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They Deserve Our Unwavering Acclaim


March 31, 2009

Putting aside President Obama's pusillanimous approach to the War on Terror (oh, I'm sorry, the "Overseas Contingency Operation") we must never forget that our great nation is engaged in an epic struggle against the lethal dogmas of Islam.

A struggle, mind you--that will decide the very fate of Western Civilization. Will the West continue to be the shinning paradigm of modernity? or will it (due to political correctness) succumb to the ancient machinations of Mohammed and be replaced by a global Islamic empire?

As we ponder these gripping questions, there is one bright-spot in midst of all this perplexity and consternation: The US military.

Our valiant warriors, as usual--have answered the call. From Afghanistan to Iraq to the horn of Africa and beyond--these intrepid souls have given their all in order to protect and maintain our constitutional republic. Trust me, if not for them--Sharia would be the law of the land, and burqas would be the new summer swimwear.

Waxing eloquent about the debt of gratitude we owe our veterans, Winston Churchill stated: "Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."

Again, despite the pusillanimity--let us never forget (not only the struggle, but more importantly) those who are waging it on our behalf. For it is these unique individuals that deserve our unwavering acclaim and veneration.

Support our Troops!


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Israel: Treat Iran Like The Sudan


March 30, 2009


Unbeknownst to the media till now, Israel stealthily carried out an operation in January in the Sudan, in which the IAF (Israeli Air Force) successfully carried out an attack on a convoy of 17 Hamas trucks loaded with weapons heading towards Egypt...with the final destination of Gaza. 


Mazel Tov, guys...


Our friends know how to keep stealth operations, stealth. They did it in the 80s with Saddam's reactor. They did in September of 2007 with Syria's reactor. They did it in the Sudan against Hamas...and now we need them to do it one more time...against the pernicious Persians.


Fizzle their fission device...before they become an atomic gadfly...


There is no doubt, according to myriad sources, that Iran is about to possess the nuclear ability to do irreparable damage to the Jewish State. As soon as they have the capabilities in their heinous hands, they WILL use it. Israel is well aware of this...and will be compelled to act to deter this from occurring, despite world condemnation.


Survival has a way of compelling one to act, ya know?


But Israel's efforts to hinder the miscreant mullahs will bless far more than simply itself...if Iran possesses nuclear capabilities, Europe is in peril, the entire Middle East (sans Syria and Lebanon) are at grave risk...and we're not all too comfy either.


Hamas got a raw reminder by Israel's covert operations in January...it's time for Mahmoud and the Mullahs to feel the sting right in their Russian-built nuclear facility...and there's never a better time than the present.


Shalom through strength, as Ronnie always said.... 





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Quintessential Narcissist


March 27, 2009

President Obama's endless (not to mention naive) overtures to Iran have proven fruitless. The Islamic Republic has not only stridently rebuffed each one--but has openly demanded that we withdraw all US forces from the Middle East as a precondition before any substantive dialogue can take place. 

Say what!

Well, maybe now Obama will finally come to the daunting realization that he is not going to bring this pig-headed regime to heel with his charisma? Or, just maybe--the leader of the free world is getting the sense that the Punk of Persia is not going to scrap his nuclear ambitions in favor of (yet) another round of supercilious-rhetoric?


In the final analysis, Barack Hussein Obama is the quintessential narcissist. He is so profoundly in love with himself (and feels that everybody else should be to) that he is totally blinded to the fact that Ahmedinejad (and clerics) despise the very air he breathes.

G-d, save us all from this man who covets your throne.


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Who's Minding The Money?


March 26, 2009


The US $900 million pledge to the PA, has come with an assurance by US Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that no US funds, earmarked for Gaza, would end up in the “wrong hands.” And by the wrong hands, Clinton is referring to Hamas.


Really? They (Hamas) are the legally elected majority in the PA...how will Clinton perform that magical trick?


The empirical evidence has shown this is impossible. Billions of dollars have streamed into Gaza from hundreds of countries and international organizations. This money was sent with the intention of motivating Gaza economic development and quality of life for Gazans (to accomplish that, all they need do is eliminate Hamas). But that money has remained largely unaccounted for by the international community. How much money has actually reached 'Palestinian' civilians? No one knows. But what we do know is Hamas has acquired funds curiously during this time to replenish their weapons stock...which they have never ceased to use to pummel innocent Israelis in their homes and schools.


