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Iranian VP: Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Are


June 29, 2012


Under the Mad Mullahs of Tehran, we have heard twisted and bizarre ramblings against the Jewish State. Most of the time through their puppet Ahjad...but I believe he started his summer sabbatical so his proxy, Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, spoke recently in his stead.


And this one is a contorted doozy...


Rahimi proclaimed the Talmud (one of the holy books of Judaism) caused the pervasiveness of narcotics and drug-addiction throughout the world and it because its roots are in the flawed teachings of the Talmud. He said, "The book teaches them how to destroy non-Jews so as to protect an embryo in the womb of a Jewish mother."


His proof? He asks if anyone has ever seen a Jewish addict? According to him...they don't exist. Therefore, his conclusion is: The Jews did it!


Gee...that's a new concept!!


The Talmud is the Oral Law...a sacred text...and this horrific harangue is simply: Another anti-Semitic tirade from Tehran.


My opinion? Nope...the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, thinks so. But when it comes to Jews, not much is done. The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asked Iranian officials to abstain from such comments. Ki-moon's spokesperson stated, "The Secretary-General has on many occasions called on Iranian officials to refrain from these kinds of anti-Semitic statements. He does so again in response to these latest reported comments. "


Ooooo...how persuasive!! And what credibility, coming from the Body of nations that make their main vocation dissing the Jewish nation.


Now, if an Israeli had said something about the Quran or the Hadith...do you believe they would have gotten away with a mild rebuke? (Of course, that was rhetorical...)


Are the Iranian clerics, and their Vice puppet, nutty? Not at all...more like abominable. Their hatred drips from their lips like honey from a honeycomb. But it's as far from sweet as it gets...


But my sardonic humor is a cover for a saturnine matter: The focused hate of the Jewish people. Target #1 on their nuclear timetable. 


And that's not nutty...that's malignant.


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk: Tony Lo Bianco -Then, Now and Always A Hollywood Icon


Joining me for tonight's REELTalk with Audrey Russo is TV & Film Actor: TONY LO BIANCO. This native NYer went from theater to film and TV and everywhere he's gone, he's been a smash! From his fame in the film The French Connection to theater, Tony will share about his career and even perform an excerpt from his new show "The Little Flower: The Life of Fiorello H. La Guardia." A proud and patriotic American, Tony will also reveal his love & support for the State of Israel. Don't miss this rare treat with a true Hollywood icon! 





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Egypt's Head Honcho: Israel's Next #1 Enemy?


June 26, 2012


It's a done deal, but not a surprising conclusion. Muhammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) candidate is the new President of Egypt. But before you extend your congrats...you might want to know a wee bit more about Mr. Morsi...


Former Israeli Ambassador Zvi Mazel, who was Israel’s ambassador to Cairo in the late 1990s, said of Morsi, "He has said he wants to conquer Jerusalem."


Now, the MB has never been known to be timorous about its intentions. A few facts about the MB:


Their Charter states: 


"Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way.  Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Allahu Akbar!" 

And prior to Morsi's victory, the Egyptian parliament...comprised of an Islamist majority (MB & Salafists)...declared Israel to be its number one enemy. They followed that decree with expelling the Israeli ambassador and signaled that they would no longer honor the 1979 Camp David Peace Accords with Israel. 


It's true that the Supreme Council of Egyptian Armed Forces dissolved Egypt's parliament, Mazel expects that Morsi and the MB will, with celerity, widen and tighten their hold on Egypt. He believes the incoming president will ostensibly reinstall the Islamist-dominated parliament that was disbanded earlier this month. And "within 6 months," Egypt’s formidable generals would be traded by figures loyal to the MB.


Not looking like the administrations "Spring" has blossomed with anything but poisonous buds!


The administration recently stated that it was "uncertain" what would occur in Egypt now, under Morsi and the MB. Well, if they are clueless, check a look above...I've merely scratched the surface of the MB. But, if they are rather playing Shmegegges...they are doing a pity poor job.


But no worries...Israel is not fooled and they already knew the MB's message.


Shalom through strength...





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June 25, 2012

If Muslims killing innocents (in the name of Allah) is a demonstrable perversion of the Koran--then why did Muhammad do it?




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Settling The Settlement Sham


June 22, 2012


We hear ad nauseam, by the media, politicos...and Middle East 'experts': The West Bank settlements are the obstacle to peace. The rhetoric continues, that supposed peace would be possible if Israel would cease to build settlements. 


