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Adios Amigos!


June 29, 2007


The most catastrophic bill ever proposed by Congress is officially dead.


Thank G-d.


Of Course I'm referring to the Immigration bill (The Amnesty Bill). A bill that would have had a deleterious effect on our culture, economy and security. Clearly, this was a bitter defeat for the elitists on both sides of the political isle.


And who defeated them? None other than 'We The People'.


Something the elites need to remember the next time they try to ram drek down our throats.


Adios amigos!




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Bandages Don't Cure Cancer 


June 28, 2007


Any physician can tell you that putting a bandage on cancer will neither cure nor stop the spread of the disease, and yet our country continues to pressure Israel to make 'nice' with its bloodthirsty enemies, while fecklessly avoiding what will prevent the future deaths of innocent Jews: Stopping the indoctrination of 'palestinian' children into Shahids (suicide-bombers).


Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) released an alarming report this week concerning the ever-growing "death worship in Gaza." And this is not merely oozing from Hamas, but also from the 'moderate' Fatah (are you listening, Mr. President)...


A Palestinian Authority schoolbook, written by Fatah educators, instructs 13 and 14 year-olds to literally favor death over life, while the "enemies" treasure life:

“O heroes, Allah has promised you victory ... Do not talk yourselves into flight…Your enemies seek life while you seek death. They seek spoils to fill their empty stomachs while you seek a Garden [Paradise] as wide as are the heavens and the earth. Do not be anxious to meet them [enemies], for death is not bitter in the mouth of the believers. These drops of blood that gush from your bodies will be transformed tomorrow into blazing red meteors that will fall down upon the heads of your enemies." [Reading and Texts Part II, Grade 8 (2002), p. 16]


So, according to the plain facts, Abbas and his Fatah party would not make good peace partners, would they? Did we get it yet?...


If we [US] are earnestly interested in lasting peace in the Middle East, it's time for us to concentrate on surgically removing the hate...because the bandages of unfruitful 'peace' agreements won't cure this cancer.




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Darfur: Killing Them With Silence


June 27, 2007


So here's the truth of what is going on in Darfur...Arab Muslims are slaughtering African Muslims and Christians. You knew that, right? But did you know that hundreds of refugees from Darfur have found refuge in Israel...if they are able to escape Egyptian Muslims at the border of Israel...


A Sudanese man was found dead after being shot while he was still in Egyptian territory, but managed to cross the border into Israel before dying. Area media reports, confirmed by UN officials, exposed that Egyptian border guards have taken to shooting at Sudanese refugees attempting to reach the Jewish state. 


This is a pattern of behavior...in December 2005 Egyptian soldiers surrounded thousands of Sudanese gathered in central Cairo protesting the UN's slow response to their treatment by Egypt -- a gathering that included many women and small children -- and doused them all with water before sending enormous electrical shocks through the crowd. But that apparently was not enough to satisfy their depraved souls, the Egyptians guards picked up their rifles and opened fire on the crowd, killing 25 people and wounding hundreds. 


Haven't heard about this? Well that's probably because the pro-Arab, anti-Semitic world media has refused to report on it. 


Yeah, but what about those celebs like George Clooney, surely he's speaking out about this...NOT!


This silence is depraved at best...and if we really care about the innocent suffering under this Arab Muslim regime, as we say we do...then we need to pressure our representatives to make this barbarity an issue.




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Free The Women


June 26, 2007


The unparalleled barbarity--inflicted on Muslim women by their male family members--is chilling. Whether in the Arab World, or one of the numerous self-proclaimed Islamic territories throughout Europe--these women face rape, beatings and honor-killings daily. 


But the most disquieting aspect of this story is not the violence, instead--it is the utter silence from America's leading feminists. From Hillary  Clinton to Nancy Pelosi to Pat Ireland, these women have failed to proffer up even a modicum of criticism about the brutal treatment of their Muslim sisters.


A silence beyond chilling.




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Isaac Newton: Christian Zionist


June 25, 2007


All you atheist scientists out there...a shocker is coming your way. The view many had of Isaac Newton was that of an irreligious man only concerned with science, because after all, what could science have to do with G-d? Allow me to enlighten you...


Isaac Newton, who discovered gravity and transfigured mankind's comprehension of physics, apparently was the first Christian Zionist, according to his little-known writings now on display at an exhibition at the Hebrew University's Jewish National and University Library, 'Newton's Secrets,' which show original writings, drawings, and maps dating back 300 years. Diagrams that showed sketches of the Jerusalem Temple, which Newton believed would be rebuilt, succeeding the Jewish return to Israel.


