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Warwick: Aiding and Abetting Our Enemies


September 28, 2012


Well, he arrived...the modern-day Adolf that gets away with verbal homicide. And he entered into the welcoming arms of an atrocious auberge.  


Despite legitimate protest and opposition, the Warwick Hotel...built by William Randolph Hearst in 1926 for $5 million to accommodate his Hollywood friends (which included the actress Marion Davies, who had her own specially-designed floor in the building)...has rebuked decency and is hosting the Mullah's monster.


On the Warwick International Hotels website, the company states:

"Here at Warwick International Hotels, we have been traveling around the world for more than 30 years, acquiring inspirational and exclusive hotels and resorts, taking care to respect the traditions and values that are unique to each of these unmatched properties."


Here's a question for the Warwick International Hotels and Resorts: Does "taking care to respect the traditions and values that are unique to each of these unmatched properties" include hosting and pampering the head of a regime that has murdered American soldiers, by count now over 1,000, in Iraq?


Our military has put forth empirical evidence that the Iranian regime, headed by Ahjad, is culpable in the murder of US troops in Iraq. Please show me exactly where this company's respect begins and ends? They are conducting their business on the soil that thousands of Americans' blood and treasure has been spent to assure liberty, like no other land on earth. A liberty which includes a free market, under which the Warwick functions.


Again...where does the Warwick's respect begin and end?


If this is respect, what would their dissing be...building a launching pad for Iran's nukes?


Let me make myself unequivocal: Ahjad's barbaric promise to eliminate the Jewish State (the only true democracy in the Middle East) is enough reason to turn him away. But as an American I insist: With every nanosecond that Ahjad spends at this auberge, residing on OUR sod, the Warwick is guilty of trampling on the precious blood of each and every US military personnel murdered by the former Persian empire. 


Is my rhetoric too strong, you say? I say NOT strong enough!


It's time that the American people let the world community know that if you diss us...we will use the power of the purse to force you OFF the land that the brave have sacrificed to protect. Because WE respect their sacrifice. 


Planning to visit NYC? Friends, family planning to visit? Here are a few suggestions which are direct competition to The Warwick: The Surrey New York, The James New York, The Gramercy Park Hotel, Trump International Hotel Tower, The NoMad Hotel, The London NYC, The Mark New York, Andaz Wall Street & Jumeirah Essex House...to name a few. 


We hold the purse strings to impertinent Inns...let's politely utilize this valuable tool to let them know: Our heroes deserve great reverence and honor...not their spittle.



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REELTalk: Israel And America's Election with Andrew Roberts


Joining Audrey for Thursday's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is award-winning author and renown British Military Historian ANDREW ROBERTS. As a member of the Friends of Israel, Andrew clearly and cogently explains how critical Israel is in the coming presidential election. And where America, and all free nations, must stand in relationship to her, so ALL may remain free. This is a must-hear if you love liberty...and the Jewish people! PLUS...Are US Libraries censoring Conservative books? Ashley Lane shares some startling info. And what is Mission: We The People? Ava Aston shares how you can join the mission! 




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Obama Regime Admits Islam Is Not Peaceful


September 25, 2012


We've all known them in our lives...people who we KNOW are thin-skinned, volatile, and explosive. We accommodate them and do everything possible to pacify them (including the interminable apology)...all to ensure they do NOT become violent.


You know, just like the Obama administration does...


What do I mean? Well, just look at how they have been treating the Islamic world since he's been in office. Appeasement, pacification through endless apologies. But for what, exactly? They say...and have repeatedly said during the aftermath of the recent 9-11 terror attack on our consulate...that they respect all religions. Really? This administration, and it's friends in Hollywood, without fail insult Christians without blinking an eye. When Christians bemoan the insults, they are told to live with it because of First Amendment Rights. 


Apologies? As we say in NY: FAGETABOUTIT!!


And, of course, why bother pacifying those who are already peaceful...that would be a waste of time and resources.


