Corrupt Leaders: A Matter Of The Heart


©2003 Duane Hughes

We read in the Bible that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Now that's a statement! As a matter of fact, in today's anything-is-okay society, you can spark quite a vigorous debate by either quoting that scripture or putting forth that notion. Just say that people are inherently evil and watch the fireworks.

Well, in spite of the fireworks, one only needs to look at history to see that there is truth to that scripture verse. Take Africa; a country that has been colonized, conquered, exploited, manipulated, and plundered. Her people sold into slavery from without, and from within, sold into poverty by corrupt leaders that live lavish lifestyles, while the people they rule barely survive…and to often they don't. It's heartbreaking.

I had the privilege to go to Douala, Cameroon in Africa in 1999 and was there for four weeks. During my stay, I was appalled at the poor conditions of the city and lack of sanitation, garbage piled ten feet high in the middle of a huge roundabout intersection. When I inquired as to why things were in such disarray, I was told the money that would normally go to cleaning up the city was lining the pockets of literally every level of governmental official from the cop on the street, to the mayor, and beyond.

If America, or any other nation, is going to provide aid, financial or otherwise, to Africa or any other country, it is our duty to hold the leaders of those countries accountable in order to insure that its people receive the benefit of that aid. History has proven that without restraint, the heart of man will show its true colors. To assume otherwise would be actually - OUTRAGEOUS.