For The People


© 2003 Duane Hughes

One of the most comforting things about being an American is the assurance that if you need help in a foreign country, the American Embassy is the place to go. After all, we are Americans…citizens of the United States of America, the good ole USA.

As we heard on today’s program, there are other factors that come into play in another country. A country’s laws and customs, as well as diplomacy, influence or limit what our Embassies or Ambassadors can do, and that’s understandable. Indeed representation is limited outside the borders of the United States. What is not understandable, or unacceptable for that matter, is that we lose otherwise entitled representation within our own borders for the sake of the political careers of a politicians.

Take Arizona. The citizens of that state, to the tune of 70%, are about to pass a law preventing subsidies to illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars similar to the California law passed a few years back, Prop. 187. But guess who’s against it? Most of the politicians! That’s right; the representatives of the people are against what the people want. And why, you ask? …because most of those illegal aliens are Hispanic and are potential future voters, especially if they are given amnesty and are allowed to register. Forget what the people want. Forget about our immigration laws. Forget about what is the right thing to do, these politician’s careers are at stake.

Sad as it is, our representative government is being sold out by many politicians who, for the benefit of their own careers are willing to abandon their oath of office to uphold and defend the constitution because they will personally benefit by remaining in office and thus further their political careers. It makes you wonder if these politicians really understand the government and constitution they swore to uphold…and that’s OUTRAGEOUS!