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Hamas & TUCC: Disturbing Connection


March 31, 2008


By now, we've all heard the so-called preaching coming out of Obama's church (TUCC). Here are further facts you might like to know:

Now, most of us are familiar with the terrorist group Hamas (Hamas is a Foreign Terrorist Organization [FTO] as defined by the U.S. State Department). What I have found disturbing is the similarities between the way TUCC operates and their hateful rhetoric, and the way Hamas operates and its hateful rhetoric:


Hamas preaches hatred for Israel (Jews) and America.


TUCC preaches hatred for  Israel and America (veiled at times).

Hamas does 'good works' in their community and has gained support.


TUCC does 'good works' in their community and has gained support. 


Am I insinuating that TUCC is a terrorist group? No. But their hateful oratory is reminiscent of the terror group's and that should not be said of any Christian church. The mere fact that they would reprint an article, coming from an official of Hamas, is appalling. But worse yet is the fact that they (TUCC) cannot see that this is wrong, and that proves that the hatred this church has for the Jewish State (like Hamas) is clearly ingrained.


Those with whom you choose to associate with reveals something about your character. And an association with Hamas says something ugly and disturbing about TUCC.




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Obama's 'Dreams' A Myth


March 27, 2008


B. Hussein Obama's book, "Dreams From My Father" has been flying off the shelves of US bookstores since it's re-release in 2004. And understandably so, for it tells the story of an impoverished Kenyan goat herder emerging to become a brilliant Harvard-educated economist. But recent revelations show this was a fable...


According to Sharon Churcher of the Daily Mail, an investigation has revealed that, for all Sen. Obama's reputation for being a straight-talker and the persuasive account of his memories, they are largely myth.


It seems the senior Obama, according to family and friends, was a violent alcoholic, a womanizer and a polygamist who sired 8 children from 4 different women. And, according to Obama senior's drinking partner, 

Kenyan writer Philip Ochieng Ochieng, Obama senior's downfall was his weak character. Mr. Ochieng stated, 


"Although charming, generous and extraordinarily clever, Obama senior was also imperious, cruel and given to boasting about his brain and his wealth...He was excessively fond of Scotch. He had fallen into the habit of going home drunk every night. His boasting proved his undoing and left him without a job, plunged him into prolonged poverty and dangerously wounded his ego."


Obama senior died in a drunk driving accident.


It's understandable that a child would desire to put their parent in the best light for the world, but this 'embellishment' (as many liberals put it) was an outright lie. The ones who should have been honored with a book written about their lives was Obama's white mother and 'typical white person' grandmother...they cared for him and raised him.


It is imperative that a legitimate candidate tell the truth...because if he lies about his family history, it's a whole lot easier to lie about everything else. 


Lying speaks to the issue of character...and character to trust. And 'embellishments' cause mistrust.




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Obama's Mushroom: His 'Church's' Racism Explodes


March 24, 2008


Obama's failure, in his speech last week, to distance himself from his pastor's heinous, racist comments was calculated. This is a man (Obama) who carefully sought out the church he desired to attend...and remained there for over 2 decades. He assumed no one (especially 'Typical white people') would dare challenge his allegiance to his long-time close confident and 'spiritual' advisor Jeremiah Wright.


He was sadly mistaken...


Some have been naive enough to believe Obama's unctuous rhetoric that he wasn't present for nor did he agree with the known comments by his, now on sabbatical, pastor Wright. 


Nice try.


The fervency of Wright's comments on the myriad clips seen by thousands on the internet clearly prove that Wright has done this more than a handful of times in the past 20 years, since Obama has been a member of the now infamous church. So this intelligent candidate either knew what was going on or he lives in a mental bubble and can't be expected to be taken seriously to be leader of the free world. 


And now the new pastor, Rev. Otis Moss III, is carrying on the racist legacy that this church is becoming notorious for. The title of his 2008 Easter sermon? "How to Handle a Public Lynching." And according to WND, in the message comparing the scrutiny of Wright to the crucifixion of Jesus at the hands of the Romans (of course the Romans being white and Jesus being a black man).


If this is not offensive enough, Obama's treasured 'pastor' was discovered to have reprinted, in a July 2007 church newsletter, an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, acknowledged in the publication as a "deputy of the political bureau of Hamas," in which Marzook defended terrorism as justifiable resistance, rejects the recognition of Israel's right to exist and equated the terror group's official charter, which calls for the murder of Jews, to America's Declaration of Independence.


I see the mushroom cloud rising...as Obama's support for racism is 'coming home to roost'!





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We've Got Their Playbooks, Why Won't We Use Them?


March 20, 2008


The greatest puzzle to me since 9-11 is: In the War on Terror, we have the enemy's playbooks, so why won't we use it?


Muslims have not hid their intentions or the sources for their terrorist acts: The Quran and Muhammad. 



