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January 31, 2012


The Obama Administration (in an attempt to broker a deal with the Islamic killing machine, the Taliban) is considering releasing five of its top leaders who (the DOD claims) will return to battlefield to kill our soldiers.

Obama: Always looking out for the troops.




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January 30, 2012


President Obama's confrontation with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer (over her critical depiction of him in her book Scorpions for Breakfast) further underscores the disquieting reality that Obama is far more concerned about personal criticism than the economy.




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'Checkpoint' Agenda: Tares Tainting The Wheat, Roiling Jew-Hatred 


January 27, 2012


Soon, Israelis and Jews worldwide will be celebrating Purim...For those of you who forgot the Biblical story...a quick recap: Esther, a beautiful Jewish teenager, becomes queen of Persia. Haman, an ambitious and arrogant bureaucrat, turns his envy of the Jew, Mordecai, into a vendetta against the entire Jewish population of Persia. But His plot to destroy the Jewish people is exposed by the courage of Esther, and Haman is taken away and executed. Mordecai then becomes prime minister and is honored. Esther remains queen. And the Jewish people are spared from extermination.


It's celebrated with the sounds of greggers (to drown out the name of Haman), Queen Esther Beauty Pageants, and the noshing of hamantaschen.


Yet while the Jewish people are celebrating this victory, a hateful group of faux Christians will be gathering like a gaggle of goons, to attempt to persuade Christian Zionists to join them in their Jew-hatred.


But their efforts will do much more in the region than they may realize or intend...


Bethlehem Bible College is hosting a conference known as, 'Christ at the Checkpoint'...with assistance from 'Christian' leaders that claim their stance is nonpolitical and 'biblical'. A good deal of support (some of the speakers head some of America's largest churches) support the 'Palestinian' struggle for freedom in their "occupied land" (the term 'occupied' gives their bias away). One speaker is the author of a book that is forwarded by Haneen Zoabi, an extremist Arab Knesset Member, who in 2010 called for the start of a third terrorist intifada, or uprising, against Israel.


Sounds apolitical to me...


This assembly of evil, cloaked in Christianity, will further stoke the miasma in the region...and sadly, in many eyes, put a stamp of approval on hate against the Jewish State for those too busy to uncover the truth.


Shalom through strength...



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Those Who...


January 26, 2012


Those who fecklessly believe that the religion of "peace" has been hijacked by a gaggle of radicals (obsessed with decapitation) manifestly have never read the following Koranic verse: “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads.”----Sura 8:12




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Obama: When A Fool Meets Foreign Policy


January 24, 2012


Iran, Ahjad and the Strait of Hormuz. Sounds like a children's fable...but this concerns nothing so benign.


As I recently mentioned, the Strait of Hormuz is where approximately 14 tankers carrying 15.5 million barrels of crude oil pass through daily. This makes it one of the world's most strategically important channels. 


We know this. The world knows this. And in particular, Iran knows this.


“Austere Challenge 12,” a military exercise that was planned between the US Military and the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) has now been cancelled. Not by Israel but by the Obama administration. It was to be a show of combined strength in response to Iran's saber-rattling...and according to Obama, it was cancelled in order to avoid an escalation with Iran.


Why that's up there with the Captain of the Costa Concordia..."yellow is my fave color"...


Let's get back to basics...you cannot show the Muslim world weakness. It views compromise, tolerance, and second-chances as a vulnerability to be conquered. Our military leaders know this quite well. But this administration is fecklessly and perilously dense in this area. 


And that will adversely affect the free non-Muslim world.


As the Spanish proverb goes, "What a fool does in the end, the wise do in the beginning." 


If we wait for Obama to do what should've been done at the start (show some testicular fortitude)...we'll soon be the nuclear ash settling on the flea of a camel's tukis.


And that's foreign policy that deserves the nuclear option.


Shalom through strength...




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Utter Naivete


January 23, 2012


It has just been reported that Russia has signed a $600 million deal to sell the savage autocracy in Syria combat jets.

This disquieting revelation further underscores the utter naivete of President Obama's "restart" policy concerning the former Soviet Union.



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Israel Knows Something We Forgot: If You Want To Win, Shut Up!


January 20, 2012


"If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly."
                                       - Col. David Hackworth


Israel has a brilliant military, comparable only to our own. Strategically astute, disciplined and diligent in their protection of their people. Yet, they work arduously to prevent collateral damage (the deaths of innocents)...with warnings to civilians well in advance of a defensive attack in a civilian area.


And they do one more thing that ensures a victory when dealing with their enemies: They shut up!


That's right, they keep their lips zipped concerning their military movements. Something our civilian leaders are apparently too dense to comprehend. If you announce, to the press, when and where you will carry out an operation, chances are good that your adversary will learn of your plans, be there before you...and arrange a welcoming committee!


For this reason, I guffawed when the AP reported that Israel’s defense minister, Ehud Barak, said his country is “very far off” from choosing whether to launch a military strike on Iran’s nuclear program. He wouldn't designate when a decision might be made.


