Right To Life: Who Decides?


© 2003 Duane Hughes


Basic to the foundation of the U.S. Constitution is the Declaration of Independence in which we find these words… “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” The key to this is the recognition of the fact that we get our inalienable rights, not from the judicial branch of the government or from the courts, but from our Creator. So how then can a judge, decide whether a person should live or die?

There is a famous quote that says “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance…” Most of us apply that quote to watching out for a foreign enemy that threatens us or, in today’s environment, a terrorist attack. Every person who takes an oath of office as an elected or appointed official pledges to uphold the U.S. Constitution and “defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic.” But who would that domestic enemy be? It would be the intentional or unintentional erosion of the foundational truths upon which our Republic was founded. One of those truths being that our rights, especially our right to life, comes from God.

The argument has been put forth that without feeding her Terri Schiavo would die. But does that justify making a decision to terminate her life. One could argue that because a person is a quadriplegic they could not feed themselves and therefore you could withhold food and it would be justified. Or what about the elderly person who has fallen and broken a hip and without the help of another would simple die on the floor…would it be acceptable to let that person die? Of course not!

If “quality of life” as determined by hospital staff or a judge becomes the deciding factor as to whether we live or die, then we must prepare ourselves for the consequences. Those consequences are that society will then determine whether we live or die…and that’s OUTRAGEOUS!