A sample of his secret writings:


"Tis said that they who sleep in the dust shall rise again some to reward and some to punishment and Daniel himself in person is named for one of those who shall then rise again. At that time is also predicted the end of the King of the North, the fall of the great apostasy, the return of the Jewish captivity and the great tribulation."

According to Professor Steven Snobelen, a curator of the exhibition and a passionate student of Newton's theological works, "Newton believed in prophecy. He thought God controls all of reality, time, and history," he said. "He believed in prophecies in the Old Testament that talked about the Jews' return to Israel…thinking the return would happen past the 17-18th centuries. Many Christians thought Jews would all convert to Christianity and that Jerusalem would rebuilt spiritually. Newton had more respect for the Jews, and thought they would return physically."


And Newton was right on. 


Snobelen added that Newton conceived the rebuilding of Jerusalem taking place in the late 19th century, and that the Temple would be rebuilt in the 20th or 21st century. "History has kind of caught up with his predications," Snobelen said, adding: "If Newton discussed how to put satellites in space and a man on the moon, why should he be wrong about this?"


Indeed, Prof. Snobelen. He was right about gravity...and the gravity of these prophesies is much more important. 


Chalk up another one for Isaac! See the virtual exhibit here.




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Congress: Favor Or Disdain


June 22, 2007


Perhaps the reason congress is greatly disdained

(14% favorability rating, according to national polls) is due to its failure to secure the border. After all, a majority of Americans are weary of the illegal alien problem that plagues the nation.


And with laws (which are being flouted by congress) already in place designed to halt the illegal invasion--the level of contempt against congress will only continue to rise.


In a nation shattered by illegal immigration, congress must either do its job (secure the border), or face the dubious distinction of being slapped with the worst favorability rating since Jimmy Carter.




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Crackpot Carter: Hamas' Biggest Fan


June 21, 2007


Yes it's true...empty barrels make the most noise. Especially if they're empty peanut barrels...I guess having the most disastrous presidency in the history of America wasn't enough for former President Jimmy Carter...he wants to leave this earth with us loathing the very thought of him. 


The 83 year old former goober farmer, speaking to a conference of Irish human rights officials this week, stated that the US was "criminal" for not accepting the 'fair' results of the PA election by favoring Fatah over Hamas. He stated that the reason Hamas was victorious was because it was "shrewd in selecting candidates." I guess bribing the people with supplies and services had nothing to do with it. Why you're right, Mr. Carter, the people must have been dazzled by one of those brilliant, machine gun-totting, Qassam lobbing, Jew-hating, misogynists. Wouldn't you?


Mr. Carter's concern was not for the innocent Israelis that are the target of Hamas and Fatah...no, he is concerned with reconciliation of Hamas & Fatah..."All efforts of the international community should be to reconcile the two, but there's no effort from the outside to bring the two together."


Well, you have to give him one thing...he's consistent. He is not satisfied with Hamas or Fatah attacking innocent Israelis...he wants them to be united brethren killing the Jews. 


I think this guy is either evil or a crackpot. Since I cannot see his heart, I will leave G-d to judge his motives and go with crackpot.


Mr. Carter...after hearing your comments, I believe I would go with number 45 (Mute Function for Humans) on the '101 Uses For Duct Tape' list...and that's about as nice as I will get.




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Al Qaeda's Useful Idiot


June 20, 2007


When all is said and done--(concerning the Iraq War) the most reviled character will most assuredly be Harry Reid. After all, no one has done more to provide support and console to the enemy than the Senate Majority Leader.


From calling the Iraq War "lost," to stridently stating that General Petraus is "clueless," the Nevada politico has worked feverishly to subvert every facet of the war.


In short, Harry Reid is (without question) al Qaeda's most useful idiot. 




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The Same Terrorist Cloth


June 19, 2007


The resumption of foreign aid to the Palestinian 

Authority is both highly imprudent and lethal. Why? Because the PA is just as murderous as Hamas. 


The PA (formerly known as the PLO) has never officially changed its creed: Exterminate the Jews. And its armed division (Al-al Aqsa Brigades) has slaughtered myriad innocent Israelis.


It is time to get in touch with reality: The PA and Hamas are cut from the same Islamofascist cloth.




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Terrorist Statehood: The Product Of Democracy & Islam


June 18, 2007


The violent takeover of the PA by the terrorist group Hamas is no surprise to those with their eyes open...the people knew who they were and voted them in, so eventually...Hamas would wear its bloody heart on its sleeve.


And so you have the product of mixing Democracy with Islam: A Terrorist State.


