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REELTalk Radio Show:

Screenwriter Dishes - From 9-11 To Cairo To Color!


Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo

May 31st @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guest: Hollywood Screenwriter & Columnist: MARK TAPSON. Did the CIA vindicate the ABC miniseries " The Path To 9/11"? Forced Abortion in China...Chen Sunglasses Freedom Campaign? Is the so-called post-racial president really the MOST-racial president in US history? We'll discuss this and a whole lot more!.






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May 29, 2012

Only an obtuse (or perhaps brain-dead) citizenry would re-elect such a dangerous character as Hussein Obama.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB




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Happy Memorial Day 2012






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Egyptian Elections: How Will Israel Fare?


May 25, 2012


The Egyptian people have finished their second day of a 2-day vote for President. The real race is between the Islamist candidate, Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country’s largest political group, and Ahmed Shafiq, a former air force commander and Mr. Mubarak’s last prime minister.


The factions are all exclaiming that they will never allow the other to rule.


But, if the trend continues from what we saw in the parliament election...the Muslim Brotherhood candidate will likely win in the run-off election June 16-17. The Parliament is 72% Islamist, between Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist, who both want Sharia Islamic Law imposed on the population.


An Islamist victory will likely mean a greater emphasis on religion in government. The Muslim Brotherhood (and Salafists who are even more pro-Sharia), already dominates parliament by 3/4, yet they say they won’t mimic Saudi Arabia:

Sharia is Sharia…there’s no moderation in the Islamic Law. And the Muslim Brotherhood is promising this?

The Muslim Brotherhood:

And they have no compunction about lying...

Further proof of an Islamist result appears to be seen in the polls...

A Poll by the Pew Global Attitudes Project says: 

Think about that…what does that say about the leadership of this country…that’s what happens when you ‘lead from behind’!

More Poll Findings:

Of the respondents, 70% viewed the Muslim Brotherhood favorably, down from 75% in 2011. 


The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, also received the highest support rating among political parties, 56%.

Priority issues in the election are:

Um...I'm thinking there's little hope of ANY of those priorities being realized in the direction of the voting trend.


Egyptian parties in general want Israel punished…a year ago it was for Israel inadvertently killing 6 Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai peninsula while pursuing terrorists responsible for deadly attacks against Israeli civilians.


None of the results, be it in the Parliament or the polls...fares well for Israel. 


And further evidence...Egypt's MPs have already declared Israel "Enemy No. 1." And the majority party, the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader, Qaradawi, is preaching the annihilation of Israel and calling for the destruction of the West.


Israel is aware of their predicament...and they are watching with caution and concern.


There's never been a better time for Israel's supporters to encourage the tiny State. And do as all good Jews and Christians do:


Sha'alu Shalom Yirushalayim - Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.


Shalom through strength...





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REELTalk Radio Show: The Rise Of The Black Klan?



Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, May 24th @6PM ET, is Columnist/Author ERIK RUSH, Radio Talk Show Host RUTH WHITE & Spokesperson for Project 21 STACY SWIMP. Are certain racist groups getting a pass by the current administration? Are hoodies now similar to the white hoods of the KKK? We'll discuss the possibility that black racists are getting preferential treatment by the White House and how this is emboldening hate!






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May 23, 2012

Given the alarming fact that 14.5 million more Americans have applied for food stamps under President Obama--it's no surprise that the Catastrophe in Chief would rather talk about Mitt Romney's dog, condemns and gay-marriage than the economy.

Obama's campaign theme should be "Distraction."




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Jim Belushi: Funding Afro-Caribbean Genocide?


May 21, 2012


Since 1959, when Castro took over Cuba in a military coup...there has been a parade of pandering putzes blowing kisses to El Comandante. It started with gullible figures such as Jack Parr, Ed Sullivan and Harry Truman. 


Through the years, hypocritical celebs have planted big wet ones on the lips of the tyrant Fidel, including: Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin Costner, Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Bonnie Raitt, Woody Harrelson, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Leo DiCaprio, Chevy Chase, Robert Redford, Jesse Jackson, Charles Rangel, and Danny Glover.


But these smarmy public figures are simply elitists, who return to the comforts of capitalism...the system under which they made their fortunes...because they don't desire to live under Socialism...they desire to be the ruling class (like Castro) in it.