In a recent piece I mentioned that the US funds would be transferred through the UN to the PA...and guess what agency at the UN will be the happy messenger? UNRWA.


UNRWA, is the United Nations Relief Works Agency, established in 1949 to aid 'Palestinian' refugees. Problem is...they have shown dangerous partiality to Hamas terrorists.


Some facts about UNRWA:


1. In 2004, a former UNRWA Commissioner-General, Peter Hansen, exposed to the Canadian Broadcasting Company that UNRWA may very well employ Hamas members.


2. UNRWA has employed numerous high profile terrorists, including top Islamic Jihad rocket maker, Awad al-Qiq, killed in an Israeli air strike last May. Al-Qiq was the headmaster and science instructor at an UNRWA school in Rafah.


3. Another terrorist, Hamas interior minister and head of the Executive Force, Said Siyam was a teacher for over two decades in UNRWA schools.


Nice planning there, O...hey...why don't we simply fill their arsenal for them, and bypass the miscreant middlemen? 


Not one single penny of this $900 million should find its way into the coffers of the PA. And if it is released to the UN to be 'transferred'...we may live to regret it...by the innocent blood shed, using our funds.




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The Betrayal Of Israel Begins...


March 25, 2009


Perspicacious individuals would all agree that how we treat our only ally in the Middle East (Israel), speaks volumes concerning our position in the War on Terror. And this being true, the treatment of the Israeli Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi on his recent visit to DC, unequivocally says that the current administration is putting our national security at peril...


To say that Lt. Gen. Ashkenazi was given the cold shoulder would be kind. Not one member of the Obama administration...not even his counterpart, Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff...would meet with the General.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this the President who was going to change our image in the world? I guess you could consider betrayal a change. He has succeeded in 'changing' how many of our allies view us...including, England, Poland, Czech Republic, the new governments in Afghanistan and Iraq...and now our greatest ally in the region: Israel.


Just in time for opening day...O is batting a thousand...


Israel is the only country that truly comprehends the War on Terror...they have been fighting it since 1948. Lest we forget...Israel killed the man responsible for the murder of 241 of our Marines in Beirut in 1983 (Imad Mugniyah). Something no Arab country would have ever done for us.


Do we really want to betray friends like this? 







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OK, Reconcile That


March 24, 2009


"My job is to communicate to the American people that the Muslim world is filled with extraordinary people who simply want to live their lives and see their children live better lives. My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy." 

     -- Barack Obama in Jan. 2009 on al-Arabiya


A group of 35 Saudi clerics recently insisted that the kingdom's new information minister ban women from appearing on TV or in newspapers and magazines...and that cleric Abdel Aziz Khoja, who was appointed by King Abdullah on Feb. 14, ban the playing of music and music shows on TV.


Hmmm...well, according to Obama's first interview on al-Arabiya in January, the collective Muslim World simply wants to live its lives and "see their children live better lives." Really? Does that include women not being seen and music not being heard?


Oh so THAT'S what progressive means...


Let's briefly review simply living a Muslim life for women (a partial list):


1. Muslim women have to wear the veil (Hijab).

2. Islam encourages wife beating (women are viewed as chattel).

3. The woman inherits half what a man inherits.

4. The woman's testimony is equal only to half of the man's testimony.

5. Men's status is higher than that of the women.

6. Women, not men, are stoned to death for Adultery.


Bottom line...we have freedom and equality for women and Islam...'simply' doesn't.


OK, Prez...reconcile that!


If we take the Saudi kingdom alone, we betray our values by conducting any semblance of civility with these frauds, precisely because women are treated as property...and not treasured property, at that. 


And this gibberish about the Muslim world being "filled with extraordinary people" is stunningly misogynistic. O's profound desire to join hands with these Wahhabi-dispersing fiends, should be disturbing at least...and terrifying at best. 


These differences cannot be reconciled by unctuous words or a Cheshire Cat smile. O doesn't get that...do we?


We shall see... 





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Caustic Manifestations


March 23, 2009

Sadly, we are living in the throes of the first post-American presidency in our nation's history. President Barack H. Obama has unambiguously demonstrated (by his frequent mea culpas to Islamic-Thugocracies) that America is liable for all the world's ills. 

