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An Act Of Valor Would Help Our Foreign Policy


February 29, 2012


The just released film, Act Of Valor, is a tribute to our troops. It is indeed the most positive flick out of Hollywood, about our military since the Green Berets. Something Hollywood and the media did as a matter of fact, years ago. A film that lauded the troops magnanimous deeds, rather than the rare failures in the ranks. It's something the media always did...


And so did our government...but no more...


When I say 'our government', I'm speaking about the current one. Any time the Commander-in-Chief addresses issues concerning the troops to the media (and the world), there's no praise for their daily good works. No reports to the people they serve of the moral courage of these brave warriors. No encouragement, or pat on the back...or a HOOYAH! 


Nope...just apologies to our enemies, who view us as weak every time we cower to lick their boots. Never a proclamation, following an incident, that our Military is the most ethical on the earth. Not as Israeli leaders do every time they hit the mic. No...just a file in the minds of the listeners that bad acts are associated with being a member of the US Military. 


There are far too many alive today that have no one in the military, nor know someone in the armed forces, nor know anyone that has a family member serving. They are not taught about our armed forces in school (and the way Recruiters are banned/blocked from school campuses, I'm sure students don't get the impression its an honorable profession)...so the only info they have on the US Military is what they see in the media/arts... 


And what they hear out of the mouths of our leaders.


So what does that have to do with our Foreign Policy?




We are dealing with enemy countries (specifically Muslim) who do not see things through Western eyes, nor think with a Western mindset. They see negotiation and compromise as a sign of weakness to be conquered. And when we do not laud our warriors as upright and honorable...or as strong and courageous (they respect military strength). They own propaganda machines that have their target set on The West. So, it's to our disadvantage and ultimate demise. 


Our troops should be spoken of not by their few flaws, but rather by their finest deeds. Doing this accomplishes much for our nation:

THAT would be an act of valor worthy of our champions. 


And for men who give up so much to ensure we are free to pursue happiness...shouldn't this be the minimum they can expect from those they protect? 


Shouldn't the HEAD of the military concur and comply?


Well, I think so...


Shalom through strength...




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February 28, 2012


Obama's proposal to reduce the corporate tax rate to 28% is a bit of subterfuge. Why? Because in his offer "corporate loopholes" (which--for the most part-- happen to be legitimate tax breaks) are eliminated--thus canceling out the tax reduction.

Obama: Fraud in Chief.



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February 24, 2012


President Obama's Middle East policy can be summed up in one word: Erdogan. The Turkish Prime Minister (O's go to guy in the region) is an unabashed Islamist/anti-Semite who seeks to resurrect the Ottoman Empire.



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More Frightful Than Der Fuehrer? You Bet...


February 23, 2012


There is no doubt that one of recent history's most egregious monsters was Adolf Hitler. The founder and leader of the Nazi Party slaughtered approximately 11 million people (6 million being Jews), and his genocidal hatred was lived out in the cruelest ways possible. 


During his despotic reign, he collaborated with Muslims leaders, specifically the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Haj Amin al-Husseini). He was fascinated by Islam expressly because of their mutual goal: The elimination of the Jewish people. But with all his barbaric machinations having almost been accomplished, there is a monster out there today, far more dangerous than Hitler ever was...


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, or Ahjad, fueled by his religious fervor to obliterate Israel (and all Jews, for that matter) and the "Great Satan" or the US...is pounding his chest with a war cry that we cannot afford to pooh-pooh as the clamor of a lunatic. Why? Because he is on the precipice of possessing a nuclear weapon...and we have placed ourselves in a wholly vulnerable position by kowtowing to world opinion. 


Our government's fearful preoccupation with being identified as a 'bully' to the world has prevented the War in Iraq and Afghanistan from being fought with 'shock and awe' (the only warfare respected by the Arab world). And has resulted in our country displaying a facade of weakness in the War on Terror. This fecklessness has emboldened perilous despots like Ahjad, and may very well be to our own demise...and that of our steadfast friend Israel. 


We can only pray that at this moment, the US and Israel are involved in furtive strategies to destroy, or do serious damage to, Iranian nuclear facilities. And if the current administration is unable to locate the testicular fortitude to do what is necessary, then they need to get the flippity-do-da out of the way so the Jewish State can protect itself and its citizens.


Energized by the teachings of Islam, Iran's leadership has become the nightmare's nightmare...and that means: More frightful than Der Fuehrer.


Shalom through strength...




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Fever Swamps Of Corruption


February 22, 2012


"From Solyndra to SolarReserve--the level of venality (in the form of crony capitalism) which beleaguers the current administration is beyond revolting. President Obama has descended from a transformative political Messiah to a Beltway thug mired in the fever swamps of corruption." ---Burgess Redding



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Audacity In Action: The Follower Instructs The Leader


February 21, 2012


Sanctions you say? Well, for Ahmadinejad (Ahjad), it's time for a glowing photo op (which he did just north of Tehran) to let all those diplomatic dreamers out there know: Y'all can drop, 'cause I won't stop!