Their actions are detestable enough, in my humble opinion...to have their citizenship revoked for bringing aid and comfort to our enemies. A violent empire that oppresses its population and condemns them to living in squalor (except when the cameras are rolling). A repugnant regime that imprisons detractors, kills and tortures those who promote free speech...and particularly targets Afro-Caribbeans.


But what if one of them made the grand effort to actually raise MONEY for the oppressive regime? No one would do THAT, right?


Wrong...the first week of March, at Cuba's Cigar Fest, actor Jim Belushi served as MC and successfully raised $1 million dollars for Castros corrupt coffers. Money which is used to beat, torture, imprison and murder untold numbers of Cubans...especially black Cubans or Afro-Caribbeans. 


Case in point...In 2002, just after Jimmy 'I kiss tyrant tukis' Carter returned from a pleasure trip to meet Fidel proclaiming him "a committed egalitarian," Castro's KGB/STASI-trained thugs beat and threw a black civil rights activist, Orlando Zapata-Tamayo, in prison for "disobedience." Tamayo was a simple country plumber and bricklayer who had studied the works of Martin Luther King jr. and attempted to apply some "civil disobedience" to challenge the Stalinism forced on Cubans by the Castros, Che Guevara, and their Soviet puppet masters.


But Fidel et al would have none of that liberty lunacy...


On Feb. 23, 2010, Tamayo dies after an 83-day hunger strike and barbaric beatings by the attack dogs of the man the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) called, "one of the most amazing human beings we've ever met! Castro is a very engaging, down-to-earth and kind man!." The CBC visited Castro in 2009, after which Tamayo received such savage beatings, they left him comatose.


Now back to Belushi...what exactly would possess a man to actually raise money for a regime that is the antithesis of our system of liberty and free enterprise? To help fund a despot that, in particular, disposes of darker-skinned Cubans because...in his Darwinistic ideology...are lesser than lighter-skinned Cubans? Yet, he invested his time and energy to ensure that the Castros could continue their reign of terror.


In my book...he's as culpable as Fidel himself, of the barbary committed from early March on...


Besides being guilty of treason...he is an enabler of murderers...and deserves the same penalty.


What will be the result of this cigar-toking bromance between Fidel and his guy-pal? Sadly, because there is a paucity of testosterone in the Congress...especially on the GOP side...absolutely NOTHING. The kissy-face fest between celebs and the Castros will continue...as freedom and liberty-lovers cries grow more and more silent.


Will Cubans ever see liberty again? Not as long as Americans turn a blind eye and a deaf ear and support the enablers of evil.


Shalom through strength...




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May 18, 2012

Same-sex marriage is a pernicious manifestation of cultural rot. It is a gross and detestable subversion of the core purpose of marriage which is the propagation of the human race.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB




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REELTalk Radio Show: Iran, Russia & China: Toxic Trilogy?



Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, May 17th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guests: Former Dept. of Defense Spokesman J.D. GORDON & Washington Times Editorial Writer, JIM ROBBINS. Iran: What are the consequences of hitting their nuclear sites? Will Russia/China protect Tehran?   




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May 16, 2012

According to a recent study conducted by the Brookings Institute--individuals (regardless of skin hue) who graduate high school, get full time employment and do not have children out of wedlock, will succeed in today's free market society.

This study stands as a commonsense panacea against the Professors of Victimolgy who teach hate, envy and the "insidiousness of white culture."



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May 15, 2012

Given the irrefutable fact that Russia has provided material support for Iran's nuclear program and China provided a plethora of nuclear building blocks to Pakistan's notorious A. Q. Khan--there is no question that these nations are in league with al-Qaida.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB




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May 14, 2012

In 1981 Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Act (the largest tax cut in US history) which helped create nearly 5 million jobs between 1983-84. In 2009 Barrack Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which helped create profound economic instability and record setting unemployment.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB



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Green Is The New Color Of Hate? 


May 11, 2012

Note: I love the Irish. The accent, the music, St. Patty's Day in NYC...we'd even change our names by adding an O' or a Mc in front of our last name to celebrate. But especially the people...warm and lighthearted. The ability to laugh at what would give most people hypertension. I'm prefacing my piece with this statement so there's no confusion about my love for the Irish people.


Few are aware that between the years of 1937-1944, the Irish Republican Army was best-buds with Abwehr: The Nazi intelligence agency. But what many would find even more disturbing is that this anti-Semitic mindset is more prevalent today in the Emerald Isle.