So the question arises: If the appeasers of Islam are so confident in their mantra, "Islam is a religion of peace" then why are they falling all over themselves expressing regret for offending them? They clearly are concerned about violence...but again, why? Isn't this a religion of peaceful people? Haven't they force-fed us that daily detestable fare? Then why the trepidation? Is it because they KNOW that this ideology is unequivocally hateful, intolerant and violent from it's inception? 


The evidence is empirical. There's no need to calm tranquil waters. Their consistent pacification of the followers of a barbaric ideology PROVES that this administration KNOWS the waters of Islam are not tranquil in the least...and they have to run to them with flowers and candy every time those living in the land of liberty criticize the founder of this vicious lot.


Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It has never been. And never will be. Those who think it IS are clearly misunderstanders of this ideology. I'm just glad the Misunderstander-in-Chief has finally 'evolved' on the issue.


Shalom through strength...




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September 21, 2012

---The US State Department has spent $70, 000 on advertisements (airing on Pakistani TV) denouncing the anti-Muslim video. Once again the American taxpayer is forced to grab his ankles.

---The Pakistani government will spend millions on TV ads (airing in the US) denouncing the hundreds of church burnings committed by its citizens against its very own minority Christian community...NOT!

---9/11 was a direct response to the following question: What would Mohammad do?



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REELTalk: Riots About A Movie? Think Again! with Jim Kouri/Eric Allen Bell



Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Law Enforcement Expert: JIM KOURI, and Filmmaker ERIC ALLEN BELL. It wasn't about a movie, it was a planned attack to coincide with the 9-11 Anniversary. The Libyan President knows it, but our leaders disagree? The Middle East has changed...but not as this administration had hoped or imagined. Jim will cover what's happening and what should be happening to protect our embassies and our national security. And Eric will share how the followers of 'religion of peace' made death threats on his life! Don't miss this crucial update! 





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September 19, 2012

In the month of August ObamaNation created a paltry 96, 000 new jobs while placing over 173, 000 people on food stamps. 

Gotta love that "Hope and Change."



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Obama, Friend Of The Jew? My Aunt Fanny


September 18, 2012


Attention all Jews and Christians who think President Obama is even REMOTELY a friends of the Jewish State...


As our nation, Israel and all free nations are now facing an unabated modern-day Hitler with an almost nuclear stick with which to whack...and we'll all treated to the rotten fruit of the 'Arab Spring' shrieking in the streets of Cairo & Benghazi...Benedict Obama is doing his part by first, refusing to set no red lines for Iran. And second, refusing to meet with the Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu to discuss this critical and rapidly progressing situation.


I'm sure Tehran is comforted to know that right here in the states, they have Mullahs little helper...


From day one in the Oval Office, Mr. Obama has made it unequivocal how he disdains the Israeli PM. His message has been clear to his fawning fans in the Muslim world, as well...


He wasted no time in office when he began his  pedantic DISSertation to our only friends in the Middle East. Slamming the Jewish State for building on its own land. Scolding them when they took a defensive action to protect their citizens from terrorist attacks. And most of all...dissing their Prime Minister, Benjamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu. A war hero, statesman and the unambiguous leader of the free world.


Obama's most recent offensive offering is when he refused a request by the PM to meet after Yom Kippur to discuss Iran...he found no room in his schedule (you see he had a guest spot on David Letterman to get his ring kissed). Yet he did make time in his schedule to plan a meeting at the White House with the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi, the President of Egypt...you know, the guy who instigated the riots in Cairo outside our Embassy. 


Here are a few more 'gifts' from Mr. Obama to the Israeli PM:

Friend of the Jew? My Aunt Fanny, he is...


Personally, I am fed up to here (my hand is above my head) with this impudent hypocrite grinning in the face of American Jews for their support, as he stabs the Jewish State in the back...over and over and over again by his coddling and aid to Israel's enemies.


More than 65% of Americans enthusiastically support Israel, so Obama's disdain for the owners of the Holy Land is not shared by his 'subjects'. 


My caveat to Jews and Christians: If you are a supporter of Israel, and you realize that they are the ONLY true democracy in the Middle East...then you cannot throw your support behind the uber-thug occupying the White House. His history prior to taking office and for almost 4 years, proves unambiguously that Mr. Obama was not, is not, and will NEVER be a friend of the Jewish State.


