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Way Hypocritical


January 31, 2011


OIB finds it beyond hypocritical how President Obama has called for democratic reforms in Egypt while flouting the very will of the American people with his flagrant dogmatism.

Make no mistake: ObamaCare is an onerous blanket of socialism designed to smother freedom and choice.


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No More Dangerous Than Sponge Bob


January 29, 2011


According to the Pew Research Center the Muslim population in America will exceed 6.2 million by the year 2030. This is a highly disquieting number to those of us who reject the politically correct notion that Islam is a religion of "peace."

If--for example--half of this cohort adheres to Wahhabism (traditional Islam)--that would mean over 3 million Allah Akbar shouting, Koran thumping psychopaths within our borders programmed to shed infidel blood.

And they certainly won't be deterred (from unleashing their machinations) by a government that believes Islam is no more dangerous than Sponge Bob.




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Bad For Israel, Bad For Us, Bad For Freedom


January 27, 2011


In life, change is inevitable...but not all change is good...


Case in point...the once beautiful "Switzerland of the Middle East"...Lebanon...has appeased itself into a pit that it now cannot crawl out of. It didn't occur overnight, but rather over years of mollifying the radical Muslim community in Lebanon. And now, their lifestyle of acquiescing to the terrorist group Hezbollah, will spell their demise...


The recent former PM of Lebanon, Saad Hariri (whose late father attempted to save Lebanon's sovereignty from Iran's stronghold by Hezbollah) has proven to be a tremendous disgrace to his country and his father's memory. He stepped down as PM following pressure from the Hezbollah faction that was permitted into the Lebanese government. (Oh, I failed to mention...Hezbollah murdered his father.)


As a judicial inquiry began into Hezbollah's role in the Hariri assassination, Hezbollah threatened to "cut off the hands" of whoever tries to accuse "one single member" of the group in the Hariri execution. Hezbollah then refused to form a unity government with Hariri and Saad stepped down...leaving the door open for Hezbollah to take over...


And indeed they will...


So why is this bad for Israel? This is their neighbor to the north...and the wars fought with Lebanon have been with Hezbollah. This leaves a democracy...Israel...open to attack, yet again.


How is this bad for the US? Since its inception, Hezbollah has been a murder machine for Islam...desiring, by force, to fulfill Allah's wishes of a one world Ummah (Muslim unity). And they began their endeavor by slaughtering 241 US Marines as they slept, in 1983...who were in Beirut on a peacekeeping mission.


Accomplishing their mission would mean no more Jewish State (and no Jews, if they were able). No freedom in the region, which means democracy dies. And encouragement for Jihadists globally to kill the infidels "wherever you find them". And since we are the 'Great Satan' to the Muslim world...WE'RE not all too safe...


They do not believe in freedom, nor individual rights, nor equality...nor the value of an infidel's life. 


The only people who can save Lebanon now are the Lebanese. That is, only if they still love liberty. 


Shalom through strength...




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Triangulation My A**!


January 26, 2011


To all those credulous conservatives out there who fervently believe President Obama is now engaged in triangulation: Give me a freakin' break!

The fact that Obama will defend *ObamaCare (to the bitter end) is irrefutable proof that he is a committed left-wing dogmatist.

Lest we forget: ObamaCare is a demonstrable piece of hyper-socialistic legislation designed to neuter America's free market system.

Triangulation my a**!

*According to most conservative think tanks ObamaCare co-opts over one sixth of the US economy.




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Bloomberg: Business Ho Or Modern Day Kapo?


January 25, 2011


It is no secret that NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg has been the leading proponent of the Cordoba Initiative or Ground Zero Mosque, since the controversy began. He's been more pro-Muslim about securing its construction than most Muslims have in this country.


Ok, before you call him magnanimous and plant a big wet one on Hizzoner's cheek, let's look a bit beyond his nasality and defensive drivel before the cameras...and view the REAL motive for his Islamic wooing...


Michael Bloomberg is well respected in the business sector for his acumen. The multi-billionaire is founder of Bloomberg L.P., a privately owned financial software, media, and data company. Bloomberg LP makes up 1/3 of the $23.7 billion global financial data market with estimated revenue of $6.9 billion. It has grown to include a global news service, with television, radio, the Internet and printed publications.


Bloomberg LP has an Islamic finance portal via a Bloomberg hub at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The DIFC is the world’s fastest growing international financial center. It intends to develop the same prominence as New York, London and Hong Kong. According to the DIFC website: 


The DIFC is a 110-acre free zone. It is part of the larger vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, together with the Government of Dubai...


That means that the DIFC is under Sharia Law. Not sure Hizzoner will like the consequences of that, but I digress...