They threaten and promise attacks on infidels. We have seen their handiwork, read their handbook and yet we refuse to apply wisdom to knowledge. Instead, we choose to follow the paltering of vociferous Muslims who play the victim (can anyone say CAIR). 


There has been some progress made in the War on Terror. But for more significant work we need to take a serious look at their playbooks. 


Let's do it.




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Obama's Speech: Not Good Enough


March 19, 2008


Sen. Obama gave a speech in response to the titanic controversy surrounding his long-term relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of Obama's church (which Obama chose to attend for two decades). But his carefully crafted oration didn't do the job for people who think past their noses...


The video clips, of Rev. Wright's rants, that have made it to YouTube, were clearly part of an ideology, and not a momentary gaff, to which Wright subscribes. Rev. Wright, when on Hannity & Colmes in March of 2006, dismissed Hannity's questions about his hateful rhetoric toward whites and insisted that Hannity was unable to understand his position because he (Hannity) didn't read the writings of James Cone (who considers Jesus a "black messiah" and blacks as "the chosen people" and who will only recognize a god who assists their aim of destroying the "white enemy").


Obama denounced the rhetoric that appeared in the internet clips of his pastor, but expected the audience to believe he could continue a close personal relationship with someone who has the detestable ideology that Wright possesses. 


Let's be honest...the only legitimate excuse for Rev. Wright's 'sermons' is that Wright has *Tourette syndrome. 


So, sorry...'Kumbaya' Obama, you didn't palter hard enough to convince critical thinkers.




*Tourette Syndrome - is an inherited, neurological disorder characterized by multiple involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocalizations called tics that come and go over years. In a few cases, such tics can include inappropriate words and phrases.




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One Fell POOF! 


March 17, 2008


Back in 1938, Adolph Hitler was making vile noises about the Jews...and he was dismissed as a crazy dictator, because no one would believe anyone could truly mean such hateful rhetoric.


It was a pernicious mistake.


Hitler said, on September 10, 1938:


"This miserable pygmy race without culture, no one knows where it came from, is oppressing a cultured people [Sudeten Germans] and behind it is Moscow and the eternal mask of the Jew devil."


And then proceeded to carry out his 'final solution' of eliminating Jews from the face of the earth...and he almost did.


Now, the world has another dangerous despot spouting off hostile noises toward Israel (and the Jewish people), promising to 'wipe Israel off the map'. According to Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, here's a sampling from a speech by Ahmadinejad on February 20, 2008:


“Look at our region… They [the Western powers] created a dirty black microbe called the Zionist regime to set upon the countries in the area like a beast of prey. They want to use it to force their policies on the peoples of this region… They assassinate men of faith and patriots and then celebrate the event. You saw that brave son of Lebanon [i.e., terrorist mastermind Imad Mughniyeh] who stood up against the wild attack of the Zionists in Lebanon and blunted their horns…” (Ahmadinejad's speech was interrupted by cries of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel,” which hindered him from finishing his sentence.)


And we are dismissing this genocidal spewage as did our ancestors. But this time the monsters have nuclear capabilities. Which means they don't even have to invade Israel or the US in order to destroy us.


It is vital that we wake up and smell the Plutonium. Because now Ahmadinejad won't need death camps or ovens to finish Hitler's work...it will be done in one fell POOF!




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FBI: Is The Circus Coming To Town?


March 13, 2008


Let me preface this piece with the fact that I have always had the utmost respect for federal law enforcement...my late father served with the US Justice Dept. for many years. But one of those agencies, the FBI, has recently proved even the best can be ruined...


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the primary investigative arm of the Justice Dept. They serve as both a federal criminal investigative body and a domestic intelligent agency. The agency grew out of the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887. Many Americans became familiar with the agency during the 60's and 70's with the TV series, "The F.B.I.," starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.. 


The agency is now run by Robert S. Mueller, III. He is a graduate of Princeton, NYU and the University of Virginia School of Law. He is also a decorated former US Marine. With this kind of background it is a great conundrum as to why the agency he heads would turn in their law enforcement duties and take on the mantle of sensitivity trainers...


According to WorldNet Daily, the FBI thinks its agents need to be more sensitive to Muslims. Speaking at various mosques, FBI officials have attempted to calm the concerns of Muslims that the bureau is not profiling Arabs and Muslims for terrorism. 


Not profiling? Really? Isn't that a proven law enforcement tool?


Criminal profiling has been effectively utilized for years by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. For instance, criminal profiling is used by the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit which generated the profile of serial killers as principally “white male loners.” 


(But wait, isn't that discrimination? Oh yeah, that's right, it's OK because the profile is about white men.)


Additionally, FBI headquarters has extended the bureau's Arabic program, that includes Muslim culture, in order to expose agents to Islam and promote a better understanding of the faith. "We all need to learn and understand each other," an official said.