And why is this happening? Well, the answer is strikingly simple. 

Obama's ideology was birthed and developed in the fever swamps of virulent anti-Americanism. His mentors, Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan--are among the most acerbic architects of the "blame America crowd" doctrine. And make no mistake (like his gurus)--Obama fervently believes that our nation is an arrogant and imperialistic hegemony that needs to be taken down a notch or two.

Obviously, it is this very convoluted mindset that has driven Obama to greatly reduce military spending over the next four years. In fact, he plans on reducing such spending to an ominously historic low of just under 3% of GDP by 2012. 

We are now witnessing the caustic manifestations of Obama's leftist training. And it has an eerily familiar attitude: "G-d damn America."



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One Feasible Solution


March 20, 2009

Lest we forget, the genesis our current economic tsunami dates back to 1977 when Jimmy Carter signed The Community Reinvestment Act [CRA]. The legislation was designed to meet the credit needs of those on the lower rungs of socioeconomic ladder. In liberal parlance that meant: Giving home loans to individuals that could not afford them.

In 1995 (to broaden the insanity) the Clinton Administration decided to greatly expand CRA by allowing Marxist organizations like ACORN to take part in yearly bank reviews to see whether or not these institutions were issuing a "satisfactory" amount of mortgages to minorities. And if they weren't--they were threatened with litigation by the Reno Justice Department.

Despite all the left-wing demagoguery to the contrary--it was this highly egregious intervention in the free market system that caused the current global economic crisis. And make no mistake, this crisis cannot be resolved by the very entity that created it: Government.

Thus, there's only one feasible solution: The entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.


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Obama To Hamas: Here's A Big $900M Wet One


March 19, 2009


How's your wallet looking these days? A little thin? Well, it's about to get thinner, thanks to our Socialist-In-Chief...and he's doing it via one Thugocracy to another...


On his adventures through Sherwood Forrest, O has sent Sec. of State Clinton to announce that $900 million of our hard-earned dough (not his) will be gifted to the PA to aid and rebuild Gaza. 


Is that to rebuild missile silos or arms-smuggling tunnels? 


And just how is O doing this? Why through the most unreliable, corrupt organization on our turf: The UN. That's right, O is trusting the UN (from the oil-for-food debacle) with our money and having them hand it over to the PA...which is temporarily run by Arafat's creation Fatah (but the majority elected party is another terrorist group, Hamas). 


Sheer genius and benevolence. 


Now, even though the word, 'schmuck' would normally come to mind here...I am aware that on the campaign trail, O said he thought Hamas had "legitimate claims" against Israel. "Legitimate claims?" 


That is beyond whacked... 


This allocation of our tax dollars is not the feckless act of an ignoramus, but the calculated act of an ideologue...who is driven by a lifelong, misguided agenda.


A betrayal of our republic and of our only friends in the Middle East could not be more evident. O's actions are tantamount to a big wet one being planted on the mouth of the sworn enemies of freedom (let's not forget that Fatah [who temporarily leads the PA] joined other terrorist groups to declare war on the US a few years ago).


Caveat to O and his minions: If you're going to plant a smooch on a party, better make sure it doesn't blow up in your face.







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Whatever Happened To "The War?"


March 18, 2009

In a world rife with Islamo-psychopaths--(who labor assiduously to hasten our demise)-- President Obama has yet to even articulate a substantive war plan for Afghanistan.

While in campaign mode last year, Obama habitually called Afghanistan "the war," yet (as commander-in-chief) he has seemingly gone AWOL when it comes this critical conflict. Does he desire to establish a Jeffersonian type democracy, or would he rather craft a stratagem that prevents the Taliban and al Quaeda from developing a stronghold by which they can launch attacks against the West?

We have no answers to this poignant and pressing question. Why? Because Obama is far too busy extending olive branches to dictators and tyrants from Tehran to Damascus as well as "moderate" factions of the Taliban.

Obama, thus far--has been a foreign policy flop. His acquiescent overtures to the puppet master of Hamas, Hezbollah and beyond have been an exercise in futility.

Don't expect a coherent policy on Afghanistan to suddenly emerge. It's apparent that President Obama would rather genuflect at the bloodstained altars of Islamo-dictators than win a war.