Bloomberg LP announced in March of last year that it plans to double revenues by 2014, in the region (Dubai). That's quite an assiduous undertaking. And as in all business dealings...you need positive PR.


Enter: Mike Bloomberg...Dhimmi Supreme and savior of the Cordoba House. 


He has supported and sheltered the building of this Islamic victory symbol with the tenacity of a mama bear protecting her cubs. What better PR for his Dubai hub and its ambitious aims...


And NO one sees this as a conflict of interest? 


If the Mayor had an iota of integrity, he would have recused himself from the entire situation. But alas, not a speck of veracity to be found (perhaps 'Hizzoner' should now be Hizzdishonor)...


Tragically, this 2 term (I bought my 3rd term) Mayor cares far more for his bank account than he does for the safety of the citizens of his city OR the national security of the country that allowed him to acquire the wealth he now possesses.


Now, a Business Ho is similar to any other whore...they would sell out anything for the for their own profit, in this case, for his business. Back in the days of the Third Reich, there were similar degenerates who sold out their Jewish kinsmen to the Nazis for temporal benefits...they were known as Kapos. 


My question: Is Hizzoner a Business Ho for endangering our country's national security by growing his profits under our enemy's domain? Or is he more of a Kapo, by attempting to give our enemies a strategic sway over us for temporal benefits? 


I think it's a little of both...


Shalom through strength...




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"The Prophet And The Pigtails"


January 24, 2011


Here's a suggestion: Since Hollywood has such a glaring penchant for producing films that glorify sexually aberrant and deviant behavior--maybe it should consider making a movie about the prophet Mohammad?

Yes, a deeply passionate pedophilic story about a 57 year old man who wedded a six year old girl named Aisha--and then consummated the marriage when she reached the ripe old age of 9.

And guess what? OIB has the perfect name for such a flick: "The Prophet and The Pigtails."

Oh, and it really should be filmed in France so Roman Polanski can direct it.

Just a suggestion.





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Shallowness (Wrapped In Style)


January 20, 2011


So, what has taken place since President Obama pressed the "Restart" button with Russia: It recently announced that if it felt "threatened" by the West it would disregard the New Start Treaty. It continues to build nuclear reactors in Iran. It continues to sell ballistic missile technology to North Korea. And it continues to develop close ties with such anti-American regimes as Syria, Venezuela and China.

This is what happens when a nation elects shallowness (wrapped in style) over substance.




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All Roads Lead To The Brotherhood Or Mr. Rogers Comes To Ground Zero


January 19, 2011


"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

                        -Muslim Brotherhood motto



They have branches in 70 countries (including the US). They have been responsible for murdering over 10 million people in half a century. And they are getting stronger and expanding everyday...with the help of feckless world leaders and governments. THEY are the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)...


...and they intend to complete their mission...


Before we see their latest move in the US...here's a brief history of the MB:

With this journey of jihad in mind, let's now take a peak at the MB tentacle at the Ground Zero Mosque...


The noble info campaign and freedom rally of resistance against the Cordoba Initiative last Sept. 11th, by Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, was a successful round one in this fight to maintain our freedom and security. The outed Jihadist proponent, Imam Rauf, has been replaced...but, not by Mr. Rogers. This replacement is not likely to make it "a beautiful day in the neighborhood" for any one of us...


Abdullah Adhami is his name. He was born in our country's capital, schooled in Shariah since he was the age of 8. He has earned academic licenses from many renowned scholars in Damascus, Egypt and Morocco (hotbeds for jihad activity). Adhami also holds a degree in architecture from the Pratt Institute in NYC. He voluntarily designed the new Masjid At-Taqwa (in Brooklyn) where Siraj Wahaj is the Imam. 


Remember Wahaj? He is an unindicted co-conspirator in the '93 bombing of the World Trade Center.


All together now..."It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood, A beautiful day for a neighbor. Would you be mine? Could you be mine?..."


Rauf was round one in this fight. The bell has just rung for round two...


Shalom through strength...




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Only If Dems Put Some Fruit In The Loom


January 17, 2011


Perhaps after the next shooting tragedy (or terrorist attack)--when 'intrepid' Democrats rush to the podium to publicly denounce oratory, manifestos, political dogmas and books that provoke violence--they will include the Koran?

After all--this ancient text has been used as the blueprint for unimaginable atrocities (including genocides in Armenia, Sudan, Egypt, Nigeria, Cyprus, Iraq and beyond) since it was first scribbled by Muhammad while lounging on a sand dune.

It was also considered sacrosanct by the Nazis who used its baneful prose to draft the Final Solution.

