White America Is Responsible For The Success Of Black Racists


Recent reports of Michael Jackson connecting with the Nation of Islam are not surprising. The man who has spent years running from his blackness is apparently circling the race wagons now that his own narrow rear end is on the line. If Michael continues to follow the path laid out for him courtesy of O.J. and Johnny Cochran, this coming year could promise to be a long and uncomfortable one. And who will be primarily to blame for the coming uncivil disobedience and shredding of our national soul? White Americans. I’m not kidding.

You see, every thinking person understands that Michael Jackson is responsible for the downfall of Michael Jackson, not white folks. His career was tanking long before he trotted out the illegitimate Al Sharpton and called the president of his own record company racist and “devilish”.

Michael Jackson is responsible for paying millions to settle an earlier charge of sexual molestation. If he wasn’t guilty, he shouldn’t have paid, so an obvious perception of his own making has followed him. Michael Jackson is definitely guilty of extremely poor judgment at best—in paying, in inviting under-aged boys to Neverland for sleepovers, and in doing all this as a huge star on a world stage. Don’t you think the ravenous media might just be a tad interested in something like this, no matter the color of the alleged perp?

Every thinking person knows what’s going on here. Most whites understand it. Deep down, blacks know it too, but for the most part, their hatred of whites overrides their love of truth. The only reason black racists are interested in Michael Jackson right now is because he serves their selfish interests. His arrest gives credence to their lie that if you’re black and you do happen to make it in this racist country, if you get too big the man will surely put you in your place. This coming year, as the Jackson trial moves forward, millions of blacks will be herded in with this lie.

Black leaders have already started the mantras. Jesse Jackson, the would-be civil rights king on the wane, said, “One gets a sense that there is an emerging pattern here, and these high profile blacks who perhaps think they are the exception are maybe the example after all.”

Roland Martin, founder and editor of BlackAmericaToday.com told Fox News: “Has Michael lived a black existence? The answer is no. (But) look at O.J. [He] had less a relationship with the black community than Michael Jackson, but you still saw kind of ‘circle the wagons.’”

Then Martin said something very interesting: “This is sort of a tribal mentality [italics mine] that happens whether you’re black or you’re Hispanic or you’re a police officer.”

Martin is right, but what he doesn’t understand is that tribalism is nothing to be proud of. This tribalism is the problem in the black community, not its salvation. It is a joining together based on race and not character—ironically the very opposite of Dr. King’s dream—that has caused so much chaos in the community since the late 60’s. Though most blacks call themselves Christians, a religion based on spiritual identity, not skin color, in reality most practice the religion of tribalism.

But blacks make up only thirteen percent of the U.S. population. Even if one hundred percent of blacks practiced tribalism, it shouldn’t carry the day. Its dictates shouldn’t move the country. But these dictates do move this country in extremely negative ways. Don’t believe me, then why isn’t the “dishonorable” Louis Farrakhan exposed for the world-class racist and dangerous anti-American he is? Why is the “Rev.” Jesse Jackson still allowed to carry off loot from Wall Street and major U.S. corporations, even though he’s been thoroughly discredited as a racist con man and adulterer. Why is Al Sharpton considered a serious candidate for President of the United States, when he is a known liar (Tawana Brawley hoax), and racist rabble-rouser with a history of involvement with violence?

The final proof that black tribalism is carrying the day will be the trial of Michael Jackson. I will be shocked if it does not mirror the O.J. trial. It is possible the prosecution will bring forward overwhelming evidence, much like the DNA blood evidence in the O.J. trial. The trial’s outcome may rest on what the racial mix of the jury is. A black jury would likely acquit, no matter the evidence, like in the O.J. trial. And if he’s not acquitted? Then “Plan B” would be just fine—riots—like in the Rodney King trial. So the racists win either way.

But the real failure will not come from the black racist minority, but from the mostly white fearful majority, who carry far more numbers and political/cultural power. The majority has seen the history of the O.J. trial and the Rodney King riots. They know who the race-baiting, selfish black leaders are, and see through them. Some will make jokes privately, or make anonymous blustery comments on websites, but they will not do the right thing, which is to speak out openly and publicly about what is wrong in the black community, so that a positive change can come. Of course, many blacks see what is going on too. And now is the time to speak out about it, not after destruction takes place and lives are lost.

The term “White Fear” was coined by BOND Founder Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and his excellent new book SCAM: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America explains the concept well, and also exposes the corrupt black leadership in a devastating fashion. This is an incredibly courageous man—but where are the white leaders out there matching this man’s courage in regards to race? Sure, we hear white talking heads bashing Howard Dean or Michael Moore or some other white crackpot, but if there are any prominent white men in America willing to fully and publicly confront the truth about the state of black America today, starting with its corrupt political and religious leadership, to its fatherless households too often headed by frustrated, mean women, to a gangsta rap-dominated, degraded culture, I can count them on one hand with fingers left over.

This is the real failure, and the fruits of the sin of omission—of not speaking the truth—will fall on the heads of this country, black and white alike. One cannot fear man and fear God at the same time. The black community is consumed with the hatred of whites. And white America is consumed with the fear of blacks, and the fear of being called “racists”.

It is clear to me that there is not much fear of God left in America. And this is what I fear the most about my country.