Tehran has no intentions of ceasing their nuclear nightmare for the infidels...it's what they live for. So, slapping their wrists and waiting them out will only gain them the time they need to put the finishing touches on their arsenal of abomination.


But try telling that to the Pollyannas at the UN or the current administration...who swear by the same  'successful' policy that worked with North Korea's nuclear program. 


Obama has been feverishly sending his envoys over to the Jewish State, all but demanding they NOT to do what is necessary for the free world's survival. Imagine that...the Follower-in-Chief, or the man who leads from behind, is instructing a war hero (Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu) on survival strategy... 


Everything that Barry and his ilk choose to use, including these sanctions, in delaying Israel's necessary action against Tehran's tyrannical regime...is turned into time utilized for creating an enormous nuclear nightmare that will first hit Israel, 'the Little Satan'...and then 'the Great Satan'...that would be us.


And, since Barry has no intention of dealing with this rogue regime...we need to get out of Israel's way and allow them to do what this White House would never have the testicular fortitude to do: Protect the world from glowing into oblivion...


Because with Ahjad and the Mad Mullahs...more time for THEM, is less time for US.


Shalom through strength...




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February 20, 2012


"While President Obama preaches endlessly that all Americans should "play by the same rules"--thousands of unions have received waivers exempting them from ObamaCare while the Catholic Church labors under its draconian demands."---Ivan Succratic



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Operation MEM:

Understanding The Middle East Mindset, Part 2


February 17, 2012


"Terrorists know more about America, than America knows about them. These [Terrorists] are people who have lived in America, they have studied America, they know how the media works, they know how the psyche works....they know how we function, so they are more efficient in fighting. We don't know them and that's a very big problem. Ignorance is very dangerous now."

--Marianne Pearl, widow of Daniel Pearl (Journalist beheaded by terrorists)


They know us better than we know ourselves. That's a dangerous place to be if the 'they' are our enemies. And in the case of our current and most accessible enemy, Jihadists...they are.


Since well before the Muslim terror attacks of 9-11, Islamists have been studying us. Our ways, our thoughts, our ideology...and most of all: Our vulnerabilities. 


And those vulnerabilities can easily be exploited if we continue to view their words and deeds through Western values.



We value truthfulness in our agreements with other nations and peoples. But entering into a treaty with those of the Islamic ideology would be a dangerous endeavor for anyone in the West. This due to the fact that integrity is not a shared value with Islamists. They are permitted, and do, lie to infidels in the West for the sake of Islam and Allah. If we were to look at the Israel-Palestinian conflict, we would see proof that the Muslim side, the Palestinian Authority (PA), have not honored one agreement they have made with the 'West in the Middle East' or Israel. 


Family Values:

There is a growing population of Islamists who believe it is an honor to send their sons to die for Allah...as they kill infidels. A study done at Monash University in Australia found the pattern is in keeping with studies of Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Turkish terrorists, which revealed that about one in five involved individuals were direct kin, while seven in 10 were close friends as youths.


The mother of a suicide bomber said in an interview: "I am a compassionate mother to my children,… Because I love my son, I encouraged him to die a martyr’s death for the sake of Allah... Jihad is a religious obligation incumbent upon us, and we must carry it out. I sacrificed Muhammad as part of my obligation. This is an easy thing."


A bizarre and disturbing statement that displays the antithesis of Western thought. 


How many think this way:

Various stats have affirmed that only 7-10% of the Muslim world is radical. But with an estimated 1.3 billion following Allah...that would give us about 100-150 million radicals...and growing. The 90-93% that will not behead us, support their brethren in silence. What exacerbates the situation is the high illiteracy rate, coupled with a draconian government with its tentacles enveloping every aspect of the culture with an iron umbilical cord, from the Quran, wrapped around the throat of every citizen: Muslim or Dhimmi (infidel living under Islamic rule). 


It is fair to say, that aside from Israel, a general anti-West mindset is endemic to the Middle East (as well as other Islamic nations). And when the West finally assimilates this, we will be on the road to victory over tyranny...for as Thomas Jefferson once said: 


"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people...They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."


Shalom through strength...



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February 16, 2012


While Egypt continues to hold Americans hostage, President Obama's only concern seems to be waging class-warfare while attempting to construct the Utopian Marxist State.



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Operation MEM:

Understanding The Middle East Mindset, Part 1


February 15, 2012


"We are raising in a generation of  young Americans who are by and large historically illiterate...it's a very sad situation." --author David McCullough 


It's true that education is not a panacea, as we were able to see with WWII Germany having the highest educated populace in the world at that time, but in a world replete with venal influences...ignorance of those entities is a perilous place to be. 