Some disturbing facts by The Institute for Global Jewish Affairs, in a recent summary of Trade Union and Other Boycotts of Israel in Great Britain and Ireland:

But much more disturbing info was discovered, thanks to MarkMurphys.com, which includes:

And the book "Ireland and the Palestine Question" (2005) by Rory Miller has a plethora of info, including:

Then it follows to be no surprise of the cancellation of the band Dervish to tour in Israel after their website was the vicious target of pernicious abuse by anti-Israeli activists, up on the instructions of the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Group. The 'tolerant' ones became fascist bullies to get their way (no different than we find in the US, by the left). 


Kevin Myers of Ynetnews.com put it succinctly: "It is the liberal version of Sharia law." Spot on, Kevin. 


This may shock many Irish citizens...but it is a reality and a tragic one, at that.


My friends in the 'Land of Saints and Scholars' need to address this hateful strain that seems to be lingering since before WWII. It's time to take a weed whacker to this Jew-hatred before the winds blow to a new growth and another generation.


I still love the Irish people...but I'm not lovin' the hate.


Muintir Iosrael beo...Am Israel Chai...The People of Israel Live!!


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk Radio Show: Women Under Islam - Free To Be? Not So Fast!


Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, May 10th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guest: Author & Editor of FrontPage Magazine: JAMIE GLAZOV. There's a violent war on women taking place, few acknowledge its existence and no Western leader will engage it. It finds new victims everywhere Sharia creeps. 





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May 9, 2012

In 1981 Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Act (the largest tax cut in US history) which helped create nearly 5 million jobs between 1983-84. In 2009 Barrack Obama signed The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which helped create profound economic instability and record setting unemployment.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB



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Hollande: Israel's Blessing Or Bane?


May 8, 2012


Bastille Square in Paris was a victory celebration...Champaign corks popping, confetti swirling and Palestinian Authority and Syrian Flags waving? (Oh, this is never good...)


You read that right...PA and Syrian flags waving at a celebration for the Socialist Francois Hollande’s victory over French President Nicolas Sarkozy. 


This ones a no-brainer...this is trouble for the Jewish State.


During Hollande's campaign, he stated he was opposed to "illegal" boycotts of Israeli products. BUT, he did NOT specifically if he considers goods made and exported from Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (what the PA calls the West Bank) as fair targets for the boycott advance. Left-wing parties, whom Hollande will most likely woo for a coalition, are consistently behind boycott efforts.


The President of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France (CRIF), Richard Prasquier, said Hollande is unproven concerning Iran, and there are closer ties between the Socialist Party and the anti-Israel left than there are between Sarkozy’s party and the intolerant right represented by Marine Le Pen’s National Front.

As many in the US were concerned with the alliances between radical leftist and anti-Israel groups with Obama, there is similar anxiety over the people close to Hollande, who are adamantly anti-Israel.


The largest French community in Israel, Netanya, expressed displeasure over the Hollande victory. Lorence Partush, a Netanya resident said, "Hollande is not good for the Jews or for Israel." He believed that many Jews in France will now have an good reason to make Aliyah, because "he [Hollande] loves Muslims."


Time will tell whether Hollande will be a blessing or a bane for the Jewish State...but with some of the parties Hollande is likely to partner with clearly NOT being friends of Israel...the concerns about Hollande are warranted.


Bénédiction ou malédiction pour Israël? (Blessing or bane for Israel?) We shall see...


Shalom par la force (through strength)...




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May 7, 2012

"The Life of Julia" unequivocally reveals President Obama's patronizing mindset that women are incapable of even a modicum of success without nanny-state entitlements.



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Obama's 'Elian Moment'


May 4, 2012


While Americans were nestled all snug in their beds, a blind Chinese pro-life dissident is waiting for a lifeline from the land of the free.


That's the story in a nutshell...now the details...


Chinese pro-life activist, Chen Guangcheng, was under house arrest since his Sept. 2010 release, following a 4-year prison term (for his human rights activism). Chen escaped from his home in Shandong province a week ago and sought protection from U.S. diplomats in Beijing.


Enter, (or rather swooping in on her besom) Hillary...at Barry's behest. To take Chen and his family to safety?