Now, did the AP really think the Israelis were going to let them take a look at their playbook? Perhaps they did, since our Commander-in-Chief is taken with episodes of verbosity concerning our military plans.


But alas and alack...their hopes were dashed.


A teachable moment for our leaders: Analyze, galvanize, strategize...then shut your mouth and open your eyes and give the enemy a big surprise. In other words: Israelize!


Shalom through strength...




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January 19, 2012


Income inequality zealots are of the mindset that it is highly unfair that a 25 year old male flipping burgers at McDonalds (who has fathered 6 children with 5 different women) makes significantly less than a hedge fund manager.




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Mr. Peanut's Nutty Adventure 


January 18, 2012


"I will say today that they have pledged to me and to the world that they will take an objective view, the Muslim Brotherhood, and that they will govern as one of the major parties in the new parliament in a balanced way and respect the human rights of others who might have a different approach to religions." Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President on Al Jazeera English


It's sad when public figures display symptoms of mental illness...and sadder still when it's a former US President. But when one is blatant in his display and is encouraged by his peers, it can be perilous for those who are affected by it.


The Mayo Clinic defines Depersonalization Disorder as persistently or repeatedly having a sense that things around you aren't real. Feelings of depersonalization can be very disturbing and may feel like you're losing your grip on reality or living in a dream. 


Poor Jimmy Dhimmi...the old goober is losing it quickly...


The opening quote was stated on Jimmy's recent adventure to Egypt, after a cup of tea with the MB. Perhaps he's been living in a cave, like his admirers...and is unaware of the Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) background and declarations. In case he missed these poignant facts, let's help him check a look at a few of them:

These are simply a few facts that Jimmy appears to have 'missed' in his assessment of the MB. Not to mention the fact that the MB abides by/promotes Sharia Law and also subscribes to the doctrine of Taqiyya, in which a Muslim can lie to infidels (like Jimbo) for the sake of Islam.


Perhaps Hamas has dropped him from their payroll and he's going to the source? Or perhaps he failed to get on the X Factor and is looking for a spotlight anywhere? Or maybe he should be on SSRIs to treat his Depersonalization Disorder ASAP? 


Whatever the reason, I believe it's well past time for this dangerous weenie to grab his cane and monocle and shuffle on back to the goober factory...before some elephant accidentally mistakes him for the groundnut and tries to crack his shell.  


Shalom through strength...




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January 17, 2012


The most insidious manifestation of President Obama's assault on our nation's superpower status is his unfettered willingness to cut defense spending.




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January 16, 2012


The very thought that the actions of the "piss" Marines will foment hatred against America in the Muslim world is an absolute joke.

Why? Because the Muslim world's profound hatred for the "Great Satan" existed long before the first Semper Fi schlong was ever whipped out.




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Obama: The Pierre Laval To The Muslim World?


January 12, 2012


Most of the discussion, which the mainstream media has been unable to control or suppress, has been about the insurmountable debt and the double digit (in most areas) unemployment rate. But all that pales in comparison to the ever-increasing volatility of our national security. 


Many, including myself, have considered the President, and his super-genius VP, to be clueless on foreign affairs. But my recent research into WWII has caused me to change my perspective on Barry Obama's foreign policy acumen...


Adolf and his malevolent minions had a great deal of assistance in their machinations. From dangerous weenie appeasers like Neville Chamberlain...to fascist fiends like Benito Mussolini, self-serving politicos agreed with Der Fuehrer to gain their little kingdoms. One, in particular, was found to be a traitor and executed for his aid to the enemy: Pierre Laval, head of the Vichy government.


Laval was responsible for deporting thousands of foreign Jews to the Death Camps for Hitler, in order to keep his little kingdom. He also dealt harshly with the French Resistance, by allowing the Gestapo to hunt them down.


He chose, in his megalomaniacal search for significance, to be human waste...and he accomplished that goal.


Fast forward to 2012...


We have a Commander-in-Chief that has bowed to our enemies, dissed our friends, and enabled maniacal monsters like the Muslim Brotherhood...and most in the Muslim world (Arab Street), to believe we are paper tigers, weak and conquerable.


Well, if Mr. Obama was as astute as his sycophants swear he is, then shouldn't he KNOW that reaching out to a terrorist organization sends the Muslim world the wrong message for our national security?


Is he a modern-day Laval, assisting those whose goal is to convert, enslave or eliminate us? Or is he as dumb as a stump? 


Either way, he has proven, unequivocally, to be unfit to serve the people of this great Republic.


John Wayne was correct when he said, "Life is hard; it's harder if you're stupid." Yes harder for US, when the leader of the free world is the stupid one.


Shalom through strength... 



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Thanks, Exxon Mobile


January 12, 2012


For all the acrimony and convulsing over "big oil"-- Exxon Mobile only controls 1% of the world's oil supply.

In fact--while the company makes 75% of its profit abroad--50% of its workforce is in America.

Thanks, Exxon Mobile!



