Anti-American Professors
Not So Rare Any More

2004 Sharon Hughes 

What is happening to our educational establishment? Once the finest in the world, is it becoming a political platform to undermine our liberty? Where are teachers coming up with such statements such as Claudia of Minneapolis who said, "If I am forced to teach about the pilgrims I will not!" 

Revisionist history is not only relayed to our nation's children in textbook form, often it is classroom instruction where the most damage is done. 

I received a letter from Renee Doyle, Founding President of EdWatch www.edwatch.org, a great resource on the latest developments in education, with a terrific team of researchers, some of whom I've interviewed on the radio, such as Professor Allen Quist, author of FedEd - The New Federal Curriculum and How It's Enforced, and Michael Chapman, founder of American Heritage Research www.americanheritageresearch.com . Renee gives an unbelievable example of the undermining of our American heritage in the minds of students from one of the college classes she attended recently ...

"One day a student led a debate on whether or not it was ethical for Judge Roy Moore to place a granite statue of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama courthouse rotunda. Our professor told the class that a Christian placing the Ten Commandments in a public building is the same as an Islamic terrorist placing a bomb in a public building. As you can imagine, I was shocked at this statement. The classroom was totally quiet as my hand went up. I told the professor, 'Sir, there are many young, very impressionable people in this classroom, and for them to leave here believing that the Ten Commandments are analogous to a bomb that would take innocent life is ridiculous.' You could have heard a pin drop as the professor walked over to my desk, stood very close, and with controlled anger said to me, 'People being forced to enter a courtroom through the Ten Commandments is just as injurious as a bomb that would kill them.' He then went on to tell that religious fanaticism killed the Native Americans when Christians sent blankets to them infected with small pox. He said that religious fanatics like Judge Roy Moore burned the black churches in the south, etc., By the time he was finished, I noticed many young men and women looking down at their desks. It was totally silent until one young mother attending school to be a nurse said, 'I had us.' She hated her European heritage, she hated our Christian heritage, and she hated that she was an American."

And we wonder why our educational standards are becoming increasingly anti-American such as in the "We the People" civics curriculum? Could it be that our schools are filled with more and more anti-American professors who propagate their political worldview to young, impressionable high school and college students, who then not only react like the young mother mentioned in Renee's letter, but go on to readily accept such teaching for their children?

Unesco, a major organ of the United Nations wrote in 1983, "Introduce an international or global perspective in primary schools. .. to be incorporated into, existing curricula, wherever possible." Sounds harmless enough, unless accompanied with an anti-American, slant, which is increasingly becoming the norm. 

A major question being posed to Americans today is "Do you want to be proud to be an American, or proud to be a world citizen?" Because of America's strength, in order for her people to make the shift to world citizenship there has to be a distancing of gratefulness and loyalty to America.

What's the answer? For real Americans to rise up and speak up! Apathy, passivity and procrastination are enemies as big as the anti-American worldview espoused in our schools.

Ask yourself, if not me, who? If not now, when? The price of freedom is still eternal vigilance. We are in a battle for the minds and hearts of our children and the soul of our nation. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

-Prompted thoughts from my interview with Professor Allen Quist on 2/23/04, which you can hear online at http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/changing_worldviews/Archives.asp