Nice try, but the facts don't follow that declaration.


It's time to settle and expose this sham once and for all with something not offered up by the palterers peddling this poop: Facts.


Just a few of the facts, for your consideration:

The State of Israel did not yet even exist. There were no settlements.

The State of Israel was 1 day old when they were attacked from all sides. There were no settlements.


That's right: There were NO settlements. So why the hue and cry about settlements being the problem? Because of the refusal to deal with the REAL issue. The collective Arab/Muslim world rejected Israel's right to exist before its rebirth. And to this day...nothing has changed except thousands of innocent Jews have been killed just for existing.


It's not about settlements. It's about Israel's right to exist. Israel's right...and Jews right simply, to BE. And the Arab/Muslim nations will have none of that. 


THAT is the barrier to peace. THAT is the true roadblock to peace. THAT is the ginormous elephant in the middle of the room, that only the sane will admit exists. 


And until THAT is resolved, and the Arab/Muslim world admits the right of the Jewish people to exist...there will be NO true peace.


Shalom through strength...





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REELTalk: UK-Born American's Caveat To The Citizenry!


Joining Audrey Russo for tonight's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Radio Talk Show Host: SIMON CONWAY. Born in London, England, but with an American patriot heart...he's already been where we're headed...and he's here to warn us! Immigration, Israel, Leakgate, the 2012 Election...will Europe's current disaster be our future demise? Don't miss a word of what Simon Says! 





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June 20, 2012

Liberals ardently believe that burning the Koran should be banned because it inflames Islamic sensibilities. Will they hold to the same opinion (over same-sex marriage) when Muslims start rioting and killing in protest of this new cultural practice?




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Egypt: Israel's Iran-Lite?


June 19, 2012


Egypt had their run-off election for President...this decided between the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Muhammed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq (Shafiq served under Mubarak). 


The run-off election had an oddly low turnout. There could be a plethora of reasons for this occurrence, one being the deception and intimidation that is an art to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) wherever their tentacle wraps itself. Hamas, MB's baby, is quite adept at this...they oppress the people in Gaza, then provide some critical needs (some needs they created) like meeting food & healthcare needs, and they profit off those temporary provisions by having created a voter base (gee, that's just like the Libs and Socialists).


A particularly egregious modus operandi...


But whatever the reasons for the low turnout, the MB is proclaiming a victory. And this is despite the Supreme Council of Armed Forces decree of an interim constitution that would allow the military to continue its grasp on state power.


Now, with the assumption that the MB and the Salafists remain the majority (despite the Supreme Council's dissolving of the MB majority in the Parliament), Sharia Law, to some degree, will be the Law of Egypt. 


That's never good news for Israel...


We are hearing the echoes of Iran in the rhetoric of the MB in Egypt and worse:

And more recently, violence broke out at the Israel-Egypt border. According to Israel Today, a firefight, which left 3 people dead, erupted along the Israel-Egypt border on June 18th. This was a mere 2 days after Sinai-based terrorists launched 2 medium-range missiles into southern Israel. The group of 3 terrorists crossed from the Egyptian Sinai into Israel and attacked a group of construction workers who were building a portion of the new border fence. One of the workers was killed, another seriously injured. IDF soldiers quickly responded to the scene, killing 2 terrorists and causing the other to flee.


Sidebar...notice the modus operandi of the craven: The Islamic terrorists attacked unarmed civilians  instead of the military.


Back from sidebar...


What I believe we have in the making is an Iran-lite, right on Israel's southern border. 


The Egyptian military, which is a well-financed separate entity in the country, is willing to make a deal with the MB. This will result in something similar to what exists in Lebanon. A border porous to terrorists. And backed by the increasingly hateful rhetoric throughout the country...a milieu that is ripe for anything nuclear that comes along.


Israel and her allies are watching and waiting...but with any combination that includes the MB...the result will never be good for Israel, the West or freedom.


Shalom through strength...




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June 18, 2012

The so-called Peace Process has always been an exhaustive and futile endeavor. 

Why? Because the profound antipathy the Palestinians have for the Jews is rooted in ancient Koranic dogma. Thus, the only viable way to eradicate this animus would be for the Palestinians to denounce the Koran.