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The Dire Descent Continues


March 17, 2009


Western Civilization's refusal to galvanize against the evil dictates of Islamo-thuggery will prove catastrophic. From Eurocrats demanding that democratic Israel negotiate with Sunni terrorists, to America's rush to shutter Gitmo in order to assuage the Muslim World--the West is in dire decent. 


The West's feckless inability to unify in the face of such rampant Islamism continues to be one of the tragic tales of recent history. It has provided the enemy an open door which it has gladly (and violently) exploited. When America refused to properly respond to Iranian virulence in Lebanon (while Europe was busy placating Arafat and the PLO) Islamo-thugs saw this as a profound failure of the West to collectively combat their ideological aggressions.   


As this dire descent continues--we now see Sharia courts in Great Brittan and caustic capitulation from President Obama that will pave the way for the Islamic Republic of Iran to go nuclear. The West's refusal to galvanize against such demonstrable evil will be recorded by future Islamic scholars residing in a global Islamic nation. 



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Giving Iran WMD To Develop WMD


March 16, 2009


Prerequisites and requisites are necessary for certain jobs for good reason. If you were having major surgery, you'd want to know that your surgeon has been to medical school, done an internship...and had some time performing operations. It surely would not be a comfort to learn your surgeon was fresh out of law school...the results of such a surgery, with a neophyte holding the scalpel, could be fatal...


The above example is a microcosm of our national situation...


We now have a Trainee-In-Chief with zilch experience as an executive...in any regard. That doesn't give me 'a thrill up my leg'...but a cold chill down my spine...especially concerning foreign affairs.


O is now making deals with Vladimir 'George of the Jungle' Putin to dissuade Iran not to build a nuke. IRAN...the same country for which Russia has been hands-on in building them a nuclear facility. 


Still missing that last fry in your happy meal, O?


And our Community Organizer-In-Chief is revealing a great want in historical knowledge concerning the former USSR, the KGB...and the deadly gravity of Iran's goal of destroying the 'little Satan' (Israel) and the 'Great Satan' (US) by any means possible...and in so doing, stirring up chaos upon the earth to usher in the 12th Mahdi.


Oops, guess he missed that lesson...must have been simply 'present' for the session...


That's not all the Messiah-In-Chief is doing...he's also betraying our allies in the region namely: Poland and the Czech Republic, who literally put their lives on the line to agree with us to put missile defense systems in their respective countries. You see...he's making deals with Vlady that if Putin indeed talks Ahmadinejad into stopping his naughty nuke behavior, we will not comply with the agreement we made with our allies.


Hey, O...better sharpen that knife...you might have missed a few backs on your 'love' journey out of the starting gate...but it's doubtful...


Russia and Iran engaging in 'talks' would give Iran the perfect cover to continue its goal of having a nuclear weapon sooner, rather than later. 


We are now complicit in helping Iran develop WMD (weapons of mass distraction) in order to continue their WMD development...and spread a fungus cloud over the only democracy in the Middle East. And once they have accomplished this, be sure it will be followed up by an attempt on our shores...and this type of fungus can't be sautéed with onions.


OK...you 52% of voters that put this Einstein in office...feel safer? I 'hope' you have a 'change' of underwear on hand when Iran delivers on its promises...you'll need it...







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Memo To Madame Secretary


March 13, 2009

While speaking on Palestinian TV last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was her usual condescending and pedantic self: "I want to do more to connect up our two countries:…having the Palestinian people feel that they have a better understanding of the United States and having the American people feel like they have a better understanding of the Palestinian people.”

Well, Hillary--the American people do, in fact--understand the Palestinian people. And we have come to the unabashed conclusion that they (motivated by Koranic law) foster a fiercely nihilistic culture. And it is this morbid law (which ultimately forged the chaotic miasma engulfing the entire Middle East) that demands the bloody abolition of Israel.

Memo to Madame Secretary: No amount of condescension will ever change this chilling fact.


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Has The Pope Given Up History For Lent?


March 12, 2009


It's the Lenten season when many, in preparation for Easter, give up something  normally enjoyed as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made for salvation. But with the recent revealed travel agenda for the Pope...one must wonder what he has given up for lent...