Perhaps after the next shooting? Only if Dems put some fruit in the loom.



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Just A Wee Bit


January 14, 2011


Isn't it just a wee bit hypocritical when certain politicians (who enjoy taxpayer funded gold plated medical coverage, large expense accounts, exorbitant pensions, etc.) excoriate municipal unions and their members for "milking" the American people?



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The Pit Of Appeasement


January 13, 2011


Nicknamed the 'Switzerland of the Middle East', a land of great beauty and history, situated on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, with a mountain range that emerges majestically from the sea to snow-capped mountain peaks that tower over 10,000 feet. It's Lebanon...with its famous Cedars nestled in the mountains of the north. An amazing place mentioned in the Judeo-Christian Bible (i.e. Kings, Psalms, Song of Songs, and Isaiah). A once sought-after vacation spot worldwide...but alas, no more. 


And the reason stands as a caveat to the wise...


It began in the 1970s...the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), led by the late (thank G-d) Yasser Arafat, joined the unrest created by the Muslims, against the Christians, in Lebanon. Although the persecution was fierce from the 'religion of peace', the Christians fought back...but eventually began to surrender to the Muslims. And it began with the feckless Taif Accord...where Lebanon began to lose its sovereignty to the Arab nations. 


The Taif Accord or Charter of National Reconciliation, was signed on October 22, 1989, in the city of Taif, Saudi Arabia. It represented the end of the turbulent civil war (1975-1989). More importantly, it symbolized Syria’s triumph to impose the Syrian order upon Lebanon.


Lebanon's signature on this document began the decline and surrender of their sovereignty as a nation...and was the impetus behind the current collapse of their government. 


Their agreement with this accord was tantamount to bending over and kissing their nation's tukis bubye...


The Christians allowed the Muslim mindset, of hatred for the Jews, to be inculcated into their culture. As Hezbollah, Iran's barbarians, fed by Syria...have slowly but surely, swallowed the Lebanese government...with the aid of invertebrates like Lebanese PM Saad Hariri.


Since it is far too late for the non-Muslims in Lebanon to take back their country...my hope is that countries worldwide will carefully take note of the reward of appeasing the violent.


As I've stated in the past: Until the free world understands that appeasement NEVER works for the cause of freedom, we will continue to fall into an interminable pit of bondage...from which there will be no return.


Pray for Lebanon...they have fallen into the pit.


Shalom through strength...





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Siding Against Freedom: The Folly Of Fools


January 11, 2011


Our leadership has made a career of denying bias on their part, in the Middle East conflict. Are we taking sides and should we?


One administration after another has declared that they are unbiased in their intervention between Israel and her enemies. Our chosen role as mediator between the two parties, is foolish...precisely because one party [Israel] values freedom, and the other [PA] is an enemy of freedom. To be true to our values of democracy and liberty for all men...we should be taking sides...but alas...fecklessly, we're taking the wrong one...


Recently, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said concerning the construction of Jewish housing in East Jerusalem, "This disturbing development undermines peace efforts to achieve the two-state solution." 


Pardon my confusion, but Jews building Jewish homes on Jewish land is undermining "peace efforts to achieve the two-state solution?" (Oh Hill...you really need to back away from the bong)...


Though the majority of the American people stand with Israel and their right to exist in their land, our leaders have joined the 'we are the world' chorus for the poor, persecuted, faux people group known as the palestinians. And here's how:

This is simply a craven way to take sides...but sadly, this has been the pattern of our behavior (styled after Europe) for some time. We play a semantical game and take sides with the enemies of freedom...in order to appear 'fair' to the world (like this has an iota of value).


We continue to play this moronic game of pretending to be equitable to Israel's enemies (and ours)...when the only fair and just thing to do is to side with freedom...not with fools.


A word to the prudent from Solomon: "The crown of the wise is their riches: the folly of fools, idiocy."


And pernicious idiocy at that.


Shalom through strength...




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Not Even An Ounce Of Outrage


January 10, 2011


The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (by a nefarious anti-government/anti-Semitic obsessive) is a stinging tragedy. This act of unfettered barbarity has been condemned by all major political organizations (including the Tea Party).

That said: I find it rather ironic how certain political leaders (particularly President Obama) have rushed to the bully pulpit to condemn this act--yet exercised near reticence just 2 short years ago when a Muslim convert (who opposed US military overseas operations) gunned down Army recruiter William Long, 23, in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Manifestly--when US military personnel are gunned down in their own country (particularly by those who hail from a politically "protected" group)--it just doesn't seem to warrant even an ounce of outrage from the ruling class.



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Messianic Power Grab


January 7, 2011


Today marks the beginning of de facto Cap and Trade.

