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July 31, 2012

Instead of directing its ire (and histrionics) at Chick-fil-a---the gay community should confront Muslim business owners who support the Koranic tenet of "death to homosexuals." 

But that would mean this community would have to use its balls for a worthwhile cause.



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July 30, 2012

More draconian gun measures will only increase the body count of the innocent. 

It's time to put aside such fecklessness and realize the benefit of an armed, law abiding citizenry.



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The IOC: Glorifying The Ghoulish, Dissing The Dead


July 27, 2012


"He was given a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor and he will have war anyway."

~Winston Churchill on Neville Chamberlain


Well, it's official...International Olympic Committee  President, Jacques Rogge, once again refuses to allow a minute's silence for the 11 Israeli victims of the 1972 Munich massacre, on its 40th anniversary, at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.


He falls to the dung heap of history with other dangerous weenies like Chamberlain...and every political Kapo that has emerged from the bottom of the cesspool.


Why would the IOC refuse to allow a moment of silence for these innocent athletes murdered by terrorist thugs? And why would they rationalize the request to be political rather than a sign of respect for the memory of the slaughtered?


Rogge may have let the keffiah-clad cat out of the bag...


An increased amount of funding for the IOC, in recent years, appears to have come from oil-rich gulf states, according to the European Jewish Press. And even Rogge himself said his hands were tied by admission of 46 Arab and Muslim members to the IOC. 


I guess when you're the IOC: Good is evil and evil is good. 


Integrity and honor are fading values on the world stage. Few world leaders...including our own...possess and ounce of virtue. They are not led by righteous convictions, but rather by convenience, greed, hate and vainglory. 


And in the case of the IOC...pandering with a stench that can only be described as the effluvium of the evil.


I'm recognizing some of the righteous here, that can still be found in the public eye...that have decided: Good trumps evil. That list includes the following countries: Israel, Canada, the UK, Australia, the US, Belgium and Germany. And add to that list NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas, who said he plans his own on-air memorial for the Israeli athletes killed in Munich. And 140 Italian parliamentarians, who signed a letter to Rogge this week, calling for a minute’s silence to be instituted .


The few that are the possessors of honor are still being heard in the world today...they just don't happen to be a part of the IOC.


Shalom through strength...



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REELTalk: Branding With The Marketing Doctor - John Tantillo


Joining Audrey Russo for tonight's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is DR. JOHN TANTILLO, a/k/a The Marketing Doctor. He's an award–winning branding professional, lecturer, teacher, and media personality on a mission to help people brand themselves and use the same techniques used by successful individuals and companies to change their lives. He's the go-to expert for the BBC, Fox, MSNBC, ABC and many others on a wide-range of brands. In this difficult economy, we need all the help we can get. Join us to find out the value of your marketing strategy and how the marketing Doctor can help you!! AND - a special visit from The Natural Face Doctor: DR. ROBERT SCHWARCZ!! 




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EU: How Much Proof Is Enough Proof?


July 25, 2012


Last week's terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria was the first successful terror attack in 2 years against Israelis/Jews abroad, according to Israeli Intel reports. Iran, and its proxy Hezbollah, have attempted to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in more than 20 countries in that time period. 


But there's more confirmation by the NYC Police Dept. 


They state that Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Quds Force) or Iran's other proxies (Hezbollah) have been involved so far this year in 9 plots against Israeli/ Jewish targets throughout the world: Three in January, 3 in February and 3 since June. 


Yet, amazingly, once again the EU has turned down a request by Israel to blacklist Hezbollah as a terror group. Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis, whose country currently holds the rotating EU presidency, stated: "There is no consensus for putting Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organisations."


I mentioned that this wasn't the first time they refused to label Hezbollah a terrorist organization...on March 10, 2005, despite the fact that the European Parliament overwhelmingly passed a resolution stating: "Parliament considers that clear evidence exists of terrorist activities by Hezbollah The (EU) Council should take all necessary steps to curtail them."


The EU's response: 'Nah ah'...


Let's not forget Hezbollah's 43 successful terror attacks since 1982...including:

Kozakou-Marcoullis said Hezbollah was an group comprising a party in addition to an armed wing and was "active in Lebanese politics."