This, of course, will never happen.----Burgess Redding writing in OIB




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The Invisible Refugees Of 1948


June 15, 2012


The constant bombardment, via the media, of the so-called palestinian refugees is beyond an emetic. It's been evident to those with ears to hear and eyes to see, that this manufactured problem was part of a grander machination by the Arab/Muslim nations. How can this be said with any integrity? When the facts are revealed...the dots will be connected.


And the true, yet oddly imperceptible...refugees will make the proper nexus...


Almost 1 million Jews lived in diverse Arab countries in 1945. The majority of those communities dated back to Biblical times. 


From 1947-48, Jews in these countries were persecuted. Their property was confiscated, their bank accounts frozen. And there were several nations culpable...


The following countries violently exiled the Jews, stole their property and confiscated their wealth, upon the rebirth of Israel:

Arab Muslim nations: Aden, Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, & Yemen. 

Non-Arab Muslim nations: Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, & Turkey.


• These Jews were never welcomed back into their countries
• Their property and wealth was never restored
• And their plight was never recognized by the world

Now, I’m going to shock you. There was a time when the NY Times actually respected truth…it was in 1948…

They published an article by Mallory Browne titled: JEWS IN GRAVE DANGER IN ALL MOSLEM LANDS Nine Hundred Thousand in Africa and Asia Face Wrath of Their Foes

The article revealed the hatred escalating toward innocent Jews in these countries. It shared about the memo of the World Jewish Congress that went into significant detail on this danger to Jews in Arab & Muslim lands. It even cited the text of a law drafted by the Political Committee of the Arab League which was intended to govern the legal status of Jewish residents in all Arab League countries. 

Sounds similar to the Nazis?

It provided that beginning on an unnamed date all Jews would be considered "members of the Jewish minority state of Palestine." Their bank accounts would be frozen and used to finance resistance to "Zionist ambitions in Palestine." Jews believed to be active Zionists would be incarcerated and their assets confiscated.

Here is just a sampling of what transpired to create the TRUE refugees of 1948:

In Syria: A policy of economic discrimination was in effect against Jews. "Virtually all" Jewish civil servants in the employ of the Syrian Government had been discharged. Freedom of movement had been "practically abolished." Special frontier posts had been established to control movements of Jews.

In Iraq: No Jew was permitted to leave the country unless he deposited $20,000 with the Government. No foreign Jew was allowed to enter Iraq even in transit.


In Yemen: Yemenite Jewry fled to Israel from what was described as "the worst aspect" of the Arab abuse of Jews, by historian S. D. Goitein. A Yemenite law pronounced that fatherless Jewish children under 13 yrs. would be taken from their mothers and raised in Muslim homes as Muslims.

"Children were torn away from their mothers," as stated by Goitein. In spite of attempts by family and friends to adopt the children furtively, "very often the efforts . . . were not successful.... To my mind, this law, which was enforced with new vigor about fifty years ago, more than anything else impelled the Yemenite Jews to quit that country to which they were very much attached. ... The result was that many families arrived in Israel with one or more of their children lost to them ... some widows ... [were] bereaved in this way of all their offspring, " said Goitein.

Maltreatment was relentless and extreme. Stoning Jews, an "age-old" custom, according to "an old doctor of Muslim law," was still a widespread tradition at the time of the 1948 flight...although the survivability through the centuries under Muslim domination frequently depended upon whether the rule was Turkish or Arab.

In Lebanon: Jews had been forced to contribute financially to the fight against the United Nations partition resolution. Acts of violence against Jews were openly admitted by the press, which accused Jews of "poisoning wells," etc.

Sounds like the same accusations hurled at Jews today.


These are the invisible, yet not small in number, refugees that deserve the attention and respect they never received. These were imperceptible because they asked for nothing but peace. An enduring peace in their homeland.

A legitimate question: When will the sane of this world say: ENOUGH!? Enough hatred of the Jewish people!! When will lovers of truth say the time has arrived to embrace facts and put aside the paltering of politicos and putzes, and allow the Jewish State to live in peace? 


For their entire existence, they have faced diabolical designs for their demise. Yet through it all, they have, by God’s grace, pressed on to bless the very people attempting to annihilate them.

Clearly, the blessing on Abraham in Genesis 12:3 remains in action…

In this world…Israel knows, as President Reagan knew unequivocally…(and as I end all my articles)...

