Battle Over the "C" Word
It's Merry Christmas!


© 2003 Sharon Hughes

Did you know in Connecticut, a library is refusing to display paintings of a nativity scene as part of its display of local art. That the Indiana University School of Law took down a Christmas tree and replaced it with a generic winter scene. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Calvary Chapel wanted to participate in a two-mile long Holiday Fantasy of Lights and submitted a design that read, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season,” which the county rejected. In Queens, New York a mother is suing a school because it would not allow her child’s nativity scene to be part of its holiday display, though it is allowing a menorah and an Islamic crescent. What do you think the Founders of our nation would think, say and do were they alive today?

America, a nation founded on a strong belief in God and on biblical principles (like it or not, that’s a fact), today is experiencing a paranoia about her roots. Why? Well, for one thing, because she has joined the rest of the world in experiencing a major worldview shift into the Postmodern Culture, the culture of "no absolutes." And as a result, not only are we confused about what freedom of religion is, but whether we should be proud to be an American or… a world citizen. Why? Well, because the globalists, those working for a "one world" have been at work for several decades now and we’re experiencing the fruit of their efforts. 

I have a friend, Patti, who, when she says the pledge of allegiance, ever since the courts have tried to take the words “under God” out, raises her voice a couple of decibels on those two words! She’s what I call unashamed of the “G” word! Well, I want to encourage us to do the same for the “C” word… for Christmas! I think our Christmas cards should say Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays, that we stamp Merry Christmas on our envelops, put it on our wreathes, our cars, our emails and websites…just to make the point that it IS Christmas we are celebrating. It’s bad enough that our kids can’t sing Christmas Carols in school. If this keeps up they’ll not only want us to call them holiday songs, but won't want them played in department stores, restaurants, and everywhere else. 

Well, do you know what the “plastic reindeer” test is? It‘s how many reindeer do you need to make Jesus secular? The measure? “A reasonable observer who would find a Christmas display religious…if so, it’s then unconstitutional.” With these standards, one could say anything is religious. It’s ridiculous for those who are atheists or anti-Jesus, yes I believe that’s what it’s really all about, to try to change the reason for the holiday. In America everyone has the freedom to celebrate Christmas or not… or celebrate Hanukkah or Ramadan or not! 

Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth, if you don’t want to celebrate it, don’t. But let’s be in reality about it. Freedom of religion means you are free to celebrate whatever you want. What is going on with Christmas today is actually taking away the choice of the majority because a few don’t like it. It’s time for the end of Minority Rules…in this and in every other issue. 

We do live in a pluralistic society, and that means more-than …it does not mean remove everything that offends someone. It means everyone has the freedom to display or celebrate or worship as they seem fit. When I hear stories like the ones I referred to in the beginning , like the Indiana University School of Law removing a Christmas tree and replacing it with two plain trees and a sled for a winter scene because a Christmas tree is a religious display? I think how sad that we’ve become so paranoid and confused about religious freedom. And in America, of all places, founded on the principles of freedom. Maybe we need to display the 1st Amendment and make it required reading in our schools (what a thought), but then there would probably be those who would call for it’s removal because it’s…religious…it didn’t pass the reindeer test.