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August 31, 2011


It's not Islamophobia when some insane bastard (while shouting "Allah Akbar") is cutting off your head.




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Toxic Manifestation


August 30, 2011


Well, it didn't take long for such insidiousness to take place.


According to Ynetnews.com (shortly after Libya fell to the rebels) weapons from the North African nation have been streaming into Gaza in order to bolster Hamas' arsenal against Israel.

Yet another toxic manifestation of "leading from behind."




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Don't Give A Rat's A**!


August 29, 2011


Despite the liberal media's (not to mention some sissified conservative pundits) apoplexy over Gov. Rick Perry's comments concerning Ben Bernanke--a recent Gallop Poll has him comfortably ahead of his Republican opponents.

This is yet more demonstrable evidence that real Americans don't give a rat's ass what these feckless, media gasbags think.




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Disorder in Damascus = Tel Aviv Terror Threat


August 27, 2011


With calls for Assad to step down, which will never happen (because Iran will not allow it), few are discussing the serious threat that looms over the region with Syria's WMDs.


Yup, that's right...they have them...


Assad has the world’s most lethal arsenal of WMDs, hundreds of chemical weapons, including mustard gas, Sarin, Tabun and VX (which were produced at five key locations: Cerin, Hama, Homs, Latakia and Palmyra). And warheads and dozens of Scud and SS-21 missiles that can deliver them anywhere in the Levant ( the area of Western Asia including the Mediterranean to the west, the Taurus Mountains to the north, the Arabian Desert to the south, and the Syrian Desert).


Additionally, the Syrian Navy is alleged to have transformed some naval cruise missiles for use with chemical warheads and could also use its shore-to-sea and coastal defense missiles.


And to make the milieu far worse...Syria established 4 more nuclear facilities as well as the one Israel bombed in 2007, according to an Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) report earlier this year. Syria’s nuclear program was far more advanced than formerly believed, according to the report. And it included a uranium conversion facility and three storage sites, in addition to the reactor destroyed at al-Kibar.


Too many dangerous toys for evil little boys to play with...especially little boys with the determination of Chuckie!


Israeli Amb. Oren has stated Israel has concerns...and well they should, since Assad has designs on a key national security area for Israel: The Golan Heights.


The US, under the current administration, has shown itself to be a non-threat to the region. So our words mean little to Assad. But Israel, under their intrepid leader Bibi, mean business...and for Zion's sake...will have to deal with this critical threat as they see fit.


And may we never stand in their way...


Shalom Through Strength...





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"Leave Egypt Or Die"


August 25, 2011


As reported by Israel National News Egyptian protesters (during a recent gathering of the "Arab Spring") virulently demanded that Israel's ambassador exit the country, ASAP. In fact--the mobs exact words were: "Zionist Envoy, Leave Egypt or Die."

Democracy--my ASS!





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September At The UN: NGOs Plan To Party Hardy


August 24, 2011


It's coming...the September to remember. One in which the enemies of Israel, with reprehensible rhetoric, collectively condemn the Jewish State for...well...being Jewish. 


Oh, it's not announced that way in the media...but if you stop and observe the activities of Durban I and Durban II, you'll find a Jewish hate-fest courtesy of the some of the most intolerant countries on earth. 


So, on September 22nd, the coven of countries gathers once again (sans the US, Israel, Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Australia)...in commemoration the 10th anniversary of the infamous UN World Conference Against Racism, held in Durban, South Africa, aka Durban I. The focus for this gathering will be the NGOs (non-governmental organizations).


Should there be any alarm over an NGO focus? If you look at the Durbin I NGO Declaration, you will observe a clear and vehement focus against the Jewish State. Gerald Steinberg, president of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, cautions, ""Under the façade of human rights, over 1500 NGOs, many allied with Iran and oppressive Arab regimes, used the NGO Forum to attack Israel and promote a strategy of delegitimization and double standards that continues today."


This wasn't repeated in Durban II, perhaps due to the outcry about the anti-Semitism displayed at Durban I. But the apprehension about Durban III is warranted. According to Steinberg, "No criteria are provided regarding the selection of NGOs...The proposed framework would invite NGO manipulation and hijacking, as happened at Durban in 2001."


Mr. Steinberg is correct. The danger is unequivocal and that is perhaps the reason that 2 member states have pulled out of this counterfeit conference on racism. 


It's been suggested, and I concur, that Durban III was intended to lay the groundwork...with its toxic anti-Israel milieu...for the declaration of a 'Palestinian' State. 