Does she have a history book?

She continued, "Taking into account this and other aspects there is no consensus for putting Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations."


So...ignoring history, which in and of itself should be sufficient...Kozakou-Marcoullis feels that all their activities and stated intentions are not enough to list them as a terrorist group. 


Well then...how much proof is enough proof? Or is that number infinite? 


With the empirical evidence for all to see...perhaps we should check a look at Ms. Kozakou-Marcoullis' bank account.


Perhaps there's enough found in there.


Shalom through strength...



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July 23, 2012

Such states as Texas, Oklahoma and Utah have experienced higher job creation rates than the rest of the nation because they produce fossil fuel. 

Yet those on the left--who ardently claim to support job creation--continue to hyper-demonize this highly productive industry. 

Perhaps it's time to label those on the left a Fifth Column.




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BBC: Who Died And Made You King?


July 20,2012


The Summer Olympics are almost upon us...and the competition is something Americans used to look forward to with great anticipation. That is until the Elitists/Hate-America gang had their way. But, despite the 'global citizen' mentality of some...national pride still rules...


Now, since this year's Olympics are being held in the UK, the BBC listed country profiles of all of the competing nations....including each country's capital...with two anomalies:


1) One wanna-be state with someone else's capital listed as their own.

2) That someone else nation...without a capital listed.

Simple typo? Not likely...That wanna-be nation? Palestine. The nation sans their capital? Israel.


But surely the BBC could have made a mistake, right? Well, if one takes into consideration their anti-Semitic leanings over time...that's not likely.


The BBC listed Israel sans a capital (despite the fact that Jerusalem has been their capital for 3,000). And listed the  capital of 'Palestine' as East Jerusalem? So, without careful consideration and realizing that doing so could cause problems...King BBC declares East Jerusalem as belonging to Palestine. 


Has the BBC gone the way of the Old Grey Lady, who also doesn't give a flippity-do-da about truth?


Apparently...because following a protest from Israelis and their supporters and a letter from Mark Regev (Foreign Press and Public Affairs Advisor), the BBC amended the entry to read: “Palestine is recognised as a competing country by the IOC but is not recognised as a modern state.”

In lieu of a Capital for Palestine, it reads: “Intended seat of government,” which states: “East Jerusalem. Ramallah serves as administrative capital.”

Oh, and Israel's profile, still has NO capital city listed. Instead, the BBC has misrepresented the issue by including a “Seat of government,” which states: “Jerusalem, though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.”


So you may ask: What's the big whoop? The setup to the hatred that led to the Holocaust began piecemeal. You first must delegitimize, then dehumanize, then demonize...then destroy.


Because it's so much easier to kill millions when the general population considers them to be bupkis.  


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk: Richard Miniter - Should 9/11 Mastermind Be Spared Death?


Joining me for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Author, Investigative Journalist & Terrorism Expert. RICHARD MINITER. Richard will be calling in from Morocco for Thursday's show...should KSM be spared? What about the impact of the Egyptian elections on Israel's security? And what's up with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula...should we be worried? Join us to find out!! 





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July 18, 2012

The Obama Administration's abject weakness and utter stupidity was on full display last week when UN ambassador Susan Rice (concerning Syria) stated that Iran "has shown no readiness to contribute constructively." 

Well, LMAO!




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Levy Report: Reiterating Facts In The Face Of Falsehoods


July 17, 2012


When most in the West hear about Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank), they are not provided any facts concerning the area, so they are open to believe whatever is fed to them via the MSM. But a recent report has now cleared the confusion up with facts on the ground.


The Levy Report (Report on the Status of Building in Judea and Samaria), authored by former Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy, states that the classical laws of occupation "as set out in the relevant international conventions cannot be considered applicable to the unique and sui generis historic and legal circumstances of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria spanning over decades", and that the 1949 Fourth Geneva Convention against the transfer of populations does not apply to the Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank. 


The Report concludes: 


"Israelis have the legal right to settle in Judea and Samaria and the establishment of settlements cannot, in and of itself, be considered illegal."