You know, it doesn't take must research to discover that Islam is both a religious system and a political system...which leaves NO room for liberty... especially for those outside Islam (in particular, Jews and Christians [people of the Book, as the Quran puts it]). 


Possessing this simple information, and also realizing that the 'palestinian' people freely elected terrorists as a governing body, was it such a wonder that one terrorist half of the PA [Hamas] would overthrow the other terrorist half [Fatah] as soon as they had adequate might (thanks to Iran)? A resounding NO!


The best thing the US can do is continue its support of the only true Democracy in the Middle East [Israel], and work with so-called moderate Muslims to reach out to their 'radical brothers'. But don't be surprised if the 'brothers' don't cooperate...for I believe fundamental change is impossible to implement with a people whose heartfelt desire is to kill you...before you help them.




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Peace Through Strength


June 15, 2007


Now that Gaza has become Hamas Central, will Israel finally wake-up?


Due to Israeli acquiescence (land for peace), the Islamic terror organization now has its own country by which it can launch massive attacks against the Jewish State.


Perhaps it is time for Israel (and the US State Department) to realize that you must first mercilessly defeat the enemy before you ever consider negotiating with it.


Ronald Reagan said it best: "Peace through strength."




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Israel: Bringing The Beginning Of The End For Brain Cancer


June 14, 2007


An Israeli researcher, Professor Emeritus Yoram Palti of Haifa’s Technion Institute, has developed and successfully tested a new device to combat the most common and aggressive type of brain cancer, glioblastoma mulitforme (GBM).


In 2000, Dr. Palti founded a company, NovoCure, to develop his research in treating cancer with electrical fields. According to Dr. Palti, this is the first time that electrical fields are being used to kill cancer cells, which also opens the door for other forms of cancer to be treated.


According to Israel21c.org, this is how this amazing treatment works...it uses electrical fields to disrupt tumor growth by interfering with cell division of cancerous cells, causing them to stop proliferating and die off instead of dividing and growing. Healthy brain cells infrequently divide and have different electrical properties than cancerous brain cells. This permits the device to target cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells. The electrical fields are transported by means of insulated electrodes applied to the surface of the scalp. The electrodes look like wires attached to bandages. The device is powered by a small lightweight battery pack. Patients simply carry the Novo-TTF device in a specialized over-the-shoulder bag and receive constant treatment without changing their daily routine.


And...unlike chemotherapy: It has NO side effects!


Based on the findings in successful trials conducted by Dr. Palti, patient enrollment has begun for a significant phase III clinical trial to further elucidate the efficiency and safety of the Novo-TTF in the treatment of recurrent GBM. Twelve leading cancer centers across the United States will be conducting the research...and eight centers in Europe.


Praying this will be the beginning of the end for not only brain cancer, but all cancer...via Israel!



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Truly Insane


June 13, 2007


In a post 9/11 world--our nation is in desperate need of secure borders. With over 3,000 innocents already slaughtered on our home turf,

the time for border fortification is long overdue.


Our government (despite the dung-heap of an immigration bill currently being touted)--is already obligated (by law) to secure the borders. 


Yet, they remain a deadly sieve.


So, while our government officials are busy genuflecting at the feet of the illegal aliens--our nation grows increasingly vulnerable (due to open borders) to terrorists who might decide to exploit them.


This, in a post 9/11 world--is truly insane.




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Not Laughable


June 12, 2007


The notion that we should dialogue with Iran (concerning Iraq) is beyond feckless: It is outright laughable. 


To think that the Islamic Republic wants to aid us in stabilizing Mesopotamia is unadulterated fantasy. Its only interest is seeing that Western Civilization is replaced by a global, Islamic



And the easiest way to bring about this hellish hegemony is to violently drive America out of Iraq. 


Make no mistake: Iran's stratagem for global dominance starts with America's defeat in Iraq.


And that, my friends--is not laughable.





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The Cry For Condemnation


June 11, 2007


This week, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) delayed releasing a statement condemning Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's latest calls for the destruction of Israel. Why? Because 2 Muslim nations, Indonesia and Qatar, opposed the move. The only two Muslim nations on the UNSC. 


Is there a surprise here? Not if you've been paying attention. The holy book of Islam, the Quran, calls for the destruction of the Jews, so why would any self-respecting follower of Mohammad condemn a 'brother' like Ahmadinejad for calling for the destruction of the Jewish State? 


French UN Ambassador Jean-Marc de La Sabliere, who called for condemnation of Ahmadinejad's remarks, said, "At stake is ...a real question of principle. When the president of a country talks about the destruction of another country, a member of the United Nations, this is a serious issue." 