As America has encountered difficult times in her past and has been struck by outside enemies before 9-11, no attack has revealed the dangerous state of ignorance that now renders us vulnerable beyond being borderless, than Sept. 11th.


Sun Tzu, the great Chinese military strategist once said, "If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself."


Our country has reached this point. We have a population that does not know its history, and is woefully ignorant to the mindset of our ardent enemies. 


This spells disaster any way you look at it.


Knowing the Middle East mindset will en able us to comprehend our foes and to know what to expect from our adversaries in Muslim regimes (and their ilk).


They do NOT think as we do. They are weaned on a festering fare...and the result of that nutrition is NOT benign.  


Individual Choice:

Islam is not simply a religion. It cannot be practiced separate from the culture. It IS the culture, and its iron fist dictates every move a Muslim makes. From what they eat, with what hand they eat...to what hand they use in their lavatory hygiene. There is no individual choice.


But Islam micro-manages much more than that...


Free Will:

It does NOT allow its followers to think for themselves, but dictates every aspect of life...from the demeaning of women and children, treating them as chattel, to the hatred of infidels (unbelievers) simply because they do not believe. Congenial relationships with infidels is forbidden. Freedom for women is unthinkable. 



None, if it involves dealing with infidels. If they agree to compromise, they are practicing Taqiyya (deception). And if the infidel compromises...it is viewed as weakness to be conquered.


And we're just scratching the surface. Their mindset is based upon the Quran and the Hadith (the traditions of the prophet)...and EVERYONE must submit to these books. 


By the way, Islam means submission.


To be continued...


Shalom through strength...





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February 14, 2012


Only adults realize that Iran will not be sanctioned (nor talked) out of developing a nuclear weapon.



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February 13, 2012


Will the OWS crowd (or the Democrat Party) ever direct its ire at those in the "99%" who fecklessly agreed to home loans they knew they could not afford?

After all--it was this act of fecklessness which greatly contributed to our current economic convulsion.




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The Prepped Do The Propping


February 10, 2012


In order for deception to be easily assimilated by a population, there must be a foundation of propaganda, which is defined as organized dissemination of information, allegations, etc, to assist or damage the cause of a government, movement, a people group, etc.


Every population, that has ushered in a tyrant before they were overtaken, had their hearts and minds prepared to welcome the unwelcome. 


The prepped did the propping, of dictators and martinets. 


The German people were prepped for Hitler's entrance, with hearts already grounded in hate for the Jews. True they still had volition, but the constant, yet subtle, passing comment in the marketplace, at the newsstand, at the dinner table...always seemed to blame the Jews for something, unjustly. And every time they allowed the accusation to pass uncontested...each stone was laid for a seared and fiendish foundation.


This tragic preparation is still effective and at work today. Anti-Semitism was a virulent disease, left untreated in Europe, for decades. And with the rise of anti-Semitism being reported more recently, it's no wonder that the ghouls of Gaza are able to beguile millions with ease. 


Case in point...recently, a photo allegedly showing an Israeli soldier standing on the chest of a small 'Palestinian' girl while pointing his automatic rifle at her face, went viral on social networks like Facebook. Hundreds of thousands of web-surfers saw the picture and with disgust, vocally lashed out at Israel over what they dubbed as 'inhumane treatment of even the most innocent of 'Palestinian' Arabs'.


There was only one problem: The pic was a FAKE. 


The 'soldier' in the photo was not Israeli (he was wearing boots and a coat that are not donned by IDF soldiers), and he was holding a Kalashnikov rifle of the type used by Arab armies, NOT an M16 or M4 rifle, which are used by IDF soldiers.


When the truth came out, few cared. Why? Because the viewers already believed evil of the Israelis and this was just more evidence to confirm their deeply-held hate for the Jew.


Another victory for the vile...and another step toward another Shoah? 


Chas v'shalom! (God forbid!)


Shalom through strength...




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When Will We Ever Learn?


February 9, 2012


Sadly--political correctness has blinded us to the historical fact that Muslim leaders (such as Hajj Amin al-Husseini) helped the Nazis draft the Final Solution.

When will we ever learn?



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To The Bear: When The Eagle Is Angry, He's Right


February 8, 2012


"Those who get angry are hardly ever right."

--Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov 

in response to US pulling Ambassador to Syria


Since the Cold War, the Russian Bear has been growling at the Eagle and his allies because it desires to be the big kahuna...not only in the region, but globally. So their recent veto at the UN Security Council concerning sanctions upon Syria, is no surprise...


It's just the case of a mama bear protecting its cubs...and in this case, the cubs are Russia's financial investments...and their ideology.