The only way to live among monsters: Shalom through strength.


Shalom through strength...


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REELTalk: Iran, Russia - What Happens There, Matters Here

Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is AMB JOHN BOLTON & NY Times Best-Selling Author of 'In the Company of Heroes' & 'The Night Stalkers': STEVEN HARTOV. 9-11 was a stark reminder that remaining ignorant to the mindset of authoritarian cultures...and allowing them to fool us...chips away at our freedoms, which is our fortress. Do we really need to know what is going on with countries like Iran & Russia? Tune in and find out! 





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June 13, 2012

As President Obama continues his draconian, regulatory assault on one of our nation's prime economic engines (startup firms)--is it any wonder Slovenia, Estonia and Hungary are now considered more conducive milieus for such business ventures.




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Containment Sans Military Threat: The Comfort Of The Craven


June 12, 2012


Containment is the foreign policy strategy developed under the Truman administration in 1947, which utilized several tactics in order to prevent the spread of communism abroad. A key component to winning the Cold War.


One of those indispensable tactics? A strong military threat. Without this...it's a useless policy. But, sadly for the US, this impotent form of the policy is a fave of the current administration...and a comfort for the craven.


The folly being played out by the Obama administration is clearly for political expediency. No crippling sanctions and unequivocally, NO military threat to the maniacal Mullahs of Iran. That equals: Full speed ahead for their nuclear ambitions.


The one thing there is no paucity of: Rhetoric.


A wise man once said:

"I cannot recall at any time when the gap between the kind of words which statesmen used and what was actually happening in many countries was so great as it is now. The habit of saying smooth things and uttering pious platitudes and sentiments to gain applause, without relation to the underlying facts, is more pronounced now than it has ever been in my experience.”

That sage sir? Why none other than the man portrayed in a bust gifted to the US, but callously returned (by Obama) to our cousins across the Pond: Winston Churchill.  


Both France and Britain from 1939-40 sought a policy of containment via appeasement, as we now see repeated. It ended badly for both Britain and France. 


With empirical evidence like that...continuing on this path will surely leave us all in peril, if we persist with this illusion of containment played out by Obama and his ilk.


There's no question, Reagan was right: Trust, but verify!


Shalom through strength...




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June 11, 2012

The New York City Obesity Task Force has classified obesity as an "environmental disease." Coincidentally--the Institute For Politically Incorrect Studies has classified obesity as "the ardent love affair between fat bastards and Little Debbie."




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30K To 5M: Big Rate Of Return For 'Right Of Return'


June 8, 2012


Since the rebirth of the Jewish State, there has been a plethora of paltering emanating from those whose purpose and goal it is to deny the Jewish people their homeland.


One of the greatest falsehoods is that of the 'palestinian' refugees and their 'right of return'.


Let's look at some of the REAL facts concerning the 'refugees'...


First, thousands of wealthy Arabs left in anticipation of a war, thousands more responded to Arab leaders’ calls to get out of the way of the advancing armies, but most simply fled to avoid being caught in the cross fire of a battle. 

Israel did NOT exile them and create refugees.

Second, if the Arabs accepted the 1947 UN resolution, not a single Palestinian would have become a refugee. An independent Arab state would now exist beside Israel. The responsibility for the refugee problem rests with the Arabs. AND, 90% of the inhabitants of Jordan are so-called palestinians. Jordan won’t allow them to become citizens. The other Arab countries use these people as a battering ram against Israel…but none of their brethren will help them or allow them to become citizens of their nations. Nothing like brotherly love…


Jonathan Schanzer, of the US-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, has reportedly found that the number of people still living who were actually displaced during Israel’s War of Independence stands at only 30,000.


But the overwhelmingly ‘Palestinian’ staffed UNRWA (United Nations Relief Works Agency), the faction responsible for providing “assistance, protection and advocacy” exclusively for the ' Palestinian' Arab refugees arrives at the number of 5 million “registered Palestine refugees” living in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Samaria and Judea. 


Interestingly enough, UNRWA has a budget of $1.2 billion. The US is the largest single donor, giving about $280 million to the agency yearly. 


here are some interesting facts about UNRWA:

Back to the 'refugee' problem...


The 'right of return' is false and is simply: A battering ram the Arab/Muslim world hopes will finally destroy the Jewish State evermore.