As both former Presidents Adams and Reagan said: "Facts are stubborn things,"


Plain and simple: Jordan illegally annexed Judea and Samaria, attacked Israel...Israel won and took the land as the booty of war. 


ALL legal. Which means Israel's presence: ALL legal. Israeli settlement outposts: ALL legal.


The only occupiers are the so-called palestinians. Judea and Samaria is actually...JUDEA and SAMARIA, NOT the West Bank.


Facts are stubborn things. According to the facts, Israel should adopt the Levy Report, continue to build in Judea and Samaria...and stop referring to their presence there are 'occupation'. 


Though it will be politically risky to adopt the report, my hopes are that Israel will take the risk...because truth is on their side...and so are their friends.


Shalom through strength... 



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July 16, 2012

The only positive unintended consequence of ObamaCare is that it will force every illegal alien to sprint back to his country of origin because it will reduce the American economy (and health care system) to a smoldering pile of socialist debris.




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Sanctions Schmanctions: Iran Will Keep On Building Their Nuclear Dream


July 13, 2012


So, the US Treasury Dept. has pronounced new financial sanctions against 11 companies associated with the Iranian defense ministry, Revolutionary Guard Corps and national shipping line as well as a university, all for actions they took to support the programs. Several of the firms are already subject to US and European sanctions.


More sanctions to the interminable list that has accomplished...bupkis...nothing...toward the desired end: The halting of Iran's nuclear weapons program.


Oh, it has helped contribute to their current economic status and the 40% of its population living below the poverty level. But persuading them to stop moving toward their nuclear dreams? 


Not one bit...


Well, why not? Because these are not reasonable people. They don't think as we do in the West. They don't have the same values as we do in the West, and therefore should not be approached as such.


Yet, those in the West continue to use the useless regarding this critical problem.  While the Mullahs are singing their own version of the Supremes' hit concerning their goal: 


Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no sanction strong enough
To keep me from you

They are religious zealots. They are on a mission for their god. And nothing will deter them from that duty. The Islamic rulers of Iran, since the Iranian Revolution in '79, have believed they were given a mission by their god to pave the way for the appearance of the last messiah, the Shiite's 12th Imam Mahdi.


So how does this fit into their nuclear goals? Perfectly. Because war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world in order to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s return.


So, try in vain as they do: Sanctions, Schmanctions...Iran will continue till they hit the mother load.


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk: REELTalk: Andrew Malcolm - Where The Rubber Meets The Campaign Road

Joining me for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Author, Veteran Correspondent & Columnist: ANDREW MALCOLM. From the SCOTUS to the POTUS and everywhere in-between, Andrew will give us the lowdown and the heads-up on Obamacare, Fast & Furious and much more...all without blaming Bush! 




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July 11, 2012

Only Democrats (and other assorted morons and nut-jobs) would celebrate the survival of a law that imposes $815 billion of new taxes on the American people---Burgess Redding writing for OIB



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My Shariah: The Digits Of The Iron Fist, Part 1


July 10, 2012


(sung to 'My Sharona')

Ooh my little covered one, covered one,

You ain't gonna walk by my side, Shariah.


Ooh you know you're second class, second class,

Beat you if you get out of line, Shariah.


Never gonna stop, give it up,

'Cause the Prophet said,


You don't have a chance, if you fight,

it will be your head,


My My My I Yi WOO, 

M M M My Shariah.


The new face of the Arab Spring will be showing...or not...beginning July 20th. Egypt has a new satellite TV channel run exclusively by women...how modern...oops, sorry VEILED women in Niqabs (full face veil with slit for eyes).


Oh those trendsetters, known as the Muslim Brotherhood...what will they impose next?! 


And their website sounds almost 'feminist'...men will be banned from working or appearing on the channel. Just to clarify...no men allowed isn't a notch in the belt of women's rights...it appears to be more for training Egyptian women and deceiving infidel/Western or Westernized women into the ways of Islam. Men being involved in this would appear, well chauvinistic, And its harshness as misogynistic...


And ironically: EXACTLY what Shariah is all about.


The program is named after one of Muhammed's wives, "Mariya", a Coptic Christian slave 'freed' to be his wife. (I guess it would have been a children's program if it were named after his 6 yr. old wife Aysha.)