Oops...the cat is out of the bag, guys...


The Israel-bashers may be pulling out their party hats, but they have been put on notice: Hating Israel IS hate...and wasn't the purpose of this to negate the hate?


Shalom through strength...





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Plantation Jackass


August 23, 2011


Rep. Maxine Water's apoplexy over President Obama's "Cracker America" bus Tour is just a wee bit disingenuous. She (like Obama) knows full well that the Democrat Party can affront the sensibilities of the black community (with impunity) because in the end--this community will never leave Plantation Jackass.




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Unmitigated Flop


August 22, 2011


Manifestly President Obama's 2009 "Kiss Allah's Ass Tour" was an unmitigated flop.

Why? Well according to a recent Zogby poll--only 5% of Egyptians and 10% of Turks like Americans.

Ironically--these numbers were much higher under the previous president who Obama stridently blamed for our "bad standing" in the Muslim World.



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The Left & Israel: When The Front Door's Bolted, Sneak In The Doggie Door


August 19, 2011


It started with Cottage Cheese. You got it...the protests in Israel about everything from housing and rents to education and the high costs of raising children in Israel...started with a Facebook protest page about the high price of Cottage Cheese.


That worked...the price dropped...but I believe it had little to do with the government and more to do with boycott pressure.


But waiting in the wings...or more appropriately, laying in wait...are those longing to prey on the tiny Jewish State. They come in all shapes and sizes, but don the same paltering facade: One of a lovers of peace.


It's the Left and their anti-Israel ilk. They were looking for an opportunity to unseat Bibi...the stalwart defender of his people. The front door was bolted...they couldn't budge him on the foreign policy front. So the only plan they could devise from the current protests was go in through the rear doggie door...




They hoped for a new use for small-curd cheese...as a battering-ram to get a vote of no confidence. And they weren't as subtle as they may have desired to be.

If we look at their demands and buzz words, we can clearly see who has taken advantage of the current unrest…

Here they are:

Yes, it's the good old commie Left...the loathers of liberty. And they just have to get rid of this democratic beam of light in the Middle East. One way (through their fiendish friends in the Arab world) or another.


How did they whoop a good number of Israelis to protest their government with the following facts available?

Well, they're master manipulators...and are able to persuade that the glass is not half full, but rather half empty.


But facts are stubborn things. And topple Bibi, they will find an arduous job. There will be compromises on the part of the administration with the population, but in these volatile times, I have confidence the Israeli people know who will protect them.


And that champion is their current PM.


Shalom through strength...




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Kudos To Nutter


August 18, 2011


Kudos to Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter (a black man) for doing the one thing the liberal media (and even the police) refused to do: Tell the American people that the rampaging thugs--who brutally attacked whites in at least four major cities (including his own)--were young black males.




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Hey PA: Judenrein? Never Again


August 17, 2011


"The internal expurgation of the Jewish spirit is not possible in any platonic way. For the Jewish spirit as the product of the Jewish person. Unless we expel the Jewish people. Unless we expel the Jewish people soon, they will have judaized our people within a very short time." 
                                 --Adolf Hitler 1923


The assumption, in the Middle East conflict, that both sides desires peace with the other, is naive at best...


It doesn't take a private investigator...or a super-genius, to assess that the 'Palestinian' people, through their duly elected leaders, intend to have a state that is one where Adolf Hitler could easily call home. Why? Because their words and actions prove that they are planning for a Judenrein 'Palestinian' state...or a state 'cleansed of Jews'.


Moshe Arens in Ha'aretz put it succinctly: Judenrein Palestine.


They want a land Jew-free. What many do not understand is...according to the twisted ideology of Islam, once a land is conquered by Muslims, it belongs to Islam FOREVER. When the Muslims won the Battle of Yarmouk in 637, they began to rule Jerusalem. Muslims believe that they are now entitled to Israel interminably. BUT, that's not all...they believe they have a right to it, Jew-free...without Jews...and they prove that by their wooing of the Jewish people's hearts in bombing them into submission and surrender of Jewish land.


With the help of geniuses like the Middle East Quartet (US, Russia, EU & UN). 


The billions of dollars that have poured into the coffers of the Palestinian Authority (PA), if utilized as promised...would have helped create a visibly thriving area, with many 'Palestinians' being aided. But instead...with NO oversight of the aid, it has been used to fund anti-Semitic propaganda veiled as school curriculum, and it's lined the pockets of the likes of fiends such as Yasser Arafat and his cohort Abbas, not to mention it's made its way into the strongbox of Hamas.


