Where Are the Entertainment Police?


2004 Sharon Hughes


So, I ask you...how does an industry that is suppose to entertain become so corrupt? Why is Disney allowing its subsidiary studio, Miramax, to put out unredeeming pictures like Kill Bill and the twisted version of Miracle on 34th Street, Bad Santa, who drinks, robs swears and has sex? Why has the FCC cleared the way for the use of the "F" word on radio and TV any time of the day or night, as long as it isn't used in a sexual context? Why is occult and sexually oriented programming on the the rise? And why has Mel Gibson been raked over the coals because of his new movie, The Passion, by an industry which produced the Ten Commandments, The Robe and other classic, religious films?

The PC Police are everywhere, but where are the E Police? Oh, I forgot, in the arts we can't blow the whistle because of the freedom of speech clause, right? What is it about this industry that is so easily corrupted and corrupts? Could it be that it has been infiltrated by left-wing activists? Could it be that Stalin targeted the entertainment industry as a means of bringing America down? Was Ronald Reagan on to something when he worked on the committee for un-American activities to expose communist activity in Hollywood?

Whatever the cause, the current condition is obvious...much of entertainment today is not family friendly. So, we have child safety options on our TVs and computers...which is a good thing, but how sad we should need them.

Parents, we have to be more pro-active and not be passive when it comes to entertainment,. What is the greater danger...your child or teen being unhappy with you because you won't let them watch what their friends watch, or your child being exposed to things their young eyes should not see fun entertainment for your children.

Remember, it's always better to build children than to repair men.