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January 11, 2012


It is the pinnacle of insanity that Mahmoud Abbas is considered a "partner for peace" and a "moderate" when he continually refers to Israel's birth as "Nakba Day" (The Day of Catastrophe).

Abbas (like Hitler) belongs on the dung heap of history.



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Is Iran Auditioning For Davy Jones Locker?


January 10, 2012


So they (Iran) are saber rattling in the Strait of Hormuz...where about 14 tankers carrying 15.5 million barrels of crude oil pass through daily, which makes it one of the world's most strategically important channels. 


But do the maniacal Mullahs of the Islamic Regime of Iran know that?


You betcha...and they are counting on the cowardice displayed by the Obama administration to taint Israel into cowering as well...but they appear to be in for a big surprise...


Several weeks ago, Commander of the Third Air Force of the U.S. Military, Lt. Gen. Frank Gorenc, arrived in Israel to prep for a joint training exercise. A major missile defense exercise, “the biggest one ever” according to military sources. “Austere Challenge 12” drill is designed to improve defense systems and collaboration between the U.S. and Israeli forces.


Look at that...the two 'Satans' are teaming up. (According to Ahjad and the Mullahs, the US is the 'Great Satan' and Israel is the 'Little Satan'.)


Will we jointly (or even as a supporting party) strike Iran's nuclear facilities? 


We (and Israel) clearly have no choice. What the West is dealing with is deranged religious zealots who have no qualms about launching a nuclear assault on innocents because they believe it will usher in a twisted 12th Imam or Mahdi...who will lead all Muslims and convert or kill all infidels.


And unlike the Nazis or the former Soviets: They don't mind dying to bring it all to pass.


A caveat to the Mullahs: Keep up your Naval exercises in the Strait, and we might take it as an audition for Davy Jones' Locker...and happily accommodate.


Shalom through strength...




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January 9, 2012


The real question concerning Mitt Romney should be: Is he better than the unmitigated catastrophe that currently occupies the Oval Office?

And the answer is a resounding--HELL YEAH!



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Obama: Doing More TO Israel, Than FOR Israel


January 5, 2012


NY Magazine, in a tinfoil hat moment, dubbed him the first Jewish president. It's as loony as Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, calling Bill Clinton “our first black president.


But considering Barack Obama a Jewish kindred spirit is beyond loony...it's like calling David Duke a Christian...


From his years in a 'church' that followed Black Liberation Theology and reprinted the Hamas Manifesto the year before his election...to his long-term relationship with the anti-Semitic Jeremiah Wright (a long time critic of Israel & Zionism)...to his ties to/relationship with Rashid Khalidi and the Arab American Action Network...


Obama has made it unequivocal on what side of the Israeli security fence he has chosen to stay...and it doesn't don a Magen David.


But, in case you are of the ilk that chooses, despite the empirical evidence, to believe that Barry has changed (because you have a fondness for the word change)...allow me to lay some proof of his recent disdain, on you...

Not to mention how abominably he treated Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu, personally (dissing him upon his first and second visit to DC), and through Biden and Hillary (and more recently Panetta). 


So, any of my Jewish brethren that will, in light of this tip of the iceberg of info, STILL cast a vote for Barry: Hasn't WWII taught you anything?


We don't need another crew of Kapos.


Shalom through strength...




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January 2012


The term "radical Islam" is a politically correct expression designed to obfuscate the historical fact that Muhammad was the most violent figure of the 7th century.

Sadly--all the conservative candidates vying for the Republican nomination have used this term when discussing 9/11.




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What America Cannot Afford In 2012: Another Anti-Israel Prez


January 2, 2012


It's here...election year...and after the economic and foreign affairs hit-job performed by the current occupant of the White House: Our votes have NEVER been more critical.


From Gaza to Iran and from Egypt to Turkey, Israel's enemies are on the rise and, as Franklin Graham has said, "...they will line up against Israel and we will see another round of wars like we saw in '67 and later in '73."


Graham is spot on...and much of this uniting of Islamists can be laid on Obama's head. He is, without exception (and in opposition to NY Magazine's delusion), the first anti-Israel president in US history (including Carter, an enemy of the Jewish State, but was not so blatant while in office).


Why does this matter? Because Israel is the West in the Middle East. Perception is everything in the Mohammedan's mind. And Barry has given our enemies (and Israel's) the unequivocal message that we are weak 'infidels', able to be conquered and that we have abandoned our only true friend in the region. 


This imperils Israel. This imperils us.


Much damage has been done by the Nimrod-in-Chief. But it's not too late to adjust the perception of our enemies. We have a long history of support for the tiny Jewish State. The majority of the American people, led by evangelical Christians, are the most devoted advocates of Israel and must now exhibit that advocacy by insuring that we never again place an individual at the helm of our great nation, that has a deeply rooted disdain for the Jewish State.


Most of those in the GOP field have already made their allegiances known. For Israel: Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Romney (marginally due to his ignorance of Islam), and Huntsman. Against Israel: Ron Paul.


Please choose wisely.


Shalom through strength...



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