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December 31, 2011 - January 1, 2012





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Islam's Nefarious Function


December 28, 2011


Political Correctness has obfuscated the following fact: From 1890-1922 the Turkish government (in the name of Allah) slaughtered 2.5 million Christians.

It's time to shed PC--and tell the truth about Islam's nefarious function in history.




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By Working His A** Off


December 26, 2011


When Republicans like Rep. Eric Cantor use the phrase "tax cuts for working-class Americans" he plays into the (spurious) liberal narrative that only the middle-class actually works.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong but--didn't Bill Gates become the world's richest man by working his ass off?

It's time for GOP leaders to stop feeding the ravenous class-warfare machine.




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December 24-25, 2011



Please enjoy our 2 little gifts to you:


1. Read 'The Christmas Story' (print-friendly version) by clicking here.


2. Listen to a streaming broadcast of Armed Forces Radio, December 25, 1943, on the player below:


Armed Forces Radio Service 

Christmas Package 

December 25, 1943





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Friday's Gift To You


December 23, 2011


This is the Charles Dickens classic done by the master of old time radio: Orson Welles. (Click on image below to download the show.)




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Today's Gift To You


December 22, 2011


This is Lux Radio Theater presents the radio version of Miracle on 34th Street. (Click on image below to download the show.)



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My Gift To You


December 21, 2011


Every day this week, as a gift to you, I'll be posting an old time radio Christmas Show for you and your family to enjoy! Kraft Music Hall with Bing Crosby! Enjoy!!. (Click on image below to download the show.)




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Hariri: Warning From A Weenie


December 15, 2011


Don't you just love how the craven seem to attempt to regain their virility long after their cowardly behavior has put everyone in peril?


One such miniscule male is former PM of Lebanon, Saad Hariri. This apple fell miles from its tree. His dad, Rafik Hariri, gave his life for his stand for his nation. Rafik attempted to save Lebanon's sovereignty from Iran's stronghold by Hezbollah. He fought Iran's venal toddies and died for that stand (he was assassinated by Hezbollah). Then his son Saad brought disgrace on his father's memory by handing the reigns of the country over to his father's murderers.


Saad stepped down as PM following pressure from Hezbollah. Iran's barbarians, fed by Syria...have slowly but surely, swallowed the Lebanese government...with the aid of invertebrates like Hariri. 


And the coward arises...


After handing the majority of the Lebanese government over to the terror group Hezbollah, Hariri accused that government of being "in a coma" after rockets fell in south Lebanon (they targeted a French UNIFIL [The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon] patrol, where 5 peacekeepers and 2 civilians were hurt). He 'warned' that the south of the country shouldn't be used “as a platform to settle regional and international scores.”


Who committed the acts? Well, it was intended to scare the peacekeepers away from the southern border so Hezbollah can prep and launch the next Lebanon War with Israel. So, let me see...hmm...could it be Syria backed by its Puppet Master Iran? A serious no-brainer... 


But back to Saad the skulker...


His voice should be ignored. The moment he abdicated his position of leadership to a group of Islamist fiends, was the day his voice of influence should be heard no more. He went from leader to loser in one step. A step down...and he continues in that direction.


Enablers of evil deserve to be disregarded. Hariri is simply that. Time to turn off his mic.


Shalom through strength...





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More Insidious


December 14, 2011


With the most recent election results indicating that Islamo-thugs are now taking over Egypt--the media's romanticizing of Islam seems even more insidious.



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Egyptian Voters: Complicit In Their Own Demise?


December 13, 2011


When the Egyptian protests began in January of this year, the world media...with the US major media in the vanguard...dispersed reports that the Egyptians wanted democracy.


But for those of us that understand the nature of Islam and actually heard random interviews in the crowd of protesters: The reports were grossly erroneous and misleading and the election results and current Islamist milieu in Egypt confirms that reality.


The Egyptians were well aware of what made the Muslim Brotherhood tick: Sharia. And that was just fine with them. Even the women, who are subject to cruel treatment by men, under Sharia, stood in long lines in the rain to vote. The result was a 60% Islamist majority (40% Muslim Brotherhood and 20% Islamist Salafist). 


That means Sharia Law is on the way... 


The only people in 'The Gift of the Nile' that truly desire freedom are the Coptic Christians and the Jews (whose numbers are dwindling as you read this). The Copts make up 10% of the population, while there are only 100 Jews left and they reside in Cairo. Their Judeo-Christian principles are the foundation of free societies...NOT Islam. And therefore, these minorities have been and ARE being persecuted vehemently. And with the newly elected Islamist leadership, there is little hope that they will remain, if they survive.


In every nation that treasures liberty, only Judeo-Christian principles can be the foundation. There is no room for freedom or individual rights in a Quran-based society crushed by Sharia Law.


Was the Egyptian vote tantamount to hiring a hit on the Land of the Pharaohs? Well, if electing a brood of barbaric, misogynistic, intolerant jihadists isn't a clue...I don't know what is.


Shalom through strength...





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Jihad Is Not Islam: WT...!


December 12, 2011


"Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was either exhibiting cravenness or naiveté when he uttered the following words in 2009: 'Jihad is not Islam.' In the end--our national security cannot be subjected to such ruinous inclinations."---Burgess Redding



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It's Time


December 9, 2011


It's time for America to state the obvious: Islam violently flouts the core tenet of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is "freedom."

It's time for America to tell the UN: "KISS MY A**."