At such a time as this, I implore you: Do not enable him to demean our friends...for four more years.


Shalom through strength...



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L'Shana Tova To All Our Friends & Family




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REELTalk: Election 'Bring It Bureau': Rush, White & Swimp


Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Columnist, Commentator and Author, ERIK RUSH. Former Presidential Candidate, Author and Radio Talk Show Host, RUTH WHITE. President of the Frederick Douglass Society and Speaker for Project 21, STACY SWIMP. This is one 'Bring It Bureau' who will assess the conventions, tell it like it is on what matters in this historic election. You want wise words to help you make the right choice for America? Don't miss this hour of power-packed info!




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School's Open: PA Poison Is The Lesson Plan For Good Neighbors?


September 12, 2012


Anything one desires to achieve begins in the mind and then manifests itself on the outside. Your thoughts determine your actions. 


It begins with a thought. And since school should be teaching kids to think...what they're taught aids in the thought process, which leads to actions.


So guess what new course the Palestinian Authority (PA) is providing in their curriculum? Gaza will have a spanking new course taught in some of its schools, called 'Know Your Enemy'. The class is a Hebrew course which Hamas officials determined to include, back in March, as part of the Gaza education curriculum this year. The director general of Hamas’s Ministry of Education, Mahmoud Matar, stated that "through the Hebrew language we can understand the structure of Israeli society, the way they think...We look at Israel as an enemy. We teach our students the language of the enemy."


Aww...and I thought they were doing this to say 'howdy neighbor' in Hebrew...


Dr. Eldad Pardo, a senior researcher at IMPACT-SE, (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education) and a teacher at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, declared that Matar's hateful language is endemic to the PA curriculum. “Palestinian schoolchildren learn that Jews have no connection to the land of Israel, that Jews belong to Europe. These textbooks say nothing about the Jews from Arab countries,” said Pardo.

Seventy PA student books and 22 teacher guides, and 25 student books issued by the PA Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs last year, were studied. All 118 books and guides are presently in use at PA schools. Here's a sampling of what is taught in PA-controlled schools, Palestinian school kids learn:

Now this must be asked: How legitimate is the PA's call for peace and a two-state solution, when they have for decades...and continue to...teach their children the illegitimacy of Jews and the Jewish State?


No efforts have been made to correct this perspective in 'Palestinian' society. And this toxic teaching is reinforced in the PA-controlled culture through the PA-controlled media, as well as the media in the Arab/Muslim world...including children's programming


Before any talks recommence between Israel and the 'Palestinians'...this issue MUST be addressed and corrected. Because failing to do so will doom any efforts or hope of a true and lasting peace...if that were ever possible at all.


Shalom through strength...



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New Election Commercial





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Germany's Stand With Israel: Duplicitous At Best


September 7, 2012


There are some countries/peoples that have dark histories with each other...Japan & China, Serbia & Bosnia, Ethiopia & Somalia and S. Korea & N. Korea, to name a few.


But few can deny that one of the darkest histories is the one Germany has had with the Jewish people. The detestation lived out through the butchery and mass extermination by the Deutschland toward the Jews, was the great impetus behind the creation of the Jewish State.


Keeping Germany's past behavior in mind...on Friday, Germany sold Egypt two German-built Type-209 attack submarines. No that is NOT the Israel-friendly Egypt under Mubarak. This is the anti-Israel Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The terror-papa group of Hamas...the terror group whose mission statement is: "Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations."


True, it's troublesome that the country that attempted to wipe out the Jewish people is flippantly helping an enemy of the Jewish State. Germany claims to stand by Israel and consistently defends its security and right to exist. This position is supposedly a cornerstone of German foreign policy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stated on numerous occasions that Germany will stand by Israel. 


OK...I want to believe the veracity of the Chancellor and German foreign policy. So someone please explain this: Why sell subs to a country whose parliament has declared Israel its number one enemy? MB is determined to advance Islam's global conquest, to reestablish an Islamic Caliphate, and to satiate all Muslims with a sense of duty to wage jihad against Israel. So, did it make sense to the German government, remembering their despicable history, to make this sale?