That's correct.

Today is when the EPA (via Obama's messianic power grab) starts regulating all greenhouse gases including carbon and water vapor.

And unless the new congress can thwart this kick in the balls to the free market system--millions of jobs will be lost.

Stay tuned.




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New Fractured Fairy Tales: Revisionist History, Israel And The Mohammedans 


January 6, 2011


Let's take a trip back in time for a moment...the time is the 1960s...a cartoon short attached to the "Rocky & Bullwinkle" show, Fractured Fairy Tales made a hit...it presented familiar fairy tales and children's stories, but with storylines altered and modernized for humorous effect. They were fables...no one took them seriously. But today, we have far less humorous fables being spread, unchallenged by the media...that are outright lies...revisionist history...taken as fact.


OK...now it's time to separate the truth from the tale...and I know those on the Left will find this painful...and some may even have a psychotic break from being confronted with truth, BUT truth is necessary in a REAL world...


To say that the 'palestinians' are collectively a delusional people would be a gross understatement. They have surrendered their gray matter to their loathsome leaders and have ingested every bit of the erroneous information fed to them. 


But now it's time to get some meds to bring them back to reality...and that Rx is: Truth.


Here's the disease with a dose of the Rx applied...


A new iPhone app has been released, iKotel, by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. It allows you to see a live camera view of the Western Wall and allows you to send notes to be placed between the stones. And helps point the user towards the Temple Mount for prayers.


So what's wrong with that, you say? Well, if you're a delusional 'palestinian'...that can cause you to go apoplectic. The Al Aqsa Foundation put out a press release, quoted by Ma'an, saying that the Jews, through this app, are attempting to get the youth to build a closer connection to what they erroneously describe as the "Al Buraq Wall." 


Quoted by the PA News Network:


The "Al-Aqsa Foundation" (AAF) said that the Wailing Wall is an integral part of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and it is exclusively Islamic, linked ideologically and religiously fully with the incident of [al-Buraq] with the Prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - and non-Muslims have no right to it, even to the dust of the Wailing Wall, it is the right of Muslims and will remain so, even though it came under the control of Israeli occupation.


Oh my...where do we begin? (The first cut is always the deepest.):

And that's just a smidgeon of the empirical evidence, which is truly overwhelming. Even the 13th century Arab biographer Yakut (one of their own) stated: "Mecca is holy to Muslims; Jerusalem is holy to the Jews." 


So AAF...don't get your 400-count thread Egyptian cotton panties in a bundle. Jerusalem ain't yours and never WILL be yours. Stick that in your 'peace' bong and toke it.


And everyone lived happily ever after...


Shalom through strength...



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To Hell With Spineless Appeasement!


January 5, 2011


America's foreign policy (particularly in the post 9/11 world) should never be driven by spineless appeasement. And this becomes increasingly manifest when dealing with the Muslim World (MW).

Why? Because no matter the level of appeasement--the MW will always maintain a visceral disdain for the "Great Satan." And the proof is irrefutable: While President Obama was extending an olive branch to Tehran--the Islamic Republic was killing our troops (in both Iraq and Afghanistan) with its mass produced explosive devices.

And if Israel (without our support) bombed Iran's nuclear reactors: We would still be blamed by Allah's a-holes.

Oh, that visceral disdain.

So, as long as the finger culpability is going to be pointed in our direction: We might as well partake in the sheer pleasure of bombing Teheran's nuclear sites to smithereens.

To hell with spineless appeasement!




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To-Do Or Die List


January 4, 2011


New year...new Congress. Now we will see who understood the voters...


The damage that has been done by the Obama administration...and the Lame Duck session of Congress...must be dealt with post haste, in order for our economy to begin an ascending movement. 


The new, GOP-controlled, House must show their constituents that they mean business (after all, 2012 is not that far away). And, without delay, the following items must be Priority One on their agenda:

So, it appears our new employees have quite an agenda before them. And, to Barry's dismay, they will now do what he consistently refuses to do: The will of the people.


These critical items are not merely suggestions, but rather an imperative New Year to-do list...for the sake of the union.


Happy New Year? Here's hoping...Mr. Speaker.





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Start Fitting Grandma For A Burqa


January 3, 2011


So, what did we learn from the intelligentsia (and other assorted left-wing gaggles, gasbags, politicos, and discarded prophylactics) in 2010? That in order to prove it's a paragon of tolerance--America must permit those who adhere to a hyper-violent intolerance [Islam] to construct a Mosque at Ground Zero.

Wow!!! Somebody please check the bong for residue.

If this brand of convoluted and tortured logic ever metastasises: We better start fitting grandma for a burqa.




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