Russia has longtime commercial, military, and political ties with Syria. Russian investments in Syria in 2009 were valued at $20 billion, primarily in arms deals, energy, infrastructure expansion, and tourism. And in 2010, their exports to Syria totaled $1.1 billion.


“Russia is now a business-oriented country, and the Russian government obviously wants to protect the investments made by its businessmen in Syria...But, the main reason in being so stubborn [blocking UN action against Syria] is because Moscow perceives that the Western bloc is wrecking stability in the Middle East in pursuit of wrong-headed idealistic goals...Western idealism has contributed to chaos in the Middle East, and for once Russian foreign policy is right not to want any part of it,” says ” Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the independent Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Moscow.


I have bad news for the 'we are the world' fanatics out there: Worldviews are different and when reality runs into the road...it's not a smooth landing.


When the 'brilliance' of communism collapsed in 1991, it never ended Russia's desire to be a world hegemony. And their economic feasibility trumps truth, justice...and anything right that gets in their way.


The Kremlin considers the US and the West to be "hysterical" in their opposition and interference in Syria because it interferes with Russia's wallet...and their doomed worldview.


They are not, nor ever have been, concerned with liberty, democracy or the 'foolish' ideals of a free people...but rather only with what fits in their iron fist.


Shalom through strength...




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No Such Thing


February 7, 2012


Perhaps it's time (as a foreign policy issue) for America to adopt the Gingrich position: That there is no such thing as a Palestinian.

By doing so--the US would save billions that have thus far been squandered on a virulent, anti-Semitic horde whose modus operandi is the destruction of a trusted ally.




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Mad Marxist


February 6, 2012


While Republicans like Paul Ryan were proffering substantive economic solutions--President Obama was giving us Cash for Clunkers and Solyndra.

Only the mentally diminutive would reelect the Mad Marxist.




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Boosting Barbarians


February 3, 2012


Most will agree that when you have a history that is less than stellar...you make every effort to distance yourself from it, as far as possible. And in the case of the descendents of the Third Reich...light-years away...


That is what makes their recent behavior quite puzzling.


Germany is considered, under Chancellor Angela Merkel, to be one of Israel's most loyal allies. This week, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle announced they are upgrading 'Palestinian' diplomatic representation in Berlin from a delegation to a mission headed by an ambassador. Now it's true that France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland have already taken similar actions, and true these countries have dubious histories with Israel, but Germany's move is more concerning.


Their anti-Semitic history going back to the Hep-Hep Riots of 1819, to their connection with Islam during WWII, Germany should steer clear of any and all traces of their illicit past...and this move to show honor to Israel's enemies is troubling, at best.


The PA (Palestinian Authority) has displayed paltering in their agreements with Israel, violence and barbaric behavior toward Israeli civilians, and have been the vanguard of hate in the region. 


Is this the team the Heinies want to back?


To the German government: Shouldn't you be focusing on a true tabula rasa with the Jewish people, rather than mimicking a dog returning to its vomit?


It's worth a pregnant pause to ponder your process...


Shalom through strength...




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February 2, 2012


Once again the current Administration displayed its battlefield 'acumen' when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta publicly stated that US combat operations would officially end in 2013.

Nothing like giving Allah's hitmen a heads-up.




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A Good Reason For Israel NOT To Trust Us: Politicos With Verbarrhea


February 1, 2012 


The ranks of the Dangerous Weenies is growing exponentially today with the addition of yet another politico...


Dictionary.com defines 'secret' as: done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others. That's precisely what Mossad* chief Tamir Pardo made the mistake of assuming when he paid a visit to D.C. to discuss a possible strike on Iran, this week.


His visit was supposed to be surreptitious...but a Lib politician couldn't control her pie-hole...


The Chairwoman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein, infected with the disease, verbarrhea (diarrhea of the mouth), spilled the beans at a committee hearing. BUT...the he hearing was being broadcast LIVE on US television.


Now, being the CHAIRWOMAN of an 'intelligence' committee, you would hope she would have known to keep her anterior orifice shut. Which brings me to ask this question...


Did Feinstein intentionally 'slip' due to her disdain for the Jewish State (she supports the division of Jerusalem), OR...did she miss too many doses of Aricept?


There really is NO other explanation for such behavior by the head of an Intel board. And at a time as perilous as this...with Iran on the precipice of possessing a nuclear weapon and the 'streamlining' of military by an anti-Military president...crazy glue should be the ONLY thing passing Feinstein's lips.


Allow me to end with this...I want to thank the Left for their generosity. They continue to provide, exclusively, an ever-increasing number of Dangerous Weenies for my list.


Tragically, my list is the only thing not in peril by their actions.


Shalom through strength...



*Mossad - Mossad is short for HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuchadim (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations). The Mossad is responsible for intelligence collection and covert operations for Israel.





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