I'm trying to figure out precisely where the promise of peace is found in the PA-controlled scenario: In the rearing of a future generation of Jew-haters longing to spill Jewish blood? In the PA's refusal to agree to Israel's right to exist? In the daily 'love' rockets vomiting over the landscape of Jewish civilian areas? In the interminable attempts by suicide bombers to gain entrance and access to innocent Israeli women and children? Or in the 'palestinian' youth who gleefully slaughter Jewish families as they sleep?


Hmmm...quite a menu...but it all spells: NO PEACE for the Jewish State. And, for that matter: NO Jewish State!


The cries, from Hamas et al, for all Jews out of 'Palestinian' areas is nothing but Hitleresque. The outcry from the world must be vociferous and vehemently against this Judenrein. 


The fact that it is going unnoticed speaks volumes of either a world with amnesia...or a convenient global cloaking of the remnants of the Jew-hatred by Nazi Germany...which is alive and well in the PA....and beyond.


Shalom through strength...




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I Certainly "HOPE" Not!


August 16, 2011


Obamanomics has eviscerated the African-American community. From high unemployment to home foreclosures--it has been an economic bloodbath.


Yet--this community continues to give the President high marks.


Could it be all about skin hue?


I certainly "Hope" not!




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Holiday Intifadas: Where's The 'Moderate' Hue And Cry?


August 12, 2011


A former adviser to the late (thank G-d) Yasser Arafat, and a member of the PLO, this week called on all Arab Muslims and Christians in and around the world to turn Fridays during the month of Ramadan into days of intifada (violent uprisings) of the millions against what he termed “the Israeli occupation” and the “Judaizing” of Jerusalem.


Yes, that's correct...a respected representative of the 'religion of peace' is calling for mini-intifadas all throughout their sacred holiday.


Where's the hue and cry against it from so-called moderate Muslims?


Sidebar: Does anyone, besides myself, find it funny that those who call for a ban on bullies, are often the very same people who have no problem bullying Israel to compromise interminably?? A wee bit hypocritical and irrational, ya think?


Back from sidebar...


Do the so-called moderates want to be legit? Then ouvrez votre bouche (open your mouths)!! Your silence is suspect. If the situation was reversed, would they not accuse us of being silent enablers?


It's only common sense...for those who dwell in reality...


If anyone calls, out of an ideology like Islam, for violent uprisings...and no one cries out vociferously against it...the common assessment should be that they are: Silent collaborators. To conclude otherwise would be feckless.


Until we hear the cry, the only logical conclusion is: Welcome to Islam.


Shalom through strength...



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Entitlements Over Bullets


August 11, 2011

‎"A nation will cease to exist whose leader doggedly adheres to the left-wing notion that financing public subsides, subventions and giveaways trumps national security."---Noah Linson




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Iran: The Peril Of Pooh-Poohing Ahjad


August 10, 2011


The Debt Ceiling, S & P ratings, the NFL Lockout...there's been enough to keep us distracted. And it's working...


Who's really spoken about Iran, lately? Is that cricket chirps I'm hearing? But I'll bet you didn't know that they have never ceased their nuclear program, which they have unequivocally stated that they will use to wipe Israel off the map...and then the Great Satan (that's us)...


Since 2005, the US, the UN and the EU have given a benign berating to the maniacal Mullahs of Tehran. According to IranWatch.org, "The U.N. Security Council has approved resolutions requiring member states to freeze the assets of 117 entities; the United States has largely relied on an executive order targeting proliferators of mass destruction weapons to freeze the assets of 206 entities; and the European Union has implemented financial sanctions against 292."


And NONE, not ONE entity has imposed financial sanctions on Ahmadinejad, or as he's more affectionately known: Ahjad.


Nice...a dangerous weenie triad! I'm feeling safe already, how about you?


It's important to understand just how perilous our position is using a pragmatic timeline (IranWatch).


Bomb prospect of Iran’s low-enriched uranium stockpile:


Timeline: Low-enriched to weapon-grade uranium:

The situation is serious. But there's nary a word spoken by the media or our government leaders. And shouldn't our national security be Priority One...since a debt ceiling or budget cuts...or even the Consumer Index means little when the nuclear dust settles?


Do we really want our leaders' pooh-poohing to become our POOF! 


Shalom through strength...




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Is America In Retreat?


August 8, 2011


As the Chinese build up their Navy--the US has less than 300 active ships. And with more defense cuts on the way--it is looking rather ominous.

