The Fall Of Islam


©2004 Patrick Rooney


Surely, Allah has purchased of the believers their persons and their property in return for the Garden they shall have; they fight in the cause of Allah, and they slay and are slain…- Qur’An 9:111

I know when it happened. On September 11th, 2001, fanatical followers of a religion America was just beginning to accept struck a blow they hoped would lead to our destruction. In striking that blow, they revealed their hand. And America stepped back and began to take a more sober view of the religion that sanctioned the wanton murder of thousands.

Before the PR disaster-in-the-making spun too far out of hand, our President quickly stepped forward and called Islam a “religion of peace.” To the ears of many, it sounded too much like Orwell’s ironically named “Ministry of Peace.” Or more bluntly, it was a crock and most Americans knew it.

But it was a crock we thought we should live with, because how could we blame a religion with millions of adherents for 9-11? It seemed unfair, and dangerous to America’s and the world’s safety.

Besides, the President knew that Arab Muslims had us over a barrel (literally). If we wanted to keep fueling our SUVs, it was best not to insult the man’s religion, know what I mean?

Yet nearly three years later, many brave Americans have died fighting an unnamed enemy. We pretend we are fighting “terrorists”. In reality, we are fighting what many believe is a fraudulent religion with the systematic slaughter and forced conversion of millions in its wake.

Why do so many consider the religion itself a fraud? It’s not just its bloodthirsty and contradictory teachings, or the questionable character of its founder. Look at its history, fraught with violence and intimidation. And look at its fruit today—terrorism everywhere, with barely a protest anywhere to the most barbaric actions of its practitioners. 

In short, whatever moral capital Islam may have had began to evaporate on September 11th. The events since then have done nothing to buff its image, quite the contrary actually.

I believe history will record that the silver lining to September 11th was its role in beginning to unmask “the religion of peace.” The Nick Berg beheading and the resulting silence from the Muslim world may have provided the coupe de grace.

Islam will continue to grow by violent means. It will continue to appeal to the angry, the disaffected, those looking to even a score. But for all practical purposes, Islam is dead among those who are awake. And that is a very good thing.

Does that mean that well-meaning people cannot be followers of Islam? No, it doesn’t mean that. But I believe they have been by and large brainwashed into believing a lie. We owe them the truth and our support if desired.

Do we need to continue our fight against Islamic terrorism? Absolutely. But this fight must start with honest talk. Muslim terrorists are disciples of Muhammad and the religion’s “holy” books. They murder because their holy books tell them to. They behead their enemy because their holy books tell them to. They force their religion on others because their holy books tell them to.

Let’s face it, the President has already played his hand. Regarding “the religion of peace”, for better or worse it’s his story and he’s sticking to it. It is up to the people to demand honest talk and action from our leaders, and we must accurately name this enemy before we effectively fight and subdue it.

We absolutely must end our dependence on Arab Muslim oil. Material independence makes independence of thought and speech much easier to carry out!

And we must allow “the religion of peace” to die of its own self-inflicted wounds, less we are willing—out of our own moral cowardice—to let it kill us.