Pope Benedict XVI verified on Sunday that he is coming to Israel in May and will definitely visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. But, unlike Pope John Paul II, who visited the Temple Mount but did not enter the al-Aksa, Benedict will visit the mosque.


In the face of history...is this wise? 


Here are a couple of facts that might be considered before the Papal visit:

Al Aqsa has a caustic history concerning the treatment of Jews. Visiting Yad Vashem and al Aqsa on the same trip seems to be sending the wrong message. Has the Pope decided to send a hypocritical message for Easter...let's reverence the innocent butchered...and make nice with the followers of the ones who held the cleaver? 


If you ask me, that just ain't Kosher. 


In order to maintain his integrity, the Pope would have to claim he gave up historical truth for lent...and that's just not worth the sacrifice...





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Anathema To The Hordes


March 11, 2009

The anti-Semitic hordes that inhabit the Middle East are fixated on one event: The total annihilation of Israel. And they will (as they have explicitly demonstrated) labor feverishly to bring about this macabre scenario. Their seeming fanaticism over certain issues--whether it be a Palestinian State, or the return of the Golan Heights to Syria--are mere diversionary tactics and have nothing to do with the policy of land for peace.

In 1999, Syrian foreign minister Faruq al-Shara ominously stated that Syria's interest in negotiating with the Israeli government for the return of the Golan Heights has nothing to do with establishing a peaceful coexistence with Israel--but with the ultimate destruction of the Jewish State.

History tells us (whether it's the Oslo, Hebron or Wye Accords) that no matter the level of acquiescence Israel operates on: It will always be considered anathema to the hordes.


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Swamps Of Ignorance Swallow Young Brits


March 10, 2009


How would you answer the following question:


 Q. Auschwitz is:

      a. A type of beer.

      b. A religious festival.

      c. A type of bread.

      d. A Nazi extermination camp.


If you were one of 1,000 British pupils aged 11-16 in secondary school...you would have guessed a, b, or c...but not d.


According to the London Jewish Cultural Centre, who commissioned the survey:

So, there are about 4.5 million children aged 11-16 in the UK, that would be synonymous to 90,000 kids wrongly identifying Auschwitz as a drink and 45,000 mistaking it as a food.


Hey...are they wearing party hats at that glue-sniffing bash?


What in the world are they shoveling into these kids craniums? Historical facts of an alternate universe?  


Where most could identify Adolph Hitler from a photograph, those who couldn't, mistook Winston Churchill, Salvador Dali, and Albert Einstein as the fuehrer. Come on...what's the school uniform, a big red nose and exploding shoes? (Winston Churchill was the former Prime Minister of England, for Pete's sake! They must be acquiring their appreciation of Churchill from Obama.)


Precisely 1.3 million people were exterminated in that death camp during World War II...if that isn't critical enough to impart to the young...then the once great nation, and our greatest ally...has gone gravely awry.


God save the Queen? Better save the children...





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Cowering Into Captivity


March 10, 2009


And the story goes...if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will jump right out. But, if you put a frog in a pot of lukewarm water and slowly turn it up until it starts to boil, the frog will happily remain in the pot until he is cooked. 


This efficaciously illustrates how we can be  incrementally destroyed by the ignorance of our environment, or the milieu to which we are allowing ourselves to yield. 


In a post-9/11 world, having taken our cues from those who have neither moral courage nor strength of character...say, Europe for instance...it's worth taking a quick peak at how our cousins 'across the pond' and beyond, are standing for liberty:

We are following our 'cousins' well...a brief look at our catalogue of kowtows: 

After 9/11, when Muslims took their cue from the 'gay' activists playbook and couched themselves as victims...we began to play the deadliest game of Simon Says this world has ever seen. Because Simon, in this case, is an ideology longing to rule the world by the sword...and guess which end we're on?


The more we continue to cower at the demands of Muslims, the closer we get to losing our precious freedoms and the nearer we get to captivity.


Those that gave their all to retain our freedoms, did not do so, in order for us to deal it away as Esau did his birthright for a bowl of stew.


We need to consider our actions soberly, at such a time as this. We were the nation that saved Europe from sure destruction and captivity to Nazism. Now our feckless trepidation is causing us to cower into a captivity...we may never escape. 


For who will be left to rescue us?