The Ambassador got that right. As former Israeli Ambassador Dore Gold, and a group of prominent individuals have already stated concerning Ahmadinejad, the "Iranian President is in violation of the treaty to prevent genocide which was ratified by his country. This violation is punishable by the UN, the International Criminal Court, or in local courts."


One member state cannot call for the destruction of another member state. And further, the desire of Iran is to cleanse the earth of all Jews (genocide). Hmm...does anyone hear the sound of clicking heals?


The cry for this condemnation should be so deafening that Qatar and Indonesia will comply out of fear. Because if we fail to cry out now, there will come a time when we will not be able to cry out at all.




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A Psychotic Hatred


June 8, 2007


Will there ever be genuine peace in the Middle East? Not as long as Arab nations continue to propagate virulent anti-Semitism. And, make no mistake, it is this Koranic form of anti-Semitism that has spawned hordes of homicidal killers bent on shedding innocent Jewish blood.


In the final analysis, the Middle East will remain in the throes of macabre violence due to Arab

pig-headedness. And just what is the cause of such pig-headedness: A psychotic hatred of the Jew. 




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Genocide Against The Jews Must Stop


June 7, 2007


It didn't end with Hitler. The bloodthirsty hatred of the Jewish people, which has lingered for decades, continues through Hitler's proxies: The Muslims.


Written deep within the pages of Muhammad's book is the detestation of the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob...the Chosen People of the G-d of Israel. Hitler admired it. And modern day Islamists have revived it. 


In the charter of every terrorist group is written the destruction of the Jewish people. Jihadists are busy carrying out the wishes of the founder of their religion, with little recognition by the media of this well-organized genocide.


And now Ahmadinejad is making proclamations that Israel's destruction is near. Sincere words made to the deaf ears of an anti-Semitic world. 


For some, 6 million was not enough. They desire the elimination of all Jews. 


Now is the time for those who stand with Israel, to stand in the gap against this current attempt at the genocide of the Jewish people...B'ahavat Adonai*.



*B'ahavat Adonai - In the love of the L-rd.





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The Fact Remains


June 6, 2007


Despite a blizzard of intense, anti-war invective

from the Left--the fact still remains that our nation hasn't been attacked since 9/11.


The War on Terror might be a "bumper sticker slogan" to sissified, leftist politicos--but it has manifestly protected us from the Islamo-savages that seek our bloody demise. 


This fight, of course, is not without its frustrations and setbacks--but with al Qaeda operatives being killed by the hundreds in Iraq -our nation has been made undeniably safer.


And in the face of such crushing, anti-war criticism--the irrefutable fact that we haven't been hit since 9/11 stands as a towering monument to the success of the War on Terror.




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Don't Count On It


June 5, 2007


Manifestly, when it comes to the issue of illegal

immigration--our genuine compassion should be directed to those Americans residing in the border states. After all, their way of life has been violently interrupted by illegal aliens who

ransack their land. 


It is these patriotic Americans who deserve our heartfelt compassion--not the hordes of illegals destroying their livelihoods.


Perhaps, the next time President Bush calls for "compassion" when discussing the issue, it will be directed at these devoted Americans and not the hordes that violate them.


Don't count on it. 




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Maybe We Should Ask: Why Are They Emboldened?


June 4, 2007


The appeasers are out in force...and we've all heard the questions before: Why do they hate us? What have we done to cause this? 


And the answer? They hate us for just being who we are...a freedom-loving people who desire liberty for all people. A people whose government is based on the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, which encourages individual volition. This liberty doesn't jive with Islam.


The jihadists follow an ideology based on a misogynistic, anti-Semitic religion that desires to remove individual freedom, and by whatever means possible (including slavery, torture and murder), to obliterate Israel, the Jewish people worldwide, and turn our representative republic into an Islamic caliphate. 


So the real question that we should be asking is: Why are they emboldened?


Since we do not have the same mindset as these villains (thank G-d), we need to understand how they view strength and weakness in order to win the war on terror. 


To a jihadist, appeasement is weakness. A weakness that must be conquered. So, when we fight a war 'tiptoeing through the tulips' (as our government has conducted the war so far), instead of displaying our military prowess, the jihadists believe they are winning and are emboldened. They feel free to kidnap our warriors and slaughter them, kidnap various citizens and force their conversion to Islam, and hold and charge prominent individuals with espionage...assured, by our sheepish behavior in warfare, that we will do nothing for fear of what the EU thinks.   


Until we understand who we are fighting, we will continue to falter our way in this battle.





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A Viable View


June 1, 2007


Vocal Blog with Pete Russo




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