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The Gospel Trail: Only Israel Would Be So Gracious


December 8, 2011


They know who their friends really are...and they don't forget it.


Evangelical Christian support for the State of Israel is the largest non-Jewish entity in the world. Almost 2 million of the 3 million tourists that visit Israel every year, are Christian.


And Israel knows how to show their appreciation... 


This week, the Israel Tourism Ministry (via the Israel Government Tourist Corporation) and the Jewish National Fund unveiled the Gospel Trail. A 40-mile long pilgrimage route and biking path linking most of the major sites of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee from Nazareth to Capernaum. The cost was 3 million and took 3 years to develop.


The Gospel Trail is a nod to Christian tourists, who have outnumbered Jewish tourists to the Holy Land in recent years. The trail traces the footsteps of Jesus. It begins at Mount Precipice on the periphery of Nazareth in lower Galilee, the track winds eastward to include Tabgha, the traditional site of Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and fishes, and the Mount of Beatitudes, where he delivered his Sermon on the Mount. It concludes at Capernaum on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus taught for 3 years.

The trail is peppered with New Testament quotes in English, Hebrew and Arabic engraved into basalt boulders, and includes shaded rest areas and picnic spots.


By extending itself to Christians worldwide, Israel has not diminished its Jewish roots but rather endeared more and more Christians to the Holy Land by this act. An act that exemplifies the Jewish Roots of Christianity...


Only Israel would be so gracious.


This is yet another example that has acted like a magnifying glass on the Muslim world...because it is something that cannot be said of Islam (whose foundation has suffered from root-rot from it's inception). An ideology which is a rip-off of Judaism and Christianity...with a little paganism, perversion and misogyny mixed in. They just left out the Judeo-Christian principles of love, mercy and forgiveness.


The Jewish people, yet again, prove that the principles of the G-d of Israel...will always win hearts and minds.


Shalom through strength...





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Did You Know?

December 7, 011


Did you know that the Midamar Corporation (a US based company) is the largest distributor of Halal food? Did you also know that it received almost $2 million in stimulus money?

What we all need to know is that Halal food is prepared according to the dictums of a law that is violently antithetical to our Constitution--Sharia.



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Egypt's Sharia Gov't: Bad Moon Rising


December 6, 2011


Caveat after caveat was given by analyst after analyst...but to no avail. The Muslim Brotherhood was looking for a way to parlay the riots that occurred in Egypt, to their advantage. And the results of the first in a three-phase election scheduled to last until early January, have confirmed that...


Egypt will be the next Islamic State.


The Egyptian people chose 40-45% Muslim Brotherhood, who wants Sharia Law as the Law of the land, and 20% of the vote was taken by the Islamist Salafist party, who also wants Sharia.


That means 65% of the Egyptian government will be terrorist and in control, and the probability of the draconian fist of Islam coming down on Egyptians is guaranteed. 

It's true that Mubarak was a dictator. But he was tolerable. He kept the agreement he made with Israel. But that's all a pleasant memory now...


The prospect of another neighbor whose government's goal is to murder innocent Jews and Christians, is a nightmare scenario. It's one that Israel has not had to deal with, on that border, for some time.


The emergence of the star and crescent moon, in any country, is always a bad sign because the ideology it represents is barbaric. But the emergence of this star and crescent is surely a bad moon rising.


Shalom through strength...  




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Do Your Thing, TIM!!!


December 5, 2011


Tim Tebow is a breath of fresh air in a league permeated by thugs, gangsters, ex-cons and pathetically inarticulate, self-aggrandizing a-holes.

Do your thing, Tim!!!



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The Terror Tax Transfer


December 2, 2011


By now, unless one is living under a rock...or has the IQ of one...it's unequivocal that, along with their ilk, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is on a mission. They are not surreptitious about their ambition: Destroy the State of Israel. 


They state this in their charters. And have never reneged on that goal. They began this particular campaign, with their Arab/Muslim brethren, the very DAY Israel rebirthed as a nation: May 14, 1948. Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq didn't come with an ordinary welcome wagon...it had a fuse.


Nothing has changed, since that time, except...the list of bloodthirsty enemies has grown and become well-financed and organized. With the help of degenerate monsters like Yasser Arafat, when he wasn't lining his pockets with money extorted from Western nations...he was brainwashing the young, arming them...and aiming them at innocent Israelis.


The constant venal bombardment of 'education' to hate the Jewish nation and people, and the arming of the militant terror groups splintered-off from the PA government (Hamas-Fatah) must be well-funded. And sadly, it is...


Israel has collected tax revenue for the PA, and today that amounts to $100M/month...to enable it to run as a government. But, their murderous behavior and acts have forced Israel...on several occasions...to withhold those dollars from the PA. The most recent incident was the PA's unilateral demand for recognition of statehood, and UNESCO inviting them in as a member. 


The tax revenues were frozen. 


Now, Israel, yet again...is extending an olive branch to the PA to hopefully resume relations with the terrorist government. Israel is releasing the revenues.


Good idea? Nope...


Tragic idea. Those funds will assuredly be used to continue the terror campaign upon innocent and peace-loving Israelis. Unless the funds come with a tracking device to insure proper use, the violence will not cease, because the PA's modus operandi is enduring...just like Sheol.


Shalom through strength...




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Rocket Scientist

December 1, 2011

"You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out the following: Europe's financial cataclysm is rooted in the vacuous doctrine that government must provide the teat lazy bastards suck from ."---Burgess Redding




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