Let me make this unequivocal...I am no fool, nor are many of the citizenry of this country. Jew-hatred was present in Germany long before Adolf and his ilk came to power. It was subtle and reinforced. That is the ONLY way Hitler could have gotten a pass on his anti-Semitic rhetoric. That sentiment may be officially banned...but it still exists. Not in all Germans' hearts...but in far too many. Otherwise...why would the German government aid a declared enemy of the Jewish State with their military, unopposed? 


It's a sobering question. And speaks contrary to Germany's declaration of steadfast friendship with Israel. At least to those of us paying attention.


Shalom through strength...



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REELTalk: Jihadis Blitzing Our Borders with J.D. Gordon

Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is former DOD Spokesman, Columnist and Commentator: J.D. GORDON. The Election issues are hot...but what happened to our Borders? And is the problem mere illegals or has it blossomed into a terror alert? J.D. will share new info on links between Terror Networks and Drug Cartels...and how jihadists are sneaking across our borders! Also, a special LIVE report right from the Texas/Mexico Border! 




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September 5, 2012

David Axelrod recently stated the following about the upcoming election: "A dead constituent is our best client."




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2016: How One Father's Failure Nearly Eviscerated Our Republic


September 4, 2012


It's clearly a hit...going from a few screens to 1,000 nationwide, '2016: Obama's America' has made a statement. I will say it was concise, informative, substantive, and as always endemic of Dinesh D'Souza's work, veracious. The film is based upon his book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage"...and it quite perspicaciously reveals the frame of reference of Barack Obama, which...as in anyone's life...dictates and influences his worldview, out of which come his policies.


There is a particular point in the film that I found fascinating...Dinesh touched on the psychological effects that Barack's absentee father had on his son, Barack Jr.. It's undeniable, based on numerous studies done, that absentee fathers have a traumatic impact on the lives of their children...especially their sons. And in the case of Barry because his father chose to be absent from his life, his mother fostered and nurtured a distorted and idealized view of Barack Sr. to her son. And she persuaded him to develop his beliefs and identity to reflect his father's. And this ideology of Barack Sr. was reinforced, because of his absence, by the mentoring of Communist Frank Marshall Davis. (Sidebar: One can't help but wonder what upbringing Barry's mother had...she was a self-hating white, anti-American, Communist-loving girl, from the Heartland? Who and what fostered that?)


Barack did, however, learn of his father's true character through his sister Auma, while he attended Columbia in NYC. And his reaction was similar to those who live in a fantasy world, when reality suddenly peeks in its head: "I felt as if my world had been turned on its head; as if I had woken up to find a blue sun in the yellow sky; or heard animals speaking like men. . . . To think that all my life I had been wrestling with nothing more than a ghost!" 


A ghost, perhaps, but one he continues to emulate and with whose principles he haunts this nation. 


Barry's father is quite culpable in the situation we find ourselves as a nation today. He was a drunkard, a womanizer, a polygamist and a deadbeat dad, to name a few. In other words: He was no Ward Cleaver. His selfish and self-serving behavior created many broken souls...especially little ones, and one in particular that grew up idealizing a warped, destructive worldview that reached to the heights of the free world. And as a result, has broken innumerable souls today and into many tomorrows.


I believe in personal responsibility...we ARE responsible for our own choices and the consequences of those choices. President Obama made a cognizant choice to believe his mother, concerning his father's character and values. And even when confronted with the truth, he chose to be intractable concerning his long-held beliefs (cognitive dissonance). But Barack Sr. is ALSO responsible for his choices...and the consequences of those choices. And in his case, like his son: They have tainted millions of innocent lives for generations to come.


I hope you dads are paying attention...




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REELTalk: Kicking In The Campaign With 3 Dynamic Dudes


Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews 3 sage sirs: Author & Columnist: DOUG GILES, Author & Columnist: MICHAEL WALSH & Author & Columnist: ANDREW MALCOLM. We're kicking it up a notch with 3 dynamic dudes who KNOW what's what in politics, the culture and have the answers you need for November...including a LIVE report from the floor of the 2012 Republican National Convention! 




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