Commentary by Patrick Rooney
Director of Special Projects



Louis Farrakhan – The Enemy Within


Our confrontation with America used to be like confronting a fortress from outside. Today, we have found a loophole to enter the fortress and to confront it from within.

-- Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, after meeting
with Louis Farrakhan in 1996.

The dishonorable Louis Farrakhan came to Los Angeles last Sunday to speak at the Nation of Islam’s "Saviour’s Day Convention" in nearby Inglewood. The event was broadcast by C-SPAN, and carried the ironic theme of "Healing the Wounds to Bring About A Universal Family". Celebrities such as Magic Johnson, L.A. radio personality and comedian Steve Harvey, black cable network BET and others lent their names to support the event. Shaquille O’Neal, the Los Angeles Lakers basketball star was there, so was "no justice, no peace" Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Religious leaders were there too -- Christian and Jew as well as Muslim.

It is fair to say that a serious representation of black leadership in Los Angeles was in attendance, and apparently in agreement with the man infamous for his "blood sucking Jews" and "blue-eyed devil" remarks, among his well-documented history of anti-Semitism, racism, and support for the enemies of the United States.

Apparently, many blacks feel no shame in supporting this sweet talking demagogue. Mainstream white America has long since given David Duke and others of his ilk the heave ho, so many wonder why black Americans won’t cut loose their dead weight.

In Farrakhan’s typically long-winded (2 ½ hour) speech, he condemned the United States’ war on terrorism. He urged Americans to speak out against the policies of the Bush administration, saying that a "shadow government" was preparing to wage war in Iraq. Farrakhan claimed that the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and in other Middle Eastern and African regions was instigated by the United States because of its "insatiable appetite" for oil.

Farrakhan topped off his absurd remarks by stating, "If truth were known there would be a Nuremberg trial for American presidents. And he warned (or threatened) that President Bush, by infuriating Muslims, "can summon the whole Muslim world against the West by how you prosecute this war (in Afghanistan)."

We are supposedly in the age of the "new Farrakhan", the kinder and gentler racist who, after suffering a protracted illness with prostate cancer, has emerged "mellower", more thoughtful, and so on. Indeed, Farrakhan’s current television appearances lack the fiery oration of yesterday, and he in recent years has become more careful with his language (Farrakhan leaves the more outrageous statements to others around him. For instance, a current article in his "Final Call" newsletter ghoulishly refers to President Bush as "The Luckiest President In History", referring to his popularity since the September 11th murders).

But look behind the mask, and we see a man who, first of all, has never apologized for his past remarks against the white race, Jews, Catholics, and others. No apology – no real repentance, and therefore no credibility.

Secondly, Farrakhan’s long-standing anti-Americanism and support of dictators and terrorists around the globe has not abated. In 1996, seeking to capitalize on the mainstream credibility he garnered with his "Million Man March" event the year before (never mind that the official estimate of the actual crowd size was about 400,000, but who’s counting), Farrakhan went on a 27 day "World Friendship Tour", which included stops in five countries described by the U.S. Government as sponsors of terrorism: Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria. During the tour, Farrakhan is reported to have repeatedly denounced the U.S. government, even calling it "the Great Satan."

Other reported lowlights of Farrakhan’s "World Friendship Tour", according to the Center for Security Policy:

Farrakhan’s behavior on the tour was so outrageous, that even the Clinton Administration State Department condemned it. Spokesman Nick Burns said:

"I think it’s shameful that an American citizen, much less a major religious leader in the United States, would cavort with dictators like Gadhafi and the Iranian leadership…who have inflicted terrorism upon the United States."

It is expected that Farrakhan will continue acting as his wicked nature dictates. He is being ever so crafty now. He is well aware that his overt militancy isn’t going over anymore with the American public. Therefore, he has undergone an image overhaul: Where 1995’s "Million Man March" was aimed at black men, his subsequent "Million Family March" courted support from both sexes, and all races and political persuasions. This is the path he remains on today. The only change he has made of late is to turn up the anti-Bush rhetoric a notch, from his relatively tame pronouncements following the September 11th attacks. He, like other America-hating black leaders, is reemerging from the closet, a little bolder now that emotions have cooled some since September.

What is really shameful, though, is the behavior of those who are giving cover to Farrakhan and his dangerous crusade against America. Those celebrities and religious leaders, many of whom call themselves Christians, are in actuality causing great harm to their country. I have personally heard of Christian Services and events which went under attended last Sunday so that these "leaders" could make it to the Farrakhan charade in Inglewood – amazing!

Make no mistake – Louis Farrakhan has designs for America, and on America. BOND’s Founder and President Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson wrote a prophetic article several years back titled, "Farrakhan – Another Hitler?" in which he warned of this very thing, that Christians and other "mainstream" entities bestowed respectability on Farrakhan during the "Million Man March" (he had been considered, rightfully so, a fringe figure until that point), and now that respectability is now being parlayed into a platform from which Farrakhan and multitudes of his followers will continue to seek the destruction of America and its spiritual and physical ally Israel.

It is critical that we isolate Farrakhan and his hateful core followers. Yes, they are dangerous and will continue to be so, but their destructive impact will be mitigated if those "responsible" members of society back away from him now, and remove the veneer of respectability he now enjoys.

Louis Farrakhan has proven himself to be a deceiver of the first order, and a true enemy of the United States, who has never renounced his anti-Semitic and racist statements or dangerous affiliations. He is the enemy within – let’s start treating him that way.