And the program will kick off Ramadan. 


So this is a step in the right direction for women? Some of the voters put the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi in office in foolish hope, and in a desperate move away from Mubarak. So they decided to go from bad to, um...WORSE??


'Mariya' is a clear display of what the Arab Spring has sprung: The first digits of the iron-fisted system called Sharia.


Shalom through strength...




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July 9, 2012

How can you "reform" a religion that was constructed on the irrefutable foundation that Jews and Christians should be violently eradicated (Sura 9:29)?




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Russia Hearts Syrian Rebels?


July 6, 2012


The Russian daily Kommersant reported, citing a Russian diplomatic source, that Russian officials estimate Assad has "about 10% chance of remaining in power."


Now that's very interesting. Russia has been very protective and supportive of Assad's regime due to billions of dollars of investments. And, the Kremlin has been using Syria's deep-water port at Tartus for submarines and surface vessels under a 1971 agreement with Damascus.


According to Kommersant, "Western countries, and primarily the United States, have been actively trying to persuade Moscow to host the Syrian leader and grant him political asylum." 


But Moscow is not sending out an invite to Assad. Uh oh...something's wrong in paradise, perhaps?


The question arises: The Kremlin's not stupid, just diabolical...so what's up? 


Here' the possibility...Moscow has been having 'closed' mic meetings with Iran (Syria's Puppet Master) and the Syrian Rebels...and they're making deals that poor widdle Assad is not privy to. This would clearly account for the low probability of Assad's survival at the helm, and could explain the fortification of Moscow's economic and military interests. 


He's digging his heals in, but it's looking quite grim for Assad. Any former agreements with the Syria regime are looking moot...because, now:


Sniff, sniff...Russia hearts Syrian Rebels. :(


Shalom through strength...




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REELTalk: Ray Comfort - Can 33 Minutes Cause You To Do A 180?


Joining me for tonight's REELTalk with Audrey Russo is Author, Writer & Producer: RAY COMFORT. The film "180" is "33 minutes that will Rock your world!" Experience what happened when the author of the new book: Hitler, God and the Bible, went to the streets of CA to see what the youth today knows about the Holocaust and the value of life itself...the results will shock you. When does life matter and who should judge its value? Listen live and come with your questions...Ray will be ready to settle the matter!




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July 4, 2012


"Whenever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will be America’s heart, her benedictions and her prayers. But she does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own." 

                                - John Quincy Adams,  Address, July 4, 1821



O beautiful for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America!
God shed His grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shinning sea!
- Katherine Lee Bates

                America The Beautiful



God Bless America!



See what it's all about...

The Declaration of Independence





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Will A Second Obama Term Be A Pardon Party? Egypt's Morsi Thinks So


July 3, 2012


Despite the "Muslim Brotherhood Non-Violent, 'Secular' Group" mantra emanating out of the current administration, those of us with active gray matter...and those beginning to engage theirs...now see the MB's true nature surfacing through their man Morsi...


...and it's as terrorist as it gets...


Just last Friday, according to Africa News, in Tahrir Square, President-elect Morsi said he would work to secure freedom for Omar Abdul Rahman. Also known as the 'Blind Sheikh', Rahman, was convicted as one of the masterminds of the 1993 WTC bombing which killed 6 people (one being pregnant) and injured 1,042 others. 


Rahman is an odious creature that lives off the loathing of Jews and the West. And Morsi PROMISES to obtain his freedom.


My. my...how moderate can a Prez-elect get?


On Sunday, protesters held up photos/posters of prisoners, including Abdel-Rahman, and Morsi responded by saying, "I will make every effort, I will do it, starting tomorrow, to free them all, including Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman."


"Free them all?" Interesting...does he know something we don't know? Too bad there wasn't an open mic moment when the Muslim Brotherhood visited the White House. 


Was there a Garden Party...and was the focus a future Pardon Party?? Does Morsi think Obama if re-elected (G-d forbid), will pardon these murderous Muslim Jihadists? 


Well, we won't know...and come November, may we never find out. 


Shalom through strength...




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