Evil Takes Aim at Its Next Target—You?


©2003 Patrick Rooney



Once Christians feared the commercialization of Christmas, and the replacement of the birth of our Savior with a fat, bearded guy in a red suit. Conservatives feared being attacked by liberals. And America feared being attacked by terrorists. All those fears remain. But a new fear has arisen in a new target—just possibly you.

You see, Christians, conservatives, and America are no longer the only targets of choice for evil. Because evil is working overtime to stamp out any hint of good. It’s looking for a monopoly, an exclusive, the corner on the market. It’s marked good and any whiff of good for death.

Do we really think that once Christmas became commercialized and Santa laden, that the holiday wouldn’t continue to slide downward? It’s an ancient law: things are always getting either better or worse. They don’t stay the same. “Bad Santa”, a new movie put out by Miramax Films, a subsidiary of Disney (yup, Disney again), has made a bundle of money by portraying a department store Santa as a thief, foul-mouthed drunk and sex fiend. Of course, all played for yucks by creepy actor Billy Bob Thornton. So now even the fat pagan Santa is being reinvented and ripped to pieces by an amoral, out-of-control Hollywood.

The twisted media are lapping it up and cheering it on: “Achingly funny” says the New York Times. “Brilliant” says the Washington Post. “Two Thumbs Up!” says Ebert and Roper.

Another current popular movie is “Cat in the Hat” from Universal and DreamWorks, in which actor Mike Myers and company take the old Dr. Seuss book, which always had subversive elements, and lower it to a whole new level. The movie, marketed to children, has numerous examples of dark humor, including a portrayal of the Cat viewing a photo of a child’s mother and responding with a rising hat and tail. Isn’t that precious?

Of course evil doesn’t restrict itself to just movies. It’s bad, and it’s worldwide. Terrorists aren’t only interested in attacking noble nations like the United States. Saudi Arabia, home of 15 of the 19 September 11th killers, once thought they were in no danger from terrorists as they befriended and even funded them. Surprise, surprise, here comes Al Qaida and its bombs. Now the Saudis appear interested in a little concept called security. Welcome to the dance, guys.

Europe in general is seeing increased terrorist activity. They thought by not taking a stand the terrorists might take a fancy to them. Haven’t they heard of Neville Chamberlain? Islamic fundamentalists, the very embodiment of evil, will be swallowing them whole in the near future if the continent, which has lost its moral moorings, doesn’t get serious and quick.

Liberals continue to ferociously attack conservative icons. Rush Limbaugh, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush have all felt the nip of the rabid dog. But other targets—nonconservatives such as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California—have emerged. The Los Angeles Times went after Arnold in the recent recall election like he was Christ himself. And Arnold agrees with the libs on many of their issues.

Gutter rapper Eminem has even been attacked by black rappers and audiences for dissing black women. Of course, now that he has cut a song saying he wishes the President were dead, he may save himself—temporarily—from the circling sharks.

Fangs are out to bite into any morsel of good they can find, not just the large slabs. Therefore those of you who thought you could just blend into the woodwork will be in for a rude shock. Because evil is playing to win. And not just win by a point or two. Evil’s looking for a shutout, a knockout. It is shooting not to wound, but to kill. And not just one soul, but if possible, every soul.

You will not be left alone when the ravenous wolf comes to the door. The best strategy is to arm yourself with truth and take the fight to the evil one and his earthly minions. Because our warfare is a spiritual fight—a knock-down, scratch-out fight to the finish.

Get your armor ready.