Can anyone say, 'Kumbaya'? 


Why are these law enforcement officers holding classes for their agents to become more sensitive to Muslims? That's not their job description? Wasn't 9-11 enough of a national security failure and disgrace for the agency? Or are they going for the gold this time?


This once highly respected and noble agency is looking like they need to don a big red nose and exploding shoes, because this conduct is not what the American people expect from an agency that should be protecting the citizens from criminals, not trying to understand criminals. 


Let's hope Mueller's eyes (and the eyes of his agents) will be opened and he will return to the critical work at hand: Keeping America safe from Muslim terrorists. 


Because the next time we see an FBI agent, we don't want to think the circus is coming to town.




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Want An End To Terror? Start With The Kids


March 10, 2008


The wise among us know how vital the War on Terror is to the free world. Instilling fear in the enemy, by overwhelming force, is key because Jihadists (and many in the Arab world) respect power. But the more serious problem is not who is behind the bomb belt today, but who will be there tomorrow...


Based upon the teachings of Muhammad, there is a concerted effort in the Islamic world to train innocent children in the way of jihad. Soul-engulfing hatred for the Jews first, and for the infidels second, is underway right under the free world's nose. Islamic schools, or madrassahs are springing up throughout the world (including the US and it's allies), and are 'educating' children in the ways of hate. The clerics and government-controlled media in the Islamic world, are busy reinforcing those vile teachings. Neighbors celebrate suicide attacks on innocents with flowers, candy and dancing in the streets. And if this isn't bad enough, Muslim mother's are willingly sacrificing their sons to Allah...a perverse source of pride.


So if we are sold out to a goal of peace for the future, then we need to get serious with what Muslim kids are being taught today. 


Because they will grow up...and be our worst nightmare.




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A Mother's Love?


March 6, 2008


When you ponder a mother's love...what thoughts come to mind? Selflessness, nurturing, supportive, instructive and compassionate are some character traits attributed to mothers. But if a mother's love sees her son as fodder for martyrdom rather than a precious gift from G-d...we've got problems...


The NY Times did a recent interview with a Lebanese woman, Zahra Maladan. She's a professional editor of a magazine. Ms. Maladan has a son. And like most mothers, she has hopes and dreams for her son. But not hopes of him becoming a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Her hopes are that her son becomes a suicide bomber. 


Recently, she had words of counsel for her son at the funeral of bloodthirsty murderer Imad Mugniyah, "if you're not going to follow the steps of the Islamic resistance martyrs, then I don't want you."


Thanks mom...


If you're not alarmed by this, you should be. You see, the real problem is not the suicidal terrorists out there now, it's the assembly line indoctrination by Muslim mothers of their kids: The terrorists of the future. 


Muslim society does indeed teach children that there is nothing more honorable, and in myriad cases more quixotic, than dying in the fight against Israel and Jews. But the most influential voice in a child's young life is his mother's. She is writing on a blank slate of innocence, and what mother's like Ms. Maladan are writing are their children's demise. But not merely their demise, but death warrants for countless innocent people.


This is a mother's love


Well, for our own safety, Washington better wake up! It's not merely about what's out there, it's about what's coming. And the ideology coming from Islam dictates a new kind of mother's love...the kind that the free world calls hate.






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Hollywood: Better To Honor Than Bite The Hand That Feeds You


March 5, 2008

So, the 80th Academy Awards Show is over. Thank G-d. And this year it set all-time records for low ratings, with the smallest audience percentage since the broadcast began back in 1953.


And just why do you think that is?


Well, it wasn’t because of the writer’s strike that many have believed, or the fact that the films nominated were seen by few. But rather because the bread and butter of the movie industry…the public…is fed up.


Fed up with elitist movie stars, those that make their fortune ultimately from ticket buyers, that have imagined that they know best how Americans should do just about everything, including: Travel (no SUVs), eat (only organic), and they even tell us how many squares we should use in the lavatory. But it’s far worse than that. These individuals, who make their money for entertaining the citizenry, loathe the actual country that has afforded them their success.


They hug dictators, demonize big corporations, slander our Founders Fathers as irreligious slave owners and have no problem crossing every line of decency in our society.


Hey, guys…how about a little respect?


Families spend millions every week to support an industry that day-by-day works diligently finding new ways to disrespect and demoralize their audience. From gross profanity to insolent blasphemy to brash nudity and sex to gratuitous violence, Tinseltown attacks traditional values like a dog in heat.


And frankly…Americans have had enough.


So here’s some advice to my artistic brethren from one artist who respects traditional values: Biting the hand that feeds you will eventually net you a place in line…the unemployment line, that is.


So try respecting your audience, for a change…and just maybe next year they’ll gather the kids, grab the popcorn and settle in to watch artists receive honors who finally decided to honor them.




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