Happy Yassin Day, Or, 

Don't Kick Arafat Out, Kick Him Upstairs Too



By Ariel Natan Pasko

Hamas "spiritual leader" - i.e. he blessed every terror attack against Jews and gave "religious" justification for Hamas's genocidal murder campaign - Sheikh Ahmad Yassin has been sent to his eternal reward. I hope he brought air conditioning.

And yet, the bobbing heads of group think, politicians like Yakov Katz of Likud and Avigdor Lieberman of National Union, not long ago "decided" it's time to kick Arafat out of the country. There they go again, how many times has this been suggested? Don't kick him out, kick him upstairs, i.e. give him a permanent vacation with his 72 virgins, and make Suha - his wife - wince.

They should take a page out of the "holiday book" and study it well. Happy Yassin Day!

Some people have strange ideas, but to continue to call for the very worst policy, takes the prize. Imagine, Arafat has been locked up in the Mukatah "prison" for over two years now, and the Israeli government still hasn't figured out how to cut-off his media access, his diplomatic visits, his fame, glory, and influence. Or, maybe they just don't want to?

On his limited shoestring budget - of a couple billion - Arafat has already been holding court. What will he do if exiled? Guaranteed, more of the same -- Plus.

I've heard some weird ideas, but giving Arafat full access to everything worldwide, is pretty weird. One common definition of insanity is, repeating the same behavior over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. Do the honored ministers expect the government to boot Arafat out this time? Or is this just a show to prove to us how "tough" they can be?

Yisrael Katz called for Arafat's immediate expulsion in response to the recent double suicide bombing in Ashdod. He also called for swift and decisive retaliatory action, adding that Hamas leaders like Ahmed Yassin and Abdel el-Aziz Rantisi should be eliminated as part of the global war against terror. Well, they got Yassin. Why not granddaddy terrorist Yasser, who taught them both everything they know?

I for almost two years now, have been calling on the Israeli government to try Arafat for Crimes Against Humanity, i.e. the Jewish People, the killing of American diplomats, Lebanese brutally treated during his "stay" there, and others. Arafat should be tried like Nazi War Criminal Adolph Eichmann was 40 years ago, and when found guilty - I won't play games and say "if" as if we don't know what he's done - executed. I believe there is a great educational value to publicly trying him. It tells the world that there is a judicial way of dealing with terror and will give Israel an opportunity to publicize to the world his war crimes.

Since I've written six articles on the subject, some might accuse me of being a bobbing head also, but I'll tell you the difference. If Lieberman and Katz get their way, Arafat will create more problems than he has till now. If I get my way, one of the main problems - Arafat - is finished for good.

Notice, the "poor" crippled Sheikh is no more. No more TV interviews for him, no more al-Jazeera rants of revenge against Israelis for him. For what I might add, the last bus bombing Hamas carried out against Jews? No more...Period.

Happy Yassin Day!

The bobbing heads - Israeli and internationally - are already warning that Hamas will now step up attacks on Israel. You mean after all these suicidal-genocidal bombings Hamas has carried out, now we learn that they've been taking it "easy" on us? With the hundreds of rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli cities in Gaza and the south of the country; they could have been meaner? Lies, lies, lies... Tell that to the almost 1,500 dead Israelis.

The dis-informationists are at it again. The truth is that Hamas does what it does period - try to kill Jews whenever they can - so do Islamic Jihad, the al-Aksa Brigades, the Tanzim, the PFLP, the DFLP, and all the other terror groups. Israel has been at war with the "Palestinians" for a long time already. 

Did anyone notice that Sheikh Yassin's exit was on the same day as that of the Israeli baby Shalhevet Pass, who was viciously gunned down three years ago? Sense the Justice? That's right, a "Palestinian" sniper targeted the 10-month-old Jewish child - on the same day, three years earlier - in a Hebron neighborhood. Imagine, he had to look through his scope, tick, tick, tick, and then pull the trigger, ending a 10-month-old "soldier's" life. The Jews in Hebron observed her memorial day.

Yasser Arafat declared three days of "official mourning" for the "martyred" Yassin. Rather than suppress the terror groups like he promised to, in accepting the Roadmap plan, Arafat has made the ex-Hamas leader into a hero.
After offing Yassin, Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz called him "the Palestinian Bin Laden". It's true; recently Yassin had begun speaking about the "Global Jihad" in Bin Laden and al-Qaeda type terms. But I ask you, when is it Yasser's turn?

Why is it all right, for an Israeli soldier to shoot and kill some "poor" "misguided" 18-year-old Arab terrorist gunman, when the terrorist mastermind par excel lance, Arafat, is "off limits"?

You know, blame me for being too much of a democrat, but I never tolerated the idea, that some politician's blood is worth more than yours or mine. That goes for Rabin, Ze'evi, Kahane, Yassin, and Arafat. Almost 1,500 murdered Israelis in the last three years, weighs in a little more with me.

How should we do it to Yasser, you ask?

Charges should be brought against Arafat, and he can be left in his Mukatah compound. Israel should surround it for the duration of the trial, and make it off-limits to the media, and foreign or Israeli visitors. Arafat's telephone and other communications links to the outside world should be cut-off. Mukatah will become Arafat's prison.
Many in the Israeli media or politicians who have raised the issue of trial, always use the excuse, "But it would be too difficult to take him out." There, I've solved that problem. Leave him in the Mukatah.

Around the world it is not uncommon to try terrorists or organized crime figures without actually bringing them into court. Many times it's considered to be too dangerous to move the prisoner from his cell to the court, so he is represented via his lawyer. This can be done for Arafat. Due to the public support he is likely to get among Palestinians - even though he's been so cruel to them - moving him might be difficult. I therefore suggest trying him in absentia. When found guilty, if the Israeli army determines that it's too difficult to bring him to Jerusalem, to hang him like Eichmann was in 1961; after sanitizing the area, the Israeli Air Force can bomb the compound with him inside, thus carrying out the death sentence.

Why should Israel give Arafat a vacation with his virgins? Because Suha deserves it. Don't kick him out, kick him upstairs - or is that downstairs - for good...

Hamas said that Israel "opened the gates of hell" with this killing of Sheikh Yassin. I couldn't agree more. Let's send Arafat there too.

Happy Yassin Day!