates. Assaults on Jews increased 66% in Austria from 2005, 50% in Scandinavia and 20% in Russia and France. And in Hitler's graveyard of Germany, attacks rose 60%. These attacks included assault, vandalism, arson, murder, and the defilement of Jewish religious sites. 


According to Arutz Sheva, a Holocaust memorial in Verdan, Germany was burned in a fire Friday by arsonists. A cattle car from the Nazi-era used to transport Jews to the death camps was burned in the fire. 


The destruction of such memorials and remnants of concentration camps, has been a pet pursuit of European Neo-Nazis (fueled by Islamists). And little appears to be happening to discourage these acts of hate.


Fear even has the first Rabbi to be ordained in Germany since the Holocaust, so apprehensive about being identified as a Jew that he often wears a baseball hat over his kippah.


But, sadly, Germany is not the only country to openly express abhorrence for the Jewish people...a village in Spain (what Islamists refer to as Andalusia)-- Ciempozuelos near Madrid --decided to trade their 'Holocaust Memorial Day' for 'The Day Of The Palestinian Genocide'. A day of hate against Israelis, Israel and Jews everywhere. This in particular is a manifestation of the Islamic influence in Spain in a Muslim effort to take Spain (Andalusia) back. And it is a vivid realization that Europe is indeed becoming Eurabia.


It's happening right before our eyes...history is being set for a Holocaustic deja vu. One that, if we fail to act incisively, will prove to be far worse than we have ever imagined. 


Islamic anti-Semitism is the poison that is destroying Europe. It is the venom that fuels the War on Terror. And if we fail to actively stand against it, it will truly destroy us all.



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