Not so fast...if you're starting to get a whiff of Elian Gonzalez, you've got the right aroma...


A flashback...Janet 'I don't suffer from Low T' Reno pulled up her britches and donned her flack jacket and stormed the home of Elian Gonzalez's relatives, took him at gunpoint, and placed him back in the iron fist of Fidel Castro...despite the fact that his mom lost her life getting him to freedom in the US. The communist triumph of Bill Clinton.


Well, Barry's 'Elian Moment' has arrived. 


Following Hillary's arrival, Chen left the safety of the US Embassy in Beijing after Chinese officials threatened to beat his wife to death, according to a family friend. He was escorted to a Hospital to get treatment for an injury to his foot that he incurred during his escape from house arrest. One of his lawyers said that he's happy for Chen that he's now free.


Really? Well, according to reports, he wants out...


Hours after leaving his refuge in the US embassy, Chen now says he fears for his life and wants to leave China. In an interview with CNN, Chen beseeched US President Barack Obama to help him. "I would like to say to President Obama - please do everything you can to get our family out."

The activist said he was very disappointed in the US government. (Hey Chen...join the club.)


So, Mr. President...I have a new 'Julia' for you...his name is Chen. What will Chen's situation be under a President Obama. Will Chen be as fortunate as 'Julia' and make it to 42?


This IS your 'Elian Moment'...we're waiting and watching, sir.


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk Radio Show: Taking A Weed Whacker To The EPA's Roots


Joining Audrey for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo, May 3rd @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guests: BRIAN SUSSMAN KSFO Radio Talk Show Host and author of 'Eco-Tyranny' and STEVE MILLOY author and publisher of JUNKSCIENCE.COM If you’re unsure of what’s up the EPA's green sleeves, tune in…we’re going to rip the Green movement up from its rotten roots!




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Lawfare: The Covert Conflict That Will Cause Our Collapse


May 2, 2012


"Legal action has become a mainstay of radical Islamist organizations seeking to intimidate and silence their critics." 

~Steven Emerson, Counterterrorism Specialist

As average, law-abiding, tax-paying, patriotic Americans go about the daily slog...they trust, in this post 9-11 world, that the entities their government has dedicated to fight subversives...particularly Islamists...are doing their job. Covering every possible chink in our collective armor.


But tragically...the citizenry's rear flank is wide open...


There is a weapon, that in the past has not had a specific moniker...but as Sun Tzu says in the Art of War: Know your enemy. 


According to Maj. Gen. Charles Dunlap (the former Deputy Judge Advocate General of the United States Air Force who is now at the Center on Law, Ethics and National Security at Duke Law School) in his work: Law and Military Interventions: Preserving Humanitarian Values in 21st Century Conflicts: Lawfare is "the use of Law as a weapon of War."


Now, thanks to The Lawfare Project...the enemy is defined and detailed. Modern-day Lawfare has five distinct goals:


1. To silence and punish free speech about issues of national security and public concern;
2. To delegitimize the sovereignty of democratic states;
3. To frustrate and hinder the ability of democracies to fight against and defeat terrorism;
4. To confuse laws of armed conflict with human rights law; and
5. To prevent the application of human rights law in situations where it is needed the most.

Hmm...does this have a whiff of something familiar? It should. 


We are inundated, on almost a daily basis, by groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), with faux charges of 'Islamophobia' and fabricated 'hate crimes' in a determined effort to cause trepidation in Americans. The kind of fear that would cause a citizen to willingly surrender their free speech rights to be spared endless litigation and even violence.


Some of the high-profile cases include (The Legal Project):

The critical question here is: What are our governmental agencies, paid to protect our national security systems and our freedoms...doing to combat Lawfare? 




Thanks to groups such as: The Lawfare Project - Dir. Brooke Goldstein, The Legal-Project - Sam Nunberg, and The Henry Jackson Society (UK) - Alan Mendoza...we're able to keep abreast of this covert conflict.


And perhaps...with our assistance...our leaders will finally have our backs.


Shalom through strength...





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May 1, 2012

President Obama's claim that the Bush tax cuts "favored" the wealthy is beyond spurious. The facts unambiguously demonstrate that under the 2003 cuts--the top 1% saw their annual tax share go from 34% to 39% by 2007.

Once again, Obama has lived up to his title--Fabulist in Chief.---Burgess Redding writing for OIB



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