But does Israel owe these people a return to Israel? Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz explains why Israel doesn’t need to open its doors to Arabs who fled in 1948:

"The "right of return" is a claim made by the Arab nations that Arab residents of Israel who were driven out of their homes in the course of the 1948 Independence War should be allowed to return. But as Michell G. Bard in his work Myths & Facts documents, many Arabs left by choice preferring to adhere to promises of the invading Arab armies that if they evacuated their homes, they would return after the war to their own homes as well as those of their Jewish neighbors."

One refugee quoted in the Jordan newspaper, Ad Difaa (September 6, 1954), said: "The Arab government told us: Get out so that we can get in. So we got out, but they did not get in."


The interminable number claimed by UNRWA is seen as counterfeit by the US Representatives as well. The US Senate Appropriations Committee has approved an critical amendment to a bill, which was proposed by Republican Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois. The amendment would change the definition of "Palestinian refugee" so the number of people now given that status would shrink from about 5 million to about 30,000. 


Kudos to Sen. Kirk...that took righteous chutzpah...


Just imagine for a moment...what would happen to Israel if the false number of 'refugees' were allowed into Israel? Columnist Gil Ronen gives a perfect illustration, "The readmission of the refugees would be the equivalent to the admission to the U.S. of nearly 70,000,000 sworn enemies of the nation."


Indeed, Gil...that's the idea. The Arab/Muslim nations have never wanted the Jewish State. They have...and still do...make that unequivocal. 


It's time for Israel's closest ally (the American people, not the administration) to stand up. Sen. Kirk is in the vanguard. Who will stand with him? 


May we each say "I will!"


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk: The Real War on Free Speech with Brooke Goldstein



Joining me for this week's REELTalk with Audrey Russo

June 7th @6PM ET/3PM PT, My Guest: Award-Winning Filmmaker and Director of The Lawfare Project: BROOKE GOLDSTEIN. There's a sinister war being waged on democracies in the free world...and most Americans can't recognize its weapons. Join the director of a group in the vanguard of protecting our First Amendment rights even before it hits our shores. Can we stem the flow of this insidious wave? Join us to find out what we can do to protect our freedom of speech!






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Muslim Turk Found The Truth About Israelis, Will His Brethren?


June 6, 2012


Imagine this...training for two years to scale Mount Everest. And giving up that dream 300 meters (984.25 feet) from the peak!


That's what Nadav Ben Yehuda did to save the life of Muslim Turk, Aydin Irmak. 


More than 200 climbers were making the ascent, attempting to rush to avoid the bad weather heading their way. Nadav hung back to avoid the rush. He planned to proceed with a Sherpa guide. In the dark, 300 meters from the top, he came across Irmak...who had already made the peak and was on his way down. Irmak was lying unconscious on the ground. “He had no gloves. No oxygen. No crampons. No cover… He was waiting for the end,” Nadav said.


Nadav attributed his decision in part to his military training in Israel. He said, “You never leave a friend in the field...A person’s life, any person’s life, is more valuable than anything. I knew that I might lose my fingers, but that wasn’t something I could worry about because that would be immoral.”


I also believe he can attribute his decision to the fact that Israeli children are taught to respect life. But palestinian children, on the other hand, are taught to hate Jews, with a goal to eliminate them even through being a Shahid (martyr), as is evident in Palestinian Authority (PA) textbooks, PA-TV and media. 


As a whole, the Jewish State has demonstrated...through every aspect of their culture...that they respect life, love their children and want peace with their neighbors (evidenced by their constant surrender of their land for a still-evasive peace). 


And Nadav Ben Yehuda has once again demonstrated the abiding nature of the Israeli people: Shalom.


May Israel's enemies...and their allies in the West...recognize that Israel is NOT the problem in the Middle East. But it is rather those that perpetuate hate against the Jewish State.


Shalom through strength...




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June 5, 2012

Despite the scientific data to the contrary--the Obama Administration (due to "environmental concerns") has placed an onerous 20 year ban on uranium mining in Arizona. 

This is yet another politically expedient maneuver that will cost America much needed jobs. 




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Glaring Bane

June 4, 2012

Government imposed diversity is nothing more than sanctioned racism. It savagely contravenes the core tenets of our founding philosophy. 

It, unquestionably--remains the glaring bane of our time.----Burgess Redding writing for OIB



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