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Oh, That Deadly Ignorance


March 6, 2009

President Obama displays an extraordinary level of ignorance when it comes to Iran. During a recent interview about the Islamic Republic--Obama stated that he desires to re-establish “the same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago."

Perhaps Obama was to busy studying the works of Saul Alinsky 20 or 30 years ago to notice that Iran was fomenting terror and mayhem--via its proxy Hezbollah--in Lebanon. In the spring of 1983 the Shia terrorist organization--funded by petro-dollars from Tehran--bombed the US embassy in Beirut and a few months later bombed the US Marine barracks killing 241 good men.

Manifestly Obama has no regard for history, because if he did--he would come to the stone cold conclusion that extending an olive branch (capitulating) to Iran only produces scores of dead Americans. And, as we all have learned by our government's non-response to the aforementioned attacks: It served to not only embolden Iran--but the entire Islamic World. And it was that Great Emboldening which produced 9/11.

If President Obama continues on this lethal course of capitulation with Iran--he'll have to direct some of that stimulus money to the procurement of body bags.

Oh, that deadly ignorance.


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Iran: The Little Regime That Could 


March 5, 2009


We're all familiar with the classic children's story, The Little Engine That Could. The story of a long train that must be pulled over a high mountain. Various larger engines are asked to pull the train; for various reasons they refuse. The request is sent to a small engine, who agrees to try. The engine succeeds in pulling the train over the mountain while repeating its motto: "I-think-I-can".


Well...along comes a terrorist regime who, because of the politically-correct paralysis of many world leaders, they not only think- they- can develop a nuclear arsenal: They KNOW- they- can.


And Iran's Mad Mullahs are counting on this paralysis...they are building their arsenal upon the trepidation of, in particular, Obama and his insatiable desire to be loved and admired by the masses. He dare not say anything that might be considered pro-American or pro-democracy.


And, sadly...it's a solid foundation... 


Example, the Revolutionary Guards Chief, Mohammad Ali Jafari (which, by the way, are considered a terrorist group), said, "Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has missiles with the range of 2,000 km (1,250 miles), and based on that all Israeli land including that regime's nuclear facilities are in the range of our missile capabilities."


Jafari also believes that neither the US nor the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) "had the ability" to strike Iran. Hmmm...was that said under the influence of the Halal brand of crack? The two greatest militaries in the world did not have the ability to strike Iran? Right...


And this is a simple illustration of how 'the little regime that could' has been empowered  by the likes of O and his ilk. How PC paralysis has become the fuel for the 'the little regime' and the mushroom cloud that it will produce.


I don't THINK-they-can...I know-they-WILL... 





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Hug-A-Thug, Hollywood Style


March 2, 2009


There's nothing like a dose of reality to shock you into sanity...and that's just what some pious Hollywood liberals received this past week...on a hug-a-thug mission to Tehran by Obama...


This past week, Obama sent a Hollywood veneer smile to Ahmadinejad and his venal puppet masters in the person of Annette Bening and company. 


But, alas...the 'little Susie Sunshine' approach didn't warm the Muslim cockles of their hearts. Ahmadinejad's art adviser returned the gleaming grin with a demand that Hollywood apologize for 30 years of "insults and slanders" about Iranians in their films. 


Ouch! Didn't see that one coming, did they...


The art advisor mentioned the 2007 war epic "300" for its portrayal of their descendants as bloodthirsty in the Greco-Persian wars, and the destruction of the Iranian flag in the recent film "The Wrestler."


These Tinsel Town elitists are amazingly clueless. They would rather believe the claptrap of the liberal talking-heads (who are as clueless as they), than pick up a book and learn about the 'religion of peace'...and how they perceive Hollywood's morality. The movie capital of the world has a big crescent-shaped target on it...cause Islam doesn't concur with LA's loose-living. And they don't protest by staying home from the theater...that have a more palpable way of expressing their views on Hollywood values...and believe me,  it's a 'blast'!


I understand that O and his worshiping ilk are green on the true nature of Islam...and, in their childlike naïveté, they fecklessly attempted to hug-a-thug...but to no avail.


What they did accomplish, however, was to confirm for the ayatollahs that O and his fawning followers are truly useful idiots...and America is more vulnerable for it.


Um, thanks guys...





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