All of this begs the question: Is America in retreat?




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This Is Not Surrender, It's Exposure


August 5, 2011


A question has surfaced recently, with news that Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu's government verified it will accept resumed talks with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, based on the 1949-1967 borders.


Has Bibi surrendered?


Not likely...


Despite all the speculation...and the fact that some may judge Netanyahu on his past behavior...I believe this is not a surrender to world (and especially US) pressure. But, rather a perspicacious plan to expose the liars that the Arab world is...


Bibi did not merely acquiesce to the PA's desires, he presented the concession as part of a package. Included in the package is the recognition of the Jewish State. 


Aaaahhh...are you seeing it now? This is essential...but Bibi knows...this will never be allowed to happen by the PA.


The majority of the PA is held by Hamas...duly elected by the 'Palestinian' people. The most recent statement from their spokesman was as follows: "The U.S. administration will fail, just as all others have in the past, in forcing Hamas to recognize Israel."


Oh, but that's not all...the PA has been planning a unilateral declaration of statehood in September, without negotiations. And the UN is thoughtful enough to help this effort along. They spilled the beans this week when they sent out a temporary list of speakers for the opening session of the General Assembly in September. They listed the speaker from "Palestine" as "H.S." or Head of State. 


With their atrocious record on Israel, you didn't expect them to be unbiased or equitable, did you? 


I'm choosing to give Bibi the benefit of the doubt. I believe it was a brilliant strategy. And it WILL expose, once again, the insidiousness of Israel's 'peace' partners...and their venal little helpers.


Shalom through strength... 





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The UN: Making The Case For Its Own Demise


August 3, 2011


From the U.N.’s Sex-For-Food scandal, to the Didier Bourguet pedophile scandal, to Ruud Lubbers sexual harassment scandal, to the Oil-For-Food scandal...the UN has shown a steady decline...into a moral abyss.


Every time the once-respected organization created a council (in recent years), it seemed like a bad SNL parody, except the cast of characters weren't as talented...and weren't acting.  The scandal-plagued entity has once again proven its time has come...and gone...and it's time to bring in the wrecking ball...


And yet...the disgraced body continues to accumulate scandals and absurd decisions...and the recent situation is par for their twisted course...


It's been reported that a North Korean defector and 28 advocacy groups, with Geneva-based UN Watch in the vanguard, are urging nations to protest Pyongyang’s chairmanship of the UN-backed Conference on Disarmament. This conference is the world’s sole multilateral forum on nuclear arms diplomacy. “Allowing an international outlaw to oversee international arms control efforts is just plain wrong,” advocacy group U.N. Watch’s director Hillel Neuer told reporters Tuesday in Geneva.


And UN Watch is spot on! The N. Korean regime are fiends. They are outlaws, indeed. They have lied and cheated concerning their own nuclear program (not to mention the atrocities they have delivered up on their own people, which goes to the condition and reliability of their character). Allowing them on the committee is initially absurd. But permitting them to be Chair? Complete and utter lunacy!!


But in recent years, lunacy appears to be endemic to many of those who wander the halls of the building at 2 United Nations Plaza, here in NYC.


Wait...Do I hear the whistling wind of the wrecking ball? 


If I don't, I should. We could use a nice park on the water...or perhaps a condo with shops to bring the city needed revenue...where that eyesore now stands. 


We could use something that blesses people, rather than the scandal-ridden, black hole that is sucking blood and treasure from a great nation...which is sliding, ever-so-slowly, into a socialist abyss.


The UN's behavior is making the case for its own demise. It's time for America to take the lead and pass final judgment. 


Because the average American has stuck a fork in them...




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Nothing To Play With


August 1, 2011


About the debt ceiling bill passed by the House last night: Defense cuts are nothing to play with.




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Mimicking Mohammed


August 1, 2011


The term "Islamic extremist" used by Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (and others vitiated by politically correctness) simply means that the carnage perpetuated on 9/11 was carried out by 19 radicals who perverted the religion of "peace."


This PC mindset belies the very fact that the 19 hijackers where following a violent and macabre paradigm set by the founder of Islam--Mohammed.


Mohammed (according to Islamic scholars) engaged in 72 military campaigns to propagate Islam via the sword. These campaigns (known as jihads) were savage endeavors which included the eradication of the Jewish tribe Quraiza following the Battle of the Trench.


The Prophet's example (mimicked by the hijackers) was unequivocal: "Death to the Infidel."




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