Anti-Military, Anti-Recruitment & Our Youth
The Propaganda Doesn't Change, 

Just The Players



©2005 Sharon Hughes 

I watched a segment of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight" seven-part documentary last night with my husband, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has forgotten the tactics dictators use who want to take over the world, such as Mussolini and Hitler, and most recently, Saddam Hussein, who wanted to rule the Arab world. 

Capra, known for heart-warming classic films such as "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," which celebrates it's 56th anniversary this month since its debut in 1939, made quite a departure in producing "Why We Fight." Why did he do it? Well, when you watch what Capra captured on film you understand why he said yes to the U.S. government's request to produce the film.

There's something powerful about history, especially when you can see it recorded on film. The reality of what happened becomes so evident, especially the further removed the events are from today. In this case, the use of propaganda, the brainwashing of youth, the sheep-mentality of the people who so willingly follow corrupt leaders. 

History is an important window with which to see current events through, for history does indeed repeat itself, the only difference are the players. The 'peace' or anti-war movement didn't start in the 60's. It was active during Hitler's day. There were Americans who did not want to engage in WWII and were adamant about it. Just think what the outcome would have been if America followed their worldview.

A few weeks back anti-war protesters marched on Washington again, Cindy Sheehan was arrested in front of the White House, and anti-war, anti-America, socialist blogsites posted, "We did it!" But...what did they do? Get alot of folks to show up? Get alot of media coverage? Get...uh... Let me see, get...

We know their stated goal is for our troops to come home...they didn't get that. So what goal was realized? To get alot of folks to show up...get alot of media coverage? What does "We did it!" mean?

Of course, we know the agenda of the 'peace' movement is much more far-reaching, but for the face they show the public, I ask, what does "We did it!" mean?

I'm a strong advocate of freedom of speech, of grassroots action, and more Americans taking their place in the public square, but the effects the anti-war movement can have on public opinion and the worldview of our youth, do not produce results that keep us free from tyrants and terrorists today, any more than they did in the past.

I don't know what kind of throw-away papers you have in your town, but here in the San Francisco Bay Area we have practically every leftist group represented, with their propaganda readily available in newsprint at local, albeit mostly 'health food', stores.

One such paper, the North Bay Progressive, had a recent article entitled, "Recruitment Woes" which talked about The People's Revolutionary Organization made up of high school students who want to stop the war by shutting down Army Recruiting offices, in this case, in my home town. The article reported, "Our goal is to push the army recruiters out of our town...if the armed services don't have anyone to fight for them, they won't be able to have a war." 

At demonstrations outside the local Army recruiting office, young people said, "We demand that you end your presence on all of our school campuses...we know that the overall intention of the military is to convert the younger generations into mindless killing machines who will be sent to foreign lands to die for the advancement of the American empire." 

Where do these young kids get these ideas from? Could it be their...classrooms? More and more high school campuses are refusing to let military recruiters address senior classes, which has been the norm in the past.

Another article in the paper entitled, "Help Dismantle the Military: One Individual at a Time" seeks to recruit individuals to be "military separation counselors" for the purpose of helping "people separate legally from the military." It calls the war "absurd...that bears the uncanny resemblance to world-wide domination."

It goes on to state, "Some people join the army in order to carry a gun and ignorantly or knowingly carry out the orders of a violent, unjust regime. However, there are plenty of good-hearted citizens in the armed forces as well."

Wait. Stop. Are they saying those who take up arms to defend America and fight for freedom around the world are the opposite of 'good-hearted citizens'? Don't get me started!

Okay, why am I giving space here to what a local paper prints? Because we live 'on the local level' where this issue, as well as most others, need to be countered. Make no mistake, all politics are indeed local. 

What are your local papers saying? What are the anti-war organizations in your county up to? Do you know? Do you care? If so, do something...where you live. Get involved in your schools. Bombard your local newspapers with letters to the editor. Call in to your local radio talk show hosts. Start your own local pro-America paper. Run for local office. If more of us would grab hold of the rope in this tug-of-war for our nation, and put feet to our words and ideals, we would see tremendous results. 

Sure, let the anti-war protestors protest, but let the majority voice be louder! Let our troops know we understand that war is hell, but that we also understand the reality of corrupt leaders and the real danger they pose. And most importantly...that we are grateful for them putting their lives on the line to keep us safe and free, and to give others who want to be, a chance as well. 

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